Is Adam & Eve Packaging Discreet? We Reveal the Exciting Truth So You Can Order with Confidence!

Is Adam & Eve packaging discreet? After all, you are dying to order that coveted new vibrator you’ve been saving for.

Well, you certainly aren’t alone in your desire for curiosity and concern! I mean, who wants to order an adult product only to have the mail carrier show up at your door with a brightly labeled box and a wink?

Unless you have a thing for people in uniform, I would guess you don’t want everyone knowing your personal business. Therefore, Bedbible decided to put Adam & Eve, as well as Lovehoney’s packaging, to the test.

We ordered something from each sex toy site and waited to see what the packaging looked like.

So, how discreet are Adam & Eve’s packages and shipping labels?

Let’s find out!

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What Does Adam & Eve Packaging Look Like?

We ordered the Satisfyer Pro 3 from the Adam & Eve online site. Immediately, we got an order confirmation via email along with the reassurance that another email would be forthcoming once they had the tracking number. Are Adam and Eve emails discreet? Nope! The “from” states “Adam & Eve” and the emails include some adult graphics…. Just in case you were curious.

So, you may want to give them a nick-name in your email contacts so your coworkers, roommates or partner don’t see you are ordering yet another butt plug.

Okay, so we now know you have to be cautious about Adam & Eve emails but is Adam & Eve packaging discreet?

Is Adam & Eve Packaging Discreet?

Is Adam & Eve Packaging Discreet?

The package arrived approximately 1 week from the day we ordered, so it shipped relatively quickly. So, what does Adam and Eve packaging look like?

Considering the product box was on the small-ish side, the packaging was a plain, gray, bubble mailer. I’d have preferred a small box, as packages tend to get smashed to smithereens around here. However, Adam & Eve sent a plain, discreet, bubble mailer and my product was fine.

How Discreet Are Adam & Eve Packaging and Shipping Labels?

Are Adam & Eve shipping labels discreet?
It was rainy that day so half of my Adam & Eve shipping label has faded. However, it was clear enough to tell that their company name was not shown.

The Adam & Eve package and the shipping label were extremely discreet. As a matter of fact, they were so discreet that I had 4 packages on my porch that day and the only one I recognized was from Amazon – you cannot miss those big, smiley faces!

As far as the Adam & Eve shipping label goes, the return address did not reveal the package was from them and showed a return address from North Carolina – in case you were asking from where does Adam & Eve ship? And, considering I got two additional shipments from other sex toy companies at the same time, I literally had no idea which package came from whom and what was inside until I opened them.

How Does Adam & Eve Ship Orders?

Since I am in the United States, my shipping may differ from yours. That being said, my tracking information was from DHL. In the state where I live, DHL doesn’t deliver to private residences. Instead, they deliver to the nearest post office and my local mail carrier made the actual delivery to my door step.

Does Adam & Eve Send Catalogs and Stuff with Orders?

Does Adam & Eve send catalogs with orders?

I remember ordering something from Adam & Eve many years ago. At that time, my package was filled with all sorts of postcard ads as well as a big Adam & Eve catalog. However, this time, my experience was a little different. Aside from the product I ordered, Adam & Eve included a single, 2-sided, post card advertisement, a $100 Wine Voucher and my order requisition. No full-color catalog included.

Beware of the Adam & Eve Packing Slip

Be warned, the requisition was not discreet at all. The upper, left-hand corner included the Adam & Eve logo, mailing address and the product names are printed clearly. In addition, there are advertisements and coupon codes for various products near the bottom.

However, the backside of the requisition/receipt/packing slip is the exchange-return form. So, you may want to tuck it away somewhere safe until the return period is over.

How Does Adam & Eve Charges Show on My Credit Card Statement?

How Lovehoney and Adam & Eve charges show on your credit card statement

If you are worried about how Adam & Eve charges show up on your credit card statement or, for those of you who use a debit card, your bank account, this is what happened to me.

I used my PayPal debit card, which also has a Mastercard emblem, therefore, it works like a credit card. I went over to PayPal, pulled up my recent transactions and there it was, bold and brazen and not at all ashamed of itself; Adam & Eve.

So, if you’re seeking anonymity with the Adam & Eve billing process, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Will Adam & Eve Send Me Things I Don’t Want?

Rewind to about 20 years ago and yes, Adam & Eve would cram your mailbox full of regular catalogs, video catalogs, sales brochures and more. And, since I just got my recent order, I have no way of knowing if their MO is still the same. However, if I suddenly start getting X-rated mail, I will update this blog post and give you all a heads-up.

If I Order Something, Will Adam & Eve Spam me?

When I put in my order with Adam & Eve, I didn’t pay attention to whether or not there was a well-hidden box I needed to click to save myself from relentless amounts of spam in my inbox. If there was a box, I completely missed it.

