Elaine Turner

Elaine Turner

Hi, I’m Elaine!

I’m a sex, dating, and relationship coach & pleasure product guru. I’ve been featured in many place such as Yahoo! UK, Cosmo, and MindBodyGreen.

I’m originally from northern California but now call Sydney, Australia my home.

I’ve spent the last 12+ years studying worldwide, and I’m here to help you.

In my private practice, I help individuals and couples of all legal consent ages get the sexual help and support they deserve.

As a resident sexologist, I work with adult toy brands to help them provide the best possible sex toy collection to their customers. I also offer virtual Sexpert training for staff! I specialize in helping with:
  • Kink exploration & acceptance
  • Erectile issues such as erectile dysfunction
  • Orgasmic issues such as anorgasmia, delayed orgasm, or early ejaculation
  • Relationship issues such as mismatched libido and communication difficulties
  • Dating issues such as low confidence, situationship resolution, and more
  • and many more!
My sexological background is unique and diverse. I have studied with:
  • Sex Coach University
  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Newcastle
  • San Francisco State University
  • University of Toronto
  • Northwest Institute on Intimacy
  • American Board of Sexology
  • China Sexology Association Training & Certification Center
  • Australian College of Midwives
  • Aboriginal Health & Medical Council of NSW
  • Remote Area Health Corps
And I’m constantly adding to the list! If you have any questions, please check out my website www.SexWithElaine.com or follow me on Instagram @SexWithElaine
Age: 31
Gender: Female she/her
Sex toy experience: Clinical Sexologist | Sex, Dating, & Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru