Erika Lust Review: Porn Worth Paying For!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t rather excited about bringing you this Erika Lust review! Not only because I got to legitimately watch porn for work, but because it’s some of the best porn I’ve ever seen, and you need to know about it!

Even if you don’t read the rest of this review, I urge you now, get yourself over to Lust Cinema and sample the delights! It truly is the crème de la crème of porn and babes, you deserver the best! Plus, you can even get a taste for free!

And if you’re unsure if you are in the right place, answer this one question. Have you ever watched mainstream porn and thought…

  • That woman doesn’t look like she’s having much fun.
  • I wish there was more than just genitals banging together.
  • I would love to watch porn with my partner, but I don’t feel comfortable watching this.
  • That storyline is distractingly ridiculous.
  • I feel guilty about watching something I’m not sure is ethically made.
  • The low-budget quality and cringey acting is off-putting.
  • This website is sketchy AF and I don’t want to get a virus.
  • I love the sex scenes in movies — if only the sex scene to dialogue/action ratio was the other way around!
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch a feature length porn movie instead of 10 minute clips.
  • I actually really enjoy mainstream porn, but I’m always up for exploring a new way to get in the mood.

If you said yes to any them, Erika Lust’s movies are exactly what you are looking for! Keep reading to find out all the juicy details in my in depth review!

What’s in this Erika Lust Review?

In this Erika Lust review, I’m giving you the complete lowdown on Erika Lust and her platforms. I’ll be reviewing Lust Cinema, and XConfessions, and Else Cinema. If you are looking for something specific, here’s a quick link to everything in the post!


Erika Lust Review: Lust Cinema

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What is Lust Cinema?

Lust Cinema is the more mainstream site, which features a broad range of movies catering to most tastes and desires. It’s also home to Lust Originals — feature-length erotic movies with believable and genuinely hot storylines. No cringey repairmen or pizza boys here, thank you!

Lust Cinema also has a whole library of erotic series! This actually blew my mind – a whole series following a set of characters through their sexual adventures. Looks like my Netflix won’t be getting much use for a while!

As well as their original movies and series, it also features movies from other US porn production studios. They’ve got all the usual porn categories, plus sections for porn made by women directors and a sex education category packed full of incredibly sexy tutorials — who said learning can’t be fun!

Lust Cinema Review

I was intrigued by the idea of a sex series so I started there, and was pleasantly surprised by the selection. After browsing through, I settled on a series called Three, which features a couple in an open relationship getting away to reconnect who end up “connecting” with their rental host.

I watched one episode in the name of research and a few more in the name of pleasure! I am officially a sex series convert!

It’s like watching a series with really great sex scenes in it but the sex scenes are waaaaay more explicit and they last almost the whole episode! I love that you get to know the characters and see their dynamic unfold and develop. It also allows for storylines that actually allow sexual tension and arousal to build in a realistic way.

Here are some of the things I LOVED:

  • Actual good, believable acting that allows you to get into the story
  • Playful, cheeky, and incredibly hot sex that’s doesn’t feel icky or cringey
  • Great range from vanilla to kinky
  • They show the whole body, including their facial expressions
  • Movies feature diverse sexual activities, instead of only focussing on penetrative sex
  • Diverse, relatable actors with more natural bodies
  • Realistic female pleasure and women as multifaceted main characters with their own sexual autonomy and desires
  • Consent and safer sex practices modelled in the movies
  • Amazing cinematography so you can just get lost in the story/action

Was there anything I didn’t like?

Not really! The site is easy to navigate, and the content is HOT!

The only I can think of as being a drawback for some is that although it does cover a broad range of sexual activities and interest, it might not satisfy more extreme or niche tastes.

Still not convinced? Check out the free movies on Lust Cinema — you won’t be disappointed!

Erika Lust Review: XConfessions

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What is XConfessions?

an indie adult short film adapted from a real life confession”

All of the movies on XConfessions are based on fantasies submitted anonymously by the general public. The aim is to deliver porn that actually caters to peoples desires.

Porn production has been a male dominated industry and that’s reflected in the content with a lot of porn being made for the “male” gaze. I use the term male gaze for lack of a better word, as I think that term doesn’t do men’s desires justice.

XConfessions puts the power in our hands and in doing so, lets us share our fantasies and see them brought to life in high quality shorts!

XConfessions Review

I love the idea behind XConfessions! As well as making porn that appeals to what people actually want, it really helps to normalise different fantasies and break through feelings of shame people often have about their fantasies.

The movies themselves are around 10-20 minutes long, and some have an almost dreamlike quality to them, as if your hottest sex dreams were brought to life!

I had so much fun scrolling through all the different categories! I was like a kid in a candy shop! There are definitely new kinks to unlock and explore here!

XConfessions really caters a lot of different fantasies, and I would say this is the better option for those with more niche tastes! There are movies for all kinds of fetishes, kinks, and sexual interests, and it really highlights the beautiful spectrum of human arousal! Plus, you read the confessions on the website or even submit your own!

Get a taste of what’s on offer with the free-to-watch XConfessions movies.

Erika Lust Review: Else Cinema

Check out Rico Rico on Else Cinema

What is Else Cinema?

