TooTimid Alternatives – 5 Best Sites Like

As a sex toy review website, what kind of site would we really be if we couldn’t recommend you the best alternatives for TooTimid.

Are you looking for another place, similar to, or maybe very different from – then this is the guide for you.

First, allow me to give you my reasons for why you should choose to stick with TooTimid as the place to shop sex toys.

And also, why you maybe should reconsider, and pick one of the alternatives instead.

After this short introduction to my opinions on TooTimid I will move on to explaining about each alternative that I personally can recommend.

Why you should shop at TooTimid?

  • Often have “free sex toy” offers – meaning you get one for free if you buy over a certain limit. Nice addition to the shopping basket if I had to say so myself.
  • Cool Loyalty program
  • A lot of different payment and shipping options
  • TooTimid have discreet shipping
  • Quite good online reviews

Why you should not shop at TooTimid?

  • Don’t have many of the best sex toys out there – especially from popular brands
  • Prices aren’t the best

Best Alternatives for TooTimid

So, now that we have established a bit more background on the pros and cons of TooTimid, I assume you are reading this for one reason:

You have decided to look into what alternatives to Tootimid is available out there.

I have choosen 5 different sites like TooTimid (in the sense that they also sell sex toys).

Some are very comparable to TooTimid, while others differ on significant aspects.


1. Lovehoney

What is similar to TooTimid: Long standing history of being in the market. Well renowned and with a good online reputation. Good selection of sex toys.

Why Lovehoney is a better alternative: Lovehoney actually have a bigger selection of toys. They have superior customer service. Better return policy terms – with a 1 year product warranty and 100 days money back guarentee if you are not satisfied. On top of this they have almost all the best rated and reviewed sex toys out there in stock.

Find the best discounts and sales on Lovehoney Here.

2. SheVibe

What is similar to TooTimid: Not much right of the bat. Where Tootimid is more a we-have-all-toys kind of shop, shevibe is a little more selective in their collection of toys.

Why SheVibe is a better alternative: SheVibe has an amazing online reputaiton and reviews, that really stand out when compared to Tootimid. They do not, however, have as many discounts, offers and special sales as TooTimid.

Find the best discounts and sales on Shevibe Here.

3. HustlerHollywood

Hustlerhollywood alternative to

What is similar to TooTimid: A big shop with a huge collection of toys. They both feature a lot of non-branded toys.

Why HustlerHollywood is a better alternative: They have more BDSM toys and a bigger collection of lingerie. Hustlerhollywood also have better shipping rates, but lack on the special discount department.

Find the best discounts and sales on HustlerHollywood Here.

4. SpectrumBoutique

Spectrumboutique alternative to

What is similar to TooTimid: A very different shop from TooTimid, it is actually hard to find any products that both shops sell, especially when holding it up against comparing TooTimid to other shops.

Why SpectrumBoutique is a better alternative: They are a veru unique and intersting shop. They have a lot of peculiar sex toys, that you also probably won’t find on that many other shops. A good option if you gotten a bit “sex toy blind” and want to look at some fresh and interestingly different products.

Find the best discounts and sales on Spectrumboutique Here.

5. AdamEve

AdamEve Alternative to

What is similar to TooTimid: A big collection of sex toys comparable to that of TooTimid. Where TooTimid have special shipping offers AdamEve just have simple flat rate alternative for around $8 for all packages.

Why AdamEve is a better alternative: AdamEve have more products in stock. And usually is the cheapest shop out there. That being said, TooTimid differentiates as they have a lot better online reviews compared to AdamEve.

Find the best discounts and sales on AdamEve Here.

TooTimid Competitors Compared: Delivery, Return policy, Costomer service

ShopBest for…DeliveryReturn PolicyCostumor service
LovehoneyBest overall1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $49
100 day money back guarentee + 1 year product warrentyAMAZING
TooTimidBest deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $59
30 day free replacement + 1 year product warrentyGOOD
SheVibeBest brand deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $69
1 year product warrentyAMAZING
HustlerHollywoodBiggest selection1-8 working days,
Free shipping over $69
30 day replacement guarenteePOOR
SpectrumBoutiqueMost new and innovative productsN/A
Free shipping over $135
10 day replacement guarenteeGOOD
AdamEveCheap products1-8 working days,
Flat rate $8
90 days replacement guarenteePOOR