Dezyred Review – Is It a LEGIT Website?

VR porn is an increasingly popular variety of porn, and Dezyred is a website that provides you with it! If you want to become immersed and wrapped up in this erotic world, then this is definitely going to be a site you want to check out!

But is Dezyred a website that is worth visiting? Well, that’s what I’m going to try to get to the bottom of in this review!

Not only did I try out this website myself, but I also have plenty of experience writing about erotic websites, meaning that I know what’s hot and what’s not! I can give you my uniquely informed perspective to help you make your informed decision!

But first, here’s a little tantalizing taster to whet your appetite!

Dezyred review

You might have heard a lot of great things about Dezyred. Well, it’s my job to test it out and decide if the praise is warranted! But first I needed my credit card and my Galaxy Gear Oculus VR headset in order to truly explore what Dezyred has to offer!

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Here’s What I’ll Cover In This Review!

Dezyred review

In order to review Dezyred, I’m going to break down this review into several bite-sized sections to make it a bit easier. The main things I’ll be talking about are…

  • What is Dezyred?
  • Pros and cons
  • Initial impressions and how I tested it
  • The overall design of the site
  • Company information
  • Subscription tiers and payment
  • Using Dezyred with Credits
  • Video quality
  • So is Dezyred REALLY a legit site?

Sure, you’re going to have lots of questions, but I’m going to try to answer them all throughout this review! Hopefully, I hit on the most important points for you!

So with that being said, let’s get to it!

What is Dezyred?

This is quite an interesting website, in that it is not simply a VR porn video or erotic gaming website: it combines the two of them to allow you to play all kinds of erotic VR games that can be linked to VR headsets and toys.

It’s a great and more interactive way to enjoy porn, and it immerses you more in the world. It also allows you to have a degree of influence in what happens, putting the control firmly into your hands.

Thankfully, Dezyred supports most VR headsets, including Oculus Quest / Quest 2 / Quest 3, Oculus Rift / Rift S, HTC Vibe, and Windows MR.

Sure, this might not be the most populated site ever, but what they do have is interesting, fun, and (most importantly) super erotic!

My VR headset ready to go with Dezyred!

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons with each and every website. Trust me – I’ve seen enough erotic websites to know that none of them are perfect! So I’m going to point out a few of the most prominent highs and lows for you right here!


  • Very simple to find your way around
  • Links to many VR headsets and toys
  • An extremely understated site…in a good way
  • One-time payments for credits
  • Great high quality games and videos
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Company information freely and readily available


  • Doesn’t have the most content ever
  • Not many credits when renewed monthly
  • Games can get a little linear and boring
  • Plots may feel predictable or contrived
  • Games have some (admittedly unavoidable) editing / continuity issues

If you want to find out more about my thoughts and feelings on Dezyred, then keep reading. I go into a LOT more detail!

Initial Impressions and How I Tested It

First impressions are always important, whether you’re meeting someone new, going to a job interview, or visiting a new porn website! We all form first impressions, and they really do last!

So I decided that my first port of call would be to give the entire site a quick sweep and give you my initial impressions. I won’t necessarily go into much detail here, just give you a general overview of my first thoughts.

So with that being said, here are my initial thoughts on Dezyred!

Initial Impressions

Dezyred is kind of weird. It’s like a cross between your average kind of porn video website, while having many elements present in erotic game website. It’s a strange amalgamation of the two things.

It works, though, and looks very neat and simplistic. I was immediately struck by how easy it is to find your way around.

The homepage offers up some of the featured porn VR games, as well as a few very simple tutorials and guides that fully inform you about what the site is capable of.

Dezyred review

In all fairness, you really do get a sense of all that the site has to offer from the homepage alone. It’s not difficult, it’s not misleading, it literally just shows you what they have, what you can do, and how you can enjoy it.

I really do appreciate that blunt kind of directness! There’s no beating around the bush, they literally just lay their cards on the table.

The porn stars tab allows you to check out the beautiful talent featured on Dezyred, while the live VR cams section provides you with plenty of live women to enjoy, the how to play tab talks you through connecting your VR headset, and the sex toys tab demonstrated how you can connect your favorite toys.

Dezyred review

What’s difficult to understand about that? Nothing! Can you see why it made such a good first impression on me! It’s so simple it’s almost idiot-proof!

These few options help you quickly and efficiently navigate the site, making it super easy for you to find what you need, when you need it. And when you’re horny and ready to play, that’s kind of important!

How I Tested It

There’s only one way in which you can test a site like Dezyred. By literally getting stuck in and trying it out. And that’s exactly what I did!

