Motorbunny vs Sybian: Which one to choose?

By Amanda Nilsen / August 02, 2022

Once and for all, let´s narrow it down to the bone – Motorbunny vs Sybian, what´s the difference between these two famous sex machines?

Motorbunny and Sybian, all in all, the sex machines are quite similar both have got a vibrating sex saddle, they are similar looking and have similar features. But of course, there are some differences, some might be the decisive factor for your decision-making. By the end of this article Motorbunny vs Sybian, you will know which one to choose and why.

A short brief summary of what our research has shown:

Motorbunny vs Sybian:

  • Price: Motorbunny is cheaper than Sybian
  • Power: Motorbunny´s motor is marginally stronger than Sybian
  • Size: Motorbunny is a bit bigger than Sybian
  • Weight: Sybian is slightly heavier than Motorbunny
  • Design/Features: Motorbunny has got four steel eye hooks attached, Sybian has none
  • Control possibilities: It´s possible to control Motorbunny remotely through an app, Sybian can only be controlled through the adapter that´s attached through a wire to the machine
  • Remote control: The controls layout is different
  • Colour: Sybian is available in different colours, Motorbunny is too but way harder to find  

Now when you have this in mind, let´s dig deep and go into the differences above, even more, look at the specifications and we´ll begin with a short description of the two.

What is a Sybian?

The original Sybian Sex machine goes back to 1970 and was created by Dave Lampert, back then the name was “Master better”. It was developed because of studies showing that most women reach orgasm while riding and that wasn´t possible with the existing toys.

So the Sybian is a sex machine with a sex saddle on and there are different attachments included; different sized and shaped penises, one with a ruffled area for griding. Most of the attachments are made out of silicone material and are available in a lot of different colours.

Have in mind that at the moment it is hard to find Sybian machines as most stores and distributors have replaced Sybian with other options.

What is a Motorbunny?

You could refer to Motorbunny as the modern version of the Sybian, it´s an updated version with modern features.

The basics are the same, it´s a sex machine with a padded sex saddle and you get a few different attachments. Although they are not made in high-quality silicone material, they are made in TPE instead.

The best thing most people find to be with Motorbunny is the possibility to control it through an app, and that´s not only for you, it could be for your partner miles away. Just share the link and whoever you share it with can control your orgasmic ride.

Motorbunny vs Sybian

Rotation HP.04 HP.04 HP
Rotation RPM0-150 RPM0-160 RPM
Vibrations HP0.059 HP0.8 HP
Vibrations RPM6,000 RPM7,000 RPM
Weight18.56 Lbs.17.4 Lbs.
External Power AdapterNoYes
Extra Attachments Cost$10-$98$15-$35
# Of Risers22
Included Attachements44
Warrenty4 Years4 Years
Quality Guarentee0 Years10 Years
Guarentee45 Days45 Days
Bluetooth capableNoYes
Online CapableNoYes
FinancingNoYes (0% interest)
Taken from motorbunny


At a first glance, they look the same; Motorbunny is pretty much a replica of Sybian, there is not much that differs when it comes to design. They are both shaped as rideable furniture with replaceable attachments on top.

The biggest difference in design is that Motorbunny has got four eyelets, 2 in the front and two in the back, which creates more possibilities for combining the sex machine and bondage.

The size of Motorbunny is slightly bigger than Sybian, but Sybian is still about a pound heavier. This might feel like a quality failure regarding Motorbunny, but also a step up toward nowadays, when everything should be made as light and flexible as possible.

If you want to sit comfortably and have a soft padded saddle, then you should choose Motorbunny, because the Sybian has less padding and the saddle is slightly smaller too. Also, if you want to spice it up with some different colours, then you should choose Sybian, it´s available in four different colours.

They are both controlled with a remote, the difference is that Motorbunny´s is removable and even replaceable by an app, and Sybian is attached. This is also something to have in mind when it comes to using the warranty. If the remote is broken on Motorbunny, you only need to ship the remote, if it´s broken on Sybian you need to ship the whole sex-machine.

The control adjusts the attachments movements, and the movements are called differently on each machine. Motorbunny calls them buzz and twirl, Sybian calls them rotation and vibration.

