StripChat Review – Safe and Legit? Here’s My Take…

By Simon / August 31, 2023

Here is my review of Stripchat. I am a long-time user of the Stripchat platform and many others like it, and I will answer all the questions you might have about the platform before joining yourself.

But first, I bet there is one question you want answered. Is Stripchat legit? Yes, Stripchat is 100% legit.

stripchat review

In the world of adult cam sites, I have seen dozens of scams and fallen victim to a few. So trust me when I say that I have mastered the art of figuring out which cam girl sites are fraudulent, and which ones to trust and use.

Pros & Cons

I was impressed by the website’s commitment to creating a seamless experience for models and clients with different tools and features. That, in particular, held significant weight in my exploration as my engagement is always hinged on user experience. I never settle for less, no matter what! 

It was not all smooth sailing, though, as the Stripchat experience had drawbacks. Join me in this section as I reveal the elements that make the platform enticing and off-putting because a few areas warrant careful evaluation. 

free stripchat tokens


  • Stripchat can be used for free.
  • Compatible with VPN software. Geo-restrictions won’t hinder your exploration.   
  • Virtual Reality support. 
  • Diversity, models-wise. Every category imaginable for girls, couples, guys, and trans.
  • 3000-7000+ models online at any given time.
  • Lively community.
  • Stripchat is one of the most popular platforms in the adult cam service industry.
  •  High video quality support. Enjoy up to 1080p60 (Ultra HD). 
  • Various discounts and offers.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • Convenient payment methods.  
  • You can add models to your favorite list for quick access.
  • Friendly token prices catering to every budget. 


  • Inconsistent video quality. Some hosts may not meet your expectations, clarity-wise.
  • Content limitations for free users. The best experiences often come from private interactions. 
  • Stiff competition among clients. It could mean waiting for your desired interaction. 
pros and cons of stripchat cam girl service

Stripchat’s Top Features (How it Works)

Navigating Stripchat’s features will surely be thrilling to those with prior experience with adult content live-streaming platforms.

That was my case, but don’t worry if you are stepping into this realm for the first time.

There might be a slight learning curve, but you will soon unravel the intricate tapestry of the platform’s features that connect you to a world of desires and shared moments.

Let’s get into the details of each below. 

A Tiered Membership System

At first, I could not distinguish Stripchat’s tiered membership system from the ultimate membership subscription. But it became clear as days went by. In this section, I will explain the tiered membership system and delve into ultimate membership later. 

Stripchat leagues and levels

There are seven distinct league and level systems, each carrying a unique set of alluring perks. The table below gives a summary. 

League LevelComments
Grey1-9This is the league you will join soon after signing up, with a fresh badge and a new username color subtly marking your presence in the shows you join.
Diamond10-19Alongside the badge and username color upgrade, the curtain rises, allowing you to publicize your photos.
Silver20-34Much like the level below it despite the badge and username color upgrade. 
Gold 35-54Things start to get interesting, as the worry of leveling down after tokens run out becomes a thing of the past.
Diamond 55-79You can now hide your league or switch to a lower one.
Royal80-99You get a lifetime ultimate membership in addition to all the perks in the lower levels. 
Legend100All the perks of the earlier level, plus a dazzling red badge adorned by a distinct star. 

The purpose of the badges, you might ask? Well, their purpose and corresponding username colors go beyond aesthetics. They stamp authority during shows, with higher league members signaling they are the maestros orchestrating the performances.

As for how to rise through the levels and leagues, you have to earn XP. Some of the activities that will earn you XP include spending tokens, watching shows, verifying your email, and subscribing to fan clubs. An email will be sent to officially welcome you to your new league immediately after an upgrade. 

stripchat bronxe league

The Tip Menu

The next feature that caught my eye was the Tip Menu. With this, models present you with a list of commands and their corresponding prices. That way, each tip isn’t just a token, but a note in a symphony of shared experience.

