How to Dispose of a Sex Doll

20 ways to get rid of a sex doll, along with tips for preparing, recycling, and more!

Wondering how to dispose of a sex doll? Well, I am going to show you 20 different ways to get rid of a sex doll.

Plus, I’ll give you creative ways to gift, donate, and sell your used sex doll. That way, you can possibly recoup some of your investment, or make money toward buying a new sex doll.

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How to Dispose of a Sex Doll in a Nutshell

  • There are many reasons why someone would need to dispose of a sex doll. That includes buying a new one, age, and disrepair.
  • The good news is, there are many ways to get rid of a sex doll, some of which can make a little money. For instance, selling the doll outright to a person or a business.
  • Also, a sex doll can be donated to a business, school, or community museum for various reasons. And if the place to which you donate is a non-profit, your donation may be tax-deductible.
  • Recycling is another great way to get rid of a sex doll because both silicone and TPE are recyclable. Plus, the frame can be sold as scrap metal.
  • There are several ways to prepare a sex doll before his/her disposal, depending on which idea you use.
  • For as many ways as there are to get rid of a sex doll, you should never burn, throw one in the garbage unbagged, or dump one in a lake or stream.

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Why Would Someone Dispose of a Sex Doll?

You may be wondering why someone would dispose of a sex doll. After all, they are extremely expensive adult toys.

Well, there are various reasons why someone would want to get rid of their doll. For instance, the longer you own and use a love doll, the more they break down.

In addition, the doll may have a broken frame or large tears that the owner simply doesn’t want to deal with. However, some may want to dispose of a sex doll to make room for a brand-new playmate!

At the end of the day, not everyone has the room for a companion doll harem!

20 Ways to Get Rid of a Sex Doll

So, the big dilemma here is how to dispose of a sex doll. I mean, it’s not the best idea in the world to just toss it in the trash. (More on that below)

Therefore, I have put together a list of 20 ways to get rid of a sex doll. Furthermore, some of these ideas can help you recoup some of your money, give you a tax deduction, or simply a warm, fuzzy feeling from doing something nice.

Bury the Doll

Some doll owners develop close relationships with their life-size playmates. And if that’s the case for you, maybe you’d prefer to keep your companion doll closer to you.

For this reason, you may want to consider burying him/her. That way, you can visit their graveside whenever you please.

However, just be sure that you own the property on which you lay your doll to rest. Thereby, you won’t have to leave them behind if you have to move.

Sell the Companion Doll

Another way to dispose of a sex doll is to sell him/her. This is especially true if the doll can be repaired or if he/she is still usable.

Now, the best place to sell a used sex doll is by joining The Doll Forum. Not only does this site offer everything a sex doll owner could possibly want or need, they do feature a sales area.

However, be prepared to make at least 5 posts before being able to use the sales area to place an ad. Also, you can place an ad in other online sales places that permit the sales of sex toys and adult products.

But before selling your sex doll, be sure and follow these instructions to the letter. That way, you’ll be able to get top dollar for the doll, as well as ensuring a clean, sanitized plaything for the next owner.

Finally, if your sex doll body is a complete wreck, don’t forget that many sex doll owners will buy heads to use on their sex doll bodies! So, sell the doll’s head and dispose of the body in a different manner.

One More Sales Tip

Here is a helpful tip to use, if you decide to get rid of a sex doll by selling. Be sure you use a proper description when listing with any service other than The Doll Forum.

For example, if you list on an online forum or place like Craig’s List, use better verbiage as not to have your ad reported. Here is a good example of what to write:

“Life-size TPE (or silicone) mannequin doll, female, anatomically correct.” Then, be sure and list the brand, model number and physical attributes such as hair and eye color, body type and bust size.

You see, the words “sex doll” will likely trigger a warning, immediately taking your ad down. So nix using words like “pussy”, “titties” and “ass”.

Hopefully, you get the picture!

