10 Most Popular Sex Toy Hiding Places

We spill the beans on where you stash your sex toys *when not in use*. We’re all for busting the barriers and making sure that sex toys are no longer seen as taboo, but rather a safe and fun way to enjoy yourself and your partner.

This is why we wanted you to open up, so we could get the lowdown on where you keep your sex toys – that is – when you’re not having the pleasure of using them. We asked the question and 1,009 people of all ages across the US ‘fessed up’, giving us a clear picture as to where in the house you like to store your sexy stash.

The Results

  • By far the most used hiding place for sex toys was a secret box, with 41% of all people admitting to this.
  • 9% of people went so far as to keep their sex toys thoroughly secure in a coded safe.
  • Furniture was also a popular hiding place, with 34% of people keeping their sex toys in an underwear drawer or nightstand.
  • 17% of people prefer to keep their toys in a bag of some sort, including handbags and those designed for travel and to hold makeup.
  • 11% store them under a pillow or in a pillowcase, while 4% said their options are to stuff them in a plush toy or a shoe.

Infographic of hiding places

sex toy hiding places infographic

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Is it a gender thing?

More than half (58%) of men store their toys in a box, compared to 40% of women.

Meanwhile, women prefer storing their toys in an underwear drawer or nightstand (36%), compared to 29% of men. Men appear to be more cautious about where they keep their toys, with 12% opting for a safe, compared to 6% of women.

More men showed off their sensitive side, preferring to keep their sex toy in a plushie toy (6%), compared to 2% of women.

Does your age reveal where you hide yours?

Of the youngest generation surveyed, those aged 18 to 24, exactly half (50%) keep their sex toys in a box, 10% in the bathroom, and 4% in a stuffed toy.

More than half (56%) of people aged 25 to 34 keep their plaything in a box, 45% in furniture, 23% in a bag and an equal 4% in either a shoe or a stuffed toy.

People aged 35 to 44 also favored the boxes at 61%. They’re also the most likely age group to hide their sex toy in a stuffed toy (6%) and the same goes for a shoe (also 6%).

In the aged 45 to 54 category, 46% used boxes and just 1% a stuffed toy, far lower than that of the preceding demographics, and 4% a shoe.

In the oldest age group surveyed, aged 55+, under one-fifth (19%) kept their sex toys in a box, again lower when compared to the other age groups. Almost one-quarter (23%) went against the grain and favored the use of furniture and under 1% would even consider using a shoe or a stuffed toy.

Let’s delve into regional geographical habits

In America’s Heartland, more people than anywhere else (36%) store their adult toys in a piece of furniture like a drawer or cabinet.

Over in the Northeast, more than half (55%) of people use a box of some sort, which is more than that of the other US regions.

In the South, 17% hide theirs in a bag, the same as in the Midwest and the Northeast, while nearly half of the folks here (46%) opted for boxes.

Way out West, 7% opted for a shoe or stuffed toy, the highest proportion for this category of any of the regions. They also used a safe the most, coming in at 13% and showing off their cautious side.

And what about you city slickers?



In the sexy Southern city of Austin, where they’re known for their crazy nightlife, the preferred way to stash sex toys was equally within furniture or a bag (both 23%). No one here keeps their toy in a stuffed toy or a shoe.



Over in the Northeast’s Boston, they understand sexy time is a marathon, not a sprint as a massive 95% favored placing their toys in a box, with one of the highest rates of all the cities, coming in at 8%, storing theirs in a shoe and 11% in a plush toy.


In the South’s sensuous Charlotte, 28% of citizens went for the box option, as did the same number for furniture storage, while a tiny, and perhaps somewhat coy, 2% opted for a shoe and 3% a stuffed animal.


Over in the windy city of Chicago, the clear majority of sex toy users (59%) like to keep theirs in a box, 27% contained in furniture 3% a shoe, and 2% a toy, similar to the more shy approach taken in Charlotte.



Oh! Ohio’s Columbus deserves their very own place in the sexy Hall of Fame as we observed that 37% favor furniture, 3% a shoe, and 2% a plush toy, again a pattern roughly being followed in several other cities.



In Dallas, over half of the tantalizing Texans (51%) opt for a box, a cautious 13% a safe, and a joint 3% opt for a stuffed toy or shoe.



In the West’s Denver, they love a ‘Rocky’ ride with 49% keeping their sex toy in a box, 13% in a bathroom, and a meager 3% apiece opting for a shoe or a plushie.



In Detroit, you definitely can’t hurry love with 57% keeping their sex toy in furniture, 21% in a bag, and 3% the safe, meaning they don’t appear to be too worried about keeping their sexy playthings under lock and key. No one in this city would even consider putting a toy in a stuffed animal or shoe. I don’t blame them!



Houston, we don’t have a problem because people here know exactly where they like to stash their sexy-time playthings. Almost half (45%) keep their toys in a box, 4% in a pillow or a shoe, and, like Detroit, none in a stuffed toy.



In my hometown of Indy, we may be known for fast cars and Hoosier hospitality, but we are also careful when hiding our sex toys! 47% of my Indy neighbors hide their toys in a box, and a relatively high 17% in a safe, proving we take our playtime seriously. Again, no hiding in shoes involved here….shoes are for stylin’, not hiding sex toys!



Hello sunshine and those shapely, tanned bodies; over in Jacksonville 47%, straight in line with the national average, keep their sex toys in boxes, 2% in a shoe (probably because flip-flops don’t cover much), and only 1% in a bag, one of the lowest rates at all for this category.

Los Angeles

The sexy people of Los Angeles know what they want and do just about anything to get it. 75% went for the box, 14% safe, and high ratios for the more unusual hiding places appeared once again, with 8% opting for a shoe and 5% a stuffed toy – making double use of those nanny cams!



Memphis, Tennessee might be known for the Blue’s, but folks are taking a rock ‘n’ roll approach instead, as no one bothered to use a safe, but 5% went for a shoe and 3% a stuffed toy…. Junior wants his stuffed dinosaur back!

New York

New York

Over in the Big Apple, 64% of New Yorkers keep sex toys in a box, 17% locked away in a safe, 8% a shoe, and 9% a plushie. This shows us that New Yorkers are cautious but at the same time practical, keeping those famous Rabbit vibes close at hand.



In Philly, we have 38% of sex toy lovers favoring a bag, the highest rate of any state, 5% a shoe, and none a stuffed toy. Seems our naughty Philly neighbors like to keep those toys ready to grab and go!



In dry and hot Phoenix, Arizona, a higher 39% of adults went for furniture, but stashing sexy toys within or under pillows or in a plush toy simply wasn’t an option here.

San Antonio

Out in sexy San Antonio, adults favored furniture (57%), followed closely by a box (56%), one of the closest margins we observed between the two. No one responded to the choice of a safe but a relatively moderate number of sexy toy users, each 6%, went for a shoe or a stuffed toy.

San Diego

San Diego

In the fine city of San Diego, 44% of sex-loving people chose a bag while a massive 22% locked their playthings away in a safe, 33% stowed in a shoe, and 11% a stuffed toy, the highest rate of all the cities across our country. This shows us that the people of this fore-playful city like to show off their naughty sides while keeping their bedroom affairs top secret.

San Francisco

San Francisco

With over 35 adult stores and clubs scattered over this sexually open city, the people of San Francisco love their sexy time. Here, 54% keep their sex toy in a box. However, no one seemed to like the shoe option though, with this figure sticking to zero.

San Jose

San Jose

Do you know the way to San Jose? We do, and we can tell you that all the road signs are sexy! 44% of sex toy lovers went for furniture, but again no one stashed their playthings a pillow, shoe, or plushie, showing that they are people who want to keep their sex toys within reach.

Washington DC

Washington DC

In our dynamic capital city of Washington DC, 44% of sex-loving people chose a box as sex toy storage, while following the common trend of approximately 3% in a plush toy and 2% in a shoe.