45 Countries That Have the Most Sex [Statistics]

When it comes to sexual activity, the world is full of variety. Different cultures, societal norms, and laws shape the sexual behaviors of people in various countries. This article dives into the statistics to reveal which countries are the most sexually active, which are the most and least promiscuous, and where people have the most and fewest sexual partners.

Whether out of curiosity or for educational purposes, these insights provide an interesting glimpse into global sexual practices.

Here’s what we’ve covered:

Key Findings

Sexual activity varies significantly across the globe, influenced by cultural, social, and legal factors. Here are some fascinating statistics on which countries are having the most sex.

  • Turkey: Tops the list with an average of 14.5 sexual partners.
  • Australia: With 13.3 partners on average, Australia ranks high in sexual activity.
  • New Zealand: Close behind Australia, averaging 13.2 partners.
  • Iceland: Known for its liberal attitudes, Iceland averages 13 partners.
  • Greece: With an average of 10.6 sexual partners, Greece ranks the 3rd most promiscuous country.
  • Brazil: South America’s most active country with 9 partners on average.

The 6 Promiscuity Factors

  1. Mean Age of First Sexual Experience (100 points)
    • The age at which individuals begin engaging in sexual activities can indicate a more casual approach to sex. Higher mean ages result in lower scores, as early initiation is often associated with increased promiscuity.
  2. Average Number of Sexual Partners (100 points)
    • A higher average number of sexual partners suggests a greater likelihood of multiple sexual encounters, reflecting a higher level of promiscuity. Lower numbers correspond to lower scores.
  3. STD Rate per 100,000 People (100 points)
    • The prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) provides insight into the consequences of promiscuous behavior. Lower STD rates lead to lower scores.
  4. Acceptance of Premarital Sex (100 points)
    • The percentage of people who view premarital sex as morally acceptable or not a moral issue reflects societal attitudes towards promiscuity. Higher acceptance rates result in higher scores, while lower acceptance rates lead to lower scores.
  5. Legality of Prostitution (50 points)
    • The legal status of prostitution affects the availability and societal acceptance of promiscuous sex. Countries earn 50 points if prostitution is fully legal, 25 points if it’s partially legal, and 0 points if it’s illegal.
  6. Legality of Premarital Sex (-25 points)
    • Legal penalties for premarital sex serve as a deterrent to promiscuous behavior. Countries where premarital sex is illegal have 25 points deducted from their score.
The 6 Promiscuity factors used to determine the most promiscuous countries

The Complete Global Promiscuity Index

RankCountryMean Age of First Sexual ExperienceAverage Number of Sexual PartnersSTD Rate per 100,000 PeopleAcceptance of Premarital SexLegality of ProstitutionLegality of Premarital SexTotal Score
2Brazil17.4931,74661%Partially LegalNo340.66
4Chile17.210.120,57380%Partially LegalNo334.64
5New Zealand17.813.211,898LegalNo327.49
7Italy18.911.812,98583%Partially LegalNo317.73
9Thailand20.510.624,709Partially LegalNo312.99
10South Africa18.712.532,05438%IllegalNo310.05
11Czechia17.2911,95985%Partially LegalNo305.5
12Finland16.512.412,087Partially LegalNo304.47
13United Kingdom18.39.810,88782%Partially LegalNo299.03
14Japan19.410.212,67173%Partially LegalNo292.95
15United States1810.719,90065%IllegalNo291.69
17Mexico18.7921,97547%Partially LegalNo289.05
18Denmark16.19.313,225Partially LegalNo288.99
23Spain19.26.111,62491%Partially LegalNo281.39
24Austria17.39.711,724Partially LegalNo280.35
29Portugal16.9713,290Partially LegalNo268.74
30Belgium17.27.511,997Partially LegalNo266.55
34Poland19611,86665%Partially LegalNo254.65
35Singapore22.87.214,815Partially LegalNo250.99
38South Korea22.156%IllegalNo238.28
39Hong Kong20.23.7Partially LegalNo236.66
40Nigeria19.716%Partially LegalNo229.33
42Malaysia235.818,9798%Partially LegalYes175.55
43Indonesia19.15.117,8552%Partially LegalYes174.68
45India22.9310,76321%Partially LegalNo169.73
  • The highest score for each factor is highlighted in bold.
  • For countries lacking data on certain factors, a mid-range score was assigned to minimize the impact on their overall rating.
  • In December 2022, Indonesia enacted criminal codes prohibiting sex outside of marriage. Malaysia has also criminalized premarital sex for its many Muslim citizens under sharia, Islamic law.
  • South Africa was the only country on the list with an HIV prevalence higher than 0.82%, specifically at 14.75%. Therefore, we adjusted their overall STD rate, reducing it by 14% from 37,273 to 32,054 per 100,000, for a more accurate comparison with other nations.

