At Bedbible we recently decided to spend a staggering amount of time researching Onlyfans earnings.

And the data tells us, that the shocking monthly earnings reported on a ton of other sites are simply complete BS!

Even pure logic would tell you, that the reported monthly earnings can’t be true!

In this Our Bar Chart Race Video we reveal the real numbers!

Why are we sure other numbers reported are fake?

Take, for example, the fact that it’s been reported that Bella Thorne is one of the highest paid OnlyFans creators with monthly earnings of +$11 million.

Well, then explain how she only has a net worth of $12 million now?

Bella Thorne has been on OnlyFans since August 2020, and active for the past approx. 2 years which means she would “reportedly” have earned $264 Million on OnlyFans alone? Come on guys…

What most statistics of OnlyFans fail to take into account are free subscriptions and discounts.

In this analysis, we made sure to take EVERYTHING into account. You can read more about how we did in the Methodology section at the bottom.

OnlyFans Quick Facts

  • More than 210 million people have used OnlyFans.
  • 750,000 new users join OnlyFans every day.
  • There are more than 1.7 million registered content creators on OnlyFans.
  • It’s possible to make more than $3.5 million a month on OnlyFans.
  • OnlyFans creators on average earn $71 per month.
  • The average OnlyFans creator has 16 subscribers.
  • The average OnlyFans subscription fee is $6.70.
  • OnlyFans has paid out more than $4.5 billion to creators
  • OnlyFans have profited $1 billion since its inception in 2016.
  • Remote-controlled sex toys such as Lovense Lush 3 are the best sex toys to interact with subscribers

Top 10 Highest Paid OnlyFans Accounts Ever (Total, 2023)

#Account / CreatorEarnings
1Bhad Bhabie$59 Million ($ 59,792,685)
2Cardi B$47 Million ($ 46,693,558)
3Blac Chyna$39 Million ($ 39,252,600)
4Bella Thorne$37 Million ($ 37,288,966)
5Belle Delphine$34 Million ($ 34,048,810)
6Mia Khalifa$32 Million ($ 32,005,573)
7Tyga$32 Million ($ 31,659,704)
8Gem101$30 Million ($ 29,633,983)
9Amber Rose$27 Million ($ 27,364,064)
10Erica Mena$25 Million ($ 25,056,346)

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Highest Average Monthly Earnings

Of course, OnlyFans earnings vary form month to month. And additionally, just because one creator have earned a lot in total does not necesarilly imply that he/she is earning the most on a monthly basis.

How? Well, because OnlyFans have existed since July 2016 (8 years) and some creators have spent a lot more time on the platform.

Therefore, using the available datasat we calculated the average monthly earnings for the top 20 OnlyFans earners:

#EarnersMonthly EarningsTotal Earnings
1Bhad Bhabie$3,517,216$59 M
2Cardi B$1,867,742$46 M
3Blac Chyna$1,353,537$39 M
4Bella Thorne$1,491,558$37 M
5Belle Delphine$1,309,569$34 M
6Mia Khalifa$1,333,565$32 M
7Tyga$1,376,508$31 M
8Gem101$604,775$29 M
9Amber Rose$1,189,741$27 M
10Erica Mena$894,869$25 M
11Mila Mondel$568,939$19 M
12Pia Mia$737,393$16 M
13Chloe Khan$285,205$16 M
14Lauren Goodger$592,020$15 M
15Dannii Harwood$208,843$15 M
16Aaron Carter$448,977$14 M
17Brie nightwood$433,377$12 M
18Jem Wolfie$256,612$12 M
19Danielle Lloyd$343,294$12 M
20Katie Salmon$205,129$11 M

Most money made in 24 hours – Bella Thorne

When Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans in she broke the record and the OnlyFans server for a short while when she made more than $1 Million during just 24 hours. This is the most money ever made in a 24 hour period by any OnlyFans Creator.

The record have not yet been broke, even not by top creators such as Bhad Bhabie, Cardi B, or Blac Chyna (who have falsely been reports to make more than $20 Million a month).

Interest over time

Interest and searches on Google for OnlyFans peacked in August 2021, but have started to rise again recently.

This is most likely due to the controversy, that OnlyFans have announced that they plan to ban adult content.

Top 0.1% of Accounts Make 87% of the Money

More than 1.7 million people have created an OnlyFans account.

0.1% of OnlyFans Creators earn 87% of the money generated on the platform.

More specifically 1,700 creators earn more than $3,915,000,000.

The ones who earn the most have a variety of content, it could be anything from wearing sexy bdsm lingerie sets to using different dildos.

Average Earnings for OnlyFans Creators

No doubt about it, OnlyFans is an extremely hyped platform. And for good reasons.

Some wild numbers have been thrown out there on how much money stands to be made.

But it also means, that recently the platform has become extremely crowded with creators.

Not accounting for high earners:

The math might seem simple. 1.7 million creators, and 4.5 billion made on OnlyFans equals an average of $2,647 per creator in total.