Else Cinema is Lust’s soft porn platform that features movies that are cater to more sensual desires. There are some cross overs with the other platforms, and there’s still a broad range of categories, but the focus is definitely more on romantic, sensual sex here.

It also has a whole library of top-quality audio erotica, so you can get your fix anywhere any time!

If you find mainstream porn lacking in passion or romance, this is the right platform for you!

Else Cinema Review

Again, I was super impressed by the high quality acting and production on Else Cinema — it feels so seamless and makes it super easy to get caught up in the heat of the passion!

I really enjoyed how the Else Cinema movies slowed me down and let me notice more distinct sensations from the subtle but incredibly sexy scenes. These could be a great introduction to watching porn with a partner if you want something less intimidating!

Want to try it for yourself? You can watch a selection of Else Cinema movies for free!

Who is Erika Lust 

“The sex can stay dirty, but the values have to be clean” — Erika Lust, 2014 TedTalk.

Lust studied political science and gender studies in Lund, Sweden, which might sound a million miles away from porn but actually made Lust a force to be reckoned with in the porn world! By bringing politics, ethics, and feminism into the porn industry, she was able to fill a gap that desperately needed filling.

She had a visions to create porn that represents real people and real sex and helps people explore their sexuality without shame.

Lust made her debut in the world of erotic cinema with her short film The Good Girl, which was an instant hit. Spurred on by the film’s success, she went on to start Lust Films and has since made hundreds of cinematic erotic movies and shorts.

Her work focuses on creating ethically made, feminist porn with an emphasis on diversity and quality production. 

Lust now has three different platforms, XConfessions, Lust Confessions, and Else Cinema, and her movies have won multiple awards. 

She has also authored books, given multiple illuminating TED Talks, and is pioneering the way for healthier and more satisfying porn consumption! 

What is Ethical Porn and Why is it Important

Behind the scenes on Girl Gang

Ethical, feminist porn benefits the consumer, the people involved in making the movies, and the porn industry in general, by creating a safer, more diverse environment that appeals to more people.

Ethical production and diversity are at the center of Lust’s work. Every scene is negotiated beforehand so there are no surprises, and consent is paramount. Everyone involved in making the film is paid fairly, and there are high standards for ensuring safer sex practices on set. 

Lust also tries to make her work as transparent as possible by providing behind the scenes footage as well as links to everyone involved in each production.

While these might all sound like very basic standards, much of what you see in mainstream porn doesn’t come close to this. Often actors are treated very poorly, consent and boundaries are not respected, and actors are not paid fairly. 

On top of that, Lust aims to create an inclusive, diverse team both on screen and behind the scenes, paving the way for a porn industry that is an open space for all artistic and sexual expressions — not only for men by men!

Also by choosing to work with diverse actors and make porn that shows real female pleasure and women as main characters with sexual autonomy and desires, Lust is filling the gap that traditional porn just seems to ignore.

Lust is also very involved in campaigning for better education surrounding porn and creating porn that leave people, especially young people, with unrealistic or dangerous ideas about what sex should be. Find out more about her educational work with young people over on ThePornConversation.

I love being able to watch porn guilt-free and without concern for the performers safety, age or consent!

How much is a subscription?

Although there is some crossover between the three platforms, with some movies being featured in more than one place, each one requires a separate subscription, so it’s good to think about which platform best suits your desires!

Here are the subscription options for the different platforms:

Lust Cinema Subscriptions:

A premium subscription gives you access to the entire Lust Cinema library, including movies, series, Live TV and all of the new releases! Plus, you can stream unlimited movies and download 10/month, so you can watch them even without an internet connection.

Billing is automatically repeated, but you are free to cancel your subscription at any time and will keep full access until the end of the billing period.

Check out the subscription options and any active sales here

XConfessions Subscription Options

The same as Lust Cinema, a subscription allows you access to stream or download any of the movies on the XConfessions platform! The payments repeat after each billing period, but you can cancel at any time.

Else Cinema Subscription Options

An Else Cinema subscription unlimited streaming access to all of the movies on the platform. Like the other two subscriptions, it’s rebills automatically and can be cancelled at any time.

Are Erika Lust movies worth paying for?

If you’ve made it to this point in the review, you can probably guess my answer to this question! I know that it can be hard adjustment to start paying for porn when there is so much free porn available but honestly, it’s more than worth the small investment!

Here are my top reasons I think Erika Lust is 100% worth paying for:

  • It’s porn that you can actually get lost in — no cringey, icky moments to pull you out of the mood.
  • It’s guilt free! All actors are treated with respect, paid fairly, have given consent and are of legal age.
  • It’s so well made! Whether you want movie style porn or homemade porn, the quality is 100 times better than what you see on free porn sites.
  • The actors are hot but relatable and can actually act!
  • They manage to find the perfect balance between realism and fantasy.
  • Paying for porn allows the ethical porn industry to keep growing and bring us healthier, better porn!

On top of that, they often have seasonal sales so you pick up a porn bargain!

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve done a lot of reading and deserve a little reward! Grab your favorite vibrator or fleshlight and head over to Lust Cinema for some seriously good me time!