RealDoll Review: A Comprehensive Review of

My RealDoll review will give you all of the information you need about the website, doll choices, shipping, discretion and more.

That way, when you’re in search of the perfect place to purchase your sex doll, you’ll know the most important aspects of RealDoll.

And considering the uniqueness of this brand, you’ll definitely want to read this review.

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RealDoll Review: Pros and Cons

To begin, here is a quick list of the pros and cons of RealDoll and their amazing products.


  • RealDoll companion and AI dolls are manufactured here in the USA.
  • The RealDoll is made with a proprietary material that makes them feel real and last longer.
  • Each doll is manufactured when ordered, meaning, RealDolls are never mass-produced.
  • RealDoll employs artists that create, sculpt and detail each and every doll.
  • The company has their own repair shop, here in the United States.
  • All RealDoll companion dolls ship discreetly and safely in wooden crates.


  • RealDoll companion dolls and AI robots fetch a premium price in comparison to other brands.
  • Their production time is longer than other sex doll manufacturers.
  • RealDoll is currently under a back log in manufacturing due to supply issues, thus there are current negative reviews.

About RealDoll

RealDoll X Serenity

RealDoll is the brand owned by Abyss Creations, and has been around since 1996. Further, RealDoll is a luxury companion doll and AI sex doll brand, creating some of the most stunning and incredible companion dolls on the market today.

To compare, most brands of companion dolls can be akin to driving a Mercedes Benz. However, the RealDoll sex doll is more like driving a Porsche 911.

Best yet, RealDoll is a United States company, based in Las Vegas Nevada, while most sex dolls are manufactured overseas.

Finally, RealDoll keeps their doll choices small, allowing customers to choose from basic body measurements, faces, height and weight. From there, you can customize makeup, nipples and labia size as well as other unique, hand-crafted add-ons.

In the end, you are rewarded with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind doll, unlike any you can purchase elsewhere.

The RealDoll Review: Website

RealDoll review: landing page

Next, my RealDoll review rates the website highly, as it’s sleek, beautiful and extremely easy to navigate. For instance, there is a single menu, at the top left of the screen, which opens the full menu of companion and AI dolls, as well as other unique Abyss products.

In addition, their HELP link brings you to a nicely laid out FAQ area, which is also searchable. It’s there you’ll find information on how the dolls are manufactured, shipping, costs and payments, doll storage and maintenance, and much more.

Is RealDoll Legit?

RealDoll legitimate

Now, this is one of the most common questions that comes up in regard to a sex doll company such as this; “Is RealDoll legit?” In brief, yes, RealDoll is 100% legit.

Not only that, RealDoll by Abyss is one of the most recognized names in the world of companion dolls, because of their RealDoll X, AI sex doll.

Additionally, you can find, and sometimes tour their facility in Nevada. Or you can find articles, videos, and tours covered by numerous magazines and media outlets online.

Further, RealDoll has many videos of their studio and manufacturing facility right on their website under the RealDoll Studios tab.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, RealDoll is represented on The Doll Forum too! To sum things up, it’s clear that RealDoll is legitimate.

RealDoll Selection

RealDoll selection

Moving along, my RealDoll review will now reveal the incredible selection of companion dolls and other products offered by the company. But first, I’d not be doing my due diligence if I didn’t explain what makes RealDoll stand out above the rest.

First of all, RealDoll prices are on the premium end, but for good reason. That’s because each doll is sculpted and finished by an artist, and to each client’s specifications.

Therefore, RealDolls looks far more realistic than most sex dolls currently available, like Irontech or Zelex. Additionally, RealDoll creates the RealDoll X, the most intelligent, AI companion doll in the world.

Next, the RealDoll is created using a silicone and rubber mixture, known as “siliconee”. To explain, this material is innovative in that it’s not porous like TPE, softer and more supple than silicone alone.

As a result, the RealDoll looks and feels more human-like and is far less prone to skin injuries. Accordingly, the dolls last much longer than comparable sex dolls.

RealDoll Faces and Heads

Another aspect of RealDoll that makes them unique from others, is the choice of heads or faces. For instance, you can customize your RealDoll with a full head, as most other brands offer.

However, the majority of RealDolls are ordered with the Abyss patented, magnetic face system. What this means is, that instead of changing out a full head, you can choose different faces that attach to the head system.

Therefore, changing the look of a RealDoll is much easier and more cost effective.

RealDoll Review: Models

RealDoll Review: Male dolls

Next, let’s take a look at the different models of companion dolls created by RealDoll. You see, they have different types of dolls, each with their own look, style and subtle differences that make them unique.

  • The RealDoll X: A world-renowned, AI companion doll that talks, blinks, moves its head and learns.
  • Petite RealDoll: All the stunning beauty and craftsmanship in a petite frame.
  • Wicked RealDoll: Gorgeous companion dolls created in the image of popular adult film stars.
  • The Classic RealDoll: The original sex doll by Abyss creations.
  • Male RealDoll: Incredibly realistic, sculpted male dolls with a broad selection of penis size and type
  • The RealCock 2: The most lifelike penis dildos in the world.

