Inverted chastity cage – The complete guide to buying and using a micro inverted cock cage

Have you ever fantasized about getting locked in an even smaller and possibly inverted chastity cage, then reading this guide on which one to choose, and how to use it is essential for you!

On Bedbible we have researched several thousand hours, tested chastity cages (even chastity belts for females), and written a ton of guides on how to use, size and fit a chastity.

But what most of our guides don’t cover is the more extreme chastity, where you don’t just lock your penis in an open-space cage, but actually push it into your body. Inverted chastity.

Word of warning: Be very careful! We do really not recommend this practice, as you are taking extreme risks going forward with it.

Recommendations for which inverted chastity cages to buy

Well, for this next section, you have to be a little creative. Because we are not going to recommend custom made inverted chastity cages. We simply can’t for one, recommend that you spend the amount of money required to have one custom built.

Customize a Pussy cage or Chastity Cover

But there is a type of Chastity cage, called “pussy” or “clit” chastity. This is basically a flat-walled cage, that doesn’t allow any (or very little) space for your penis.

Using a piece of soft or hard material, that is okay on your skin will allow you to make this type of chastity cage invertible.

Here are our best choices for that option:

The Pussy shaped Chastity Cage

This is another fetish all on its own, making your penis look like a vagina. Typically you will see sissy-fetishists use these types of Chastity Cages.

But they are absolutely perfect for quick customization into an inverted chastity cage. You can use the hole in the front (vagina hole), and insert material of your preference.

This perfectly customizable cage can be found at a discount here.

Flat plate chastity cage

Very similarly to the pussy type one this flat plate chastity can be used as an inverted Chastity cage with some modification.

But this one might be even better suited for your needs.

You can cut out an extra plate, and glue a body-safe material to that plat. Then put it inside the cage. Put the cage on, and to make it inverted you simply stuff the wholes from outside.

If you’re a real engineer you can even drill small screw-rills into the bigger whole in the middle. That way you can ease into the inverted stage.

You can find it here.

Jail chastity cage

By know, you know the drill. A bit of modification and customization.

And BAM!

You have yourself your very own inverted chastity cage.

The same goes for this, and now it’s your time to be creative on how this can be turned into the inverted chastity cage of your dreams.

You can find the Jail Chastity cage here, or also see all the other available chastity cages that we would recommend you buy for customization, so that you can get your hands on an inverted one.

When can you go for an inverted Chastity Cage?

First of all, it is not really something we would recommend anyone do.

But we would ESPECIALLY not recommend anyone completely new to chastity cage to jump head first into using an inverted version.

There are so many variants of chastity cages out there. In this guides we listed some of the best chastity cages. And for anyone interested in getting to a point where they can use an inverted cage, then we recommend going from something you fit just snugly in, and ease yourself into smaller and smaller versions.

For example, I recommend, that you consider buying a chastity cage kit like this one, so that you have different sizes to choose from.

The inverted Dilator (or penis sounding)

Some chastity pros also use sounding as an extra stimulation and locking mechanism.

Some men are just equipt with a package down there where inverting the shit out of that fucker just isn’t an option.

Well, good news for you. Pain can still come to your door. Let me introduce the chastity cage dilator. In essence a chastity cage with a build in sounding dilator.

For this type of inverted chastity I would recommend you think long and hard between going for a metal dilator or a silicone dilator.

If you want a metal dilator for your sounding needs, then this one from DOMINUX is by far the best option, and it’s fairly cheap too.

If you want a silicone dilator in your chastity, then I recommend you buy this one from ManCage. Please notice, that the urethra tube is fairly long, and you might want to consider not sticking it all the way for the very first time.

Please note, that any of the previously suggested Chastity cages, for the self-custom made inverted chastity option can also be used together with a dilator set like this one.

How far should you push it in?

We really recommend that you do not try and push it in at all. To avoid any permanent damage to your penis, although it is rare, please refrain from inverting it for extended periods of time.

But, to be as safe as possible, only push in your penis, so that it is vertically aligned with your pubic mount – the area right above your penis.

I really do not recommend that you go any further than that. Especially not if you feel discomfort.

A good reason not to, is that you will actually limit the stimulation to the penis head when pushing it in further than that.

If you like the discomfort you get from an inverted chastity cage, then try and get aroused while wearing a very closely fit chastity cage. This in turn both ensures, that you still preserve blood flow (because you are then not restraining you penis to an extreme degree), and you still feel similar sensations as with an inverted cage.