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    by Omar MrvaLast updated: April 26, 2022
    Tenga Spinner

    The Tenga Spinner is a masturbator from a brand known for their beautifully-designed, non-realistic masturbators. Unlike the well-known Tenga eggs, the Spinner is a reusable masturbator, and it has a twist (literally)! The internal canal is spiral-shaped, so that the toy twists around your penis as you stroke up and down. The Tenga Spinner comes in 6 varieties with different internal textures – I tested out No. 6, the Brick texture.

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Tenga Spinner

    This is my second masturbation sleeve, and it did not disappoint. The Tenga Spinner was easy to handle and firm, with a soft with high-quality TPE. With the tight suction and twisting sensation I found it to be overwhelming at first but gradually got used to it. The suction is quite unique in that it twists as you stroke up and down, giving a very unique sensation. And adding a ton of lube helped with the motion and use of this sleeve, though I felt I had to use a lot more than usual. The shape and size is ideal for one hand use which I did like a lot – tight and compact. The size is tight as described and length I would say is average to small. Overall if you’re on the bigger (6.5″ larger) and wider side I would opt for a looser and longer version as it was still quite tight after a few goes. But the sensation is explosively amazing,  reaching a different level. Highly recommend for a new “twist” on solo play.

    Tested and reviewed by

    Omar Mrva

    Sex toy experience:
    Beginner to Intermediate
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    You should buy the Tenga Spinner if you...

    Are looking for a unique and different sensation
    Enjoy a tight masturbator
    You've have had a few sex toys before
    Prefer a neutral, non-realistic-looking masturbator

    You should NOT buy the Tenga Spinner if you...

    Want a very squishy material
    Aren't prepared to clean it thoroughly every time
    Prefer a masturbator in a hard case
    Enjoy looking at a realistic orifice
    Would like a non-porous, silicone masturbator

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Tenga Spinner
    Length5.1 inches
    Diameter1.8 inches
    Diameter (internal)1 inches
    Texture'Brick' with Internal Spiral 
    Tight suction
    Inner texture
    Unique design
    Requires lots of lube
    May be too tight for some
    Porous materials
    Requires thorough cleaning

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    The Tenga Spinner could be a great addition for someone who has several toys already and looking to add variety to their solo play. It offers some truly unique sensations, which I came to really enjoy, but may feel just too overwhelming for some.

    How to use Tenga Spinner

    Here's a few quick steps to getting the most out of your Tenga Spinner...

    Tenga Spinner
    Warm Up
    Tenga Spinner
    The Tenga Spinner is easiest to use if you start off erect, so whatever you usually do to get in the mood! Be as simple or fancy as you like – it's always nice to treat yourself.
    Lube Up
    Tenga Spinner
    The Tenga Spinner needs a generous amount of lube to feel its best. Squirt a good amount of water-based lube both inside the toy and on yourself before inserting anything. Also, don't be afraid to reapply as you go!
    Tenga Spinner
    Tenga Spinner
    Stroke it Up (and Down)
    Tenga Spinner
    Once you're ready, insert your penis into the Tenga Spinner and stroke away. As you move it up and down, the internal spiral will make it twist around your penis.
    Switch Things Up
    Tenga Spinner
    There's more than one way to play with the Tenga Spinner. Try focusing on just the tip of your penis for a while before plunging all the way for some incredible varied sensations. You could also have a partner stroke it up and down, or have them hold it still while you thrust.
    Tenga Spinner


    Is the Tenga Spinner reusable?
    Yes, the Tenga Spinner is designed to be a reusable masturbator. However, you'll need to clean and dry it thoroughly with every use to make it last as long as possible.
    Which is the best Tenga Spinner texture?
    Each Tenga Spinner model has a completely different internal structure that provide different sensations, and also have different levels of firmness. You can find more information on the different textures on any of the store pages we've linked to at the top of this review!
    What's the best way to clean the Tenga Spinner?
    Tenga recommend the following steps to clean your Tenga Spinner: after use, run water through the sleeve until clean and pat dry. It cannot be turned inside out. Then, remove the bottom cover of the outer case to reveal the drying case and place in a well-ventilated area to dry.
    Is the Tenga Spinner electronic?
    The Tenga Spinner is not electronic, and doesn't vibrate or thrust automatically. However, it can provide some great manual pleasure!

    Instructions - Manual


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