Other RealDoll Goodies

Additionally, RealDoll sells a variety of products to care for your companion doll, as well as accessories and sex toys. All of these are easily found under the EXTRAS tab.

  • Doll care such as repair kits, new lashes, lubricants and cleaning
  • Companion doll parts like penis inserts, faces, eyes and vaginas
  • RealDoll also creates and sells torsos.

RealDoll Price Comparison

Again, RealDoll companion dolls and AI robot dolls are at a premium price in comparison to other popular sex doll brands. But how much more does a RealDoll cost?

To answer that, here is a price comparison chart, showing the top sex doll vendors, including RealDoll, and the prices of their dolls, low to high.

SEX DOLL RETAILERSJoy Love DollsSexy Real Sex DollsSex Doll GenieSilicon WivesReal DollSexy Sex Doll
WM$1,139-$3,499$1,199-$3,699$990-$2,348$999-$3,199 X$977-$2,629
Starpery$1,509-$2,399 X$1,237-$2,183$1,999-$2,499 X$1,889-$2,900
YL$1,347-$1,999$1,499-$2,800$999-$1,782$1,549-$2,699 X$1,065-$2,500
Sino$2,319-$3,919$1,799-$3,600$1,969-$3,520$2,299-$3,899 X$2,596-$3,599
Zelex$1,489-$3,899$1,999-$3,599$1,023-$2,854$1,999-$2,799 X X
Irontech$1,037-$4,099$894-$4,999$986-$3,481$2,199-$3,199 X$1,716-$3,200
Sanhui X X$1,327-$2,832$2,499-$3,199 X X
6YE$1,699-$3,290$1,899-$2,899$1,075-$2,365$1,899-$2,490 X$1,199-$2,608
HR X X$1,045-$1,800 X X X
Piper$1,579-$3,599$1,299-$4,399$1,661-$2,090 X X$1,232-$3,907
JY$1,599-$2,999$1,149-$3,899$737-$2,310 X X$1,144-$1,679
Climax X X$995-$1,355 X X$1,558-$2,899
SE$1,539-$3,699$1,447-$3,099$1,175-$2,475 X X X
SY X$999-$2,899$797-$2,376 X X$899-$2,600
AI Tech X X$2,332 X X X
Doll House$1,899-$2,658$1,799-$2,800$1,056-$1,309 X X X
AF$1,399-$2,799$1,899-$2,800$652-$1,760 X X X
AS X$1,899-$2,499$665-$1,726 X X X
Jarliet X X$836-$1,357 X X X
Website Exclusive X X$1,849-$2,399
Sex Doll Retailer Brand Price Comparison

How to Order from RealDoll

Next up in my RealDoll review, I’ll illustrate the steps of ordering a companion doll. First, you’ll need to decide which model of RealDoll you desire.

For instance, you can choose the Classic RealDoll and customize her to look any way you wish. And you can do this for each style of RealDoll available, including the RealDoll X AI robot.

Available Customizations from RealDoll

The next step in ordering a RealDoll is the customization process. However, RealDolls are a bit different than other sex doll brands.

That’s because you begin by choosing the body type, size and height rather than building your doll from the available size. Then, you go through each of the following:

  • Choose your face or a full head.
  • Pick your height, frame and body build.
  • Choose from a wide variety of skin tones.
  • Then, choose the doll’s breast size.
  • Next comes nipple type, texture, size and areola size and color
  • Choose your wig option.
  • Eye color
  • Pick your custom makeup type and lip color.
  • Labia and vagina type
  • Pubic hair style and color
  • Whether or not you want a Transgender converter (penis insert)

After you have created your perfect dream RealDoll, you click “add to cart” and proceed to checkout.

RealDoll Review: Discounts and Sales

RealDoll discount 1
Discount 2

Now, before you check out, be sure you check for any discounts or sales that RealDoll may be offering. First, check the top of the landing page for a discount code that may give you a discount on your purchase.

Second, RealDoll has a pop-up spinning wheel, where you can possibly win a percentage off on your entire order. Then, be sure an enter any codes you may have at checkout.

Third, watch for additional pop-up discounts. For example, while writing this RealDoll review, there was a discount for $1,000 with the purchase of either a Classic or Male RealDoll.

Finally, check for any doll discounts and sales by clicking the SHOP ALL tab, which will bring up their entire selection of dolls and accessories. That way, you’ll not miss anything that happens to be on sale.

Payments Accepted

Finally, the time has come to pay for the RealDoll of your dreams! However, what types of payments does RealDoll accept?

Here’s your answer:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal (credit card and PayPal financing)

Where is the RealDoll Warehouse?

