We Just Can’t Get Enough of These Hand-Crafted, Fantasy Dildos and Playthings!

By Edwina / January 03, 2021

If you missed my blog about using a large dildo on your partner, not only did you miss some great tips and advice on filling the vagina up with massive dildos but you missed out on some incredibly beautiful adult playthings called fantasy dildos you will want to own!

I discovered an entire market of premium sex toys I didn’t know existed while setting up the Bed Bible Twitter page and following folks in the sex toy industry.

These stunning pieces of art are painstakingly, hand-crafted by skilled artisans – started by carving intricate, detailed molds and ending with colorful, textured, glowing and sparkling sex toys you will want to display as much as you’ll want to play with.

Hand-crafted intimate playthings by Hodge Podge Entourage

In my last blog, I featured Hodge Podge Entourage and their incredible dildos. And, considering I had 2 other artists respond to my plea for product photos, I felt I’d be doing my readers and these small businesses a disservice if I didn’t feature them too.

So, have a look at the sensual creations and enormous, fantasy sex toys then give these small businesses a visit!

Something Squishy Toys

An exciting plethora of squishy, intimate toys hand-crafted by Something Squishy Toys

Something Squishy Toys’ Twitter profile reads:

“Just a random asexual dildo maker who makes more food shaped dildos than is reasonable.”

You’ll understand what an understatement that is once you feast your eyes on their delectable, intimate creations. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Something Squishy Toys has a unique, fun and beautiful selection of squishy playthings, packers, grinders, dildos (and more) that are ready for you to make your very own.

Delicious creations by Something Squishy Toys

Each creation is made from premium, platinum silicone so they are body safe and last longer than those mass-produced sex toys you find in sex shops. Furthermore, the color palettes, ridges, swirls, sparkles, bumps and wonderfully squishy textures will have you coming back for more.

From tip to base, this Something Squishy Toys’ plaything is sure to be your favorite

Follow Something Squishy Toys on Twitter @Squishy_Toys so you never miss a new creation, sale or satisfied, buyer rave. Plus, you can purchase your own, unique Squishy Toys creation by visiting them on their website.

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors

Luxury Toys hand-crafted by Paladin Pleasure Sculptors

Paladin Pleasure Sculptors’ Twitter profile reads:

“We specialize in body safe 100% platinum cure silicone adult toys made in the USA.”

Again, an extremely modest description by a small business that creates some of the most beautiful intimate playthings I have ever seen. With their small-sized insertables being a perfect 5.5 inches of silky-soft length and girth of 5-6.5 inches (from tip to swell), you can find a custom-created adult plaything that ticks all the right boxes for you.

The color and shimmer of this Paladin Pleasure Sculptors intimate masterpiece is breathtaking

Each of Paladin Pleasure Sculptors’ toys are distinct in color and design with rich hues, swirled patterns, sparkles, metallics and even UV reactive models that are so gorgeous, you’ll want a custom display case in the corner of your room!

And, as with all of these talented artisans, Paladin Pleasure Sculptors creates dildos, grinders and other sexual delights that are long-lasting, body safe and nothing like you can find anywhere else.

The detail on Paladin Pleasure Sculptors’ intimate toys is fantastic.

Follow them on Twitter @ppsculptors so you never miss a Saturday 2 pm EST drop and see what their buyers are saying about their stunning products. You can also shop their website for all sorts of intimate goodies.

Shop Small Businesses for the Best Large Dildos and Sex Toys

In this trying time, many small businesses are having difficulty staying afloat. And sex toy artisans are no exception. So, when you are searching for the perfect first sex toy, large, fantasy dildo or even a fantastic work of intimate art, please consider shopping small and visiting the businesses above.

Not only will you receive one of the most luxury-quality sex toys you’ve ever owned, you’ll be supporting a small business that needs to put food on their table.