Should You Buy a Used Sex Machine?

Used sex machines! I can almost hear you gasp audibly from here thinking about a used sex machine!

But before you make your mind up, let’s take a minute to explore whether it’s possible to buy a used one safely.

Let’s face it, sex machines don’t come cheap!

So, it’s no wonder people are searching for ways to get the ride of their life without breaking the bank! Now, there are websites dedicated to reselling adult toys, and you can even find sex machines on online marketplaces.

There are even rental services that will deliver one to your house and pick it up again once you’ve had your fun!

Today we’ll look at the pros and cons of buying second-hand or renting sex machines. I’ll also give you my top choices for more affordable ways to get your hands on a new one.

Where can you buy used sex machines?

sex machine illustration

Sex toy resale sites are becoming increasingly popular.

Now, users can resell sex toys that didn’t quite hit the mark, or that they ordered by accident. There are many reasons people are choosing to shop second-hand, from wanting to be more environmentally friendly to wanting to save some money.

Here are some places you can look for used sex machines — can being the operative word, NOT should. Shopping for used sex toys is done at your own risk and not something I would personally recommend.

  • r/UsedSexToys is a whole page just for reselling sex toys.
  • r/SexToys allows members to resell their sex toys, both new and used.
  • Craiglist allows users to resell almost anything, sex machines included!

However, while this is a climate-friendly initiative, it does come with some risks.

Is it Safe to Buy a Used Sex Machine?

Sure buying second-hand comes with some great advantages. For one, it’s much cheaper than buying a new one, which can cost from around $500 to more than $1000.

Secondly, we all know we have to do our bit to reduce, reuse, and recycle for a healthier planet! Isn’t it better to reuse a sex machine than produce new ones?

riding a sex machine sybian

What are the risks?

While these are both great reasons to shop for a second-hand sex machine, it obviously comes with some risks. The most obvious one being hygiene.

Of course, sex machines come into contact with bodily fluids, meaning there is the possibility to spread STDs and other infections from person to person. Although most bacterial and viral STDs don’t survive that long outside the body, there is always some risk because how long they survive and remain infectious depends on the environment they are in.

Secondly, none of these sales are regulated.

You are very much relying on the previous owner to disclose important information. Before buying, you will want to know how they used, maintained, and cleaned the sex machine.

On top of that, they should also disclose their health status, particularly if they have any sexually transmissible diseases.

Also, even the most diligent cleaning efforts might not get into every nook and cranny. Not to mention, each material used in the toy can have different cleaning requirements. This makes it very difficult to ensure you have cleaned it sufficiently.

Lastly, much like buying any machinery second-hand, you don’t know how well it has been maintained and if it has any technical faults.

How to Shop for Used Sex Machine as Safely as Possible

sanitizing toys

Even though there are some risks, shopping for a second-hand sex machine is a little different from shopping second-hand for a butt plug, or dildo.

Most come with removable/ changeable attachments, meaning you could buy a second-hand machine and fit it out with your own newly bought attachments.

The safety of this technique will depend on how easy the machine itself is to sterilize and how well you clean it!

Tips for buying second-hand

  • Don’t reuse anything that is porous
  • Deep clean the whole machine, sterilizing it where possible
  • Inspect the machine for signs of damage before purchasing

Renting a Sex Machine

If you want to experience the full-throttle power of a sex machine but don’t have the budget for it, or you want to try one out before making the commitment, renting is another option.

One company in New York, the aptly-named Effing, can even deliver to some places in just 30 minutes!*

*This is not a recommendation. It is only to demonstrate that these services are available.

While renting is a quick and cheap way to test a sex machine, it comes with many of the same hygiene risks as buying second-hand.

That being said, rental companies tend to have more knowledge and better equipment for cleaning their machines between uses.

Unfortunately, not all companies will have the same high standards so it really pays to do your research and look into their whole process before renting from a company.

If you do take this route, always opt for a company that provides brand new, sealed attachments or purchase your own.

Cheap (New) Sex Machines and Some Alternatives

So you want an affordable sex machine, but don’t like the idea of buying a used one. Luckily, there are still plenty of options. From smaller, portable machines to payment plans for larger ones, let’s take a look at how you can get your rocks off on a budget.

For a long time, sex machines were reserved for BDSM play and porn, but they are becoming much more mainstream. Even Lovense are getting in on the trend, with their very own Lovense sex machine! This also means that there are more options when it comes to finding a cheap sex machine!


Hismith have a whole section on their website dedicated to affordable sex machines! Their cheapest thrusting machine (pictured) is available for less than $150! Even their full-sized premium, app-controlled sex machines are available for under $1000!

The Tremor

Saddle sex machines do tend to be more expensive than thrusters, but there are some that are more affordable. The Tremor is one of the cheapest vibrating sex machines out there, with the Tremor Package available for $850! What’s more, it comes with everything you need to get playing, including two different medical-grade silicone attachments!

Payment plans

Some bigger sex toy stores offer payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase out over a number of months. Of course, I only recommend this if you are financially secure enough to enter into that commitment! For example, Hustler Hollywood stocks a small range of sex machines, both saddles and thrusters, and allows you to pay in installments.