Is Hustler Hollywood Legit?

By Edie / October 05, 2022

Everything You Need to Know Before Shopping at Hustler Hollywood!

Is Hustler Hollywood legit? Although the Hustler name goes way back, some may wonder if the Hustler Hollywood website is legit. So, we at BedBible want to ensure all of our readers have a positive experience when shopping for sex toys; especially when it comes to shopping with our trusted affiliate sites.

Therefore, we are going to give you a full review of Hustler Hollywood and answer your burning questions. Some of those questions are, “Is Hustler Hollywood legit?”, “Is Hustler Hollywood a good company?” while showing you Hustler Hollywood reviews, shipping information and more. Then, hopefully, you will feel confident in shopping for sex toys on the Hustler Hollywood website.

Is Hustler Hollywood Legit? All About Hustler Hollywood

Hustler Hollywood legit

You may want to know if Hustler Hollywood is legit if you’re online looking for the best place to shop for sex toys. After all, there are a ton of websites that sell sex toys. And you need to know which ones are legit and which ones may be scams. So, is Hustler Hollywood legit? Yes, they are! And how do we know? We know Hustler Hollywood is legit because we have shopped from them in order to provide you with a review.

Plus, we grabbed a couple of new sex toys to review, for you, as well!

From the Hustler Hollywood Website

“We don’t hide who we are. We don’t apologize for our desires. We decide what turns us on. Exploring different expressions of our sexuality opens us up to new, exciting experiences and higher levels of understanding.

Hustler Hollywood is part of an empire that was built by Larry Flynt, a man who was not ashamed of sex or afraid to push boundaries, a legend who fought for free speech at a time of legal sexual puritanism. Our stores pass on Larry’s message of free sexual expression by offering an upscale shopping experience in an elegant setting.”

Is Hustler Hollywood Legit? The History of Hustler Hollywood

Here is a little bit of history from the Hustler Hollywood website. Unfortunately, they don’t mention when their website launched nor how successful it has been. However, the Hustler name and their retail history speak for themselves.

“The first Hustler Hollywood store opened on the world-famous Sunset Strip in 1998 with a mission to adapt the Hustler reputation into an accessible lifestyle brand. From its inception, its goal has been to offer a sophisticated retail experience for the sexually curious to explore new forms of eroticism.

With our wide selection of high quality lingerie, erotica, sex toys, and novelties, our stores encourage curiosity. The Hustler name has helped many overcome their hesitation by providing its customers with a wealth of information delivered by warm, helpful and open-minded staff members.”

Is the Hustler Hollywood Website Legit?

Is the Hustler Hollywood website legit?

Hustler Hollywood started as a retail brand, with brick-and-mortar stores. But is the Hustler Hollywood website legit? Absolutely! I mean, what company would pass by millions from consumers wanting Hustler Hollywood products but are too shy about going into an erotic boutique? Additionally, there may not be a Hustler Hollywood store near you.

So, yes, the Hustler Hollywood website is legit.

The Hustler Hollywood Website Layout and Navigation

Shopping the Hustler Hollywood website is pleasurable. First, their layout is clean, uses a lot of photographs and isn’t one of those in-your-face sites with crazy, flashing GIFs and such. Secondly, navigating the website is easy. Simply hover over the category you want, and a larger, drop-down list will appear.

Finally, the legit Hustler Hollywood website offers a plethora of erotic goodies from sex toys and accessories to furniture, games, books and lingerie. And each product page features complete product descriptions and if manufacturer warranties exist, as well as reviews from customers who’ve purchased that item.

Unique Offerings from Hustler Hollywood

Hustler Hollywood Halloween lingerie

Not only is Hustler Hollywood legit, they have some unique offerings that make them stand out from other sex toy websites. Those offerings include:

How to Save Money Shopping at Hustler Hollywood

Yes, Hustler Hollywood is legit and the Hustler Hollywood website is legit. But when shopping for sex toys and pleasure products, sometimes saving money is a priority. Therefore, Hustler Hollywood offers several ways to save you some money on the sexy products you desire. And those are:

  • Free FedEx Ground shipping on any order over $69
  • Look for % off and other codes you can use at checkout.
  • Flash sales
  • A Clearance tab with all sorts of discounted, pleasure products, toys and lingerie
  • Save 15% on your order when you sign up for the Hustler Hollywood newsletter.

And speaking of newsletter, the Hustler Hollywood newsletter works a little different from most. For instance, you can choose newsletter topics such as LGBTQ, sales and promotions, blog additions etc. Plus, you can choose the frequency that you receive the newsletter. That way, you aren’t spammed, and you get the information catered to your desires.

The Hustler Hollywood Pleasure Rewards Program

Another way to save money at Hustler Hollywood is by joining their Pleasure Rewards Program. That way, each time you shop at the Hustler Hollywood website, you earn points.