10 Most Promiscuous Countries

Promiscuity is measured not only by the number of partners but also by societal acceptance and legal factors. Here are the top 10 countries where people are the most sexually promiscuous.

  • Australia: Legal prostitution and high acceptance of premarital sex.
  • Brazil: High STD rates and early age of sexual initiation.
  • Greece: Liberal attitudes towards sex and a significant number of partners.
  • Chile: High rates of premarital sex acceptance and partially legal prostitution.
  • New Zealand: Legal prostitution and a high number of sexual partners.
  • Germany: Legal prostitution and a notable percentage finding premarital sex acceptable.
  • Italy: High number of sexual partners and partially legal prostitution.
  • Switzerland: Legal prostitution and a liberal attitude towards sex.
  • Thailand: High STD rates and partially legal prostitution.
  • South Africa: Despite a high STD rate, prostitution is illegal but widespread.
5New Zealand
10South Africa

10 Least Promiscuous Countries

Conversely, some countries have conservative sexual norms and fewer sexual partners. Here are the 10 least promiscuous countries.

  • India: Late sexual initiation and fewest sexual partners.
  • China: Low number of partners and strict laws on premarital sex.
  • Indonesia: Conservative norms and new laws against premarital sex.
  • Malaysia: High age of sexual initiation and strict Islamic laws.
  • Vietnam: Few sexual partners and conservative attitudes.
  • Nigeria: Low acceptance of premarital sex and few sexual partners.
  • Hong Kong: Low number of sexual partners and partially legal prostitution.
  • South Korea: High age of sexual initiation and conservative norms.
  • Taiwan: Few sexual partners and conservative sexual norms.
  • Croatia: Moderate norms but still among the least promiscuous.
7Hong Kong
8South Korea

Most Sexual Partners

Countries with a high average number of sexual partners often reflect more liberal sexual norms. These are the countries with the most sexual partners on average.

  • Turkey: Leads with an average of 14.5 sexual partners.
  • Australia: Second with an average of 13.3 partners.
  • New Zealand: Close behind with 13.2 partners.
  • Iceland: 13 partners on average.
  • South Africa: 12.5 partners.
  • Finland: 12.4 partners.
  • Norway: 12.1 partners.
  • Italy and Sweden: equal at 11.8 partners.
  • Switzerland and Ireland tie at 11.1 partners.

10 Countries With the Most Average Sexual Partners

Here are the top countries with the highest average number of sexual partners, reflecting their levels of sexual activity.

  • Turkey: 14.5 partners.
  • Australia: 13.3 partners.
  • New Zealand: 13.2 partners.
  • Iceland: 13 partners.
  • South Africa: 12.5 partners.
  • Finland: 12.4 partners.
  • Norway: 12.1 partners.
  • Italy and Sweden: tie for 8th and 9th place with 11.8 partners.
  • Switzerland and Ireland: tie for the 10th spot at 11.1 partners.

10 Countries With the Least Average Sexual Partners

On the other end of the spectrum, these countries have the lowest average number of sexual partners, reflecting more conservative sexual norms.

  • India: with the least amount averaging 3 partners.
  • China: with a conservative 3.1 partners.
  • Vietnam: a low 3.2 partners.
  • Hong Kong: 3.7 partners.
  • Indonesia: 5.1 partners.
  • Slovakia: 5.4 partners.
  • Germany and Malaysia: tie for 7th and 8th place with 5.8 partners.
  • Poland: 6 partners.
  • Taiwan: in the final spot with 6.6 partners.