Sybian Alternative; 7 Best Sybian Alternatives for Every Budget

Have you been looking for a Sybian alternative that won’t break your budget? Or maybe you are looking for a more versatile sex machine as a Sybian alternative. Well, I have checked out several types of sex machines and have come up with the 7 best Sybian alternatives for every budget.

So, whether you are looking for a full-on f*ck machine, or a ride-on Sybian alternative, we have the ultimate sex machine list for you! But first, for those of you who may not be familiar with the Sybian, I’m going to familiarize you with this classic, orgasm-inducing, 1980’s wonder and why it’s so special.

What is a Sybian?

Illustrated girl riding sybian sex machine

A Sybian is a ride-on sex toy that stimulates the vagina, clitoris, anus and all of the nerve-dense, sensitive tissues surrounding those areas to create the most incredible, intense orgasms for vagina owners. Invented by dance instructor Dave Lampert, in 1987, the Sybian was an idea that came to Lampert during sex.

Lampert passed away in the summer of 2021, but his legacy lives on in the half-barrel shaped, ride on sex toy that is so amazing, even Howard Stern brought the Sybian on set and invited ladies to take a ride. Since it’s inception, however, the company has added a plethora of penetrative attachments as well as a line of attachments for prostate owners called Venus for Men.

You can read more on the history of this groundbreaking sex toy on the Sybian website.

sex machine illustration

How Much Does a Sybian Cost?

If you’re looking for a Sybian alternative, it’s good to know the price of the Sybian before making any financial decisions or sex machine purchases. The basic Sybian package comes in your choice of colors; black, red, pink and purple for $1,245. The package includes the following:

  • The 22 lb. Sybian unit
  • Matching stool
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual
  • 5-year warranty
  • 3-piece attachments in flesh or brown TPE or purple silicone
  • Free shipping in the continental US
  • 45-day free trial when ordered from the Sybian website

How Much are Sybian Attachments?

money illustration

In order to customize a Sybian, you’ll likely want to add attachments, which do cost extra. You can choose from $365 storage cabinets and $99 fluid-proof covers to various non-penetrative or penetrative attachments made from TPE beginning at $10 and premium silicone attachments that average $59.00 each.

Although the Sybian seems like a great investment – and I always encourage investing in your sexual health – there are Sybian alternatives on the market that cost less, overall.

Is the Sybian Sex Machine the Best?

When considering a Sybian alternative, the main concern is usually how well a sex machine works – that is, in giving mind-blowing O’s as well as durability. Therefore, if you’re considering making the Sybian investment, you’ll probably want to know if the Sybian sex machine is the best.

The Sybian is so popular that you can rent one in areas of Los Angeles for $99 a night.

I’m not too sure how I feel about that, but I suppose it’s a great way to try before you buy.

Here’s the deal, if you’re looking for a Sybian alternative, you’ll have to try and match the 0-6500 RPM motor that vibrates throughout the entire naughty-bits playground as well as some attachments that rotate from 0-120 RPM, depending on your preferred settings.

But the most glaring difference between the classic Sybian and newer sex machines is that today’s technology allows for realistic penetration…. In other words, more BANG for your buck. So, if you prefer slamming penetration, as opposed to intense vibration, you will likely want to find a Sybian alternative.

The bottom line, the Sybian is fantastic, but only for those who prefer vibration over realistic penetration.

7 Sybian Alternatives for Every Budget

Okay, so you are intrigued and ready to invest in either a Sybian or a more reasonably priced Sybian alternative, Where do you start? You start by deciding if you prefer vibrations over thrusting and finding a ride-on sex toy that meets your budget. Therefore, I have come up with the Sybian alternative of your dreams at prices that are much more affordable.

The Cowgirl

Sybian alternative; The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl is a ride-on, sex machine that’s similar to the Sybian and a less-inspired but powerful Sybian alternative; especially if you are looking for the vibration and stimulation of your entire under carriage.

The Cowgirl is a great Sybian alternative in that it is operated by electricity, has a wired remote as well as a phone app for wireless control up to 50-feet away. In addition, it features a 360-degree saddle so you can find your perfect position. The Cowgirl comes with premium silicone attachments; one which is textured, flat and perfect for grinding and a second attachment that features a g-spot attachment.

Unfortunately, The Cowgirl is priced above the Sybian at $1,899 and is continuously reviewed as getting the job done well, but with a bit more noise than its competitor. It also offers only a single, separate attachment at $59.99. However, this Sybian alternative has several 5-star reviews for fantastic O’s!

The MotorBunny

Sybian Alternative; The Motorbunny

The MotorBunny is another Sybian alternative that uses the saddle-type shape and ultimate vibrations. Plus, the price is less than the Sybian.

Motorbunny VS Sybian Comparison Chart

Rotation HP.04 HP.04 HP
Rotation RPM0-150 RPM0-160 RPM
Vibrations HP0.059 HP0.8 HP
Vibrations RPM6,000 RPM7,000 RPM
Weight18.56 Lbs.17.4 Lbs.
External Power AdapterNoYes
Extra Attachments Cost$10-$98$15-$35
# Of Risers22
Included Attachements44
Warrenty4 Years4 Years
Quality Guarentee0 Years10 Years
Guarentee45 Days45 Days
Bluetooth capableNoYes
Online CapableNoYes
FinancingNoYes (0% interest)

As you can see, the Motorbunny is more powerful, has a mechanical warranty for 10 years and overall costs less, making it an ideal Sybian alternative. Best yet, the attachments you can purchase for the Motorbunny come in all sorts of varieties including a rabbit type attachment and a “jiggle-butt” masturbator attachment for penis owners.

