SpectrumBoutique Alternatives – 5 Best Sites Like Spectrumboutique.com

When looking for a place to buy sex toys, SpectrumBoutique.com is a super option. But I bet you have wondered – are there better alternatives than SpectrumBoutique?

In some regards yes, in other regards no.

Before I dive into what other shops I think you should consider instead of SpectrumBoutique, allow me to delve on some pros and cons.

After this I promise to shop you my 5 other favorite SpectrumBoutique alternatives

Why you should shop at SpectrumBoutique?

  • Fantastic online community (forum)
  • Superb guiding material
  • Different and exciting shopping experience
  • Has most of the new and innovative sex toys

Why you should not shop at SpectrumBoutique?

  • Have to use almost twice the amount of money ($135) to trigger the free shipping discount, compared to all other shops.
  • Not a big collection of toys
  • Prices er generally a bit higher

Best Alternatives to SpectrumBoutique

In this following I will briefly list and describe the sites like Spectrumboutique.com

I have ranked the best alternatives to Spectrumboutique in order starting with the one I like the best (Lovehoney) to the the ‘worst’ alternative (AdamEve).

1. Lovehoney

What is similar to SpectrumBoutique: You will also be able to find a lot of the same sex toys that SpectrumBoutique has on their shop, such as the newest and most innovative ones.

Why Lovehoney is a better alternative: They have a lot cheaper prices, better offers and discounts. They have a way bigger collection of sex toys compared to Spectrumboutique.com. As well as way better shipping rates and a fenomenal return policy unparallel to that of SpectrumBoutique.

Find the best discounts and sales on Lovehoney Here.

2. TooTimid

TooTimid alternative to

What is similar to SpectrumBoutique: Approximatly the same standard shipping rates and return policies. However, they differ a lot on the sex toys they stock. TooTimid have a lot more cheap and unbranded products – typically just classic vibrator types, where SpectrumBoutique has all kinds of different toys.

Why TooTimid is a better alternative: You will get a lot better prices here. You will also find a ton of different offers, for free sex toys if you purchase for over a certain amount of $$.

Find the best discounts and sales on TooTimid Here.

3. HustlerHollywood

Hustlerhollywood alternative to

What is similar to SpectrumBoutique: As Hustlerhollywood is a very big shop, that carry a lot of different toys including branded ones, you are very likely to also find the same products between the two shops. This means, that you can compare prices and choose the better on for the price.

Why HustlerHollywood is a better alternative: Typically I have seen cheaper prices at HustlerHollywood. They are also a bigger shop, meaning that their standard customer service and handling of e.g. returns are better and more efficient for yoy.

Find the best discounts and sales on HustlerHollywood Here.

4. Shevibe

What is similar to SpectrumBoutique: Similar to SpectrumBoutique SheVibe is also a type of niche sex toy site. They both excell in creating a visually different shopping experience unique to their site design and handling of customer orders.

Why SheVibe is a better alternative: SheVibe is a more sex positive and inclusive site, that will have more toys available for non-binary and non-heterosexual couples compared to SpectrumBoutique.

Find the best discounts and sales on Shevibe Here.

5. AdamEve

AdamEve Alternative to

What is similar to SpectrumBoutique: Nothing much really. Apart from the fact, that they both sell sex toys. AdamEve focus a lot on selling very cheap sex toys that are not branded. Where Spectrumboutique focus on branded and innovative products.

Why AdamEve is a better alternative: AdamEve has crazy good prices. If you just want something simple and easy (that also, probably won’t blow you socks off) AdamEve is the better alternative to SpectrumBoutique.

Find the best discounts and sales on AdamEve Here.

SpectrumBoutique Competitors Compared: Delivery, Return policy, Costomer service

ShopBest for…DeliveryReturn PolicyCostumor service
LovehoneyBest overall1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $49
100 day money back guarentee + 1 year product warrentyAMAZING
TooTimidBest deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $59
30 day free replacement + 1 year product warrentyGOOD
SheVibeBest brand deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $69
1 year product warrentyAMAZING
HustlerHollywoodBiggest selection1-8 working days,
Free shipping over $69
30 day replacement guarenteePOOR
SpectrumBoutiqueMost new and innovative productsN/A
Free shipping over $135
10 day replacement guarenteeGOOD
AdamEveCheap products1-8 working days,
Flat rate $8
90 days replacement guarenteePOOR

In general, from the comparison, it is visible that SpectrumBoutique really doesn’t have the best return policy. On another note they are very good at stocking up on the very new and innovative products.

However, I would at all times recommend, that you check out Lovehoney instead of Spectrumboutique.com