Dimensions and weight

Weight17.4 lbs22 lbs
Dimensions10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L10″ H x 13.25″ W x 12.5″ L
As you can see, it doesn´t differ much when comparing the size and weight of Motorbunny and Sybian.

Motor power and speed

Motorbunny has got a marginally stronger motor than Sybian. Both are very loud and to dampen the sound as much as possible we recommend you to use either Motorbunny or Sybian on some kind of soft clothing. For example, you can use a towel or a carpet, or use it on top of your bed.

 With Motorbunny´s remote control, you can choose between 11 different intensities for Motorbunny and pretty similar to Sybian, although here you don´t have numbers.


Sybian vs Motorbunny
The shape of the remotes is similar and they both have an adjustable spin for changing the settings. Motorbunny has got numbers on and Sybian has not, this can be a good thing and for some bad. So this is just a personal preference.
The Sybian has also got buttons with on/off that are lightened up, so whenever you use it in the dark it´s easy to understand and see the remote.

Control it with an App

One of the modern features that Motorbunny has, that Sybian has not is the possibility to control it with an app.

Through the app it´s also possible to share a link and have someone else, that´s far away from you, control the sex machine.

Noise level

To get an idea of what to expect when it comes to the noise, we recommend you to look at these Motorbunny vs. Sybian, for comparison in numbers Motorbunny has 74 dB noise level, and Sybian has 72 dB. . They are both very loud, so as mentioned before, we do recommend you to use a soft quilt or similar underneath to dampen the sound.


There are different attachments possible to add depending on if you buy Sybian or if you buy Motorbunny. Motorbunny´s attachments come in TPE material and Sybian´s attachments are made out of silicone, which means the washing is easier with the products from Sybian. The Sybian products will also be able to sterilize with boiling water, something that´s not possible with Sybian products.

The Sybian attachments are more classic, they are dildo, finger and butt plug shaped, You can find the same to Motorbunny, but also other types, such as rabbit shapes, a ruffled are for griding etc. Find more attachments here.

Also, a fun thing that you can add to Motorbunny with ease thanks to the eye hooks is sex toys for restraint play. Perfect for power play during BDSM.

Set up

Both machines are very easy to set up, it´s pretty much to choose and attach the attachment you want, plug it in and take control. The only problem is the weight, as for most sex machines. So we do recommend it to keep it somewhere where you easily can use it without having to move it.

If you need to carry it, both Sybian and Motorbunny have got an easy grip on both sides for you to hold onto. But have in mind, they are very heavy.


To store both Sybian and Motorbunny, we recommend you to have them in a dark place at room temperature. After using one or the other, it is important to clean it. The attachments for Motorbunny you can rinse and soap in water, the ones made out of silicone for the Sybian sex machine, you can even boil the attachments to sterilize them completely.

The other parts of the sex machine you can wipe off with a damped cloth.


Nowadays it´s difficult to find Sybian in a regular adult store because it´s been replaced by more modern sex machines. But if you happen to find it in the store the price is about 1300$ and if you want to buy more attachments they are around 59$ each.

If you´re looking to buy Motorbunny, have a look here. Here you can find it for about 900$ and compared to Sybian the price starts from 34$ for attachments.

Summary of Motorbunny vs Sybian

After reading this you will realise that there aren´t that many differences between Motorbunny and Sybian. But we´re hoping we have made the choice a bit easier with our Motorbunny vs Sybian post.

So now what? Which one should you choose?

If you want to explore your sex machine in a BDSM relationship or use it for long distance-play, then it´s a 100% yes for the Motorbunny.

If you just want a high-quality toy and the real deal, then why not go for the Sybian? After all, it´s the original sex-machine. Use it by yourself or use it with your partner.

Extra – Sybian vs Motorbunny vs Hismith

Some might wonder what´s the differences between Sybian & Motorbunny and the Hismith Sex machines.

These machines have another movement that both Motorbunny and Sybian lack, they have the thrust motion. This means the feeling of these sex machines penetrating you is more similar to sex with a real person.

They are also a bit more handy and flexible when it comes to using them, one you can hold in your hand and one you can adjust so it suits your body.

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