How to Use a Penis Pump for a Boost in the Bedroom

If you are looking to give your boner a boost or pep up your penis, then a penis pump could be just what you are after!

Penis pumps create a vacuum around the penis, and as air is pumped out, the suction encourages blood flow to the penis.

The increased blood flow can help improve the quality of your erection and your stamina for longer-lasting, more enjoyable sex or masturbation!

Knowing how to use a penis pump properly will help you get the most out of yours!

How Do They Work?

As you pump, the air is removed from the chamber, creating negative air pressure.

This suction effect causes blood to flow to the penis, making it erect or making an already existing erection feel harder or bigger.

Penis pumps are often used with a penis ring, also known as a constriction ring, to keep this increased blood flow in the penis and maintain the results for longer.

How to use a penis pump

Why Use a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps can be a tool to help you get an erection if you have erectile dysfunction (ED) or are just having an off night.

If you already have an erection, using a penis pump can increase the size and quality of your erection, and a penis ring can help you keep your enhanced erection for longer.

This guide will focus purely on how to use a penis pump try something new in the bedroom or add a little extra oomph to your erection.

If you are suffering from ED, you should consult with your doctor to get some professional advice on how to manage it.

How to Use a Penis Pump Correctly

  1. Before you start using your penis pump, it is essential to figure out how the quick-release valve works in case you accidentally increase the pressure too much and need to decrease it.
  2. Apply some lube to your penis, so you can slip it through the ring at the bottom of the plastic cylinder. Pumping works best with an erect or semi-erect penis.
  3. Slide your penis all the way into the chamber.
  4. Start pumping. The mechanism depends on which type of pump you have. For more specific information about different types of pumps and how to use them, keep reading!
  5. Slowly increase the pressure until you reached the desired pressure and erection. This will usually take anywhere from 30 seconds up to 4 minutes.
  6. You can either choose to remove the pump and get straight down to it or add a penis ring or constriction ring to help the results last longer.
Use a Penis Pump with lubricant

How to Use a Penis Pump with a Cock Ring

Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring
Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring

A cock ring helps to trap the increased blood flow in your penis by restricting the blood flow out of the penis.

This will give you a bit more time to enjoy the results of your hard work! You should only wear a penis ring for a maximum of 20-30 minutes to prevent any damage to your penis.

  • Follow the instructions above, but before pumping, place the penis ring over the base of the pump (the end that goes over your penis).
  • When you have reached your desired results, slide the penis ring off the pump and onto the base of your erection. Using lubrication will make this much easier.
  • You can then slide the pump off your penis and you are ready to enjoy yourself!

Tips for the Best Penis Pumping Experience

  • Use lubrication when inserting and removing your penis to help the silicone seal glide over your skin and prevent friction damage to the sensitive skin on your penis.
  • Trimming your pubes will help you get a better seal and prevent them from getting caught in the silicone seal or cock ring. Oof, it makes me squirm just thinking about it!
  • If you plan on using your penis pump on the reg, moisturize your penis after to stop the skin from becoming dry.
  • Be careful not to let your testicles get sucked into the chamber — it can give you quite the shock! It’s best to start with a semi or fully erect penis and always check your testicles are outside of the seal.
  • Pump slowly and give your body time to adjust before increasing the suction.
  • Release the pressure slowly.

How to Use a Penis Pump – Different Ways to Enjoy Your Penis Pump

How to Use a Penis Pump


How to Use a Penis Pump Before Sex

Use your penis pump immediately before sex, ideally with a penis ring, to increase blood flow and enhance your erection.

Remember, you should only wear the penis ring for a maximum of 20-30 minutes.

You might enjoy incorporating your penis pump into foreplay, allowing your partner to watch as your erection grows can build their anticipation for how you will feel inside them.

How to Use a Penis Pump for Regular Exercise

While there’s no consensus on whether regular use of a penis pump can have lasting results, some men do report regular pumping to be beneficial.

Each pump will come with recommendations on how often to use it as this varies depending on the power of the pump. You will also want to apply a moisturizer if you use your pump on a regular basis to keep your skin soft.

How to Use a Penis Pump to Masturbate

You don’t need a partner to enjoy your increased penile abilities! Using a pump can be a great warm-up for some seriously good self-pleasure.

Watching your penis grow through the chamber and enjoying feeling your erection increase in strength can be incredibly arousing.

You can also buy vibrating penis pumps that pump you up and treat you to some penis pleasing vibrations as a post-workout reward.

How to Use a Penis Pump in BDSM

Penis pumps may also be used as part of a dom/sub relationship, with the dom being in control of pumping their subs penis.

This relies on a lot of trust and great communication to ensure that the person doing the pumping does not over-pump and cause any damage. Be sure to set up clear boundaries and a safe word beforehand and ensure both partners know how to use the quick-release valve.

Different Types of Penis Pump

Manual Penis Pumps

Manual Penis Pump

Manual pumps feature a bulb or trigger pump mechanism that is hand-powered. As you pull the trigger or squeeze the bulb, the air is drawn out of the chamber creating a vacuum.

Manual pumps are often the cheapest option and give you more control over the speed and intensity of pumping.

