How to Use a Sex Chair to Become a Position Pro

If you are looking to dive deep into the Kama Sutra and get involved in some of its more athletic offerings, a sex chair could be just the thing you need! The added support opens up a world of possibilities and might even save you from a sex-related injury. Not to mention, sex chairs are fantastic for anyone with strength or mobility limitations due to injury, disability, age, or pregnancy.

There’s also something inherently arousing about having a piece of furniture dedicated purely to sex and pleasure. Each time you look at it, you are reminded of all the fun you had, and that can be a real turn-on! So now we’ve worked out that pretty much everyone can benefit from one, let’s look at how to use a sex chair for some next-level loving.

Different Sex Chairs and How to Use Them

Nowadays, sex chairs come in a great range of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. There are styles to suit every taste from hardcore BDSM to elegant styles that you could have in your living room without visitors raising an eyebrow! Each style offers something different in terms of use, so we’re going to have a look at the best options out there and how to use a sex chair for your best sex yet!

Liberator Zeppelin Lounger

Liberator Zeppelin Lounger

Who doesn’t love flopping down on a lovely, soft bean bag and letting your troubles melt away? Well, why not combine that pure relaxation with some good naked fun! So we all know moving on a bean bag isn’t the easiest, so these comfy clouds lend themselves to cozy positions that don’t require a lot of bounce.

The Zeppelin Lounger from Liberator is a purple dream of a bean bag! Although, technically, it’s not a bean bag as it is filled with high-density foam. This foam makes it much easier to maneuver. The lounger is covered in luxuriously soft micro velvet. It even has a moisture-proof lining and machine-washable cover, making it both pretty and practical!

How to use a sex lounger or bean bag

  • The soft bean bag allows for deeper penetration in missionary and anal sex
  • Doggy Style just got a lot comfier! The partner being penetrated can drape themselves over the lounger while their partner stands behind them. No more sore knees or achy wrists!
  • Soft sensual oral sex. You can lie back and fully relax every muscle in your body as your partner covers you with sweet licks and kisses for some super luxury oral sex.

A Sex Bouncer or Weightless Bouncing Sex Stool

EdenFantasys Position Stool
EdenFantasys Position Stool

These elasticated stools will certainly put boost your bouncing abilities. The split seat design makes it a fantastic option for all kinds of penetrative and oral sex. Designed to fit one partner underneath and one on top, this type of sex stool takes the weight off and assists you with bouncing, so you can ride your partner for longer. This support also makes them great for people with reduced strength.

Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool
Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool

The strap material will make a big difference in terms of how much or little bounce you get. The straps on the Incredible Sex Stool from Fetish Fantasy are made of TPU whereas the EdenFantasys Position Stool is made from elastic. Soft elastic straps are stretchier and bouncier and best suited to lighter people, whereas TPU straps have less give and are better suited to heavier people. TPU is also easier to clean but can stick to your skin when things get a bit heated!

How to use a sex stool or sex bouncer

  • Weithgless bouncing. The penetrating partner can sit or lie with their penis or strap-on dildo lined up with the gap in the seat while the partner being penetrated sit on top of the elastic straps and bounces on their partner’s penis or dildo until their heart’s content!
  • Oral sex. The gap in the seat also makes this perfect for queening (or kinging). One partner sits on the sear while the other lies with their head below, giving them great access to their partner’s vagina or anus. analingus. You can always use a pillow to add a little height under the giving partner’s head.
  • The gap also makes it possible to use a sex toy or your fingers to stimulate your partner. The added anticipation of not knowing what’s coming can add to the anticipation and excitement.
  • Hands-free solo bouncing. You can a sex stool with a suction cup dildo or dildo mount underneath so you can bouncy up and down on your favorite dildo without getting tired.  You’ll want to go for a long suction cup dildo or get a dildo mount to make sure you reach your sex toy.

These are just a few ideas, but these versatile stools can be used in so many different ways. Your imagination really is the only limit!

Queening Stools and Thrones

DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair
DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Facesitting oral sex can feel incredible but also requires you to stay in position and get tiring or result in cramp. Not exactly the sexy experience you were hoping for! Queening chairs let you enjoy the sweet pleasure of face-sitting oral sex without any of the work. You only have to sit back and relax! Even better, they allow you to relax your pelvic floor muscles making it easier for your partner to access all your sweet spots.

