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    Jess Worthen
    by Jess WorthenLast updated: July 29, 2022
    We-Vibe Jive

    The We-Vibe Jive is an app-controlled oblong egg shaped vibrator, that is made out of high quality silicone, and is waterproof. The Jive is the perfect size to wear for longer periods of time, and the app control option makes it easy to play with the toy while multitasking, or even venture out of the house with it in. The end is super flexible which allows you to place it exactly where you need it depending on the mood, and the 10 vibration patterns give you endless possibilities for play.

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with We-Vibe Jive

    I had never played with a We-Vibe product before, so I was excited to get a feel for the quality of products that they make and how well it would work. I already had the Lovense Lush 3, which is a very similar product, and I was curious to see how the Jive would compare.

    Trying it Solo First

    I was very excited to put the Jive into action, so as soon as it arrived, I opened it and put it on the charger. I let it charge for the afternoon and then had some alone time for myself in the evening. I started by applying a little bit of lube to the Jive and putting it in. The app was really easy to download and start using for myself. I was able to work through the different vibrations and patterns and was able to achieve a very nice orgasm on my own.

    Bringing in the Partner

    I was very excited to give this a try with my husband, so before he went to work, we made sure the app was downloaded on his phone and we had sent the link to him so that he could connect with my user and toy. Once he was on his lunch break, we got on the phone and opened the app to play. It was a little difficult to get the toy to connect to him in the app at first. It kept saying one of both of us was offline, or it wouldn’t send the request for control. We finally got it all synced up and working but as soon as I tried to lock the screen on my phone or it turned off from not being touched, the toy automatically disconnected, and my husband lost control of the toy.

    Jess Worthen

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    Jess Worthen

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    You should buy the We-Vibe Jive if you...

    Have money to invest in a toy
    Need a discreet and quiet toy
    Want to explore your G-spot in more depth
    Want to branch out from traditional vibrators
    Want to experiment with play outside the home

    You should NOT buy the We-Vibe Jive if you...

    Are on a budget
    Do not like rumbly vibrations
    Are wanting a toy for anal play

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features We-Vibe Jive
    Vibration modes10 
    Length8.5 inches
    Insertable length3.5 inches
    Diameter1.25 inches
    Battery Life120 minutes
    Charging Time90  minutes
    Remote ControlsApp Controls 
    Storage Bag IncludedYes 
    Great for play while multi-tasking
    Very quiet and discreet while playing
    Easy to insert with a very comfortable shape
    Flexibility of the stem makes it easy to place exactly where you need it
    Higher price point
    Not safe for anal play
    We-Vibe App is hard to navigate and connect with your partner
    Disconnects the toy every time you close or switch out of the app

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    Overall, the We-Vibe Jive as a product alone is amazing!! I like the shape, feel, and charger connection way better with the Jive than my Lush 3 for Lovense. If you are only wanting this toy for solo play then I would fully recommend choosing this one for that. If the app would have been easier to navigate and didn't have so many connectivity issues, this easily would have outranked my Lush 3. I would be willing to re-review this section for this toy if the app has some major improvements made.

    How to use We-Vibe Jive

    Here are some things to remember before and during play with the Jive...

    We-Vibe Jive
    Is it charged?
    We-Vibe Jive
    One of the most important steps before playing with the Jive is making sure that it is charged before play. Especially if you plan to leave the house or play in the app with a partner
    Apply the Lube
    We-Vibe Jive
    Adding a little bit of lube to the Jive before insertion can make for an even more enjoyable play experience. If in a pinch and not at home you can always throw it in your mouth for a few.
    We-Vibe Jive
    We-Vibe Jive
    Open the App
    We-Vibe Jive
    Once you have inserted the Jive, now is the time to open the We-Vibe app and have some fun. You can enjoy the toy by yourself or you can connect with a partner and sit back and let them take control.


    Can the We-Vibe Jive be used for anal Play?
    Due to the lack of a flared based on the Jive, it is not recommended for anal play. It could easily go too far up the anal canal and get stuck, causing damage and a trip to the ER.
    Is the We-Vibe Jive a good option for beginners?
    Yes! The jive is comfortable, flexible and very user friendly for solo play. The app makes partner play a little more difficult, but not impossible.
    Can I wear the Jive out of the house?
    The jive is a great toy to adventure out of the house with. This is because it is quiet, and the options within the app allow the toy to be at a multitude of settings to adjust and adapt for discreet play.

    Instructions - Manual

    You can find the instruction manual for the Jive here on We-Vibe’s website.

    How did the We-Vibe Jive get tested and reviewed?

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