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    Isabelle Uren
    by Isabelle UrenLast updated: October 25, 2021

    The We-Vibe Chorus is a wearable C-shaped, dual motor, couple’s vibrator. The first motor is in the insertable part that sits inside the wearing partner’s vagina, stimulating their g-spot and the penetrating partner. The second motor is in the external part that delivers powerful clitoral stimulation. The Chorus can be connected to the We-Connect app to enable extra features and for long-distance use.

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    Quality: 90

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    My Personal Experiences

    As someone who relies a lot on clitoral stimulation but doesn’t always enjoy using handheld vibrators during penetration (I’m too lazy, and I find it distracting), I was super excited to try the We-Vibe Chorus. I have tried all kinds of vibrating penis rings, but they never quite live up to the expectations — either they move around, aren’t strong enough, or have wrongly placed buttons. The We-Vibe chorus solves all these problems and then some!

    The good, the bad, and the rumbly

    Starting with the good, the We-Vibe Chorus allowed me to have some of the best PIV sex yet, with some of the most intense blended orgasms I have ever experienced. So on that level, it scores 110%. If you need clitoral stimulation during PIV sex, this thing is magical! As well as being hands-free, staying in place, and having powerful vibrations, the Chorus has an internal stimulator that can be enjoyed by both partners. After the first use, I felt like my couple’s sex toy prayers had been answered!
    On to the bad, if this was advertised as, and more importantly, priced as a couples vibrator, the We-Vibe Chorus would easily get 5 stars. However, a big selling point of the We-Vibe is being able to use it with the We-connect app. Unfortunately, in this case, it was more like not being able to use it with the We-connect app. After fighting with the app, disconnecting, and reconnecting, I managed to change the settings a couple of times before having to go through the whole battle again. Even when paired, the connection seemed to drop out randomly. In the end, I lost interest and doubt I will bother trying again unless the problems are fixed.
    And the rumbly, not much to say apart from wow, We-Vibe really nailed it with the vibrations! The We-Vibe is rumbly in a way that can be felt all the way through the device and feels fantastic to grind against.

    Isabelle Uren

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    Isabelle Uren

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    You should buy the We-Vibe Chorus if you...

    Enjoy clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex (with a penis or dildo)
    Struggle to orgasm for penetrative sex alone
    Enjoy dual stimulation
    Enjoy rumbly vibrations

    You should NOT buy the We-Vibe Chorus if you...

    Are looking for a reliable long-distance sex toy, as the app can be very unreliable

    Specifications and features

    We-Vibe Chorus
    Vibration modes10
    Insertable length3
    MaterialsBody-safe silicone
    Battery Life90
    Charging Time120
    Travel LockYes
    Remote ControlsYes
    Storage Bag IncludedYes


    Strong rumbly vibrations for both partners
    Internal and external stimulation for blended orgasms
    Wearable during penetrative sex with a penis or dildo
    Remote with squeeze control function
    Discreet charging case
    Two adjustable joints to find the best angle


    The app can be temperamental and the connection drops out

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    The We-Vibe chorus and remote get top scores from me for unlocking guaranteed, hands-free blended orgasms during penetrative sex. If you struggle with orgasming from penetration alone and want to be able to achieve simultaneous orgasms more often, this is a fantastic product. Riding positions or positions that involve more grinding than thrusting are going to work best with the Chorus, as the device stays put and maximizes the sensations from the clitoral stimulator. Although the We-Vibe Chorus was designed with PIV sex in mind, the glorious rumbly vibrations can be used with strap-ons or for an external prostate massage! As well as using the We-Vibe Chorus with a partner, you can also secure it in tight-fitting underwear for some hands-free solo stimulation or use it with a dildo, so you do get some versatility with the device. However, at this price, you expect to be able to use all of the features. After reading other reviews, I can see that other people have also struggled to use the app and I hope We-Vibe gets it together and fix these problems.

    How to use We-Vibe Chorus

    While you can enjoy the deliciously rumbly vibrations of the We-Vibe chorus anywhere on your body (except anally), it's intended use is during penetrative partner sex with a penis or dildo, so here is how you do that!