Give It to a Friend

Not everyone wants to make money back on their sex doll investment. So, if that sounds like you, a great way to dispose of a sex doll is by giving him/her to a friend.

Besides, a close friend is more likely to take a used doll happily. Plus, you’re giving them something they may not be able to afford.

Just be sure and properly clean and sanitize the doll before giving it away. I mean, I’m sure you’re great friends, but not that intimate!

Sell or Donate to a Business or Non-Profit

Another way to get rid of a sex doll is by contacting local businesses. You see, there are many types of businesses and non-profits that could use or benefit from a life-size doll.

On top of that, they may buy the doll from you. Or, in the case of a non-profit, some donations may be tax deductible.

So, here is a list of some of the businesses that could utilize a used sex doll.

Local Artist

Finding a local artist that could use a life-size doll would be a great way to dispose of a sex doll. That’s because they could use it for a “found items” sculpture, or even as a realistic model for painting.

Either way, you both will benefit from your sale or donation.


A photographer is another business person who could benefit from your sex doll disposal. For example, they could use the doll for photos, to test lighting for portraits and so much more.

Plus, they may be willing to throw a few bucks your way!

Try an Art School

Yet another fantastic way to dispose of a sex doll is by donating it to an art school. You see, they train budding, young artists in so many mediums, that a life-size doll would be beneficial.

A great example for use by an art school is a free, realistic model for sculpture, painting and other mediums. Additionally, school donations could potentially yield a tax deduction.

Clothing Designer

Clothing designers use mannequins in order to create and display fashion. However, mannequins are extremely expensive.

Therefore, you could dispose of a sex doll by either donating or selling it to a local, beginner clothing designer.

Shooting or Archery

When thinking of ways to get rid of a sex doll, you may not think about shooting and archery ranges. But they are fantastic ideas!

Surprisingly, police training ranges will also use life-size dolls and mannequins for training purposes. So, reach out to these local businesses and see if they can help you with your sex doll disposal.

And who knows, you may make some money in the process.

Local Haunted Houses

Another fun way to get rid of a sex doll is to give it to a local haunted house! Better yet, many non-profits set up these spooky venues every year, in order to raise much-needed funding.

And they can use a life-size doll in so many creative ways. For instance, they can use a doll as a bloody victim, dress him/her up as a frightening, realistic character or even cut it up for an extra-gory surprise.

Finally, if you do donate the doll to a non-profit, you should be able to deduct it on your taxes.

For a Movie or Play Prop

Don’t forget to check out local vocational, performing arts and multi-media-based schools and colleges. That’s because they could give you a way to dispose of your sex doll.

You see, the doll could be used as a prop in plays, student-produced movies and so much more. And again, this type of donation could very-well bring you a tax deduction.

Medical Training and First Aid

An additional means of sex doll disposal could be selling or donating it to a medical or first-aid training school or organization. The reason for this is that they need life-size mannequins to train people in bandaging, positioning patients during seizures, applying c-collars, and much more.

Plus, if you find a community-based program that could use your unwanted playmate, you may be able to deduct the donation on your taxes.

So, look for vocational schools, nursing homes and even fire departments willing to help you get rid of your doll.

Small Museums

Small, community-based museums usually run on donations alone. Therefore, this would be a great way to dispose of a sex doll.

You see, I recently visited a local wartime museum. And while there, I noticed several mannequins wearing uniforms, both masculine and feminine, from military to nursing.

So, donating to a small, local museum of any genre would give a boost to your community, while helping you get rid of your unwanted sex doll.

Beauty Schools

So many communities have beauty schools! And beauty schools could definitely use an unwanted sex doll to practice nails and do hair.

So, if your doll has rooted hair or a great wig, get in contact with a beauty school nearby. That way, you’ll dispose of a sex doll, all the while helping students in the beauty field.

Small Boutiques

As I mentioned previously, mannequins are quite expensive. However, you could offer your unwanted sex doll to a small boutique, second-hand, or consignment shop that sells clothing.

