Does Have Discreet Packaging?

Does have discreet packaging?

That is an important thing to know considering they specialize in some of the most intimate and large products – sex swings.

Click to reveal the photo I took of the packaging of the box from to see how discreet it actually was!

Sure, a dildo is a private matter.

But a sex swing is a whole other ball game!

So, since we want our readers to be confident when ordering intimate products, I’ve again placed an order and am reviewing on their privacy and discretion.

Further, considering I have done this with several companies, it’s my hope that you all learn to trust my experiences and judgement as I promise to give it to you straight.

Oh! Before I forget, I got a free discount code for you might want to take advantage off, here:


So, let’s answer the question, “Does have discreet packaging?” and see if you’re as surprised as I was at the answer.

Is Packaging Discreet?

I personally wondered if the packaging was discreet.

That’s because I had just moved and was a bit concerned that my neighbors would learn who I was and that I had just ordered a rather large sex swing stand.

Granted, it was for work and I am in no way ashamed of what I do for a living. I see it as helping people, just in an intimate way.

However, I didn’t want my first impression to be that I was some sort of sex maniac.

I was even more concerned when I read review after review about the sex swing stand (on sites other than and cringed to learn that most people received this monstrous and extremely graphic package with no outer shipping box.

Did I just make a huge mistake? Read on to learn what happened and if packaging is discreet.

All About discreet packaging site screenshot started in 2010 as and consider themselves the leader in sex swings and the accessories that go along with them. They aren’t simply bragging either, as their site is overflowing with every tip, trick, tutorial and video about sex swings and how to install and use them. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a comprehensive gathering of information on an adult product in my life!

Furthermore, the folks at know what they’re talking about. That is because they try out every single product they sell. As a matter of fact, you can find videos on their YouTube channel dating back to the company’s inception.

I am impressed.

And it takes a great deal to impress me when it comes to intimate products.

Finally, I get this overall vibe that these wonderful people truly care about their customers, something sorely lacking in business these days. And again, this lady is impressed. However, you can have a great website with all sorts of engaging and informational content but suck at getting that product to the consumer.

Is that the case with And is packaging discreet? Or do they stop caring once the product is paid for? Let’s find out!

Is a Legit Site?

When you first land on the home page, you might wonder if their website is legit. To be honest, the site is extremely simple and understated. In addition, they are lacking in the coordinating colors, fancy fonts and flashing ads and photographs. But their simplicity is what makes them special. There are no smoke and mirrors.

Simply put, is a legit site with easy-to-use navigation and products laid out in a way that anyone, regardless of web experience, can shop easily and with confidence. Plus, you don’t leave there with a blinding headache and a “50% off all dildos!” graphic burned into your retinas. I hope they never change their style!

So yes, is a legitimate website.

Does Carry Good Products?

The Wild Side Swing by Exclusive Wild Side Swing

Although the reason for this article is to answer the question, “Does have discreet packaging?” it’s just as important to know all of the company details as well. Now, let’s discuss their inventory. is THE place to buy a sex swing or sex swing stand. They carry every brand I have ever seen in addition to slings and stands. Plus, they have their own sex swing which they created to fill the need for a high-quality and affordable sex swing. Now, that’s dedication!

In addition, their prices are better than any sex toy site I have seen. So much so, that I thought some of the prices had to be a mistake. But no! They simply have lower prices on quality products that everyone else carries too.

Sales and Discounts: Is Worth it?

Before learning if packaging is discreet, is the site worth your time and business? And do they have sales and discounts? First, as mentioned above, is a small, family-owned business. Therefore, you’re not going to see these huge, corporate sales and specials. That being said, they do have sales and offer a free headrest and chain kit with every single sex swing order.

And that’s not only a money-saving perk, it’s a necessity that some may not realize they need. Especially, if you are planning on mounting your swing from their ceiling. There’s nothing worse than being excited about a new, pleasure product only to realize you can’t use it right away because you need additional parts.

In addition, has sales from time to time, making their low prices even lower! So, yes, is a website that is definitely worth your time, money and patronage.

Is Ordering from Safe?

Ordering from is safe, as they have that little lock in the browser, have safety encryption and all of the safety points the big websites do. However, if you take a peek at their privacy policy, you’ll be blown away. You see, most sites openly admit to using your personal information for themselves and their affiliates for spam-generating promotions, making a little extra money on the side.

