Ideas, tips and solutions for the creating the best names for your sex store

What Should I Name My Sex Store: In a Nutshell

  • When opening an online sex shop, choose a website host, find an adult product drop shipping company, and get any licenses and tax documents you need. The, take time to name your store.
  • You can make up a business name on your own or get some AI help by using a free, online business name generator.
  • Naming your sex shop can be exciting, but there are important aspects to consider. For example, your name should be SEO friendly and you must check to see if the name you pick hasn’t already been taken. Additionally, you need to be sure the name is not trademarked or under a copyright.
  • When you name your sex toy business, make sure it aptly reflects your shop, as a whole, especially if you choose to concentrate on a niche’ market.
  • Be sure and use creativity when naming your sex store, all the while creating a name that’s strong and memorable.

Quick Links: What Should I Name My Sex Shop?

What should I name my sex store? You may be asking yourself this question if you’ve decided to create your very own online sex toy shop.

Further, opening an online sex shop is a fantastic idea if you want to make passive income from a multi-billion-dollar industry, in a genre that’s evergreen. And although having your own sex shop is relatively easy, the most difficult part is always what to name your store.

So, we put together this blog post to help you in your quest! That way, you’ll have all of the tips you need to answer the burning question, “What should I name my sex store?”

So, You Want to Open Your Own Sex Shop

Sex Store names

According to our BedBible Research Center’s article The State of Sex Toys + Industry Statistics, sex toys are definitely a smart business venture! For instance, the global sex toy market is worth $35 billion, with the US grabbing a whopping $12.6 billion of that total.

And with 78% of Americans now owning sex toys, this market will only grow! Best yet, anyone can own a sex toy store online, for little investment and almost zero continued effort.

Sex Toy Shop Steps

Now, before we get to the big question of what you should name your sex store, you need to follow these steps.

First, figure out what you want to sell. For instance, do you want to cover the endless gambit of sex toys? Or would you prefer to corner a niche’ market, like specializing in BDSM sex toys, anal sex toys or the LGBTQIA market?

Second, you’ll need to find a site to host your sex shop. A great example would be Word Press, where you can build a website easily and with tons of support.

Third, go find a sex toy drop shipping company. That way, you can fill your sex shop with all of the goodies you choose and don’t have to handle any stock, money, packaging or shipping!

Then, once everything is lined up, check your local area for any business licenses and tax collection information you need.

Finally, it’s time for the most exciting part of opening your sex store!

The Exciting Step: What Should I Name My Sex Shop?

Now that you have everything all lined up, it’s time for the exciting part; what you should name your sex shop! However, rather than just creating a common name, you must put some thought and creativity into it.

That way, you’ll have named your sex store something that will be exciting, while being something people will always remember. So, let’s talk about tips that will help you choose the best name for your sex toy business.

Sex Store Names, the Good and the Bad

Sex Shop Name

What are names for sex stores? According to this press release on Cision, not all sex store names are good! For instance, they listed the following sex toy shop names as bad:

  • My Beloved’s Garden – Really? Are we talking beautiful English gardens, veggies or what?
  • Burning Rubber – This, to me, sounds like a street car racing site!
  • Healthy and Active – Did you take your probiotics today? Have a healthy poo? Do Yoga?
  • Adult Toy Shoppe – Yawn! There was zero creativity put into this one!

On the other hand, the article rates the following names as good and memorable:

  • Xandrai – Sure, this could be anything. However, it’s erotic and beautiful.
  • Adam and Eve – A Classic sex toy store that nearly everyone is aware of! I love the Biblical play.
  • Good Vibrations – Another well-known name in the sex toy industry, the name is fun and memorable.
  • Earth Erotics – This name says it all and almost places a picture in your mind.

As you can see, knowing how to name your sex store is one of the most important aspects of owning an online store. And the better the name, the easier it is to remember, hence, driving web traffic to you.

Naming My Sex Store: Let Automation Choose

Another way you can name your sex shop is by allowing automation to do it for you! Yes, there are several business naming programs available online.

To explain further, these store name generators ask basic questions about your business then spit out names for you to consider. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that name isn’t already taken, but it could be just the creative tool you’re looking for!

For instance, here are some names for sex toy shops I found on various generator sites:

  • Pleasure Palace
  • Kinky Kingdom
  • Passionate Playthings
  • Desire Depot

Finally, even if you don’t go with an AI created name, you can use the business names as inspiration in finding the perfect name for your sex store.

Tips on How to Name My Sex Store

Now that I’ve shown you what some sex store names are and can be, let’s go over some important tips on how to name your sex shop.

