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    Tawney Seren
    by Tawney SerenLast updated: February 11, 2022
    Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Machine

    The Motorbunny Buck is advertised as the world's first and only hybrid saddle vibrator and thrusting sex machine. It has immense power and versatile options that allow you to access thrusting, g spot and p spot stimulation, and powerful vibrations that start mild and end deep and rumbly. It also allows for adjustable stimulation and comes with a variety of different attachments and options. This powerful sex machine also has the option to navigate vibrations and power through an APP that allows others to control your machine hands-free and connections to others all around the world! If you choose to get the Vac-U-Lock attachment you can also change out any Vac-U-Lock product on the market to mix and match your favorite sensations and sizes! A sight to behold, comfortable, and interchangeable, the Motorbunny Buck is an incredible sex machine.

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    My Personal Experiences

    My Personal Experiences with Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Machine

    Diving In

    When I first received the Motorbunny Buck I was worried it was going to be difficult to put together like many of the other sex machines I have received in the past. Thankfully, when I pulled it out of the box it was already assembled and came with a comprehensive guide to attach the silicone thruster and dildos that came along with it. Setting up the APP was seamless and easy to connect, even moreso than other products that were APP-enabled that I navigated in the past. Switching the attachments took less than a minute and upon plugging it in – it was ready to rock and roll! It was also incredibly easy to give access to the Motorbunny functions through the APP to the person that I wanted to share them with. I felt confident and excited to really give this expensive and powerful machine a try.

    The Adventure

    After wow’ing over the ease of setup and connection, I was ready to give it a go! The saddle was incredibly comfortable and cushy enough to me to put my full weight on it and adjust as necessary. The base for the attachments was slightly ribbed for optimal clitoral stimulation during use and also has a flatter attachment if you are not interested in penetration of any type. When I tried out the vibration settings I was pleased to find that I was able to navigate from a low, slow rumble to a fast and near impossible to maintain vibration. The sex machine was loud, but not as loud as the Sybian I had reviewed in the past so although it was far from discreet, it at least didn’t shake the floor like an orgasmic earthquake! The two main attachments (Thrust and G Thrust) felt fantastic and were the perfect size for a beginner. I also tried out some of my favorite Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos and was pleased to find that they secured with ease and even the larger toys were not weighted down or difficult to use. Overall, I was blown away by the versatility and pleasure this product could bring and highly recommend it for beginner players and intermediate players alike of all genders.

    Tawney Seren

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    Tawney Seren

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    You should buy the Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Machine if you...

    Are looking for an App-Enabled Sex Machine
    Are looking for Thrusting, G Spot or P Spot Stimulation, or Vibration
    Want a comfortable sex machine you change positions with
    Want a machine you can change attachments to

    You should NOT buy the Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Machine if you...

    Are on a budget
    Want a fully adjustable sex machine
    Are looking for something lightweight
    Want a sex machine that comes with a travel bag or discreet storage

    Specifications and features

    Specifications and features Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Machine
    Vibration modesMultispeed Controller and App-Enabled Patterns 
    Maximum Weight17.8 Pounds lbs
    Insertable lengthUp to 2 Inches thrusting beyond size of toy inches
    Remote ControlsHandheld controller and App-enabled 
    IngredientsDildos Included are Silicone 
    Versatile functions
    Easy to set up
    Different Positions Allowed
    Not AS adjustable as some other models
    No travel packaging included
    Additional price for Vac-U-Lock attachment

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    Despite the price tag associated with this sex machine, there is no other on the market that I would recommend for someone looking to be able to grow with their machine. Others might leave you desiring more sensations or options but the Motorbunny Buck has it all. It's comfortable, powerful, versatile, and long-lasting. Overall, it has gone the distance with me and even after over a year of trying it out regularly, I have had no issues whatsoever with this product.

    How to use Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Machine

    The machine is already assembled. Remove from the box and plug the adaptor into the wall. Then easily plop in and secure the attachment of your choice to the top of the saddle and use the control to navigate the thrusting or vibration (together or separately depending on your preference). There are included instructions that navigate how to download the APP and connect the toy, as well as how to share the link for others to do so. Otherwise, the sex machine comes ready to use! If you want to use the base to prop it up on its side, just lay the base flat and the side of the saddle fits perfectly and securely inside.


    How do I clean the Motorbunny Buck?
    I recommend using a mild soap and warm water to wipe along the faux leather. Do not submerge in water as the product is not waterproof. Or you may use your favorite toy cleaner.
    Why are sex machines so expensive?
    Sex machines are some of the more expensive sex toys on the market. For a good sex machine, it must be made with high-quality and heavy materials, must be body-safe, and must be versatile to truly mimic the sensations of sex.
    What are all the options with this sex machine?
    You may access vibration, thrusting, g-spot back and forth action, APP-enabled play, and different positioning with this sex machine.
    Where can I purchase the Motorbunny Buck?
    This sex machine as well as the attachment options can be purchased through the Motorbunny official site.

    Instructions - Manual

    The instructions are available on the Motorbunny site, as well as in the packaging.

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