You don’t need to squeeze the pump fully each time, making it easy to increase the pressure very gradually.

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump
Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump

The EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump from Tracey Cox is a great option for a manual pump. It features a bulb-style pump, silicone seal, and quick release valve.

What’s more, the kit comes with a detailed guide written by Tracey Cox, who is a sex and relationships expert, to help you get the most out of your penis pump.

Electric or Automatic Penis Pumps

Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump
Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump

Unlike manual penis pumps, there is no need to physically pump electric penis pumps, the electric vacuum does all the hard work for you!

They are more expensive than manual penis pumps, but an electric pump can make regular pumping more enjoyable and is more accessible if you have any strength or mobility issues with your hands.

You can also get vibrating penis pumps, so in essense electric, but in a different way.

The EDGE Automatic Suction Penis Pump from Tracey Cox lets you enjoy all 3 levels of pumping power at the touch of the button, and it even comes with a thicker silicone ring that works like a stroker for some post pumping masturbation.

Lynk Pleasure Automatic Electric Penis Pump
Lynk Pleasure Automatic Electric Penis Pump

Some electric penis pumps come with an LED screen to give you more detailed feedback about your pumping session.

As well as automatic pumping, the Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump by Lynk has a large LCD screen that lets you track the internal pressure, monitor the time, and check the battery level.

Bathmate Hydro Penis Pumps

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Clear 5-7 Inches
Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Clear 5-7 Inches

Whereas manual and penis pumps create an air vacuum, Bathmate penis pumps use water.

The pump is filled with water before you insert your penis, so this is best used in the bath or shower, and as you pump, water is pushed out, the pressure inside decreases creating suction.

Not only does the warm water feel great, but it also encourages blood flow and provides stronger suction while being gentle on your penis. The Bathmate was brought into being by a mechanical engineer with a background in hydraulics who recognized the potential of water penis pumps.

How to Use a Bathmate Pump

  1. Bathmate recommends that you massage your penis to loosen the skin. This can also help you to become partially or fully erect.
  2. Fill the chamber with warm water. Make sure the water is just warm and not hot.
  3. Insert your penis.
  4. Create a seal over your groin by pressing the seal tight against your body, ensuring your testicles are not inside the chamber.
  5. Start pumping to create a vacuum and continue slowly pumping to increase the suction until you reach the desired pressure.
  6. Allow your penis to sit inside the pump at the desired pressure for 3 minutes to get the full effect.
  7. Press and hold the release valve to release the vacuum.
  8. Bathmate also recommends a massage after using your hydro pump.

How to Use a Penis Pump Safely

  • Always familiarize yourself with the quick-release valve and how it works before pumping.
  • Pump slowly and listen to your body.
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort, release some of the pressure.
  • Never leave a penis ring or constriction ring on for longer than 30 minutes as this can lead to damage due to lack of blood flow.
  • Only pump enough to get an erection. Over-pumping can lead to damage.
  • Do not use a penis pump if you have been drinking or taking drugs as you may

Can Anyone Use a Penis Pump?

According to the FDA, the following people should avoid using penis pumps:

  • If you have erectile dysfunction, always consult your doctor as it is important to diagnose the underlying cause.
  • If you have reduced sensation in your penis, you are at risk of over-pumping and causing damage.
  • If you have decreased hand strength, you may not be able to release the pump or penis ring quickly enough.
  • If you have sickle cell disease, a history of prolonged erections, or you are taking blood thinners, including large quantities of aspirin, you should not use a penis pump due to a higher risk of bruising or hematoma.

Other FDA precautions:

  • Pumping may cause bruising or burst blood vessels, which can lead to petechiae, hemorrhage, or hematoma.
  • Penis pumping might make existing conditions worse. This includes Peyronie’s, priapism, and urethral strictures.
  • Penis pumping can lead to tissue injury, trauma, or infection.

Will a Penis Pump Make My Penis Bigger?

While there are many sources on the internet claiming that regular use of a penis pump will lead to gains in length or girth, there’s no evidence to support this.

Penis pumps can beef up your boner but only temporarily.

But, and I can’t say this enough, penises of all shapes and sizes are wonderful, and you can please a partner no matter the size of your penis.

Edwina did some fantastic research about women’s preferred penis and dildo sizes, and it turns out us women are not nearly as concerned about penis size as many men think we are! If you do feel like you need some extra penis size during intercourse we would recommend a cock sleeve.

Katie from the article put it so perfectly:

“So, what size is really important when it comes to sex? Not the penis’s, the brain’s!”

How to Clean a Penis Pump

It’s important to clean your penis pump after every use to keep it in good condition and prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria.

How you clean it will vary depending on what type of pump you have and you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be extra careful to keep any electrical parts dry.

  • Most pumps come with a silicone seal that can be removed and washed with warm water and fragrance-free soap or a sex toy cleaner.
  • If you have a manual pump, you can detach the tube and pump mechanism and wash the cylinder with warm water and fragrance-free soap or a sex toy cleaner.
  • If you have an electrical pump, you should wipe the inside of the penis pump cylinder with a damp, soapy cloth, sex toy cleaner, or sex toy wipe, making sure to keep the electrical parts dry.