Keep the Name Simple!

Naming your sex store something simple and memorable is crucial. That’s because people tend to remember shorter names as well as those that stand out.

As a result, you will be able to drive much more traffic to your store with a name that is easy to remember as well as something that sticks in the mind of your customers.

Name that Sex Shop Niche’

Got a sex shop that’s cornering the market on products for Trans folks? Or maybe you’ve decided to dedicate your sex store to newbies only.

Either way, name your sex shop something that reflects that niche’. That way, you will scoop up the people who are looking for the products you carry specifically.

You see, if you name your sex store something general, you will get a wider range of visitors, most of which will click off your pages as quickly as they landed. However, if your anal sex store is called “Backdoor Playthings”, you’ll likely get many more potential customers, as your name says it all.

Think of the Bigger Picture

Think of the bigger picture when naming your sex store. What this means is taking a look into the future and considering room for growth.

For instance, if you want to corner the niche’ market on waterproof sex toys, but in the future, want to add travel-size playthings, you’ll want a name that reflects that future endeavor as well.

So, look at the big picture and include the now, and the future before choosing a name for your store.

Check for Trademark and Copyrights

Another important aspect of naming your business is to search for trademarks and copyrights. The reason for this is that another company may own a name you choose.

And that doesn’t just mean sex toy companies! Rather, the name you choose could be the name of a song or a book or a product.

Therefore, be sure and do these important checks before setting that shop name in stone.

Look for Available .coms

Before getting your heart set on a name for your store, search those .coms to see if the name is already taken. After all, you want your business website URL to match the business name.

In addition, if you have come up with a name you absolutely must have, you can always consider using a .biz or .us. However, if there is another sex store with the same name and at .com, your potential clients will likely end up on your competitor’s site.

Make It SEO Friendly

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the key pillars to a successful website. And that includes the name of your website.

Therefore, if you add in the name of the products you sell, like dildos, clit suckers or butt plugs, your store will rank higher when someone is searching for that particular product.

So, think Butt Plugs R Us or Clit Suckers Galore, if you want to bring product specific traffic to your sex toy shop.

Think of Aesthetics

Remember the name “Earth Erotics” from above? The name, in and of itself, evokes a vision of earth-friendly sex toys.

So, when figuring out what to name a sex shop, considering using words that create a picture in someone’s mind, as well as describing your website.

Play on the X

Another way of naming your sex store is by playing on the X-rated label. After all, the X immediately makes you think of hardcore sex and adult content.

However, you can downplay that “hardcore” element by using other, similar words such as adult, grown-up, over-18 and things of that nature.

Focus on Sexy

When it comes to naming a sex store, focus on the sexy aspect. I mean, the English language is over-flowing with descriptive words that make you think of sex.

For example, consider using a word like erotic, sensual, steamy, arousing, intense or delicious, with other words to name your sex store.

And if you want more help, find an online Thesaurus, type in a word and you’ll get tons of synonyms that refer to sex and sexy.

Scream My Name!

The one way to name your sex shop, making it truly your own, is by using your name. That’s especially perfect if you pair your name with a descriptive word, like Sally’s Sensual Playthings or Olivia’s Orgasm Mart.

I mean, if it works for Adam and Eve, it can definitely work for you too!

Think About Sex Toys

The final tip is to think about sex toys, and how you can use that to create a name for your sex store. For instance, sit down and write words that come to your mind when you think of the adult products you want to sell.

I know when I think of sex toys, words like vibration, rumble, silicone, stimulate, penetrate, spank, bind, tickle, massage, squirt, quiver, scream, release….

I could keep going, but I’m sure you get the jest of it!

Fun Sex Store Names

What are some more names for sex stores? Well, I thought about it myself, and here are some more names for sex shops that I thought up myself!

  • Anal Alley
  • Sexy Interludes
  • Big O Alley
  • Opulent Orgasms
  • Rumble Seat Toys
  • Best Orgasm Toys
  • Toys for the Horny
  • Edie’s Erotic Shop

Please feel free to use any of these names to spark your own imagination and help you name your sex store.

What Should I Name My Sex Shop? Be Creative

In the end, knowing what to name your sex shop is all about creativity! In addition, you need to think smart and use SEO friendly words, as well as things that are easy to remember.

Finally, the name of your store should reflect the products you’re selling, in addition to the aesthetic you are trying to create. So, throughout the process of building your business, keep your mind open and creativity flowing.

That way, by the time you’re ready to open your very own sex store, you’ll have come up with the perfect name.