Is Adam and Eve Legit?

Everything You Need to Know Before You Order

Are Adam and Eve legit? Those of us who have been around a while – Boomers and Gen-X – know Adam and Eve well. However, the younger crowd may be a bit leery about the company and hesitant to shop on its website. So, we are going to give you the lowdown on Adam and Eve and answer the biggest questions, including, “Is Adam and Eve legit?”

Are you ready to learn about one of the oldest sex toy retailers around today? Let’s talk about everything about Adam and Eve!

About Adam and Eve

Before we can answer the question, “Is Adam and Eve legit?” we must fill you in on all of the company details. After all, with the web crawling with scammers, it’s important to know who you are buying from. Additionally, shoppers today want a bit more than just a place to shop. Indeed, they want to know what the companies do behind the scenes.

So, let’s talk about Adam and Eve and learn why this is the OG of sex toys.

From the Adam and Eve Website

Here is what the Adam and Eve company has to say about their business:

“Adam and Eve is the nation’s largest marketer of adult products with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. We opened our doors in March 1971, making us one of the oldest companies in the adult industry as well.

Over the decades, we’ve built a time-tested reputation for honesty and reliability in an industry known for shady business dealings and fly-by-night operations. Our loyal customers know they can rely on Adam and Eve to treat them fairly, protect their privacy, and stand by our promises.”

The History and Founding of Adam and Eve

Are Adam and Eve legit? Let’s start at the very beginning and learn how this company got started.

Phil Harvey founded Adam and Eve in 1971, as part of his master’s thesis on family planning at the University of South Carolina Chapel Hill. Adam and Eve were the first mail-order contraceptive business in America. As the orders poured in, Phil began expanding into different areas – experimenting with more mainstream products like bar accessories, jewelry, hammocks, and outdoor grills – before focusing solely on the rapidly-growing demand for adult products.

But once Phil turned his focus to adult playthings, Adam and Eve exploded!

Did Adam and Eve Break the Law?

The Adam and Eve business was incredible until the mid-80s. It was then that officials in the Regan administration decided to crack down on the fast-growing adult industry. They immediately set their sights on Adam and Eve. Phil Harvey was subsequently charged with violating the Comstock Act – an 1873 law prohibiting the distribution of obscene materials, including condoms, through the mail.

Because of that, Adam and Eve were raided in May 1986, with employees being detained and interrogated for hours without access to legal counsel. However, during the trial, it only took the jury moments to find Phil Harvey not guilty.

As the government continued its fight against Phil, the Adam and Eve business continued to grow! He moved the company to a larger warehouse nearby – not wanting to leave those dedicated employees behind. But Phil met resistance from the community, at large.

From Defendant to Community Hero

However, Phil won them over with his persistence and public involvement including civic involvement, and charitable donations to local community groups and charities. Adam and Eve were even awarded Business of the Year by the Hillsborough-Orange County Chamber of Commerce in North Carolina….something unheard of to this day.

Adam and Eve in the Community

In addition to Adam and Eve being legit, so many people want to purchase from companies that do more than just rake in the cash. Earlier, I told you about the work Adam and Eve did in their community during their earlier days. Well, that hasn’t stopped! In fact, Adam and Eve’s employees regularly hold fundraisers for breast cancer and animal shelters (just to name a couple).

But the best part about those fundraisers is that Adam and Eve match every penny raised by its employees.

Finally, one of their largest beneficiaries is DKT International. This non-profit provides condoms and birth control to millions of men and women in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to eliminate the spread of STDs and promote family planning.

So, not only is Adam and Eve legit, Adam and Eve is a good company that contributes to causes on a regular basis.

Is Adam and Eve Legit Today?

So, even with that background knowledge, you may still wonder if Adam and Eve are legit today. And that answer you be an overwhelming yes. You see, Adam and Eve started out mailing catalogs to customers across the US, allowing them to order XXX-rated videos, condoms, and sex toys. However, they are now an online and brick-and-mortar business with more than 100 shops in the US, Canada, and Peru.

Adam and Eve Fun Facts

Are Adam and Eve legit? Here are some fun facts that may answer that question for you!

  • Adam and Eve have sold 632,812 gallons of lubes and oils, enough to fill 21,094 bathtubs.
  • They have fulfilled 56 million orders and counting.
  • They’ve sold 20 million vibrators which combined would create a 4.2 earthquake.
  • By the year 2000, Adam and Eve had sold more than 20 million dildos and stimulators.

If that doesn’t say that Adam and Eve are legit, I don’t know what does!

Is the Adam and Eve Website Legit?

Is Adam and Eve website legit?

Yes, the Adam and Eve website is legit, even though they started out as a mail-order company and still offer catalogs today. Not only that but Adam and Eve sell and ship to countries around the world as well as military addresses – something I’ve never seen a sex toy company do.

