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Tested and Reviewed by Edwina

Tested and Reviewed by Edwina

Age: 55
Sex toy experience: 30+ years
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
All-time favorite sex toy: Lora Dicarlo Baci

Satisfyer Pro 3-DESIGN

I had purchased an original Satisfyer for my daughter just a few weeks ago. She enjoyed it but I felt it was too expensive for the quality. So, when I learned, I was going to review the Satisfyer Pro 3 +, I was less than enthusiastic. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong in my lack of excitement.

The packaging was pretty and had a magnetic closure. But the box which housed the toy tore as soon as I opened it. I crossed my fingers and prayed to the sex toy Gods that it included a nice, little drawstring bag for storage, but no luck, this time. Therefore, I will have to suffer with the box, which I used scotch tape to repair.

The Satisfyer Pro 3 + is made with high-quality, silky-smooth, silicone and includes a rose gold band that simply adds a bit of sexiness to the design. And speaking of design, the toy is shaped like a small microphone with a wide top and pointed bottom. So if you have little ones in the house, you may want to hide this one or you might find your toddler dancing around with it while singing the Baby Shark song. The clitoral mouth is quite large, encompassing most clitorises and their surrounding tissues. Also, what I found unique about this toy was that the mouth is seamless and a part of the end of the vibrator.

Button, Button, where are the Darn Buttons?

I am admittedly getting older and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. However, even my 20-something daughter had to hold the Satisfyer Pro 3 + at an angle and under a light to find the buttons. Because they are black and carved into a black base, they can be felt but are extremely difficult to see. And that made it much more difficult for me to use.

There are 3 buttons, 1 that operates the vibrator and 2 that operate the air pulse clitoral stimulator. I love that the clitoral stimulator has 11, yes ELEVEN levels of air pulse bliss and the vibrator has 10 different levels of vibration, pulsation and escalation. Therefore, you can toggle back and forth with the air pulse, but not the vibrations. I suppose that’s good since I can’t see the darn buttons, I don’t need a 4th button to elude me.

Oh, My Legs!

With a combination of a powerful, 10 level vibration and 11 levels of suction, my body literally didn’t know if it was coming or going. The softness of the clitoral opening was lovely, as it has some flexibility and I was able to press it firmly to my body and create a snug seal.  I really pushed the limits, attempting to get to level 11, but I wasn’t able. My body exploded into spasms somewhere around level 5, I’m not sure. I may have blacked out momentarily.

Afterward, I was a shaking, weak, gelatinous pile of quivering flesh and my legs didn’t work right. I needed a snack, a cigarette and a nap in order to recuperate from that climax. All I can say is wow, the Satisfyer Pro 3 + is one of the most powerful clitoral stimulators I have used.

About the Satisfyer Pro 3 +

Considering I recently purchased a Satisfyer for my daughter, I was blown away at how incredible the Satisfyer Pro 3 + was compared to the original. Although the packaging left a bit to be desired, the toy itself was pretty amazing. The material was silky smooth, the shape was unique and the black and rose gold accents made it look as sexy as it operated! As far as overall function goes, wowza! I couldn’t walk right for an hour post-O.

Specifications and features

Features Satisfyer Pro 3 +
Vibrations 10 modes
Clitoral suction 11 Intensities
Length 5.7 inches
Width 1.8 inches
Waterproof Yes
Battery 60 minutes
Materials Silicone and ABS plastic
Volume High / Medium / Low / Silent
Charging Yes
Travel lock No
Price $59.95

Soft, silicone clitoral suction head

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Controls to change the intensities and settings

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Magnetic charging

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In addition, it’s comfortable to use and creates a snug clitoral seal whether you hold the tip up or down. Plus, it’s easy for a partner to use on you. And speaking of partners, this toy would make a great couples’ toy as the end can be pressed against a penis or perineum too! I cannot say enough at how surprised and pleased I am with this toy.

User reviews of the Satisfyer Pro 3 +

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I was pleasantly surprised at the power and versatility of the Satisfyer Pro 3 +. It has so many settings that it ranks right up there with sex toys costing hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, the black-on-black buttons make them nearly impossible to see and the magnetic charger needs to be watched as it will slip off. All-in-all, I highly recommend this clitoral sucker, vibrator combination as it’s different than most at its price point. And there are endless combinations of orgasmic pleasure just waiting to be discovered. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a clitoral sucker, this is definitely a fantastic place to start.

All available shops

Satisfyer Pro 3 +
Satisfyer Pro 2 +
Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer clitoral stimulators have certainly satisfied a lot of vulva owners since they first hit the shelves, but which of the Satisfyer Pro models should you choose? 

Features Satisfyer Pro 3 + Satisfyer Pro 2 + Satisfyer Pro 2
Vibrations 10 modes 10 modes None
Clitoral suction 11 Intensities 11 Intensities 11 Intensities
Length 5.7 inches 6.5 inches 6.5 inches
Width 1.8 inches 1.8 inch 1.8 inches
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Battery 60 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
Materials Silicone and ABS plastic Silicone and ABS plastic Silicone and ABS plastic
Volume High / Medium / Low / Silent High / Medium / Low / Silent High / Medium / Low / Silent
Charging Yes Yes Yes
Travel lock No No NO
Price $59.95 $59.95 $49.95

How does the Satisfyer Pro 3 + compare to similar products

Satisfyer Pro 3 +

The Satisfyer has had a sleek and sexy make-over! Housed in velvety black silicone, the latest addition to the Satisfyer range features both air pulse stimulation and vibration for even more fun.
Newest model

Satisfyer Pro 2 +

Sticking with the Pro 2 rose gold design, the Satisfyer Pro 2 + takes things up a level from the Pro 2 with suction and vibration all in one toy for even more pleasure.
Pro 2 +

Satisfyer Pro 2

The classic Satisfyer Pro 2 is a clitoral-suction-only toy with 11 intensities of delicious air pulse clitoral stimulation. This has been a top-selling sex toy for a reason!
Pro 2

How did the Satisfyer Pro 3 + get tested and reviewed?

Receiving the product

We sent the Satisfyer Pro 3 + to the tester’s address, free of charge. They tested the product and got to keep it afterward, with no strings attached.

Testing and writing

Our tester then put the product through its paces. After trying the product out at home, the tester then recorded their experience, evaluation, and overall rating of Satisfyer Pro 3 + to share with you in this review.

The test is uploaded here

After non-substantial editing, the review is uploaded to this page. Both good and bad reviews get uploaded, and no points that the tester writes in their review are left out. The only editing we do is uploading and adding additional information such as the product specifications, comparisons to other products, and links to places where you can buy the Satisfyer Pro 3 +.

FAQ about the Satisfyer Pro 3 +

The main difference is the design. The Satisfyer Pro 2 + is housed in hard ABS plastic whereas the Satisfyer Pro 3 + is covered in soft silicone. The angle of the clitoral suction head is also different, meaning you hold them slightly differently. Lastly, the buttons on the Satisfyer Pro 3 + blend in with the casing. 

The mouth of the Satisfyer Pro 3 + is designed for clitoral stimulation. Place the mouth of the Pro 3 over your clitoris and use the buttons to control the suction and vibration settings.

The Satisfyer Pro 3 + can also be used to stimulate the nipples or penis. 

As the Satisfyer Pro 3 + is waterproof, you can wash it with water and a fragrance free soap or silicone-friendly sex toy wash.

As the Satisfyer Pro 3 + is made of silicone, you should use a water-based lubricant.

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