Clitoris Licker VS Clitoris Sucker: 2 Great Products, 1 Clear Winner

Clitoris Licker VS Clitoris Sucker: 2 Great Products, 1 Clear Winner

Clitoris lickers vs suckers is a sex toy smackdown I have always wanted to do. After all, it’s about time that the sex toy industry realized that vagina owners like oral sex. In turn, clitoris suckers were created, followed by clitoris lickers. However, as fantastic as both types of sex toys sound, do they measure up to the promises made?

That’s what I am here to find out! Especially after my previous clitoris licker fail, of which you will read about more later.

So, read on to find out how this whole clitoris licker vs clitoris sucker sex toy smackdown came about, which products I tested and all of the pros and cons to each one. Then, a winner will be revealed!

The Sohimi Inquiry

I pride myself on being honest with my readers. So, with full disclosure on the table, I was contacted by the sex toy company Sohimi asking if I would review a product. And although I don’t mind getting a product to try for free, I saw this as more of an opportunity for my readers.

Therefore, with a little negotiation, we agreed on my trying 2 products and writing a comparison review.

So yes, I got these products for free. And no, it was not in exchange for a positive review, but an honest review.

Further, let me just put this out there and say, I am not a sex toy snob. Plus, with a growing website, I can not pick and choose for whom I write reviews as sex toy companies are not falling at my feet.

There are a few bloggers and reviewers out there that absolutely refuse to review products that come from China (and other countries) because they feel their materials are sketchy. However, I know of American companies that make sketchy products as well as companies from other countries that will label a product as silicone when it’s not.

But, in this case, I flame tested both products – as I would with any sex toy – and they passed with flying colors. They are both silicone products, as described, and body safe.

Clitoris Lickers vs Suckers: The Products

My Sohimi order arrived quickly and was discreetly and safely packaged. So, nothing was smashed, and my mail carrier was none the wiser that she was delivering sex toys to my mailbox – always a huge plus when buying sex toys by mail!

I quickly opened the package and there they were, my sex toy smackdown products!

The two items I received are known to give completely different feelings, both of which emulate oral sex. Sohimi sent me the Mini Tongue Vibrator (Lotus) – from here, known as “the clitoris licker” and the Clitoral Sucking and Vibration Vibrator – now referred to as “the clitoris sucker”.

I gave both products a whirl, at different times as well as playing around with each – fully clothed – to learn how they worked, sounded and felt. And here is my take on the clitoris licker vs the clitoris sucker.

The Clitoris Licker: Mini Tongue Vibrator

Mini tongue vibrator, clitoris licker

To begin this sex toy smackdown, clitoris lickers vs suckers, I started with the clitoris licker.

The Mini Tongue Vibrator is a nicely-sized and round-shaped vibrator styled to look like a blooming Lotus flower – yes, it is pretty. Straight out of the box, there were no chemical odors whatsoever and inside were instructions for use, the vibrator, charging cord and charging base. Batteries are included, so after a very quick charging, it was ready for use.

The toy is lovely and looks much like a flower when perched on top of its charging platform. Seriously, those with little sex toy knowledge would never know it’s your masturbation buddy!

I was surprised at how strong the magnetic charging connectors are, as I personally hate this type of charging set-up. No problems with this little clitoris licker! Overall, the size of the toy is perfect and fit right in the palm of my hand, so it handled easily.

Using the Mini Tongue Vibrator

The quality silicone is silky-soft and felt smooth against my body, especially the tongue that emerges from the center of the flower. I was disappointed that the tongue actually doesn’t flick up and down – something sorely missing in most clitoris lickers.  Instead, the tongue moves via vibration.

You can use the tongue part without turning the vibrations on and it feels alright. However, once you turn the vibration on, hold onto your hat because this is one powerful little vibrator! I loved using the tongue for a little bit of nipple foreplay before diving into the main event.

Likewise, you can gently move the tongue in a licking motion or press it hard against your clitoris, just holding it in place for two distinct, mind-blowing sensations. Or you can use just the tip of the tongue for an immediate, toe-curling orgasm, as I experienced within less than a minute!

The toy wasn’t as quiet as I’d like but, my dog was snoozing nearby, and it didn’t wake her. Bonus points!

All around, I recommend this clitoris licker for a unique, oral sex feel as well as nipple stimulation.