That way, you have found a unique means of sex doll disposal and the shop can dress your doll in all sorts of sellable fashions, jewelry and accessories.

Tattoo Shops and New Artists

Are you wanting to get rid of a silicone sex doll? Then I have a fantastic idea for you!

You see, tattoo artists learn and practice their craft on silicone sheets of “skin” and silicone body parts. Thus, you can dispose of a sex doll by selling it to a tattoo shop!

On top of that, imagine your guy or gal, dressed in swim attire and covered in beautiful ink and piercings, while advertising for a tattoo artist!

Gentlemen’s Clubs

I’m not sure why a strip club would use a sex doll. Nevertheless, I have read this suggestion several times while researching this topic.

I mean, I have been in a few clubs myself, and have never seen a sex doll used. But that doesn’t mean one can’t be used for performance or display purposes!

So, get in touch with your local gentleman’s club and see if they would help you get rid of your sex doll.

Gift a Companion Doll to Someone with Special Needs

This means of companion doll disposal is a touchy subject. However, keep in mind that adults with special needs still have the same sexual urges as the rest of us, as well as craving companionship.

Because of that, if you know someone with special needs, gifting them your sex doll could be a great thing. Additionally, you could contact a local association for the disabled, or a group home to see if there is anyone they know who could benefit from your gift.

Finally, and most importantly, be sure your gift is clean and sanitized beforehand!

sanitize toys before recycling

How to Recycle a Sex Doll

Another way to get rid of a sex doll is by recycling it. That’s because we don’t need another slow-degrading material added to our landfills.

Plus, both silicone and TPE sex dolls can be recycled! But first, be sure and remove the doll’s skeleton and head.

That’s because the skeleton can be recycled as well, and the head can be sold. So, here’s how to dispose of a sex doll through recycling.

Remove the Doll’s Skeleton

You must remove your doll’s skeleton before sending it off for recycling. Best yet, you may be able to make a few bucks by selling it to a scrap metal buyer.

That’s because sex doll skeletons are created using steel, steel alloy or titanium. So, check scrap yards near you to see what types of metals they accept and how much they pay per pound.

Then, create slices around the sex doll’s joints with a sharp knife or cutting blade. Next, once you have access to that joint, pull apart the appendage and remove it from the flesh.

Finally, continue doing this until you have removed the entire skeleton.

Recycling a Silicone Love Doll

Silicone is a biodegradable product. However, it takes many years before the material returns to the earth.

So, it’s better to find a silicone recycler to dispose of your sex doll quickly and properly. First of all, check for recycling centers near you that accept silicone products.

But if you can’t find one, here is a list of silicone recyclers that may be near you or provide mail-in service.

How to Dispose of a TPE Sex Doll by Recycling

Believe it or not, TPE is a plastic, and is recyclable. To be clearer, TPE is listed as a #7, plastic recyclable.

Therefore, contact your curbside recycling program or a community recycler to see if they take #7 plastics.

Then, remove your TPE sex doll’s skeleton and cut the body into smaller pieces before delivering it to the recycling center.

Viola! You have disposed of a sex doll, all the while being kinder to our planet!

How to Throw Away a Sex Doll

Last, but not least, you can simply throw away your used sex doll. However, you must follow a few guidelines, as to not frighten your refuse collector.

I mean, could you imagine picking up a trash bag filled with very realistic body parts? You’d likely have the police showing up at your front door!

So, to avoid that drama, the first step is to dismember the doll and remove the skeleton. Next, wrap the body parts in dark colored trash bags.

Then, write a simple note, explaining what is inside, and attach one to each trash bag. That way, anyone handling the refuse, won’t get the daylights scared out of them.

Finally, if you’re afraid your trash worker will find out your intimate, little secret, dispose of the sex doll at a dump or in a public, community dumpster.