The Adam and Eve Website Layout and Navigation

The Adam and Eve website is legit and has a simple, clean, and attractive layout. Furthermore, the Adam and Eve website has easy-to-use navigation so you can find the products you desire quickly. Simply start with their navigation bar, at the top of the page. Then, hover over each main product group, and the full menu of that product will drop down.

For instance, when hovering over “For Her”, you will see a complete drop-down menu that includes, vibrators, dildos, anal toys, nipple toys, ben wa balls, bath and body, and much more. You will also see a link to Eve’s Toys, an Adam and Eve site dedicated to Lesbians, that features top-shelf brands and everyday favorites.

Finally, if you have a particular naughty product in mind, simply type it into the search bar and you’ll find your desired product in seconds.

Unique Offerings from Adam and Eve

In addition to learning, if Adam and Eve are legit, you may want more reasons why you should give them your business. After all, there are plenty of sex toy websites out there to choose from. That said, Adam and Eve are much more than just an online sex toy shop! In addition to toys, lingerie, and other pleasure products, Adam and Eve offer:

  • Sex tips and advice from Dr. Jenni Skyler, certified therapist and sexologist
  • Extensive guides to sex
  • Adam Male, a website specifically for gay men
  • Eve’s Toys, a website dedicated to Lesbians
  • Student Beans: college students can sign up to get 50% off 1 item with free shipping plus an exclusive gift
  • Grad Beans: graduates receive the same benefits as College Beans
  • Adam and Eve Video on Demand, a website for everything porn

How to Save Money Shopping at Adam and Eve

Sale banner

So, do you have the answer to, “Is Adam and Eve legit?” You should have! However, even with legitimacy, how can Adam and Eve win you over as a customer? Let’s start at the most important thing a shopper looks for; good value.

First of all, Adam and Eve offer free standard shipping if your order totals a certain amount, even though they don’t always advertise it. Next, you may encounter a pop-up that allows you to take $10 off your order if you check out within 20 minutes. And best yet, that offers stacks with other codes! Plus, if you look on the lower, left-hand side of the page, you’ll see a “Spin” tab.

Spin the wheel and receive additional offers. For instance, yesterday Adam and Eve were offering 25% off, a free gift, or your entire order free, depending on which part of the wheel you landed on. Finally, Adam and Eve always offer freebies, something they have become well-known for doing.

In fact, yesterday, they were offering a free gift with any $17 purchase, another free gift with a $39 purchase, and your choice of 2 more freebies in the shopping cart! Not only does that save you a ton of money, but you also get to try out sex toys you may never consider ordering.

BedBible Will Save You More at Adam and Eve

In addition to all of the codes and freebies, Adam and Eve offer, BedBible has an exclusive code to save you even more! Just enter the word EROTICA at checkout and receive 25% off your order! And since you’re probably now convinced that Adam and Eve are legit, you can get shopping now!

Adam and Eve Sales and Deals

Next, Adam and Eve always have special deals and sales going on, in addition to their discount codes. Just click the “Deals” tab and you’ll find incredible deals like:

  • Clearance and Overstock Outlet Sales
  • % of Adam and Eve branded toys
  • Freebies with brand-name toy purchases
  • % off brand name toys and pleasure products

The Adam and Eve Selection of Sex Toys and Pleasure Products

Another way to show whether or not Adam and Eve are legit is by taking a look at their selection of sex toys and pleasure products. Indeed, the number of products Adam and Eve carries is impressive. Plus, you definitely can’t discount the fact that they stock some of the best brand names too. So, let’s learn more about the Adam and Eve selection of sex toys and pleasure products.

Does Adam and Eve Have a Good Selection of Sex Toys?

Ia Adam and Eve legit? Brands they sell

Yes, Adam and Eve is a legit company that sells a fantastic selection of sex toys. As a matter of fact, they claim to be the biggest sex toy company in the world. And although they still sell questionable sex toys made from Jelly and PVC, they have even more body-safe products created with silicone, glass, and stainless steel.

For example, Adam and Eve offer sex toys for men, women, and couples as well as BDSM gear, vibrators, penis and pussy pumps, lubes, massage oils, tons of vibrators and dildos as well as cock rings and clitoral stimulators.

And that description didn’t even skim the surface of the actual amount of sex toys Adam and Eve carries. Seriously, you must take a look at their vast selection of intimate goodies!

So, if you are still asking, “Is Adam and Eve legit?” you definitely need to head over to the site and start exploring.

Do Adam and Eve Sell Quality Sex Toys?

Yes, Adam and Eve do sell quality sex toys, including their own name-brand products. In fact, Adam and Eve is so confident that you’ll love their products that they back them with a guarantee.