Clitoris Licker Features

The Mini Tongue Vibrator touts the following features:

  • Made from body-safe silicone
  • 10 settings of vibration and vibrational patterns
  • Magnetic recharging with charging base and USB cord
  • Waterproof
  • One-button on/off, vibration selection
  • Powerful yet quiet, sonic motor

What I Liked About the Clitoris Licker

  • The shape is so easy to handle!
  • The floral design encompasses much of the clitoris and vulva for amazing sensations.
  • Great for solo and couple play.
  • Small enough to tuck into your purse or overnight bag.
  • Has a universal USB charger so it’s perfect for travel anywhere in the world.
  • Can be used in the shower or bath for extra relaxation.
  • The best magnetic charging system I’ve ever used.
  • The perfect all-over sex toy for nipples, clitoris, vaginal opening, or anus!
  • Excellent price for a quality adult toy.


What Could Be Better

  • The motor is so powerful, your hand may go a little numb – if you last that long!
  • Could be a wee bit quieter but won’t wake the pets, kids, or roommate.
  • The tongue doesn’t flick up and down, the motion is achieved through various vibration patterns.


The Clitoris Sucker: Clitoral Sucking Vibration Vibrator

Clitoris Sucking Vibrating Vibrator, Clitoris Sucker

The Clitoral Sucking Vibration Vibrator is an odd-looking vibrator with a larger component that houses the sucking unit and a smaller, egg-shaped vibrator connected with a thin, silicone cord. Shipped in a pretty, floral box, this vibrator also came with instructions and a USB charging cable.

Upon unboxing, there was zero chemical odor and the silicone material from which the vibrator was made, was extremely soft and smooth. The charger is a DC, port style, so it holds tight and charges quickly. Only 10 minutes out of the box, this sex toy was fully charged and ready to use.

And, since I was already gearing up for a nice, relaxing bath, I took the clitoris sucker with me.

Using the Clitoral Sucking Vibration Vibrator

I wasn’t at all concerned that someone would hear this vibrator because both functions are extremely quiet. So, I leaned back in a semi-seated position and played around with the suction feature. Not only was it powerful, the suction portion didn’t rely heavily on vibrations, like some other clitoris suckers do. As a result, it felt wonderful on my nipples…. and I am a nipple stimulation lover!

Next, I slipped the egg-shaped vibrator into my vaginal opening. Now, this is something I want to make a point of sharing; it laid perfectly against my g-spot! This is a first with me as those c-shaped sucker/g-spot vibrators do not fit my body.

I wasted more than $60 on one of those other sucking/g-spot vibrators and no matter how many odd positions I twisted my body into, I couldn’t get anything to line up properly. And here is why….

The g-spot lies a finger’s length inside the vaginal opening and on the front wall of the vagina. Therefore, those bulky c-shaped suckers do not target the g-spot properly or directly. This one, however, hit the mark beautifully.

Additionally, being in a semi-seated position, the smaller, oval vibrator of the toy stayed in place. And, I cannot say enough about the thin, silicone cord connecting the clitoris sucker to the vibrator as it’s comfortable, not bulky and will fit more body types. Then, I turned on the vibrating feature and OMG!

The Best Orgasm in Months, Maybe Years

I cycled through each vibration setting and found a pattern that best matched my own orgasmic contractions. FYI, ladies, I highly recommend the “Jingle Bells” setting – buy it and you’ll find out what I mean! Then I applied the sucking portion of the toy – which is easy to do, because of the conveniently placed buttons.

My immediate reaction was an “Oh my.” The sensation was the closest thing I have felt to oral sex since the last time I experienced the real thing. And just as I leaned back to enjoy the combination of suction, internal stimulation and the relaxation of the warm bath, an orgasm hit me.

However, it wasn’t one of those super-quick, sharp climaxes that slams into your body; this orgasm spread fluidly throughout my entire body slowly and didn’t stop.

To add to the warm waves of orgasm was the little vibrator bouncing against my g-spot with each and every climactic muscle contraction. And then, it happened; the rare and thank-goodness-I-was-in-the-bathtub ejaculation. Yes, I squirted.

Okay, I hate using the word “squirted” as it makes me feel dirty. I suppose it’s because, to me, it’s such a porn-ish term that makes me blush when I say it or type it. But that’s just me. Nonetheless, it happened, and it was glorious. I wanted to dry this little guy off, wrap him in a miniature blanket and spoon with him all night long.