I first explored everything that was accessible for free, before purchasing a subscription and getting down to the nitty-gritty of enjoying the site as a paid subscriber.

Once I was subscribed and signed up, I strapped on my Gear VR Oculus headset, and dove in head first.

There’s nothing too complicated or confusing about reviewing a site like Dezyred, you just have to know what you’re looking for and how to test its limitations. That’s what I did in order to prove to you how good (or not good) the site is (or isn’t)!

The Overall Design of the Site

So now that I’ve taken a brief look at Dezyred, I think it’s about time we went a bit deeper and explored what the site has to offer in a bit more depth!

It starts of with a clear, clean, and surprisingly not overly-explicit scrolling banner that shows off a few of the games, as well as giving you information on the site itself. It’s a simple and understated beginning!

Dezyred review

Of course, the main idea is to get you to sign up to the site to be able to play the games and enjoy the content, but I must admit that I do like how they don’t massively force themselves onto you, allowing you to come to your own decisions. It’s a nice change from other sites, who just throw as much erotic content at you from the word ‘go’ in order to get you to subscribe.

Scrolling down a little, and you will be met with the Featured VR Porn Games section. This provides you with 6 of the very best games on the site. You do have the option of clicking more games, at which point it links you straight to the VR games tab from the top of the page.

Next up is a section titled Exclusive VR Sex Game Experience. This gives you a general idea of what to expect when playing the games themselves, including a small control where you can dictate what happens in the game. It’s only an animated image, but you get a feel of what it is like to play.

Dezyred review

If you’re not sure which VR headsets are compatible with the site, there is a simple guide that tasks you through each of them. If you click on your VR headset, it will take you to the how to play tab, where it talks you through connecting to the games themselves.

There is also a small description about the site and its features, too. It is only a couple of paragraphs long and fairly concise, which is good if you don’t want to have to scroll through a wall of text as you do on some sites You do have the option of expanding that section though to see more detailed descriptions.

The page wraps up with an ending section that provides you with a few of the usual links, including contact information, how to get started, and FAQs. There are also links to a few other sites in the Dezyred network.

Dezyred review

Overall I’d describe Dezyred’s design as simplistic and minimalistic. And for me that’s a good thing. I know some people would prefer it otherwise, but it does make it feel very modern.

I was also surprised by the restrained use of nudity. For a porn game website, there wasn’t very much nakedness at all! This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, it’s just an interesting thing. After all, part of the fun of getting gifts is unwrapping them, right?

Company Information

It’s always kind of an important thing to know a company’s information. It allows you to better understand who owns it and how legitimate they are. Thankfully this information was readily available on the internet:

Dezyred’s CEO and co-founder is Daniel Abramovich, and the company is registered to an address in Glendale, California.

The fact that it has a registered address and someone who can be held accountable is a big green flag that makes Dezyred seem extremely legitimate and above board!

Subscription Tiers and Payment

Unlike many other VR porn websites, Dezyred is not a site that you have to actually subscribe to. Instead, they employ another kind of cool system.

First off you need to sign up to the site. This includes inputting your email, choosing a password, and confirming your email address. Once that’s done, you’re away.

Each game costs a certain amount of credits. If you want to progress in the game or enjoy specific content, you will have to spend your credits in order to do so. The credits can be purchased via a tab at the top of the page once you are logged in.

Dezyred review

You have six great options there, each offering you different amounts of credits for varying amounts. I really like that there are mostly one-off payments, meaning you can buy only what you need. There is a recurring monthly reful, though, if you want to regularly make deposits.

I’m going to break down these credit packs and make it a little easier to understand at only a glance!

PriceNumber of creditsPrice per creditBonusFree scripts
Medium$30255$0.11Yes – 2%No
Premium$60525$0.11Yes – 5%No
VIP$100895$0.11Yes – 7%No
Mega Pack$2502315$0.10Yes – 10%Yes
Monthly Refill$1085$0.11Yes – 2%Yes

As you can see, the price per credit column indicated that there’s not much difference between the tiers, it’s only a matter of how much you want to pay and how many credits you need. As I mentioned, the fact that you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription is great and a refreshing change.

Payment Options

When it comes to how you pay for your credits, you have a lot of options available to you!

Luckily, right there on the purchase credits page, it shows you exactly what payment methods you can use.

Dezyred review

As you can see, you can pay via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, PaySafeCard, JCB, Sofort, iDeal, Neosurf, and Interac. You should be able to find a method to suit you in all of those.