The Adam and Eve Guarantee

Adam and Eve want you to be 100% happy with their products so they offer a full, money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee within 90 days of your purchase. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sex swing or a dildo, Adam and Eve will refund your purchase price. Another piece of proof is that not only is Adam and Eve legit, but they are also a good company to buy from.

What Brands Does Adam and Eve Sell?

As another way to show that Adam and Eve are legit and sell quality name-brand sex toys, we have compiled a list of some of the best sex toy brands available on the market today. Then, next to the brand, we have shown you if Adam and Eve carry that brand.

In addition to these well-known brands, Adam and Eve stocks their own brand of sex toys, lubricants, and other grown-up goodies.

BrandDoes Adam and Eve Carry It?BrandDoes Adam and Eve Carry it?
SatisfyerYesFemme FunnYes
We-VibeYesLora DiCarloNo
Fun FactoryNonjoyNo
Doc JohnsonYesHot OctopussNo
Cal ExoticsYesSportsheetsYes
Adam and Eve carry an expanded selection of brands on Adam Male and Eve’s Toys

How are Adam and Eve’s Prices Compared to Other Companies?

Are Adam and Eve good companies when it comes to prices?

Adam and Eve have competitive pricing when compared to other adult websites that sell the same and similar pleasure products. Below, you’ll find a table, showing a few of our top affiliate companies and the prices they charge for similar products. While comparing the product pricing, keep in mind the sales, codes, and % off that you’ll find on the Adam and Eve website.

Company Name8-8.5 oz. Water-Based Lube6″ Realistic DildoSilicone Rechargeable Rabbit VibratorSmall Silicone Butt PlugMasturbator with Outer Case
Adam & Eve$12.95$24.95$39.99$15.95$19.95
Too Timid$19.95$44.95$54.95$12.95$12.95
Hustler Hollywood$22.00$40.00$64.00$18.00$20.00
*Prices shown are as of September 16, 2022 and are subject to change

Is Adam and Eve Safe?

Overall, is Adam and Eve safe to do business with? Once you get past the question “Is Adam and Eve legit?”, it’s only natural to question whether or not Adam and Eve are safe. After all, who wants to place an order with an unsafe, unsecured website?!

But rest assured, Adam and Eve is safe and ensures your security when you make a purchase from their website. What Adam and Eve have to say about your safety while shopping with them:

“We follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) when handling customers’ credit card data and work hard to protect you and your information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. We have several layers of security measures in place, including, but not limited to:

Encryption for both data at rest and during transmission

Robust access controls

Multi-layered defenses

Vulnerability management, intrusion detection, monitoring, and continuous testing

A mature InfoSec policy

UK data protection act and EU data protection regulation compliant”

What Payment Options are Available at Adam and Eve?

Are Adam and Eve safe? Absolutely! And by now, I think we’ve shown that not only is Adam and Eve legit, but they are also a good company that’s been around for more than 50 years.

So, now you’re ready to order some exciting, bedroom goodies. But what payment options are available at Adam and Eve? Well, once your cart is full and you’re ready to check out, you’ll see that Adam and Eve accept the following modes of payment:

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayPal Credit

Will Adam and Eve Spam Me After I Order from Them?

Spam is something we’ve come to live with when doing any sort of online transaction. But when it comes to a sex toy retailer, do we really want that type of spam slamming our email boxes? Therefore, will Adam and Eve spam you after your order?

Yes, they will spam you if you aren’t careful when ordering. Adam and Eve have a specific area for further contact and mailing lists, and that includes catalogs being sent to your home. Therefore, it’s important that you carefully check their checkout page and click and unclick boxes related to newsletters and promotions.

Furthermore, if you create an account, be sure and go into your preferences and let them know if you do or do not want email and snail mail.

Will Adam and Eve Send Unsolicited Catalogs?

Yes, Adam and Eve will send you unsolicited catalogs if you create an account when you order from their website. So, how do you avoid receiving catalogs from Adam and Eve? First, check out as a guest rather than create an account. But while doing that, be sure nothing is checked on the checkout page. Next, if you did make an account, simply go into your preferences and opt-out of future promotions and mailings.

Do Adam and Eve Have Discreet Billing?

Adam and Eve PayPal billing not discreet

Adam and Eve is a good company. Adam and Eve are safe. But does Adam and Eve have discreet billing? According to their website, they claim “Adam and Eve” will never show up on your credit card statement. Unfortunately, when I ordered from Adam and Eve, using my PayPal debit card, Adam and Eve were right there, clear as day.

Now, whether or not this happens on the credit card or bank statements, remains to be seen. However, considering they accept PayPal, we feel it’s important that our readers know the truth about the Adam and Eve discreet billing policy, or lack thereof.

What Are the Adam and Eve Shipping Costs and Options?

