Masturbating at work – How many masturbates at work [Survey]

By Bedbible Research Center / September 09, 2022

Self-pleasure provides a wealth of benefits. From relieving sexual tension and reducing stress, to aiding with sleep, masturbation can be utilized to take advantage of its health benefits.

With the new norm of remote and hybrid working, people are finding themselves with more time and privacy than normal throughout their working week. It could lead to these workers indulging in self-pleasure during work hours.

We at Bedbible wanted to explore this further, therefore, we conducted a survey of 1000 UK office workers to find out whether they masturbate when working from home, and if they ever have whilst in the office – the results will surprise you!

We did this to explore the frequency of UK office workers pleasuring themselves from home and in the office. We also asked survey respondents if they had ever been caught by a coworker. We then explored demographic data to see any patterns in the data for age ranges, genders, and regions.


We commissioned a survey* of 1,000 office workers in the UK, the survey took place between 1st-5th September 2022. The age range of the people surveyed ranged from 18-65+. 

Masturbation during office hours

Firstly, the survey quizzed UK office workers on how frequently they masturbate during working hours when working from home. They did this to explore if people were taking advantage of the extra privacy granted through working remotely.

The results revealed a surprising 47% had previously masturbated during work hours while operating from the comfort of their home. Of this 47%, one-fifth stated they masturbate during work hours every week. 

working from home masturbation statistics survey.Bedbible

6% responded that they indulge in self-pleasure daily whilst working from home. Of those who answered daily, 14% were aged between 45-54. Looking at the gender demographics, males were more likely to masturbate daily while working remotely with 11% of males compared to 3% of female office workers.

Furthermore, 13% responded that they don’t work from home, while 35% shared that they have never masturbated while working remotely, meaning more survey respondents have masturbated during work hours while working from home.

Regionally, Londoners were the most likely to masturbate when working from home, with 31% of respondents from the capital city masturbating weekly and 14% every month. The London region also had the lowest percentage of people who stated they had never done this, with 25%.

The West Midlands region saw the highest percentage of workers who masturbate daily when working remotely, with 23%.

Masturbation in the office

The survey also aimed to explore how many UK office workers masturbate while in the office and how frequently this takes place if so. 

The results of the survey revealed that 34% of respondents had previously masturbated whilst in the office, this included 10% of those aged between 45-54 masturbating in the office daily.

8% of the respondents revealed they masturbate in the office weekly and 9% stated that they do this on a monthly basis. Shockingly, 4% revealed that they pleasure themselves daily whilst working from the office.

13% of 18-34-year-olds admitted that they please themselves in the office weekly. The same age range also ranked highest for those masturbating in the office every 2-3 months with 11%.

With 34% of office workers surveyed stating they have previously masturbated in the office, it was intriguing to see the different parts of the workplace where this is being carried out.

masturbation At the office statistics survey. Bedbible

Looking at gender-specific data, 8% of female and 8% of male office workers surveyed masturbate weekly in the office. More female office employees masturbate in the office each month, with the data revealing that 11% of women do this in comparison to 6% of men.

Regionally, only 37% of Londoners disclosed that they have never pleasured themselves in the office. Meanwhile, 17% from this region announced that they masturbate weekly with the same percentage of Londoners pleasuring themselves every month.

Next, the survey asked UK office workers who had masturbated in the office (34%) which part of the office they used to indulge in self-pleasure. The results were:

Section of the officePercentage
In the bathroom/toilets53%
In the office when no one is in41%
In the locker room38%
In a cupboard/utility room33%
Prefer not to say 3%

Looking at the age demographics, the 55 and over age range ranked highest for all sections of the office, including 73% of this age range stating they use the bathroom to relieve themselves of sexual tension while in the office. 

Women were more likely to use an empty office to masturbate, with 45% compared to 36% of men. Men tended to use the bathroom more, with 61% stating this compared to 48% of women.

Interestingly, the regional data revealed that 75% of those from the North East use a cupboard or utility room within their workplace when masturbating. Additionally, 64% of East Midlanders use the bathroom, and 21% of Scots did not disclose where they do their business.

Caught in the act

In this last section, the survey investigated the number of office workers who had caught a coworker or been caught masturbating, they were also asked in this section if they have ever had sex at work.

Survey respondents were first quizzed on whether they had ever walked in on a colleague masturbating in the office. The results revealed that 15% of those surveyed had previously awkwardly caught their coworker in the act. 

Analyzing age demographics highlighted that the youngest age group, the 18-34 age range, was the highest percentage of workers who had previously caught their coworker masturbating, with 22%.

Stats at the office masturbation statistics survey. Bedbible

Regionally, the capital city was the worst for catching a colleague, with over one-quarter (28%) of Londoners disclosing that they had previously walked in on a coworker. 25% of those surveyed from the North East responded the same.

Next, the survey question was flipped, with office workers being asked if they had ever been caught in the act while in the office. 

The data revealed that 28% of office workers surveyed had been caught masturbating in the office. There were also 7% who stated they preferred not to say. 

Of those who had been caught indulging in self-pleasure, the age-specific results were:

  • 18-34 age range: 30%
  • 35-44 age range: 27%
  • 45-54 age range: 8%
  • 55 and over age range: 44%

It was shocking to see nearly half of the 55-and-over age range state that they have been caught in the office, closely followed up by the 18-34 age range with 30%.

Regionally, those surveyed from the North East had been caught the most, with a staggering 83% revealing they had been caught in the past. 

Overall, 32% of those previously caught were male and 24% were female. Ambiguously, 11% of female survey respondents stated they prefer not to say whether they have been caught masturbating in the workplace.

Lastly, the survey asked office workers if they have ever previously had sex in the office. The results highlighted that almost a fifth (19%) of employees have, with 4% preferring not to answer. 

Of those who responded that they have, 26% were male and 14% were female office workers. One-quarter of the respondents who have had sex in the office were aged 55 or above. 

Regionally, one-third of Londoners have had sex in the workplace, Northern Ireland was the second highest with 29%. 92% of Scottish survey respondents have never had sex in their office.

Final thoughts 

We hope this survey has provided valuable insight into the data surrounding masturbating both in and outside the office during working hours. With the rise of working remotely, it was no surprise to see so many people use this extra privacy to indulge in self-pleasure as they please throughout their working day.

Through analyzing demographic data, we were able to highlight specific ages, genders and regions who masturbate during work hours or had been caught in the act, to add context to the numbers.

Overall, we believe the survey was useful in exploring the taboo subject of masturbation, more specifically masturbation within the workplace and during office hours. It was valuable insight to not only gauge the number of people who masturbate in the office or whilst working remotely, but also the frequency of this activity.

*Disclaimer: A survey was conducted by One Poll on behalf of