PayPal is my usual form of payment method due to how quick and easy it is to use, and that’s exactly how I purched my credit bundle from Dezyred.

If online payment worries or concerns you at all, then you can relax, because all purchases are made through Epoch or SegPay, meaning that your money is secure and can easily be traced, stopped, or refunded if you need to.

This is one of those super important things that helps Dezyred feel much more legitimate and above board!

Using Dezyred with Credits

Okay, now it’s time to get going and enjoy a naughty VR game!

First up you’re going to need to install the Play’a app on your VR device. This is what allows you to access and control the games and influence what happens in the immersive scenes.

Luckluly a popup tells you exactly what you need to do in order to do that properly.

Dezyred review

Once you have followed those instructions, you can choose which game you want to play. What I really like is that it prominently displays how many credits it will take to play the game.

It also lists off a number of features that are in the game itself, while providing a descriptive blurb, and a user-generated star review.

Dezyred review

One of the things that I love most of all though, is that you get to start the game for free. Sure, you don’t get the full experience, but it gives you a taster of what is included in there, and allows you to decide if you want to spend your hard earned credits on it. It beats spending your credits and finding you don’t like the game.

The games themselves are pretty interesting. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure kind of deal. You can select where you want to go (ie kitchen, family room, garden etc), and interact with all kinds of things in the scenery.

Dezyred review

Once you’re there and you meet up with the model in the game, you can choose to do whatever you like with them. You can pick from all kinds of sexual positions, and if you’re in a threesome scene, even choose which girl you want.

It’s a great way of really getting involved and immersed in the game, and makes you feel like you have a good degree of control over what’s going on.

Dezyred review
Dezyred review

I did kind of find the games to be quite expensive though, considering the price of the credits. It did seem to force you to buy the more expensive credit bundles in order to properly play, making that the costs are going to start adding up if you want to play more than one game.

Also, while I had a lot of control over where I went and what kind of sex we got up to, the stories of the games did still seem quite linear and predictable. It was like you were heading for the same destination but you only had so much influence on how you got there.

It wasn’t by any means a bad thing, and the interactivity was great, but I must admit I was left wanting a little bit more. Although I understand that it must be difficult putting together something like this and that they can only do so much with these erotic games.

Similarly, there were small little jumps between scenes, for example, if you’re watching a woman use a dildo, and then you select ‘bend over’, there is a little bit of a jump cut to the new thing. However, this obviously cannot be helped due to how it was filmed and edited together, but it can feel jarring.

Overall, it’s simple enough to use, and if you can overlook a few of the flaws, the games/videos themselves are actually pretty fun, engaging, and (most importantly of all) erotic. I had my issues with Dezyred, but at the end of the day, it got the job done and I can’t deny I had plenty of fun in the process.

Video Quality

The video quality of all of the games on Dezyred is incredibly high. While you can’t find specifics on the quality of individual games, to my eye, everything seems to look like it has been filmed in 4K Ultra HD or over. That means the quality is more than good enough!

Dezyred itself confirms on one of its banners that the videos are all up to 8K in quality, meaning that you’re going to get a very immersive and lifelike experience when watching them.

As it is a game website, you don’t have the option of changing the quality, however, what you get is plenty good enough. Pretty much everyone will think that the videos have been filmed flawlessly, and there was never any point where the quality pulled me out of the video.

So Is Dezyred REALLY a Legit Site?

As far as I’m concerned, YES, Dezyred is a completely legitimate and above-board website. There are too many green flags there for me to think otherwise.

One of the biggest things is that not only does the site have a legitimate business address that is readily findable on the internet, but you can also find the name of the CEO – the person directly responsible for Dezyred.

Then of course the payment methods are all very safe and secure, and the site makes sure that you are fully aware of all of your payment choices and of how each of them are protected and safeguarded.

Sure, the practice of setting their game prices pretty high means that you have to buy the higher credit packages is kind of annoying, and if you want to try another game then you need to pay out another large amount again, but I see this as being balanced out by being able to make a start on the game for free.

The games/videos are all a lot of fun, and while there are issues that I have with them – mainly in the editing and the continuity departments – I also understand that these things cannot be helped when playing these kind of live-action games.

Beyond the games, there’s not too much else to do other than live cams. This won’t be for everyone, though, and the main draw for Dezyred are the games.

So my overall conclusion is that yes, Dezyred is an extremely legitimate, safe, and secure site that allows you to play some fantastic live-action porn games. It’s certainly something different, and I‘m sure plenty of people will love what this site has to offer.

Feel free to go and check out Dezyred’s social presence on Twitter (now X) and Instagram.