  • 25 points for just signing up
  • Earn 25 points when you sign up for the Hustler Hollywood newsletter.
  • Points for creating a profile, following them on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Earn points for writing reviews.
  • Points for your first purchase, and those points raise the more you shop and move up the 3 tiers of membership

Pleasure Seeker 1-349 points

The Pleasure Expert 349-499 points

Pleasure Master 500 +

Each level brings you more perks, like % off for your birthday, early access to new product launches, early access to sales and deals, extra earning events and more. Additionally, you can cash in your points at any time for $5 off your purchase for just 100 points. Finally, you can earn points by shopping in-store too! Simply give the cashier your email address.

The Hustler Hollywood Selection of Sex Toys and Pleasure Products

“We know that being sexy means being comfortable with who you are. That’s why we find sexy in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, lifestyles and identities. Our range of products reflects our understanding of this all-encompassing definition.”

Is Hustler Hollywood legit? Yes, it is.

Is the Hustler Hollywood website legit? Again, yes, it is!

But, is Hustler Hollywood a good company at which to spend your money? Let’s take a look at the selection of sex toys and pleasure products that Hustler Hollywood carries. Then, see if you think they are a good company.

Does Hustler Hollywood Have a Good Selection of Sex Toys?

The HH brand of sex toys
Hustler Hollywood brand of sex toys
The selection of Hustler Hollywood brand of sex toys

Hustler Hollywood isn’t what you’d consider a mega sex toy store. However, they do have a good selection of sex toys. They carry every type of sex toy imaginable as well as a large stock of sex machines, full-sized sex dolls, sex furniture, swings, frames and more. So yes, Hustler Hollywood is a legit sex toy company with a good selection to choose from.

Does Hustler Hollywood Sell Quality Sex Toys?

Is Hustler Hollywood legit, and do they sell quality sex toys? That is a great question, considering some sex toy websites carry substandard products made of sketchy materials. Indeed, Hustler Hollywood does carry quality sex toys that are body safe and created from materials such as silicone, stainless steel and glass. However, you will run across sex toys made from jelly and skin-like materials on the site.

That being said, you can decide which products and materials are right for your body and your sexual desires.

Does Hustler Hollywood Have a Guarantee?

The Hustler Hollywood guarantee is non-existent, and their return policy is similar to other sex toy retailers. That policy states that returns can be made within 30 days of purchase, and only for unopened, unused products. From the Hustler Hollywood website:

“At we strive to depict products as accurately as possible with information provided by manufacturers. While we are not able to offer a satisfaction guarantee, our customer care team is always available to assist with any product questions you may have. We understand that in some instances, a return is necessary.”

In addition, Hustler Hollywood does honor manufacturers warranties, although you will have to contact that company. Just another reason we suggest purchasing high-quality sex toys that come with a warranty.

Is Hustler Hollywood Legit? What Brands Does Hustler Hollywood Sell?

Hustler Hollywood is a legit website that carries a huge variety of brands for every sexual desire. Plus, the Hustler Hollywood brand of sex toys, accessories, clothing and lingerie is one of the most extensive collections we have ever seen! But, when it comes to big names, we all know and love, here is a list of brand names and whether or not Hustler Hollywood stocks it.

BrandDoes Hustler Hollywood Carry it?BrandDoes Hustler Hollywood Carry it?
SatisfyerYesFemme FunnYes
We-VibeYesLora DiCarloNo
Fun FactoryYesnjoyYes
Doc JohnsonYesHot OctopussYes
Cal ExoticsYesSportsheetsYes

How are Hustler Hollywood Prices Compared to Other Companies?

Is Hustler Hollywood legit? And how are Hustler Hollywood prices in comparison to alternative sex toy shops? Let’s take a look at some common sex toys and their prices, compared to some of our trusted affiliates.

Company Name8-8.5 oz. Water-Based Lube6″ Realistic DildoSilicone Rechargeable Rabbit VibratorSmall Silicone Butt PlugMasturbator with Outer Case
Adam & Eve$12.95$24.95$39.99$15.95$19.95
Too Timid$19.95$44.95$54.95$12.95$12.95
Hustler Hollywood$22.00$40.00$64.00$18.00$20.00
*Prices shown are as of September 16, 2022 and are subject to change

Is Hustler Hollywood Safe?

Now that we have discussed Hustler Hollywood being legit, their website being legit and if Hustler Hollywood is a good company at which to shop, let’s answer the question, “Is Hustler Hollywood safe?” Moreover, is their website safe when it comes to your personal and credit card information. This is what Hustler Hollywood has to say:

“The security of your personal information is important to us and in order to prevent its unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you.” 