However, the only thing uses your information for is your order. For instance, if you use their swing selector to choose the right swing for yourself and your partner, they use that information to provide the best swing choices for you.

That’s it.

Therefore, ordering from is safe and secure.

Payments Accepted accepts the usual forms of payments:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • PayPal

How Do Charges Show Up? charges

How do charges show up on your credit card or bank statement? Understandably, this can be a concern for some folks. However, uses their commercial name when they charge your credit card, bank or PayPal. As you can see above, the charge showed as Corelevel Inc. on my PayPal statement. So, rest assured, offers complete discretion when charging your card.

Will Spam Me?

Besides discreet packaging, one of our biggest worries is being spammed by a sex toy site. And, if you’ve read my company discretion articles, you already know that some will spam you right out of the gate. However, is a breath of fresh air! I received an order confirmation and a shipping confirmation and that’s it.

No newsletters.

No emails.

No spam.

Just a simple financial transaction between a website and a customer, the way it should be!

But now we are arriving at the reason for this article and the one thing you all want to know about; the shipping and packaging! So, does have discreet packaging and shipping? Discreet Shipping offers free shipping with any order over $79.00. And considering most of their products are high-end swings and swing frames, most all orders will easily hit that amount. Imagine having to pay express shipping for a 51-pound sex swing stand! No, thank you! Therefore, has another money-saving perk built right in!

In regard to my order, I received it within days, via FedEx. So, shipping was fast and efficient. But the big question here is if has discreet packaging.

Does Have Discreet Packaging?

Does have discreet packaging?

Finally, it’s time to see whether or not has discreet packaging. As a reminder, I was worried about my shipment. That is because I had read reviews, from other adult product websites, indicating this particular sex swing stand was shipped without an outer carton. But my worries were for nothing! used the utmost in discretion and shipped my item with an outer box.

And I could not have been more relieved! shipping label

Additionally, the shipping label did not reveal from whom the box was shipped. Rather, the return address was listed as XR LLC. So, my FedEx driver still has no clue that many of the boxes, delivered to my address, are sex swings, dildos, vibrators and other intimate little goodies! Discreet Packaging: Inside the Box discreet packaging

I would never have known that this particular shipment was from had I not been expecting the sex swing frame I ordered. However, in my case, once the box was opened, it was clear to see why so many people wrote poor reviews on other adult product sites. That is because the box is extremely graphic and very clear that it was a sex swing stand.

So, if you order from, be sure no little ones are around when you open your package! Or maybe you don’t have to worry at all! Will Do WHAT?!

Shopping for adult products can be a concern for some, especially those with children in the house. So, you may be surprised (as I was) to learn that goes above and beyond to ensure that your packaging is discreet. First, they have an entire page dedicated to explaining which brands have explicit packaging and why.

However, next comes this little gem that completely blew my mind. From the website:

“If you have any questions about packaging, feel free to ask. We can also try to help you with special requests as well such as removing items from retail packaging if that is something you need.”

Yes, you read that correctly. You can contact them, via email or phone, explain your concerns and they will make sure your packaging is discreet inside and out.

That proves that treats their customers unlike any other intimate product site out there! truly cares about their customers from ordering throughout the use and life of your product. So, adding this custom service to their tutorials, reviews, blog posts and videos, you have the best site to order a sex swing or frame, hands down!

Is Packaging Discreet? The Best Place for ALL of Your Sex Swing and Accessory Needs!

In the end, is packaging discreet? Absolutely! In fact, if you have a concern about the discretion of the particular item you are ordering, simply get in touch with them and they’ll customize your packaging to ensure discretion. Have you ever shopped an adult product site that cares that much for the customers? I certainly haven’t.

Furthermore, takes care of their customers throughout the purchasing process. For instance, their swing selector, 7 different ways to mount a sex swing and comprehensive reviews on each and every product, are beyond what other sites offer. Which is why is the leader in sex swings, stands and accessories.

Last, but not least, is now catering to the gay community with their site, a website dedicated to gay men who wish to shop for a sex sling without feeling bombarded with porn-like images. And again, these folks offer all of the expertise and insight that you could ever need.

I give a solid 5-stars all around. You can shop their site with confidence and return over and over again for tips on installing and using sex swings – and yes, they have the best sex swing positions too! So, if you’re ready to buy the ultimate sex toy, head over to to see which sex swing and stand is right for you.