Stripchat tip menu

Remember, clicking the “Send Tip” button also offers you the option to send a custom number of tokens, starting from 1. You can also visit a model’s profile to see whether they have set an epic goal, to which you can contribute any number of tokens. 

Control Models’ Vibrotoys

Powered by Lovense, this feature takes interaction to a whole new level, allowing you to send vibrations coursing through a model’s toy with a simple click. It’s a delicate dance of control and connection that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. I was particularly impressed by the variety of vibrations and durations presented by this feature. You can even take over full control of the toy for a minute or more. 

Stripchat lovense toy commands

Games and Fun

I had my fair share of amusement exploring Stripchat’s games and fun features. They add an exciting layer of interactivity to the platform, with most models integrating several options, including Reactions and The Wheel of Fortune. With the latter, you can give the Wheel of Fortune a whirl and watch it as it playfully selects a command. This unique twist to the traditional interaction brings unpredictability and a sense of shared adventure for a fixed number of tokens. 

Stripchat games

On the other hand, the Reactions fun feature allows you to choose a reaction that plays across the screen. It’s like adding your voice to the chorus of cheers in a live performance. 

Stripchat reactions

Private Shows

You can either explore normal or exclusive private shows. Both options are charged by the minute, allowing you to invite a model for a one-on-one interaction away from the public gaze. It’s, however, worth noting that other users can pay to spy on your normal private shows. The exclusive option eliminates this drawback and also allows for Cam2Cam video calls. 

Stripchat private and exclusive private shows

Group Shows and Ticket Shows

These bring a sense of camaraderie and shared anticipation to the platform. Starting with group shows, clients can pool tokens to meet the host’s goal. The show begins once that is achieved. 

As for ticket shows, models can announce them anytime, requiring clients to pay a certain amount of tokens for entry. It’s like securing a performance’s front-row seat so that you can be part of an audience equally eager to witness the unfolding show.

Stripchat ticket show invitation

Fan Club and Feed

When you visit a model’s profile, you can subscribe to their fan club. Each model’s fan club has distinct tiers, each with its offerings, as shown in the table below. 

SoldierUnlimited chats with the model, a special badge whenever you are in the model’s room, free spying on the model’s private shows, & 430xp/month. 
Lord All the previous tier’s perks, plus 1000XP per month. 
PrinceAll the previous tiers’ perks, plus 2600XP per month. 

Noteworthy, the model may add additional perks to the club fan club subscriptions. Free videos and photos, for example. Users can either pay by card or with tokens, with some hosts choosing to leave out the whole fan club thing in their profiles. 

Stripchat fan club

Conversely, the feed logs a model’s activities since they joined Stripchat. Don’t confuse the profile’s feed with the homepage’s feed, which usually displays new activities from your favorite models. 

Stripchat feed

Virtual Reality

VR Cams are the newest special at Stripchat alongside conventional ones such as new models and fetishes. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing realm of VR sex, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur.

Interest in Stripchat over time

Can you Use Stripchat for Free?

Yes. Clients can use Stripchat for free. Even more intriguing for me as a new user was that I was not even required to create an account. Below is a table showcasing what you can do before creating an account and after, with and without tokens. 

Without Signing UpSigned Up Without TokensSigned Up With Tokens
Live streamsLimited timeYesYes
PM modelsNoNoNo. Models may PM users with tokens, though. 
Use the public live chatNoYesYes
Special requestsNoNoYes 
Request private shows or spy on normal onesNoNoYes
Control VibrotoysNoNoYes

Is Stripchat Compatible with VPN Software?

At first, the availability of models from my country seemed limited. This prompted me to use VPN software to bypass any potential geographical restrictions. Doing so proved a successful workaround because local models increased exponentially. And my local favorites were simply unavailable when I turned off the VPN software. So, yes. Stripchat is VPN-compatible.