Adam and Eve have several choices when it comes to shipping. That way, you can choose the speed and price that best fits your needs. Additionally, if your order is placed before 2:45 pm EST, your order will ship out, worldwide, the same day.

  • Standard 5-8 day shipping $8.99
  • Expedited 3-5 business days (priced by weight)
  • UPS 2-day (priced by weight and location)
  • UPS overnight with Saturday delivery (priced by weight and location)
  • UPS 2-day with overnight exceptions (priced by weight and location)
  • International shipping via DHL
  • Military shipping anywhere in the world for US service members is $8.99

Shipping Extras and Adam and Eve Insurance

Adam and Eve offer a couple of shipping extras that most sex toy companies do not. First, for .99 cents, you can receive expedited shipping. What that means is that your package will go out before all others are ordered that day. Secondly, they offer Adam and Eve insurance, referred to as assurance. For a flat fee of $2.25, Adam and Eve will insure your package against loss and damage.

Finally, be careful, especially if you aren’t interested in the expedited order or Adam and Eve insurance. Both items are pre-checked in the shopping cart. Therefore, if you don’t uncheck the boxes, you will be charged both fees.

Is Adam and Eve’s Packaging Discreet?

Adam and Eve packaging discreet

Three important questions come to mind when searching for a sex toy retailer. First, is Adam and Eve legit? Second, Is Adam and Eve safe? And finally, and probably most importantly, Is Adam and Eve’s packaging discreet? After all, nobody wants their mail carrier to know what they do in their alone time! So, I purchased a toy from Adam and Eve and learned that indeed, their packaging is discreet.

My toy came in a plain, bubble mailer with a return address that was not Adam and Eve. And although I wasn’t thrilled that my product packaging wasn’t a cardboard box, I was 100% happy with Adam and Eve being discreet. You can read my full blog post here. In addition, I made a video about my Adam and Eve packaging. You can watch the video here.

Do Adam and Eve Have Good Customer Service?

Adam and Eve customer service

If something goes wrong with your order, you definitely need to know if Adam and Eve has good customer service. I have never had to use their customer service line, so I can’t tell you if they’re good or not. However, I do know that the Adam and Eve customer service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, there are 3 ways to contact them.

First, you can contact Adam and Eve customer service via phone. That number is 1-800-382-1888.

Or, you have a choice of chatting with a customer service representative online by going here. Finally, if time isn’t of the essence, you can send them an email via a form on their website here.

Adam and Eve Reviews

Another sure way to answer the question, “Is Adam and Eve legit?”, and to find out whether or not Adam and Eve is a good company is by reading their outside reviews. This type of review is gathered from outside sources and reveals the true picture when it comes to a company’s legitimacy and how they treat their customers.

So, here are some Adam and Eve reviews from around the web:

  • Adam and Eve reviews from Google: 4.25 out of 5 stars with 787 total reviews.
  • Better Business Bureau Adam and Eve reviews: 1.28 out of 5 stars with 110 reviews
  • Trust Pilot reviews: 1.5 out of 5 stars with a total of 245 reviews
  • Bizrate post shopping Adam and Eve reviews: 8.5 out of 10 stars
  • Adam and Eve reviews: 2.4 out of 5 stars with 9 total customer reviews

My Experience with Adam and Eve

Many years ago, I knew Adam and Eve were legit and a good company to order from. I had ordered a DVD from them and it came with a free sex toy – a super-cheap pussy pump – as well as free, short DVDs and product catalogs. However, most recently, I ordered from Adam and Eve online and it was a completely different experience.

First off, their website was easy to use and ordering was a snap. Secondly, I was disappointed at the fact that using my PayPal business debit resulted in “Adam and Eve” clearly displayed on my statement. Next, unfortunately, I was spammed relentlessly, although I don’t remember any opt-in or out boxes. But alas, my package arrived within 7 days and it was completely discreet.

Furthermore, unlike the old-school Adam and Eve MO, I haven’t received a single postcard or catalog via snail mail. So, in my opinion, not only is Adam and Eve legit, Adam and Eve is a good company from which to order your next sex toy, lingerie set, or other intimate goodies. Just avoid the cheap toys made from jelly and other sketchy materials.

Are Adam and Eve a Good Company?

In the end, is Adam and Eve a good company to give your hard-earned money to? Yes, they are. Adam and Eve is a legit company, a safe company, and has a great website with all of the security measures in place. Adam and Eve’s shipping are on point with most other sex toy retailers. And Adam and Eve are discreet when it comes to packaging.

Unfortunately, you have to be diligent and go to their site and change your email and snail mail preferences in order to avoid getting spammed with extremely vulgar emails and adult product catalogs. Plus, if you use PayPal, Adam and Eve is not discreet on your statement; they are loud and proud. Overall, Adam and Eve are safe and a great place to buy pleasure products.