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My Verdict

As a massage and stroking cream, I give Wicked Crème all the stars but one. The reason for that is a personal one and may not apply to you. I found it difficult to get out of the tube.

Buy, if you...

  1. Masturbate with hands and fingers only
  2. Are searching for a sensual, nourishing massage cream
  3. Prefer creams over liquids
  4. Enjoy the benefits of coconut oil

Don't buy, if you...

  1. Are searching for a multi-use lubricant
  2. Want a lube for vaginal sex
  3. Are looking for a lube to use with condoms
  4. Seeking a lubricant to use with sex toys

About The Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream

Wicked Sensual Care Crème Stroking and Massage Cream is a body-loving, nourishing cream made specifically for stroking (masturbation) and massage. Made with coconut and almond oil, vitamin E and aloe, this thick cream melts into a slippery liquid with body heat. It’s body safe, fragrance free, vegan, paraben-free and PETA certified.


  • Cream melts into a liquid for no mess application.
  • Nourishes skin with natural oils, aloe and vitamin E.
  • No need to wash off as it absorbs to soften skin.
  • Absolutely no oily or greasy feel
  • No colors or scents to irritate sensitive skin.


  • Not compatible with sex toys or condoms
  • Not recommended for vaginal sex
  • Needs reapplication if you want more slippery feeling
  • Tube isn’t arthritis or small motor friendly as it’s hard to squeeze.

My Experience With Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream

My Personal Experiences with Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream

I originally purchased the Wicked Stroking and Massage cream in hopes that I could mix it with a water-based lubricant and create a faux cum type lubricant. But this cream is far too thick. However, in reviewing it for you, that’s a good thing.

How Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Feels

Right out of the sleek and sexy tube, the cream is extremely thick. It’s created to melt with body heat. So, I rubbed a dab bit on my little hot spot and began a bit of self-pleasure and yes, it begins to melt into a silky, sensual-feeling lube. The more you use, the more slippery it gets. But if you prefer a wee bit of friction, use a little less.

Great for Outies

This stroking and massage cream is created specifically for stroking and massage. What this means is that it’s a perfect cream for penis stroking. And even though I was able to use it for external masturbation, it’s not recommended for internal use because of the oils. However, many people are turning to all-natural lubricants – coconut oil, almond oil and even hemp seed oils. And even though a lot of gynecologists believe oils can throw off the vagina’s PH balance, creating the prime environment for infection, some people swear by oils. In my opinion, no, you shouldn’t use Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream internally. But it’s your hoo-ha.

As a Massage Cream

Using Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream for massage is absolutely lovely! It goes on nice and thick and creamy and as you massage, it warms and melts into the skin. So, not only do you get a non-greasy massage cream, you don’t need to slide out of bed and into the shower. This cream is beautifully moisturizing, so I cannot recommend it enough for massages. Therefore, you guys out there who want a nice stroking cream, buy this, toss it in the nightstand and whip it out for a sensual massage with your gal or guy. They’ll be impressed and you never have to admit that it’s your jacking-off cream! Besides, it will keep you out of your Mom/Sister/Room Mate’s lotion.

I Highly Recommend It!

All in all, I think Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream is a must-have for penis owners and couples. Unfortunately, it’s not recommended for penetrative sex and you can’t use it on sex toys (except glass and steel) and it isn’t condom friendly at all. But it’s totally worth having on hand for masturbation and massage, as it lasts a long time while nourishing and softening your skin.


Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Design

Wicked Sensual Care Stroking and Massage Cream is designed to melt with body heat, transforming from a rich, thick cream into a glide. Use a little to maintain some grip or use more for slippery lubrication. Plus, it nourishes skin with body-loving moisturizers and vitamin E.

Ease of Use

Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Ease of Use

Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream comes in a squeeze tube. Simply squeeze the amount you want and snap the attached cap closed. The flat cap allows you to store it upright, so the cream slides down to the opening. Considering the cream is so thick, it takes a bit of strength to squeeze the tube, However, a little goes a long way.


Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Quality

This stroking and massage cream is made with coconut and almond oils, aloe and vitamin E, and is PETA certified, paraben-free and vegan. It feels absolutely luxurious on the body, thicker and creamier than any lotions you may grab for self-pleasure. It has no scent and melts right into your body, becoming slippery and soothing. Therefore, you can use it for self-pleasure as well as massage. Extremely high-quality cream that lasts!


Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Price

For a product that’s made with such luxurious ingredients while being body-safe, vegan and PETA certified, you’d think it would be expensive. In looking at the bottle, then slathering on Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream, you’d be convinced it’s a pricey product. On the contrary, this product is extremely affordable. And considering you only need a small amount; a tube will last you quite a while. Well worth the cost, in my opinion.


Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Performance

I was surprised at how well Wicked Sensual Care Crème worked. It comes out of the tube as a very thick cream. However, once you begin using it on your private parts, it instantly begins to melt into a sensual, thick lubricant. It’s a great glide, but if you want slippery, you’ll need to add a bit more. What I loved is that it didn’t feel greasy at all and didn’t need to be washed off! In fact, it absorbs right into the skin like a moisturizer. Got me through a self-pleasure session without the need to reapply. Just keep in mind, this cream to liquid lube is not meant for internal use as some oils can create a hospitable environment in the vagina.


Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Packaging

Wicked Sensual Care Crème comes in a sexy, black tube, trimmed and accented with silver and white. Therefore, it looks expensive. The cap is a flip top, so no worries that you’ll lose the lid. And considering the cream is so thick, you don’t have to worry about the product leaking, if you don’t get the cap snapped tight. Finally, you do have to put a tight squeeze on the bottle so the cream comes out, as the opening is tiny. But that does keep you from over-squeezing and wasting product.

Materials and care

Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream Materials and care

Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream is an oil-based cream to liquid lubricant created specifically for external masturbation and massage. It goes on like a thick cream and melts into slippery goodness that surprisingly, isn’t at all oily or greasy. Therefore, it won’t stain bedding and there’s no need to wash it off as it absorbs into skin. However, if you’ve used a bit too much, it comes right off with soap and warm water. Finally, this one isn’t meant for use with sex toys, is not condom compatible and isn’t recommended for vaginal penetration.

Specifications and features

MaterialsCoconut and Almond Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil 

Comparing Wicked Stroking and Massage Cream with alternatives

Compare Wicked Stroking and Massage CreamWicked Stroking and Massage Cream
Overall score4.5 / 5.0
Bedbible rating4.9 / 5.0
User rating4.1 / 5.0
from 186 users
Design100 / 100
Ease of use100 / 100
Quality100 / 100
MaterialsCoconut and Almond Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil
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