Why Stripchat is One of the Best Sites

To me, Stripchat always feels like a proper adult cam website for several reasons. These include: 

  • An intuitive layout that makes navigation easy for newcomers and seasoned users. I was particularly impressed by how diverse and precise the categories are, plus how you can narrow down your search using the search button.
  • Stripchat has standout features that work seamlessly. Some of them include VR and games.
  • The environment is always bustling with activity, with thousands of models active at any given time.
  • Stripchat boasts an engaging community that cherishes coming together to explore fantasies and engage in discussions.
  • The versatile membership tiers allow users to choose a membership that aligns with their budget and desired level of involvement. No one gets left out. 

Is Stripchat Legit?

From my experience, I can assure everyone that Stripchat is 100% legitimate.

For starters, you can tell that the models get paid because of how dedicated they are to what they do.

To be honest, no one would bother putting in so much work on a platform that doesn’t pay. 

Secondly, the customer support team is dedicated, getting back to you with solutions every time you get in touch.

We all know how disappointing it can be when you keep getting automated messages every time you contact support. 

As for complaints, they are a natural aspect of any online platform.

I, however, noticed that Stripchat takes user concerns very seriously whenever they get raised.

stripchat Review

Is Stripchat Safe? 

Stripchat has implemented serious measures to guarantee user safety, especially considering the nature of adult content involved and how hazardous it could be if it got into the wrong hands. Right off the bat, the platform strives to maintain a respectful and secure environment. A model is at liberty to block anyone disrespectful, for instance. A client can also report a host if they fail to honor an agreement. 

Security-wise, Stripchat uses encrypted servers to protect the clients’ data stored on-site. This way, sensitive information, such as banking info, remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access. One thing I found particularly intriguing is how the site encourages users to reinforce the security of their accounts. Check out this email I received as a new user reminding me to activate 2FA. 

Token Cost. Do you Get Value for Money?

I found the token prices to be fair, especially when you factor in the discounts that Stripchat runs from time to time. We will discuss the various discounts and offers you might come across later, but you get value for money, with the site offering a range of options that cater to virtually every budget. 

Token PackagePrice ($)
45 tokens4.99
90 tokens 9.99
200 tokens20.99
540 tokens49.99
1100 tokens96.99
2350 tokens199.99

Payment Options

The platform utilizes four main payment methods to cater to its clients. Each comes with its perks, as illustrated in the table below.  Other payment methods may, however, become available depending on the region. US clients, for example, can use Gift Cards from various US brands. 

Payment MethodComments
Credit/Debit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and DiscoverThis is the payment method I usually use. The payment might fail to go through if you have not enabled recurrent payments on your card. 
PayPalA good fit for those who prefer the convenience of paying via eWallets. I, however, noticed that you end up paying slightly more for ultimate membership when using PayPal. The discounts you receive on token purchases may also be less compared to the other choices.  
SkrillThis is a good alternative for eWallet users looking for a PayPal alternative. 
Cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, Ether, etc. Ideal for an added layer of anonymity. Also allows users to purchase larger token packages than all the other payment options. 

My Impressions

I would recommend the platform to anyone because of the quality of services offered. No transaction delays, prompt customer support, thousands of models online at any given time, and the list continues. 

One thing I cannot forget is how easy it was to find what I was after as a new user. I could even use the add-to-favorites button, meaning not having to restart the search from scratch whenever I felt hungry for some Stripchat action. 

Our Opinion

We can confidently say that Stripchat lives up to its promise of creating an environment where users can explore their fantasies, connect with models, and find a sense of belonging in a like-minded community. It is one of the sites to consider if you are looking for a top adult cam website.

What particularly stands out for us is the sense of community that thrives on the platform, as it adds to the depth of indulgence. Another highlight we appreciate is the tiered league system. Your money earns you more than the tokens you purchase, with the badges making a statement when you enter a model’s room.

Promotions/ Giveaways

Stripchat runs promotions from time to time. Most of these revolve around discounts when purchasing tokens, with users getting up to 50% off. There can also be token giveaways, with the active promotion at the time of writing awarding 10 lucky clients 50 tokens now and then. 