And yes, I am currently getting flooded with emails from Adam & Eve about buying more products, ordering the hottest porn DVDs and their current sales. So, if you haven’t ordered from Adam & Eve yet, look for a little box to click that will save you from being spammed. If there isn’t one, just be prepared to click that unsubscribe link!

How to get Free Shipping on

How to get free shipping from Adam and Eve, plus delivery times, accuracy and more!

Are you wanting to get free shipping from Adam and Eve as well as learning about their delivery times and accuracy? Well, look no further!

You can shop at the OG of sex toy shops, with more than 50 years in the biz, and get discounted or free shipping.

Quick steps to getting free shipping

  • Since Adam and Eve don’t offer standing free shipping when you reach a predetermined dollar amount, you have to get creative when finding free shipping codes and offers.
  • The best ways to get Adam and Eve free delivery is by using codes.
  • Finding Adam and Eve free shipping codes are as easy as using a search engine, checking the Adam and Eve home page or signing up for emails and texts.
  • They do offer a plethora of shipping options including standard, expedited and next day delivery, as well as international shipping and delivery to Military members.
  • Adam and Eve shipping accuracy seems to be on point according to their website estimates, personal experience and shopper reviews.

How to Get Free Shipping from Adam and Eve

Even though Adam and Eve is the most recognized name in sex toys, they don’t offer the ongoing free shipping when you spend X number of dollars, like places such as Lovehoney do.

Sure, spending a bit on shipping isn’t so bad, considering Adam and Eve has incredible discounts regularly and offer freebies with nearly every order. That being said, paying $8.99 shipping for a teeny bottle of lube isn’t cool.

So, here are some tried and true ways to get Adam and Eve free delivery.

Adam and Eve Free Delivery Codes and Where to Find Them

Where are the best places to find Adam and Eve free shipping codes? I have searched high and low to give you the scoop on how to find those codes.

The Adam and Eve Home Page
Adam and Eve website home page

Adam and Eve free shipping codes oftentimes appear right on their home page along with percentage off discount codes, some of which include free shipping as well.

However, be careful! That’s because those codes can change daily!

For example, as I was outlining this blog post yesterday, there was an Adam and Eve free shipping and product discount code on the home page. But when I went back today, it was gone.

Therefore, if you see Adam and Eve offering free shipping today, you may want to shop today before the code is gone.

Google for Adam and Eve Free Shipping Codes

Another way to find free delivery codes from Adam and Eve is to simply use Google or your favorite search engine. That’s because coupon and discount sites list free shipping and discount codes for businesses all over the internet, Adam and Eve included.

Want Adam and Eve Free Delivery? Sign Up for Emails and Texts

Adam and Eve offer their regular shoppers percentage off and free shipping codes all the time. But you do have to sign up for email and/or text alerts.

Signing up is extremely easy and you can do so by going to their account sign-up page directly. Or, sign up by finding the account link at the top of the page.

How to get Adam and Eve free shipping step 1

text and email signup

Click the link and choose sign up.

Text and email sign up

Scroll down and click the box for emails and texts. That way you’ll receive Adam and Eve free delivery and other discounts right to your phone or email.

Adam and Eve Free Shipping Via Social Media
Adam and Eve Instagram post

Some of us aren’t to keen on having sex toy shop emails coming to our inbox. Nor do we like being bombarded by text messages.

So, if that’s the case with you, there is another way to get Adam and Eve free shipping codes. And that is by following their social media accounts!

Adam and Eve regularly posts content that includes discount and free shipping codes either in the post description or within the post itself. Here are Adam and Eve’s social media links.

Can I Win Adam and Eve Free Shipping?
Can I win free shipping?

Yes! Believe it or not, you may be able to win free shipping, a deep discount or your entire order for free.

You see, when you go to the Adam and Eve home page, there is a Spin to Win pop up. Simply click, spin the wheel and you could win anything I mentioned.

Plus, the prizes change from time to time. So, don’t forget to spin that wheel each and every time you order from them.

How to Enter Codes at Adam and Eve Checkout

Entering codes for discounts is pretty easy. However, I did run across some Adam and Eve shoppers who mentioned not being able to find the code box when they ordered.

Therefore, here is how to enter a code at Adam and Eve checkout:

Click on the cart at the top, right of the screen. Once there, scroll down the page until you see the code box.

How to add discount codes

Then, enter your code, click apply and your discount should be added.

Adam and Eve Shipping Options and Delivery Times

Adam and Eve delivery

Adam and Eve offer an extensive list of delivery options. That way, you can receive your pleasure products as quickly as you wish.

Standard Delivery Shipping Cost and Delivery Times

Adam and Eve’s standard delivery ships via USPS and costs $8.99. I mean, that’s not a bad price if you’re ordering a lot of sex toys.

However, if you’re only ordering a lightweight lingerie set or a single bottle of lube, that can seem a bit pricey. Which is why I’ve shown you should to find Adam and Eve free shipping codes.

