What Percentage of Women Squirt [Facts & Stats]

Squirting, often enveloped in mystery and speculation, is a phenomenon that sparks widespread fascination. In this comprehensive report, we delve deeply into the subject, analyzing a vast array of data to provide clear, reliable answers to common questions about female ejaculation. From exploring the percentage of women who squirt to understanding the nuances that contribute to it, our study offers precise insights.

Keep reading to uncover the detailed findings from our meticulous research.

Key Findings

  • Around 51% of all women have tried to squirt.
  • No studies available have shown evidence that all women are capable of squirting.
  • It is though expected among researchers, that the more you train (e.g. masturbation) the better chance of trying it.
  • Of the ones that squirt: 19% do it daily, 32% a few times a week, 28% a few times a month, 9% once a month, and 12% less than monthly.
  • Every time you squirt the amount of fluid is between 1 – 900 ml. (Most is in the range of 10 – 100 ml).
  • People using sex toys find it easier to squirt compared to e.g. intercourse.
  • 60% of women learned to squirt when they were 30 years old or older.
  • Squirting originates from the bladder.
  • Squirting happens when the G-spot is stimulated (this is around 5-8 cm. inside the vagina).
  • When you experience squirting stress levels are significantly decreased.
  • 80% of women say that squirting has improved their sex life.
  • Female ejaculation may serve a physiological purpose, such as flushing out harmful bacteria from the urethra during sexual activity.
  • Female ejaculation should not be seen as a measure of sexual satisfaction or prowess, as it is not a universal or necessary aspect of female sexuality. What is important is that individuals have positive and pleasurable sexual experiences that are consensual and safe.
Percentage of women that squirts (2000 - 2030)

Frequently Asked Questions About Squirting

We’ve answered the most popular questions related to squirting.

Definition of squirting?

Squirting is when fluid comes out of the vagina. Females have two types of fluids: a) Squirt and b) Ejaculation.

Squirt is the most liquid fluid and comes from the bladder.

Ejaculation is milk-white and creamy in texture and comes from the skin glands. Ejaculation releases less quantity of fluid than squirting.

How does it feel to squirt?

People often refer to it as when you orgasm. It is for many “difficult” to let go since, yes, fluid is coming out of the vagina. But when they relax and get the squirting experience. It is often referred to as fantastic. Others do not feel that much different from orgasm. We have conducted a big orgasm statistics where you can read more about this topic.

So the takeaway here is that it depends on your body. The only real way to figure out how it feels is to try it out.

Is Squirt pee?

The quick answer is: Yes! Squirt is pee, it comes from the bladder. And without going into too many details. When you squirt the muscle relaxes and releases the fluid. If you want a more detailed description of what squirt is.

How can you learn to squirt?

To read our in-depth guide about how to make a girl squirt, click here or read our review of the school of squirt. You can also learn how to make yourself squirt, even with a vibrator in this post. You can find the best vibrators to squirt here.