How much is a sex swing – Complete guide to prices of swings and the costs of hanging/mounting them

By Benjamin Jorgensen / July 18, 2022

In essense, I’m not going to be able to give you one specific number of that answers your burning question of how much a sex swing is.

It’s simple impossible, because it depends on if you want the absolute best sex swing, no matter the price. Or maybe you’re fine with a cheap sex swing?

And the price of the swing itself is actually not all. Then comes hanging, mounting or securing the sex swing somewhere.


Let’s dive into the prices.

First, the price-range of different types of sex swings. Second, the price of different mounting options.

Sex swing prices

Instead of just giving you a range of prices.

Like, let’s say: $79.00 – $748.75 (Least expensive on, and most expensive om

I rather want to show you a realistic picture of what actual prices of sex swings are.

Because, first of all, that $700+ on, that is one bad-ass heavy duty sex swing.

Not something most consider for their living room.

So instead, here is a table of some of the most popular sex swings and according price-ranges for these.

Sex Swing NameShopPrice range
Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam≈ $80.00
Wild Side Sex Swing (review)≈ $150.00
Fetish Fantasy Bondage
$210.00 – $250.00
Whipsmart Pleasure
$220.00 – $230.00
Screamer Sex Swing: Dual≈ $250.00
Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling + Chain≈ $500.00
Note: The above is “just” a selection, and the prices are not updated but kept in approximate ranges. This serves as an example of how wide the prices can spand.

So, the above table will hopefully give you a first impression of the prices of sex swing.

Here are some rule of thumbs when it comes to prices:

  • Door attachement sex swings will typically go for less than $100
    • More expensive, and you are really getting a luxury item
    • Less than $50, and you should REALLY be aware of the quality, and making sure it’s a reputable seller.
  • Normal sex swings typically go for $150 to $250.
  • Heavy duty sex swing or bondage sex swings typicallyt go for anything over $200.
    • IF you want real leather, expect prices over $350
    • IF you want chains and metal, expect prices over $350
    • IF you want a plateau to lie on, expect prices over $350
    • IF you want a combination of two, expect prices over $450
    • IF you want a combination of three, expect prices over $550

Look at different shops to get the best price

A story about prices, and why you should find the same product multiple places!

Whenever you choose a sex swing, really keep an eye out for the prices between shops!

I recently found an scary example when looking at prices for the “Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing”.

We recommend people buy this as the best “cheapest” option in our round-up review for the best spinning sex swing.

AND I found a price different from one shop where it cost: $220, and at another shop it only cost $120.

And the cheaper shop is actually the one we typically recommend people buy sex swings at (, not because of the prices, but the quality and service!

Hanging, mounting, attaching – the cost of that

So, you thought buying a sex swing would be your only expense?

Sad to dissapoint you.

Please make sure, that whenever you plan to purchase a sex swing, you leave room in the budget for how you want it to be mounted, hanged or attached.

Door swings

Shit’s pretty simple. You just need a sturdy door. That’s it.

A door sex swing is meant to just hang in a door, and is free to attach.

Unless of course, you are a wild couple and wreck your door?

But alternatively, you can also purchase a pull up bar and hang the door swing from that.

The cost of a good pull up bar is between $30-50. If you want a super sturdy one, you can go all the way up to $120 for it.

But if you buy a door sex swing for under $100, it might seem a bit stupid to spend more on how to hang it?


  • $0
  • $30-$50 (if you want pull up bar)

Normal sex swing

So, now it becomes interesting. For normal sex swing you have a lot of different options!

First, you can hang a sex swing from your ceiling.

For that you need either one or two hooks.

1. If you are buying a sex swing with a single mounting point we recommend you buy:

  • A Tie down bracket. Those go for +$20.
  • 4 long screws. Those go for +$10.
  • 4 nuts (for tightening it). Those go for +$5.
  • Swing spring. Those are optional, but recommended. They go for $15-20

A single mount sex swing, hanged from a ceiling will cost you ≈ $35-50.

If you are not comfortable with hanging the sex swing yourself hiring a handyman to come set it up will cost you around $50-75. But you still have to buy the swing spring if you want to go for that.

2. If you are buying a sex swing with dual mounting points we recommend you buy:

  • Two Tie down brackets. Those go for +$40.
  • 8 long screws. Those go for +$20.
  • 8 nuts. Those go for +$10.
  • Swing spring. Those are optional, but recommended. They go for $15-20

A double mounted sex swing, hanged form a ceiling will cost you ≈ $70-85.

Again, if you are not certain, that you can make the mounting points in your ceiling secure, then please consider hiring someone to do it.

It won’t cost you as much, and you will save money on equipment, as they buy in bulk, and will typically just quote you a single price for everything. But you still have to buy the swing spring if you want to go for that.

Second, you can buy a sex swing stand

So, if you do not fancy hooks in your ceiling, and trying to either lie about what they are for, or have to admit it, then a sex swing stand might be a better option?

The screamer sex swing stand, that we bought and reviewed cost us around $500.

And, I’m sorry to say this, but that is a pretty average price for a good sex swing stand.

Actually, you won’t really find a sex swing stand that costs a lot less that $500.

Cost of a sex swing stand: $500

Third, the cheap pull-up bar alternative

I did already hint to this alternative before.

It is for one, a lot more discreet. No one is going to think you are using your pull-up bare to mount your sex swing.

It is, at the same time, super cheap. $30-40 for a decent pull up bar.

That being said, you are then restricted to having fun within the bounds of your door-frame.

This might work well, if you have double doors somewhere in your house, and can hang the pull up bare in the middle.

I would recommend buying a sex swing spring for the pull up bar. As before, that costs around $15-20

Cost of a pull up bar mounting: $45-60

How much should I expect mounting to cost me?

So, in sum, what we typically recommend is that you add an additional +15-20% of the cost of your sex swing for mounting expenses.

That being said, if you buy a sex swing stand, you should just think that at least $500 should be available in your budget for that.

Conclusion – what will a sex swing cost me?

Let me say it this way – it depends.

But here are some examples of sex swing prices (including mounting and attachements):

  • Cheap door swing, with no mounting additions: ≈ $80
  • Average priced single point sex swing, e.g. a spinning sex swing, and mounting for ceiling: ≈ $200
  • Double hooked sex swing, with mounting equipment for your ceiling: ≈ $330
  • Average prices single point sex swing, and a sex swing stand: ≈ $680
  • Bondage, or heavy duty sex swing, and a sex swing stand: ≈ $950