The Site’s Categories

Stripchat has four main categories. Girls, Couples, Guys, and Trans. Each of these has all the subcategories you could think of, with the first-mentioned, for instance, having over 100 based on appearance, activities on request, fetishes, and others.

Types of Shows on Stripchat

The table below showcases the types of shows you will come across at Stripchat. 

Regular shows (free)Models host live shows that are open to all users. All users can engage without spending tokens.
Group showsMultiple users pool their tokens to meet a host’s goal. Meeting this goal triggers the start of an exclusive performance. 
Ticket showsThese involve purchasing a ticket to access a model’s performance. Ticket shows are announced by models. 
Regular private showsAny user can request a private show to interact with the model one-on-one. Other users can spy on what’s happening behind the curtains if they are interested. 
Exclusive private showsOther users cannot spy on these shows. This provides for a heightened sense of privacy and intimacy. 

Types of Memberships on Stripchat

Stripchat keeps it simple when it comes to memberships, offering members the opportunity to subscribe to Ultimate Membership. Going ultimate has several perks, including:

  • Sending private messages to any model.
  • Model stream previews when you hover over the live’s thumbnail. 
  • The option to hide your username.
  • Ultimate user badge. 
  • A model can make you a chat room knight/moderator.
  • Tipping models incognito.
  • Exclusive 24/7 customer support.
  • Unlock fun emojis.

Number of Girls Available Online

The time of the day doesn’t matter. 4000-8000+ models are always streaming. You can always find new favorites if none of yours is online. 

Video Quality on Stripchat

You can view from as low as 160p and as high as the source allows. Some models are only able to record up to 480p, for instance. Others can record with 720p or 1080p. You can also turn on ultra-low latency for nearly zero lag between you and the model.

Reply Rate

The models on the site respond fairly fast. It may take long to get responses in crowded rooms, though. Ultimate subscribers, users with tokens, or those who send private messages may also get faster responses. 

Overall Rating


How to Complete Your Profile on Stripchat

You can visit the “My Profile” section to complete your profile. Some of the details you can change, add, or amend include your name, profile picture, background picture, location, friends list, and interests. You can also add a bio in the About Me section and add albums if your current league allows you to. 

My Personal Journey

How to Sign Up

Signing up was easy. Because I was already logged into my Gmail on my browser, I opted for the continue with Google option. The account was created immediately after I approved the request.

Paying and Prices

I always prefer paying with my card because of the ease and convenience presented by the process. The availability of offers is one of the factors affecting how many tokens I purchase, with the tokens getting credited immediately after I approve the transaction. I found the token prices fair even without the discounts, though. 

Stripchat token purchase recipt

Finding the Best Cam Model

The Stripchat algorithm is one of the best I have come across, as its recommendations are super accurate once it learns your preferences. Finding the best cam model for you is also super-easy, given the hundreds of alphabetically organized categories and the search button. 

How it Works

You can watch a live stream hosted by any of the models active when you visit the site. Topping up your token balance is necessary when you want to join group & ticket shows, send special requests, and request private shows or spy on one. 

Spying on Stripchat private shows

How are the Models on Stripchat?

I always feel an urge to top up whenever my Stripchat tokens run out. I guess that explains how talented the models are. They are also diverse, with models coming from virtually all parts of the world. 

Customer Support

I haven’t had an issue that has necessitated getting in touch with Stripchat’s customer support. I, however, had to test the customer support team’s quality for this review, and I was able to get help within 3 hours, as you can see from the screenshot below. 10/10 because they responded with a solution and not a machine-generated response. 

Stripchat customer support review

How is the Chatting Service

The chatting service was a mixed experience for me. Some models are engaging and friendly, making you feel comfortable. I have had some interesting discussions about various topics, and it’s nice to connect with them on a more personal level. However, I have also encountered a few models who are not as interactive or responsive in the chat.