Again, it’s important to note that all RealDoll companion dolls are designed and manufactured in the United States. Furthermore, they are located In Nevada and their address is easy to find, as well as being displayed on their website.

However, so you don’t need to look it up yourself, I did it for you:

RealDoll Studios

Abyss Creations

5025 W Diablo Dr.,

Las Vegas, NV 89118

United States

Additionally, unlike other sex doll vendors with virtual offices, that ship direct from overseas manufacturers, RealDoll manufacturers and ships from their US address.

RealDoll Contact Information

In addition to the Abyss Creations and RealDoll Studio addresses being on their site, you can also contact them via phone, fax and online form at the following:

Phone:  +1 (866) 393-2119

Fax: +1 (760) 471-8417

Chat: The bottom right corner of any page

Contact Page: You can also fill out a contact form on their website.

RealDoll Shipping Time

Next on my RealDoll review is product and shipping times. As previously mentioned, RealDoll companion and AI dolls are not mass produced and therefore, take more time to create.

So, when ordering a RealDoll of any type, please keep in mind the following:

Production times

Unfortunately, I was unable to find shipping times of accessories.

Does RealDoll Have Discreet Shipping?

RealDoll shipping crates

RealDoll has one of the most discreet shipping policies among sex doll retailers. Plus, their dolls are shipped in actual wooden crates, rather than cardboard boxes.

From their site:

“RealDolls are shipped by standard freight in an unmarked and secure wooden shipping crate. The crate is approximately 6’x2’x2′ and weighs about 200 lbs when loaded; the door is secured by screws.

Inside the padded crate, the doll is safely hanging by a neck bolt on a removable mounting bracket which can be installed in your home for safe storage of your doll. All shipments are fully insured.

All RealDoll product ships discretely with the return address to Abyss Creations, LLC. RealDoll is never displayed on any items mailed or freighted from us. Your privacy is of utmost important to us.”

RealDoll Review: Return Policy

Moving along, RealDoll has a return policy that is in line with most all sex doll manufacturers and vendors. Basically, they do not accept returns due to the nature of the product, as well as the fact that they are custom.

However, as long as the item is unopened, it may be returned.

Refund information

Finally, as with all sex dolls, you must carefully inspect your RealDoll upon arrival. Then contact RealDoll within 10 days, so that they may take care of any returns or repairs that are necessary.

Defective items

Best of all, RealDoll has their own repair program, as well as insurance to take care of your RealDoll companion doll. Plus, you can even send him/her off for a “spa day” where they will get a head-to-toe makeover and refresh, including any necessary repairs.

RealDoll Reviews

Next, RealDoll reviews are one of the most important aspects of this blog. That’s because reading about others’ experiences with the customer service and products usually makes or breaks the customer’s decision to purchase.

Unfortunately, the most recent RealDoll reviews I have found from Trust Pilot and the Better Business Bureau have not been stellar. In fact, they are downright awful RealDoll reviews.

Despite those bad reviews, the people at Abyss and RealDoll have answered all BBB complaints as well as issuing immediate refunds when asked.

Additionally, they’ve offered an explanation for their production and shipping delays; a supply chain and employment issue. After all, it’s not easy to find sex doll sculptors and artists just strolling the streets of Nevada.

Most importantly though, those who are patient in waiting for their products, have been completely satisfied.

The RealDoll Testimonials

First, the following RealDoll reviews were snipped directly from the RealDoll testimonials page:

RealDoll Review 1
review 3

The Doll Forum RealDoll Reviews

Second, The Doll Forum is the largest gathering of companion doll lovers and collectors in the world. Of course, RealDoll and Abyss are certified members!

So, here are just a few of the many reviews from The Doll Forum members:

TDF review 1

To read the complete, detailed review with photos, you can see it on The Doll Forum.

TDF review 2

Again, this review is extremely comprehensive! Therefore, if you’d like to read it in its entirety, just head over to the RealDoll page on The Doll Forum.

TDF review 3

Finally, you can read this complete review, with photos, on The Doll Forum.

My real Doll Review Summary

To summarize my RealDoll review, I must say that these dolls are the absolute cream of the crop. The reason for this is the unique “siliconee” material, as well as the handmade craftsmanship and details that go into each and every doll.

As a result, RealDolls far exceed expectations in looks, realism and longevity.

Additionally, RealDoll is the creator of the RealDoll X, the world’s first AI companion doll that not only talks, but learns your interests, growing in intelligence and becoming your perfect mate.

Finally, since RealDoll sex dolls and AI robots are manufactured right here, in the United States, you get unsurpassed customer and repair service with each and every doll. And that is why those who purchase a RealDoll, often come back, time and time again.

In the end, I feel that RealDoll by Abyss is the top sex doll company to work with when creating the companion doll of your dreams. Certainly, the cost is at a premium, but these stunning dolls are worth every penny.