I’m not sure if the word suitable makes Hustler Hollywood safe. However, when we purchased from the site, we didn’t have any problems.

Is Hustler Hollywood Legit? What Payment Options are Available at Hustler Hollywood?

You have filled your virtual shopping cart with all sorts of erotic goodies and it’s time to check out. So, what payment options are available on the Hustler Hollywood website? Hustler Hollywood accepts:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • PayPal credit
  • Sezzle (for purchases over $140 with approved credit)

With PayPal Credit and Sezzle, you can break your payment up, over time. That way, you can easily purchase that full-sized sex doll you’ve always wanted, without having to pay for the entire purchase up front.

Will Hustler Hollywood Spam Me After I Order from Them?

Is Hustler Hollywood legit? Wil they send spam?

Sure, Hustler Hollywood is legit, but will they spam you after you order from them? Well, spam isn’t exclusive to sex toy companies, as we have all gotten bombarded simply by shopping online. Unfortunately, after shopping at the Hustler Hollywood website, within 15-minutes, we had received 2 spam emails. However, unsubscribing was easy and done by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.

Additionally, if you create an account with Hustler Hollywood, you have total control over what they send and how frequently.

Does Hustler Hollywood Have Discreet Billing?

Hustler Hollywood discreet billing

Hustler Hollywood is a good company at which to shop for sex toys. But when it comes to the post checkout part of the transaction, does Hustler Hollywood have discreet billing? The answer to that is yes, they do! In fact, your credit card or bank statement will reflect the purchase as being from LFP Ecommerce, LLC, as shown above.

What Are the Hustler Hollywood Shipping Options?

We have scoured the Hustler Hollywood website, in search of where they ship, and have found nothing. Therefore, we will assume they ship to the United States only – although, we may be wrong. But what are Hustler Hollywood’s shipping options?

Hustler Hollywood uses FedEx exclusively. That way, you can track your package and ensure it gets to you quickly. You can choose from:

  • Free FedEx Ground shipping with any order over $69
  • FedEx Ground
  • Or FedEx 2-day
  • FedEx Next Day shipping

Is Hustler Hollywood Packaging Discreet?

Hustler Hollywood packaging discreet

One of the most important questions, when shopping for sex toys, is whether or not the website offers discreet packaging. So, is Hustler Hollywood packaging discreet? Yes! Furthermore, I wrote an entire blog post on Hustler Hollywood packaging, the company’s discretion and did reviews on the Snail Vibe and the Satisfyer Red Hot Lover vibrator they sent me.

Does Hustler Hollywood Have Good Customer Service?

Is Hustler Hollywood a good company, and do they have good customer service? Alas, I personally haven’t had the need to contact the Hustler Hollywood customer service department. However, they do offer several ways to get in touch with them in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong with your order. Those are:

Hustler Hollywood Reviews

Is Hustler Hollywood legit? Yes! But is Hustler Hollywood a good company when it comes to customer service? After all, if something does go wrong with your order, it’s good to know whether or not they’ll take care of your issues. So, we have collected some independent reviews, from around the internet, so you can decide for yourself.

  • Hustler Hollywood reviews from Google: (Please keep in mind these website reviews include some store reviews) 4.8 out of 5 with 2,708 total customer reviews
  • Facebook shows 4.5 out of 5 with 44 Hustler Hollywood reviews in total.
  • Knoji shows 4.0 out of 5 with 54 written Hustler Hollywood reviews.
  • InHerSight Hustler Hollywood reviews show 2.6 out of 5 with 175 first-hand experiences

My Experience with Hustler Hollywood

My experience with Hustler Hollywood was a good one. As a matter of fact, their packaging was not only discreet, but was like receiving a gift-wrapped present! In addition, shopping was easy, billing was discreet and my outer packaging was also discreet. All in all, I found Hustler Hollywood to be a legit company with a broad selection of sex toys at reasonable prices.

And I’m not just saying that because they are one of our trusted affiliates. In fact, I am always honest with our readers so you can be sure you have a positive shopping experience, no matter which company you choose to shop with.

Is Hustler Hollywood a Good Company?

Overall, is Hustler Hollywood a good company from which to buy sex toys? Yes, they are! Hustler Hollywood is legit! The Hustler Hollywood website is legit, easy on the eyes and has an easy-to-use layout. Plus, Hustler Hollywood has a great selection of sex toys and other pleasure products, with one of the best collections of branded sex toys than any other sex toy website.

And finally, if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with amazing lingerie, undergarments and beyond sexy costumes for a bit of role playing, Hustler Hollywood has the best selection we have come across in all of our trusted affiliates!

So, are you ready to shop for some fun and sexy pleasure products and lingerie? Head on over to Hustler Hollywood and shop till your heart’s content!