That said, the quality of the chat service comes down to the nature of the individual you are dealing with. Some models will even go ahead and integrate third-party messengers, such as Plasma so that they never miss a message from you.

Review of the Private Shows

With private shows, you get 100% attention from the host. The model’s private show rating available before you request a show was a nice touch by Stripchat so that you can know the quality of service to expect.

You might find the shows expensive, though, as the minimum cost per minute rarely goes below 8 tokens. 

Is it Possible to Record Models?

Nowadays, most private content streamers do not allow you to record using your screen recorder. Sadly, that’s not the case with Stripchat because I noticed doing so is possible.

There’s a legal way to do it, as some models have the “Start Rec” button activated on their shows. The latter is not free, though. 

Any Scam Complaints Online?

I came across some scam complaints online. They had one thing in common, though.

They were all in breach of Stripchat’s terms of service, such as not transacting outside the platform. 

The Community

The chat sections often get lively with viewers sharing their reactions and thoughts.

The community embodies a space where you can feel a sense of camaraderie, even though you might be interacting with strangers. 

My Thoughts From a Model’s Perspective

Planning to start earning on Stripchat as a model? This section of the review reveals what to expect. 

How Much Do Models Make on Stripchat?

Each token is worth $0.05. That said, the earnings of models on Stripchat vary widely.

Some models can make as much as $15,000-20,000+ per month, with the exact amount earned depending on many factors, such as the model’s popularity.

How Much You Can Make as a Cam Model on Stripchat?

There is no limitation to how much you can earn as a Stripchat model.

Besides the conventional ones, there are more ways to earn, including contests, selling videos, and subscriptions. 

How to Become a Model on Stripchat

Becoming a model is quite easy. You just have to visit the site and click sign up as a model.

There are no specific device requirements, with many models streaming from their mobile devices. 

Testimonials From The Models on Stripchat

Here are a few testimonials from Stripchat models:


“I am assuming the traffic is slow due to me camming here for only 4 months by now. It does not help that the only people who get to see I am online are people from my country unless people expressly search for me.

I cannot accurately review support, cause I have not needed to contact them yet.

Payment is always on time, have not had any problems thus far.

Software is good but not great, maybe I am still just getting used to it.”

Angela 88:

“Since the site changed the algorithm, models that are not new and not in the top 100 not getting much traffic. It’s going very slowly for me. It feels like I have a shadow ban. I asked support about that but they did not get back to me. Payment is always on time.”

Earnings From the Site

Payout Methods

Models can use ePayService, Cosmo Payment, and Paxum for instant payments. Other payment methods include EUR Wire Transfers (SEPA), International Wire Transfers, ACH/Direct Transfers, Checks, and Cryptocurrencies.

Payout Frequency

Payments are done every Tuesday and are issued every week for Paxum and ePayments. Check and wire transfer users, on the other hand, get biweekly payouts.  

Payout Percentage

The payout percentage to models ranges from 48% to 63%. The exact percentage depends on the token package purchased by the user.  

Token PackagePackage Price ($)Cost Per TokenToken Worth for a Model ($)Model Payout Percentage

Types of Models

Anyone can become a model on Stripchat. The diverse categories accommodate virtually everyone. 

Language Translations

The Stripchat website is available in 20 languages. Models can also use translation tools whenever there is a language barrier. 

Background Information

Who Owns Stripchat?

Stripchat is a trademark of Techius Limited, a company headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was launched in 2016 and has since grown into one of the most popular adult cam websites on the internet.  

Other Site Reviews

  • Trustpilot: 2.8/5 (Based on 2 user reviews)
  • 3.3/5 (Based on 7 user reviews)
  • 2/5 (Based on 9 reviews)

How Much Traffic Does Stripchat Have?

According to the latest traffic stats from SEM Rush, Stripchat averages about 4 million visits every month. Each visit lasts about 15 minutes, with the majority of them coming from India, Germany, and the United States.