Now, the delivery times can vary when you use standard shipping, as a lot depends on the mail carrier and post offices in your area. However, delivery estimates on the Adam and Eve website states 5-8 days.

Expedited Delivery Options and Delivery Times

Adam and Eve offers plenty of delivery options if you’d like your order even faster. Those include:


Expedited shipping is likely USPS or UPS Ground, however, the cost varies by weight. Plus, delivery times are shorter, at 3-5 days.

And although the site doesn’t say this option is Priority Mail or UPS Ground, one can only assume such.

UPS 2-Day Delivery

The UPS 2-day delivery option is pretty self-explanatory; you receive your shipment in 2 days. In addition, the cost of this shipping option will vary by the weight of your order, and where you are located in the United States.

UPS Overnight

Next, you can choose UPS Overnight delivery. This too is self-explanatory as you get your order in 24-hours.

That is, as long as your order is placed Monday through Thursday before 2:45 pm EST, and not on or the day before a holiday. Further, the cost for UPS Overnight shipping varies depending on the weight of your package and where you are located.

UPS Overnight with Saturday Delivery

Ordinarily, UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturdays. However, if you choose the UPS Overnight with Saturday Delivery, you can receive your package on Saturday.

So, if you happen to order your Adam and Eve goodies on a Friday, before 2:45 PM EST, you’ll receive your package next day. Otherwise, ordering Monday through Thursday will do the same.

And, just like the other UPS delivery options, the price of delivery will all depend on where you are and the weight of your order.

International Delivery options and Arrival Times

Adam and Eve’s international delivery options are straightforward as they only utilize a single carrier. So, if you happen to be outside of the United States, here are your delivery options and arrival times.

DHL Standard Delivery from Adam and Eve

DHL standard international delivery times vary between 3-10 business days. And the cost of shipping depends on your package weight and your location on the planet.

However, don’t forget that duties and taxes may be due upon delivery, depending on your country’s shipping laws.

DHL Priority Shipping

Next, you can choose DHL Priority Shipping which also has an estimated delivery time of 3-10 business days – which makes no sense to me. Although, I am assuming it will arrive sooner within that window of time.

Your cost of shipping is the same as other expedited shipping options and are dependent upon the size of your order and where you are located. And again, taxes and duties are payable upon delivery, depending on which country in which you reside.

DHL Express Delivery

DHL Express delivery gets your Adam and Eve order shipped to you within 2-4 business days. And the cost of this shipping service will be calculated at check out – depending on how many items you ordered, the package size and weight and your location.

You may also be charged taxes and duty fees, depending where you reside.

Adam and Eve Military Shipping Cost

I believe this should be included in Adam and Eve free shipping at all times. But alas, it isn’t.

Therefore, all Military orders ship standard delivery at $8.99 and has an estimated arrival time of 5-8 days. But it doesn’t matter where in the world you are stationed!

How Accurate Is Adam and Eve Shipping

Adam and Eve shipping costs don’t mean a thing if their shipping arrival times aren’t accurate. Now, we all know that many things can delay the shipping process.

For instance, bad weather (anywhere along the delivery route) can cause substantial delays in package arrival times. However, as a whole, how accurate is Adam and Eve shipping?

Here is what I know by my personal experience and that of other Adam and Eve shoppers.

My Experience with Adam and Eve Shipping

I put in an order from Adam and Eve to get a new product to review, as well as to review their shipping and discretion as a whole.

First off, I paid the $8.99 for standard shipping, as I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get my products. Second, I did receive my order within the 5–8-day time frame; approximately on day 7.

Therefore, Adam and Eve shipping estimates were accurate in my case.

What Shoppers Are Saying About Adam and Eve Shipping and Accuracy

Adam and Eve has hired Bizrate in order to receive extensive feedback on their website, products, shipping, customer service and more. As a result, I was able to go through the reviews and see if there were any problems with Adam and Eve shipping accuracy.

Here are a few positive and negative, written comments, about Adam and Eve shipping.


Overall, Adam and Eve shipping times and accuracy seem to be great, even though some customers aren’t pleased with the $8.99 cost of standard delivery. But that is why you go and find those free shipping codes!

The Final Conclusion: Is Adam & Eve Safe to Order from?

Is Adam & Eve packaging discreet, in my opinion? Absolutely, yes! But is Adam & Eve a safe company to order from?

Overall, yes, I believe Adam & Eve is a safe company from which to order sex toys and other adult products. Their shipping was fast, their packaging was completely discreet and the shipping label did not reveal who the package was from. The only downside from ordering sex toys from Adam & Eve would be their name showing up on your bank or credit card statement as well as the fact you may get spam in your inbox.

Therefore, if you are afraid someone may see this on your credit card or bank statement, either hide that month’s statement or find a more discreet company from which to order. As far as spam goes, unsubscribing is quick and easy to do.