17 Open Marriage Statistics, Facts & Myths

By Bedbible Research Center / August 24, 2023

There are a lot of different opinions about open marriages and open relationships. In order to better understand this, we’ve researched, analyzed, and collected stats and facts. Covering everything from how common are are open relationships to what percent of open marriages end in divorce and much more.

Swinging or open relationships and marriages can be traced back to the 1960s, and it’s still super popular – actually its a trending thing we see among couples. Find out why and how many open marriages and relationships there are. But first we’ll try to define what a open marriage is:

What is an open marriage (and relationship)?

An open marriage and relationship is where both partners are allowed to seek sexual and romantic experiments with others.

Some couples do make rules for how the open marriage should play out. For example:
1) The other spouse can always say no to another person
2) You can’t have sex without being protected (e.g. condom)
3) You can only visit another person at their home

#1 How common are open relationships?

  • 4% of all couples are in a open marriage / relationship. Its 12% if you count the Nonconsensual with (Percentage of open marriages).
  • 1 out of 5 that says they are single (e.g. when you meet them at a club) are in an open relationship.
  • Its primarily gays and bisexual who are in an open relationship.
  • 20% of all couples have tried to start in an open relationship, but its only 4% that sticks to it (as mentioned above).

#2 – What percent of open marriages end in divorce?

  • 92% of all open marriages will sooner or later end in divorce (open marriage divorce statistics)

#3 – Wife sharing statistics

  • 46% of males would leave their wife if they wanted to be an open marriage
  • 67% of females would stop the relationship if their partner asked them to start an open marriage

#4 – 56% believe that open marriages are morally wrong

In general it seems like its ether or when talking about open marriages. People find it difficult to understand the other side. Which of course leads to those strong opinions.

#5 – South USA is more against open relationships than the rest

Our interpretation of this is that people in those areas in general are more religious compared to the rest of the country. Its though mentionable that west was close to south.

#6 – 51% are ready to date someone thats married

In general people are not that much scared about dating someone thats taken. The general thought is that its the person thats married that have to say no. Also men tends to be more open to date someone thats married compared to women.

#7 – 1% of people +50 years old have been in an open relationship

This is a big indicator that even though open relationships have been around for more than 60 years its still the young people that practice it the most.

#8 – 90% says they are more happy after engaging in an open relationship

Which of course is super news. This means that 9 out of 10 that decides to try this are happy with the decision. So in other words, if you think about starting on something like this, it seems like a good idea.

#9 – 1 out of 5 are dating more than one person at a time

This belongs to the grey zone of what we characterize as open relationships. Still a bit fun to know that you probably have to be very explicit about whether you’re dating seriously or not. And the meaning of this. This it important for the ones that expect that “serious” dating means that you’re only together with one at that time.

#10 – Risks of being in an open relationship

  • 4 out of 10 that’s in an open relationship is defined as a “heavy drinker”
  • 5% says they are lonely
  • 7 out of 10 has unprotected sex even though they are in an open relationshop

#11 – 76% of women in open marriages says they are sexually satisfied

The sexual desire together with a feeling of not being heard is what lets people to start in open marriages.

#12 – Men are more interested in an open relationship (32%) than women (19%)

Its typically men that has the biggest sex drive. This is also seen in relation to open marriages. Also men are more willing to try new things. The combination between this leads to the fact that men are almost 2x times more interested in open relationships that women.

#13 – If you’re in an open relationship you tend to have more sexual partner (avg. 7 partners) compared to the normal (avg. 4 partner)

Which of course makes sense since you’re more sexually active, and also seeking it more.

#14 – 18 states in USA has made it illegal to have open marriages

This is also valid in other countries. In some of them you can get a death penalty. So please be aware of the laws in the country you’re living in. It is important to say that most of the 18 states in USA do not enforce these laws.

#15 – Millenials are most interested in open relationships (41%) compared to Generation Z (29%), Generation X (23%), and boomers (12%)

MIllenials also called Generation Y are born between 1985 and 1996, and are the generation that are most into open relationships. Compared to Generation Z which are from 1997 to 2012 and Generation X from 1965 – 1980 and boomers which is even earlier 1946 – 1964.

So again an indicator that tells the story that open marriages and open relationships is for the young generation, right now.

#16 – People in an open relationship has 3x more sex than non-monogamy relationships

You are just more sexual active when you’re looking for it.

#17 – Different forms of open marriages / relationhips

  • Having secret affairs without both know it
  • Having an affair, but where its only one of the partners that do it (both have agreed on it)
  • Using escort without the other partner knows it
  • Going to swinger clubs or finding other couples that are ready for swinging (partner swaps)
  • Emotional affair, where you bond with another person, but without having sex (physical activities)


We hope that the above statistics on open marriages and statistics on open relationships gave you the answers you looked for. We’ve tried to answer all kind of questions that you might have had (as you probably already recognized). To summarize it we do think that open marriages work. It just depends on the couples practicing it. From our perspective and the data from the report it shows that its really important to communicate to secure that both of you agree about what happens. Remember that you love each other, and you started this together as a fun gimmick you could have together, just the two of you.

We’ve seen a lot of people succeeding with this, so we definitely think you can as well:

“Its all about the communication – be honest with yourself and your partner”

– Bedbible.com

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Open Marriages and the Increased Use of Sex Toys: A Deep Dive

Open marriages, characterized by mutual consent to have extramarital relationships, are becoming increasingly common as couples seek to redefine the boundaries of their relationships. Alongside this trend, there’s an interesting observation: couples in open marriages tend to own and use sex toys more frequently than those in monogamous relationships. Let’s explore the reasons behind this correlation and how it reflects the dynamics of open marriages.

  1. Enhanced Intimacy and Exploration: One of the hallmarks of open marriages is the desire to explore and experience varied forms of intimacy. Sex toys, such as vibrators or rabbit vibrators, offer couples the opportunity to discover new sensations and pleasures, enhancing their intimate moments together.
  2. Maintaining Connection: While open marriages allow for external relationships, the primary partnership remains central. Tools like remote control vibrators or vibrating panties can be used to maintain a sense of connection and intimacy, even when partners are apart.
  3. Exploring Fantasies: Open marriages often involve a higher degree of communication about desires and fantasies. This openness can lead to the exploration of toys like butt plugs, cock rings, or even sex machines to bring those fantasies to life.
  4. Shared Experiences: Engaging with multiple partners can introduce individuals to a wider range of sexual experiences and preferences. Couples might be introduced to toys like sex swings or strap-ons through external relationships and then incorporate them into their primary relationship.
  5. Enhancing Mutual Pleasure: Open marriages often emphasize mutual pleasure and satisfaction. Couples’ sex toys are designed to enhance the experience for both partners, ensuring that intimacy is a shared journey of discovery.
  6. Role Play and Power Dynamics: Just as open marriages challenge traditional relationship norms, they often challenge traditional bedroom dynamics. Toys like ball gags can be used to explore power dynamics and role play, adding another layer of excitement to the relationship.

In conclusion, the correlation between open marriages and the increased use of sex toys is a testament to the adventurous spirit and open communication that defines these relationships. As couples seek to redefine intimacy, they turn to tools that enhance, diversify, and deepen their experiences, ensuring that their primary bond remains strong and vibrant.