    We-Vibe Chorus
    Apply lube
    We-Vibe Chorus
    Apply some water-based lubricant to the insertable arm and the clitoral stimulator.
    Position the We-Vibe Chorus
    We-Vibe Chorus
    Insert the internal part of the Chorus and adjust the external section so it sits against your clitoris. Your partner can then enter you (with either their penis or dildo). You can then turn on the vibrations with the button on top of the device.
    We-Vibe Chorus
    We-Vibe Chorus
    Use the Remote or App to control the vibrations
    We-Vibe Chorus
    You can choose to use the remote or the app to control the vibrations. If you use the remote, you can squeeze the sides for a burst of intensity when you want it.


    Ways to use the We-Vibe Chorus
    There are different ways to use the We-Vibe Chorus. Penetrative partner sex with a penis, dildo or strap-on: Apply some water-based lubrication to the internal part, but only enough to help insertion. If you are already very wet, you can skip this part. You don't want to over-lubricate the device as you want it to stay in place! Press the button on the top of the We-Vibe Chorus to turn it on and insert the internal stimulator and position the clitoral stimulator. If you feel that the angle needs to be adjusted to get the best fit and make sure the clitoral stimulator is in the right place, you can remove the toy and adjust the joints. When the Chorus is positioned to your liking, you can then have your partner enter you with their penis or a dildo. You can control the settings using the remote with either the buttons or squeeze control function or using the app. Long-distance sex: Once you are paired with your device, you can invite a partner to control your We-Vibe Chorus from anywhere in the world. You will need to use the We-Connect app to send them an invitation. You can then get your Chorus into position and enjoy giving your partner complete control of your pleasure. This also means you have your hands free for other types of stimulation. This can also be used for some discreet play for some sex date night fun. Solo hands-free stimulation: You can keep the We-Vibe Chorus in place with some tight-fitting underwear and use the app or remote to get some rumbly fun as you go about your day. All those jobs you didn't want to suddenly seem less boring when you've got the We-Vibe Chorus to keep you company.
    How to charge the We-Vibe Chorus
    Charging the Chorus couldn't be easier! The app also lets you know how much battery you have left, so you won't be disappointed when you come to use it and find out it's out of juice. Place your We-Vibe Chorus in the charging case, making sure that the two magnetic points are connected, and place the lid on top. Connect the USB charging cable to your power source and leave your Chorus to charge. There will be a small blinking light on the front of the charging case that will change to a solid light when the charge is complete.
    How to clean the We-Vibe Chorus
    The Chorus device is completely waterproof, so it can be cleaned using fragrance-free soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaner. The remote control is only splashproof, so it should be wiped down without being submerged in water.
    What's the difference between the We-Vibe Chorus and the We-Vibe Sync?
    The We-Vibe Chorus is the newer version of the We-Vibe Sync. They share many similarities but with some key differences: The We-Vibe Chorus remote has the squeeze control function and the We-Vibe Sync does not. The internal stimulator is slightly larger on the We-Vibe Chorus for better g-spot stimulation. The We-Vibe Chorus takes 120 minutes to charge, and the Sync takes 200 minutes to charge. Both have a run time of up to 90 mins. The We-Vibe Chorus has touch-sensitive receptors that can react to your body's movements and the Sync does not. The We-Vibe Chorus has improved connectivity using AnkorLink™ technology.
    How to connect the We-Vibe Chorus to the We-Connect app
    1. Download the We-Connect app. 2. Turn on the We-Vibe Chorus by pressing down the control button. The device will start vibrating (you can stop this by turning it down using the remote control). 3. Open the app and follow the instructions for pairing. 4. To put the device in pairing mode, hold down the control button until the Chorus vibrates twice and the small light flashes on the top of the device. 5. Once your phone finds the device, it will connect. 6. You can now follow the on-screen instructions and explore the different features, including on-screen control, play to music, and touch settings.
    What extra functions do you get with the We-Connect app?
    What extra functions do you get with the We-Connect app? As well as allowing you to connect to your partner anywhere in the world, there are some extra features that can only be used with the We-Connect app: 1. Beat control allows you to enjoy the rumbly vibrations in time with your favorite songs. 2. Touch control translates your motions on the phone's screen into vibrations. 3. Sense mode (the device reacts to your movements) can be turned on and off with the app 4. Save your vibe settings you can save your favourite settings to create your own vibe playlists 5. Message and video chat with your partner

    Instructions - Manual

    We-Vibe Chorus Manual

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