Control are of the clitoris sucker

Clitoris Sucker Features

The Clitoris Sucking and Vibration Vibrator features the following:

  • Created from high-quality silicone for safety and comfort – passed the flame test!
  • Two separate and powerful motors
  • A push-button on/off switch with individual control buttons for the sucker and vibrator
  • 7 suction settings
  • 10 vibration and patterns of vibration
  • Waterproof
  • DC, USB charging
  • Thin, flexible, silicone cord between functional pieces


What I Liked About this Clitoris Sucker

  • The silicone material is extremely soft.
  • Both features can be used independently or simultaneously.
  • The flexible cord is the perfect length, so the vibrator bounces off the g-spot and allows the sucking unit to line up perfectly with the clitoris. FITS MORE BODIES!
  • It’s comfortable to use in many positions.
  • Both parts of the toy are whisper quiet.
  • The suction portion of the toy fits perfectly in the palm of the hand with indentations on each side for your thumb – perfect for lefties or righties – allowing for a comfortable grip.
  • A girl’s new best friend for solo play or suitable for couples’ play too.
  • The “Jingle Bells” setting on the vibrator is something you must feel!
  • This toy is small and portable, great for travel.
  • It charges quickly and lasts for a long time on a single charge.
  • The suction opening is wider and fits more clitoris sizes.
  • Sohimi’s price is affordable for such a luxury, multi-function sex toy.


What Could Be Better

  • Some may prefer a larger g-spot contact area.
  • The g-spot vibrator may slip out in some positions.


Clitoris Licker Vs Clitoris Sucker: My Winner

Usually when I write a sex toy comparison, my readers must wait until this section for the winner to be revealed. However, this time, I believe the winner is crystal clear. Let’s be honest, how many sex toys have you tried that have given you the elusive female ejaculation? Whether you will have the same results as I did, remains to be seen. But you will never know until you try.

In conclusion, Sohimi’s Clitoral Sucking and Vibration Vibrator is my favorite among the two toys. And I find this clitoris sucker far superior to those clunky, c-shaped clitoris suckers with the g-spot stimulator – they are hard, oddly shaped and ridiculously difficult to line up properly.

Overall, each toy has a unique feel, exclusive to itself. Therefore, while I may love the realistic, oral sex feeling of the sucker, the Mini Tongue Vibrator is pretty fantastic in its own right.

And both clitoris playmates have a new, forever home in my nightstand drawer!

Which Will Do It for You? Try Both!

When it comes to trying to achieve an orgasm, whether through sex with another human or masturbation, each individual body has its own desires. Furthermore, what feels good to me, may been too overwhelming for you. That’s why I love doing sex toy comparisons! I share my experiences with two products, and you can choose which one suits your needs and wants.

So, which of the two would you prefer? Do you prefer the amazing, vibrating, smooth, clitoris-licking and flicking of the Mini Tongue Vibrator? Or will the dual-action, sucking and g-spot rocking sensations of the Clitoral Sucking and Vibration Vibrator be more suited to your lady parts?

Either way, you will find that each product has a luxurious feel, unique collection of sensual sensations and is backed by the great value Somihi has to offer. And if both toys intrigue you, I say make an investment in your stress relief and orgasmic health by purchasing both toys! You’re worth it!

Seriously, you can get both the clitoris licker and the clitoris sucker for less than the price of a single sucker/g-spot stimulator.

Where to Buy the Clitoris Licker and Clitoris Sucker

A huge thank you to Sohimi for giving me the opportunity to try two of their products and share the results with my readers. Here is where you can buy your own clitoris licker or clitoris sucker with the g-spot stimulator:

You can find the pretty, Lotus-shaped, Mini Tongue Vibrator here.

And you can click here to purchase the Clitoris Sucking and Vibration Vibrator.

In addition, if you want to find the ideal clitoral stimulator for your body, shop Sohimi’s extensive collection of clitoris-loving sex toys by following this link.

*A similar version of this review was written for and posted on Sohimi’s website with my permission.

2 thoughts on “Clitoris Licker VS Clitoris Sucker: 2 Great Products, 1 Clear Winner”

  1. A vibrator is a vibrator is a vibrator. It over stimulates and has no intelligence.

    A wet tongue clit licker is not a vibrator.

    A wet tongue clit licker has not been invented yet.

    1. Not all vibrators over stimulate. That is why there is a wide variety with vibrations, rumbling and other variations. And intelligence? They are inanimate objects.
      Yes, a licker can be a vibrator if it vibrates too….like the product featured here. There is a licker on Lovehoney that only licks.
      No, a wet tongue licker hasn’t been invented. However, lubricant mimics wetness and many of these are submersible so they can be used in the water. Hence, wetness.
      Not everyone has access to another human, either by choice or because of personal reasons. Therefore, toys are a great alternative for stress-relieving and immune system boosting orgasms. Sex toys have evolved by leaps and bounds and now include amazing, human like sensations (see my review of the Baci and the Ose’ 2) Sex toys aren’t everyone’s piece of cake, and that’s okay!

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