Now I know the name says queening but anyone can enjoy this luxury form of cunnilingus. These chairs are perfect for rimming (analingus) and anal play. You can also make it as vanilla or kinky as you like. To take things up a notch, you can add in a pair of bondage cuffs to keep your partner firmly where you want them while you choose how to tease or please them.

The Sex Position Enhancer from DOMINIX Deluxe has two interchangeable seats, one queening style seat with a hole in the middle, and a solid seat, which can be used for added support in different positions.

Sex Benches

Liberator Prelude Bench King Black Label
Liberator Prelude Bench King Black Label

Moving on to something a little bigger now, spanking benches are another great piece of furniture for expanding your sexual repertoire!

The Prelude Bench from Liberator is designed to be the perfect height for straddling your partner and enjoying deep penetration. It also has discreet sexual restraint attachment points for some added BDSM play.

You can keep your partner tied to the bench while you tease them with whatever tools you desire! When it’s not in use, you can slide it up against the end of your bed and it blends in beautifully with the rest of your furniture!

A sex bench is perfect for exploring sensation play. The added thrill of being tied up will heighten each sensation, and you can even add in a blindfold to add more intensity.

Sex Chaise

Liberator Esse
Liberator Esse

I’ve saved the most glamorous for last! Sex Chaises scream luxury-loving. The gentle curves of the Esse from Liberator caress your body and hold you up in the most adventurous of positions. The two different heights and additional headrest and positioning scoop allow you to experiment with endless positions while being fully supported. Sex chaises are great for adding extra support in standing positions.

You can lean against the taller curve or rest a foot on the lower section for stability. The curves flow with the curves of your body, helping you get deeper and find more comfort in lying positions and you can even play with getting upside down for a more adventurous 69!

Liberator Black Label Esse
Liberator Black Label Esse

If you like it a little kinkier, the Black Label Esse comes with a whopping 24 connector points, so you can tie your partner up any way you want them! Also, having all those connection points set up and ready to go means you can get straight to the good stuff. Just think of all the fun you could have! A sex chaise will elevate your sensation play, oral sex, and penetrative sex to new orgasmic heights.

Chair Sex Positions For Regular Chairs

Chair Sex Positions

If a sex chair isn’t in your budget right now, or, for whatever reason, dedicated sex furniture is not an option,  fear not! There are some perfectly naughty ways to use your perfectly normal chairs! Here are some of our favorite chair sex positions. 

Riding Solo

suction cup dildo reverse dining chair

All you need for some hands-free solo riding is a dining chair and a suction cup dildo. You can ride the chair forward or backward, but in the backward position, you can use the back of the chair for some added support.

The Sofa Lotus

Sofa lotus

The lotus is an incredibly intimate position, allowing for a lot of closeness, kissing, and eye contact, and what better place than your comfy, cozy sofa. Have the penetrating partner sit cross-legged with their back against the backrest. Their partner can climb on their lap, wrapping their legs around their partner’s back. The two partners can then rock back and forth whilst holding each other’s bodies close.

(S)exercise equipment

exercise equipment

Let’s face it, home exercise equipment never gets as much use as we think it will so why not put it to work for an altogether more pleasurable purpose! A lot of exercise equipment is designed to support our bodies in challenging positions, making it perfect for some more adventurous sex positions.

Exercise Ball

These big bouncy balls are great for some added support in doggy style or an extra bounce in oral sex, just be warned they aren’t the most stable, so be warned, you might find yourself rolling off mid-session!

Exercise Bench

This works really well with adjustable height exercise benches as you can find the perfect height to straddle your partner or make it a bit higher and you’ve got a spanking bench! Much more fun than actual exercise in my humble opinion!

Yoga Inversion Stool

These clever little stands are designed to get you upside down with ease, so they have a hole in them to put your head through while you elevate the rest of your body. However, if you sit on the stool instead, it looks incredibly similar to a queening chair, making it a great alternative for all kinds of oral stimulation!

So that rounds up my guide on sex chairs and a little bit of chair sex! Go forth and fill your homes with beautiful sex furniture and try those adventurous positions you’ve been saving!