What to Do Before Sex Doll Disposal

Now, before disposing of a sex doll, there are a few things you should do, depending on the way in which you get rid of the doll.

So, here are some basic guidelines to follow.

Before Giving Away, Selling or Donating a Doll

If you get rid of a sex doll by selling, giving away or donating, you must be sure to do the following:

  • If the love doll has a removable vagina, please throw it away. The new owner (if using it for self-pleasure) can buy a new one.
  • Give the doll a thorough cleaning, from head to toe. That way he/she is fresh, clean and ready for a new owner.
  • Repair any minor tears with either a TPE repair kit or a repair kit for silicone. That way, you’ll be giving, selling or donating a nicer doll.
  • Be sure the doll is freshly powdered using baby or renewer powder, so the skin is soft and not sticky.
  • Finally, dress the doll in an everyday type outfit; meaning, nothing too overtly sexy.

What to Do Before Throwing Away a Sex Doll

As mentioned above, there are important steps to take before throwing away a sex doll. And they each bear repeating.

  • Carefully dismember the doll, removing the metal skeleton as you go.
  • Place the parts in a dark, strong trash bag. Use several if necessary.
  • Write a note, explaining that the bag contains silicone or TPE body parts from a life size mannequin or doll.
  • Attach notes to each bag.
  • Dispose of the bags at a dump or public, community trash dumpster. Or, if you’re not easily embarrassed, you can place the bags for curbside pick-up.

Preparing a Sex Doll for Recycling

Finally, when disposing of a sex doll via recycling, simply dismember the doll while removing the skeleton.

Then, contact the recycling company you are using, and ask for specific instructions. For example, some companies may want pieces under a certain size.

Finally, make a note of how the recycler prefers the material be wrapped or boxed, and follow those directions.

How Not to Dispose of a Sex Doll

disposing of sex toys

Okay, I get it! And I agree that you could really have some fun while getting rid of a sex doll.

The possibilities for practical jokes and jump-scares are endless. I mean, you could start an entire Tik Tok channel around that!

And that’s another idea you can use, rather than getting rid of the doll.

Anyways, as much fun as we could have, thinking of creative ways of sex doll disposal, I must be the kill-joy and tell you how not to dispose of a sex doll.

Don’t Burn a Sex Doll to Get Rid of It

Absolutely, under any circumstances, do not burn a sex doll to get rid of it! That’s because burning silicone or TPE can release harmful chemicals into the air.

So, as easy as having a burn pit with Blake may be, don’t do it! Besides, it makes the s’mores taste terrible!

Don’t Just Drop a Doll in the Trash

The next big don’t in sex doll disposal is simply dumping it in a trash can or dumpster. Sure, standing around the corner and watching, as the trash collector jumps out of his skin, would be hysterical!

But it’s not cool.

Seriously, that kind of shenanigan could cause someone some serious PTSD. Not to mention the fact that they would likely back up, call the police and then drama would ensue.

Then, depending on the police’s sense of humor, surveillance camera footage could be pulled and they may show up at your front door. Although, I’m not sure disposing of a sex doll that way is a crime.

Either way, don’t do it!

Never Throw it into a Waterway

The final way that you shouldn’t get rid of a sex doll is by dumping it into a waterway. I know, the look on Joe’s face, discovering a naked body while bass fishing, would make for awesome Tik Tok views.

However, again, police will be called, resources wasted and it could come back to bite you in the rear. So, don’t do it!

Please learn how to dispose of a sex doll properly, by following the ideas above.

In the End: Sex Doll Disposal

In the end, there are many reasons a person might want to know how to get rid of a sex doll. And regardless of the reasoning, a former playmate must be disposed of properly.

So, whether you decide to sell your doll and make a little cash, or donate it to a tattoo shop or school, you’ll be getting rid of your sex doll the right way. And again, no funny business or practical jokes!

If you want to do that, please keep your sex doll, make a social media channel and have a blast!