The average creator has been on the platform for 6 months meaning, that the average creator earns $220 per month.

Accounting for high earners:

However, this doesn’t account for the money-grab at the top.

The actual numbers for the average non-0.1% of creators are:

  • The average OnlyFans Account earns $700 in total.
  • The average OnlyFans account earns $58 per month

Registered users

OnlyFans have become increasingly popular. Gathering data from quotes from spokespeople, the founder Tim Stockley we can infer the following statistics on the number of registered users on OnlyFans:

DateAmount of OnlyFans Users
July 2016200
December 20161,500
April 2017230,000
October 2017500,000
January 20181.7 million
March 20192.6 million
August 20197 million
January 202012 million
May 202030 million
October 202075 million
February 2021120 million
May 2021150 million
September 2021170 million
December 2021190 million
March 2022200 million
August 2022210 million
September 2022230 million
October 2022240 million
November 2022270 million
December 2022290 million
January 2023295 million website Statistics

  • is among the 100 most visited websites worldwide
  • 43 % of the traffic on is from the United States
  • 80% of visitors on are male
  • 65% of visitors on on are under 35 years old
  • Social Traffic is the primary traffic source to, where Twitter stands for 62%, Reddit for 16%, and Instagram for 12%

Sources:,, SemRush, ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SERPStats.

Onlyfans company statistics

In the following we gathered Net revenue, Gross revenue, and Valuation.

In 2022 Onlyfans had a net revenue of $1.5 billion, and increase of +50% from 2021 (where Onlyfans had a net revenue of $938 million). In 2021 Onlyfans raised money at a $1B valuation, which has since increased to almost $2B.

YearNet revenueGross RevenueValuation


  • OnlyFans employs 1300 people.
  • OnlyFans Headquarters is placed in London.
  • OnlyFans was founded in June 2016 (not november, as mentioned elsewhere)
  • OnlyFans was founded by Tim Stockley with his brother with a £10,000 loan from his father, Guy Stokely.
  • The Company behind OnlyFans is called Fenix International Limited.
  • The active CEO of OnlyFans is Amrapali Gan (2021–)
  • The company behind OnlyFans is center for controversy and have been accused of theft, bribery, harrasment, money laundering, tax evasion, hacking, selling and leaking personal information.
  • OnlyFans takes 20% of all revenues generated by creators
  • The minimum monthly subscription is $4.49 the maximum is $49.99, and is set individually by creators.


This extensive analysis was done over an irritation over irrational figures that has been posted on multiple sites.

The fact that over 20 different sources claim that Blac Chyna is making +$20 million on onlyfans PER MONTH is ridiculous.

And that is backed up by someone with a lot more insight into the industry:

So, we took it upon ourselves to take a deep dive into every possible way of accumulating data about how much creators on OnlyFans are earning each month, and how much wealth they have accumulated in total.

The list of sources are enormeus, and some data-gathering tactics proprietary. But this provides some insights into how we did.

First, we looked at all publicly available data: Public statements in articles, videos, podcasts, at conferences and TV shows; Others analysis; Official documents such as publicly available tax documents, net worth listings, company statements, and personal investment filings; Lastly we took a look at other semi-publicly available data-sources that we can’t reveal.

Next, we build and made use online scraping and analysis of subscriber count, like count and account age to estimate a precise earnings level for each account: We used algorithmic online scrapers to crawl through and collect data on all publicly available OnlyFans creator accounts and then used statistical analysis to find out how much money each account made.

In more detail we wen’t through 3 steps:

  1. Scraping and collecting data
  2. Processing data and cleaning
  3. Model creating and analysis
  1. We used a Chrome plugin to get leaf urls from the root OnlyFans site. Then we ran a Sikuli script using a VPN randomiser, so the site wouldn’t block our real IP addresses. use a Javascript waiting/loading page which takes a randomised amount of time to load before you can see an account. This is probably to prevent people like us finding the real numbers. Otherwise, why randomise it? Fortunatly, it was pretty easy to circumvent, as we could just defer execution of the javascript with a small frontloaded script. This loaded each account much faster and allowed us to crawl 3/4 of all OnlyFan accounts. We manually saved down the full html file, that was then used in the processing of the dataset.
  2. After this we had just over 1 million account data sets available (1,132,616). To minimize computer capacity in the analysis phase we scraped all irrelevant html from all pages. We only kept number of likes, number of images, number of subscribers (when available, this is an important step later), and monthly subscription fee.
  3. After this we used the dataset to create a model that could estimate the revenue of creators on OnlyFans. We did this by using precise income data from a selection of accounts we gathered information on – around 50 accounts at varying income levels. This information was used to create the most precise statistical model in R (python language statistical program), that on the basis of the available information could predict the income level. Going back through the first step of looking at publicly available earning statements we compared it to our models predictions and adjusted it accordingly.