How to Hide a Fleshlight From Your Friends & Family

By Kevin Foley / June 05, 2022

Whether you’re living at home or off at college, chances are, most people you know masturbate. However, personal pleasures aren’t generally something that individuals feel inclined to share with the world, which is why most people try to hide what they’re up to (be it watching porn, using a Fleshlight, or having a dildo). After all, it’s definitely going to be embarrassing if you have to explain what your Misty Stone masturbator is to your own mother!

In this article, we’re running with the assumption that your friends and family are actively trying to find your Fleshlight! While that’s probably not the case, we think it’s better to be proactive than to be caught off-guard. With that in mind, we’ve gathered ten places you can hide your Fleshlight from friends and family. Starting with simplistic hiding spots and getting steadily more stealthy, you’re sure to find a feasible method on the list below. Let’s start hiding!

1. In a Box

The most basic option for how to hide a Fleshlight is to simply place it in a box.

However, the main problem with this approach is that someone will likely open the box at some point in search of an item. There isn’t any way to lock a regular box either, which also poses an issue. Still, if people aren’t constantly snooping through your stuff, a simple box may be enough. Just make sure your Fleshlight is covered by other items before leaving it alone!

2. Under Your Mattress

This option might not be doable for everyone: it really depends on how thick and flexible your mattress is! However, you’ll also have to consider the frame your mattress is placed on. Will there be a giant bump from the Fleshlight?

If so, will there be any way to conceal the bump using pillows or blankets? This method is less common because the conditions have to be perfect for it to work. On the other hand, not being a common hiding place means people will be less likely to look there!

3. Laundry Bag

If you’re in college then this method on how to hide a Fleshlight has potential. It’s fairly unlikely your roommate(s) will be inclined to go through your dirty clothes. However, if your parents do your laundry then this option is a poor choice.

We recommend designating a specific piece of clothing (such as a sweatshirt or a pair of pants) to conceal your Fleshlight. Simply wrap your Fleshlight, place it inside the laundry bag, then grab it whenever the mood arises!

4. Junk Drawer

This method can be effective, but it’s highly dependent on the size of your drawer. The more junk your drawer can fit, the better! Ideally, you should have your Fleshlight completely covered in random objects, and placed towards the back of the drawer.

This will reduce the likelihood of someone accidentally discovering your toy. Still, it’s not a foolproof option, so use a lockable drawer if possible.

5. Inside of a Book

It’s a bit old-school and time-consuming, but since no one really reads books anymore, it can work! You’ll need a very thick book and a sharp knife to do this. First, find a suitable book and then outline your Fleshlight.

Next, cut out the center of the pages to match the size of your outline. Once this process is done, you’ll be able to place your Fleshlight inside! Simply shut the book, slide it back onto your shelf, and people passing by will be none the wiser!

6. Instrument Case

If you play a woodwind instrument then your instrument case likely has a storage section for extra reeds or mouthpieces. While this space won’t be big enough to store a tight Fleshlight, it has plenty of space for smaller models from the Quickshot lineup!

Best of all, you can hide your toy even further by putting it inside a mouthpiece bag. Just don’t forget what’s in there when you go to play!

7. Inside of Your Bed Frame

Have a platform storage bed with removable drawers? If so, then you have the perfect place to hide your Fleshlight collection! Since the area inside of your bed frame is quite spacious, you’ll be able to hide additional accessories here as well (such as lubricant and pornography).

Most people will never think to look here so your stuff should stay hidden. However, you’ll need to be extra quiet when removing the drawers as this can attract unwanted attention.

8. Inside Old Console

Older game consoles like the original Xbox (as well as old computer consoles) have a lot of internal space in them. Wondering how to hide a Fleshlight in one?

Well, the actual electronics are taking up some space, but you can remove these with minimal effort, leaving space to hide your Fleshlight! Although a bit more ambitious and slightly time-consuming, this option will likely be effective at concealing your toy from friends and family.

9. Ceiling

One of the creative ways we would hide alcohol in college was in the ceiling!

If your dorm room has a dropped ceiling then you can easily hide your Fleshlight up there. However, you’ll want to make sure that no one else uses this space first. Otherwise, your roommate might accidentally take a Fleshlight to the face when trying to hide something of their own!

10. Safe

Safes are pretty noticeable, but most people used them to store money and other valuables. No one will suspect you’re hiding a Fleshlight in there! Under lock and key, no one will have access to your favorite sex toy but you.

This is one of the only times we’ll actually recommend heading over to Amazon, as they have a wide selection of safes for fair prices. Just make sure that the chamber is large enough to accommodate your Fleshlight!

Storage Considerations

  • Moisture and mold are the two main enemies a Fleshlight has!
  • Ideally, you want to store your Fleshlight in a place with decent airflow.
  • If the airflow isn’t possible, you can use silica packets to remove excess moisture from the area.
  • Hiding your Fleshlight is important, but storing it properly is even more crucial!

Of course, it’s also essential to dry your Fleshlight before storing it away!

Using a fan or Fleshlight Air is the most effective method, but an absorbent stick will work in a pinch.

Once your Fleshlight has been properly dried and securely stored away, you can enjoy some peace of mind until you’re ready for some well-deserved alone time!

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