Plus, packages start at only $899 and go up to $1,279 for a package that includes the Motorbunny, LINK, 7 attachments, splash-proof cover and knee pads. Additionally, the Motorbunny can be used with restraints and they have an incredible accessory that is perfect for folks like me!

Comfort and Mobility Accessory

If you have mobility and joint issues (like Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, MS, Arthritis or aging) and being on top is a struggle, the Motorbunny Easy Rider Freedom Sling allows the user to mount the sex machine with full hip and leg support as well as handles to hang onto if you have balance issues. Hint: You can use this for sex with a partner too!

So, hang on tight and bounce till your heart’s and naughty bits’ content!

In my opinion, this is the best Sybian alternative on the market today and, in many ways, surpasses the Sybian on several levels!

Fantasy for Her Handheld Sex Machine

Sybian alternative, Fantasy for Her Sex Machine

If you are seeking the feeling of thrusting, rather than the sit-on vibrations, then a thrusting sex machine is probably a better Sybian alternative for you. The first sex machine on our list is the Fantasy for Her Handheld Sex Machine.

This compact unit can be handheld or attached to a smooth surface with the suction cup. The silicone vibrator has several vibration settings and patterns as well as thrusting speeds and functions. The vibrator thrusts 1.5 inches and it runs via remote control so you have better control over your mini sex machine.

Plus, you can adjust the vibrator to accommodate more than a few sexy positions.

The best part of the Fantasy for Her Handheld Sex Machine is the price; $129.99 for a starter, sex machine is affordable if you want to try a sex machine before you invest in a larger model.

Lovebotz Robo Fuk Machine

Sybian alternative; Lovebotz Robo Fuk

The Lovebotz Robo Fuk Machine is the perfect Sybian alternative if you are looking solely for a good Fuk. This compact machine comes assembled and ready for use. Simply attach the suction cups to a smooth surface for a more stable ride, attach your preferred sex toy, pick your thrusting speed and enjoy.

By using the remote control, you can enjoy 2.5 inches thrusting depth and up to 190 thrusts per minute. Plus, you can easily adjust your toy to the perfect position.

This Sybian alternative comes with the Fuk Machine, bendable SexFlesh dildo and a pocket pussy stroker for the penis owners. Truly a couple’s sex machine with a price of $499.00 and free UPS ground shipping in the USA.

Hismith Basic Sex Machine

Sybian Alternative; Hismith Basic Sex Machine

Hismith has taken thrusting sex machines to a whole new level and make a great Sybian alternative, that is, if you enjoy thrusting over vibration. Similar to the sex machine above, the Hismith Basic sex machines come with a standard jelly dong and offers from 0 to over 400 thrusts per minute. But the most loved feature of the Hismith sex machines is their whisper quiet operation and the fact that you never have to worry about how long your mechanical lover will last!

In addition, you can choose machines with various sex toys, sex toys for vaginas, penises and bottoms and sets of attachments for couples starting at $129.99 and going up to $179.99 for a machine and 9 various attachments. A fantastic deal and much more bang for your buck, in my opinion, as well as being a competitive Sybian alternative.

Hismith Deluxe App Controlled Sex Machine

Sybian alternative; Hismith premium sex machine

Now, if you are searching for an all-out, top of the line machine that never gets tired, the Hismith Deluxe App Controlled Sex Machine is your best Sybian alternative. This sex machine bundle comes with 6 attachments and a Vac-U Lock adapter, is compatible with Vac-U Lock sex toys and gives the user a whopping 4 thrusts per second!

You can place this machine in various positions and you can control it with the corded controller or a phone app for 20 different modes of insane pounding and long-distance play from nearly anywhere in the world. This Sybian alternative will only set you back $585.85. Plus, the reviews rave about the quietness of this monster machine.

Create Your Own Sybian Alternative

Sybian alternative; Bon Bon wedge by Liberator

The absolute cheapest route to go if you want a Sybian alternative is to buy a couple of pieces and DIY your own, custom sex machine! First, you’ll want to pick up the Bon Bon Sex Toy Mount by Liberator. This little pillow allows you to tuck away your favorite sex toy so you can slide it between your thighs and ride it as you would a Sybian. This part of your DIY Sybian alternative is $110.

The best part of the Bon Bon is that it’s smaller than the bulky Sybian, so it’s easier to hide. Plus, it leaves a lot more room for you to lean forward and enjoy sex with your partner, if you so choose. And, it comes in 6 colors, so you can find the right hue to match your décor.

Sybian alternative; Nora App controlled rechargeable rotating rabbit by Lovesense

Next, you’ll want to pick the sex toy of your dreams, preferably a multi-function vibrator with a clitoral stimulator and a dildo combined. I would like to suggest the Nora App Controlled Rechargeable Rotating Rabbit by Lovesense. This little powerhouse can be controlled by the buttons on the toy, giving you a nice handheld toy. Or, you can use the app to set your speed and functions and ride away, hands-free!

The shaft of the vibrator rotates as well as vibrates and the clitoral stimulator is perfect for those intense, blended orgasms. This delicious little sex toy completes your DIY Sybian alternative at a price of $139.99.

But remember, once you have your Bon Bon pillow, you can slip the sex toy of your choice inside, making it a versatile masturbation toy  and something you can share with your partner too!

The Sybian or a Sybian Alternative? You Choose!

I say, if you want a Sybian for ride-on orgasms that will blow your mind, get yourself one! No guilt, no regrets as we are talking about your sexual pleasure here. However, if you prefer thrusting action or would rather not invest so much money in a pleasure machine, I say go for any of the Sybian alternatives I’ve listed above.

No matter which you choose, you’re investing in your Os, giving your naughty bits the pleasure and high-quality products, they deserve and are going to be thrilled that you made this decision.