RosemaryDoll Review: My Experience from Order to Delivery from

Ladies, gentlemen and thems, it was an honor to do a RosemaryDoll review! I mean, for a few years I had heard that they were the favorite vendor of so many companion doll collectors.

Therefore, when BedBible got the opportunity to receive a love doll, and review, I was beyond excited! So, sit back and read about everything this incredible company has to offer.

Then, when you decide to order your first, or fifth sex doll, you will have all the details and information you need to choose the best vendor for you.

RosemaryDoll Review in a Nut Shell

Before I get into the fine details of this RosemaryDoll review, I must share with you that I give them an easy 5 out of 5 stars. That’s because they have an incredible inventory, offer any accessory you’d need to care for your sex doll, and have fantastic prices.

Best yet, has every certificate from doll manufacturers, displayed on their site, proving they are certified vendors. Plus, they include factory photos, as well as customer photos, which further boost their legitimacy.

Finally, RosemaryDoll customer service is stellar, and they have some of the friendliest people at the helm. Now, let’s get into the details so you’ll see that this is one of the best love doll vendors out there!

Pros and Cons of Shopping with RosemaryDoll

Next, let’s talk about the pros and cons of shopping with RosemaryDoll. And before I list everything, I have to add that ordering from them was effortless, and everything after that point went flawlessly.


  • RosemaryDoll has an enormous and remarkable selection of dolls to choose from!
  • They include well-known and unique, bespoke brands that are difficult to find.
  • The website is easy to use, and ordering was a breeze.
  • Everything you need to know about sex dolls is on the site and available to you.
  • Shipping was incredibly fast, discreet and tracking was on point…. from warehouse to my door.
  • RosemaryDoll has exemplary customer service.  
  • This company is trusted and loved by return customers around the world.
  • They are highly-respected among sex doll manufacturers too.


My only con was not being able to choose whether or not I received promotional emails.

RosemaryDoll Review: About

RosemaryDoll is an award-winning sex doll company that is esteemed, worldwide, for their selection of sex dolls and their customer service.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about how long they have been in business, who runs the company, or anything of that nature. Further, the RosemaryDoll ABOUT page is basically centered around their certifications, selection, and things of that nature.

However, considering they are celebrating their 3rd anniversary in 2023, one can assume they’ve been in business for 3 years. Nonetheless, they have built quite the reputation in such a short time!

Plus, RosemaryDoll is one of the few sex doll vendors that gives back through their RosemaryDoll One Dollar One Hope Foundation. So, for every order they receive, they donation $1 to organizations such as the World Health Organization, Health [e] Foundation, AHF and Rock the Ribbon by AIDS Trust.

Is RosemaryDoll Legit?

RosemaryDoll Review, factory photo

One of the most important questions that must be answered before deciding where to purchase a sex doll, is whether or not the company is legitimate. So, is RosemaryDoll legit?

To answer, yes, they are, for many reasons. You see, I wrote another blog post about legitimate sex doll sites and learned a great deal about what features a site should and shouldn’t have.

Therefore, when comparing RosemaryDoll with that knowledge, it passes the test, hands-down. And here are some of the reasons RosemaryDoll is legit, as well as being one of the best places to order a companion doll.

Reasons Why RosemaryDoll is Legit

  • RosemaryDoll’s address and phone number are listed in several places.
  • The site has no scam-like bait and switch ads or timers.
  • RosemaryDoll displays their vendor certificates for the brands they offer.
  • Again, they are an award-winning sex doll vendor.
  • RosemaryDoll posts factory photos of the brands they sell.
  • They also post photos from their customers, as well as videos.
  • RosemaryDoll is active on several social media platforms.
  • They are also certified by The Doll Forum, and are active participants.
  • Their prices are in-line with other sex doll vendors, and they provide all manufacturers’ sales too.
  • I ordered from them, the doll is beautiful, certified and everything went smoothly.

Therefore, with all of the boxes ticked, and then some, RosemaryDoll is completely, totally, 100% legit!

The RosemaryDoll Website

RosemaryDoll review, landing page

The RosemaryDoll website is nicely done, easy to use and has a ton of helpful extras. First, navigation is easily found at the top of the page.

Then, all you do is hover over each link to expand that particular topic. Or you can simply scroll down the home page to see everything they have to offer; all of which is laid out neatly.

Second, RosemaryDoll offers so many extras, it’s unbelievable! So, let’s take a look at how they go above and beyond to acquire and maintain customers for life.

RosemaryDoll Videos

They offer RosemaryDoll video reviews from influencers and customers, as well as product and sex doll feature videos. Therefore, if you want to know what gel breasts are like, this is the place you want to go.

Furthermore, videos are divided into brands, so you can visually see what those companion dolls are like. Plus, you get sales videos and so much more, all in one place.

Sex Doll Photos

The next extra featured by RosemaryDoll is a lineup of photos from their factories. What these photos do is help to further legitimize the company.

In addition, these photos help customers identify the different brands of companion dolls. That way, you will recognize a scam or counterfeit doll right away.

RosemaryDoll Sex Doll Support

Sex doll support is something you may not think is important, until you need it. Therefore, RosemaryDoll has put together a comprehensive help section to educate and assist you though companion doll ownership.

For instance, you can learn how long a sex doll lasts, how to clean and repair a sex doll, and so much more.

Extensive Blog

RosemaryDoll blog photo

Also, features an extensive blog to keep you up to date on everything in the world of sex dolls. For example, you can learn about new features brands are offering, doll maintenance and even sex doll reviews.


Another extra RosemaryDoll offers is an expanded FAQ section. There, you can find answers to every question you may have when it comes to ordering, shipping and maintaining a sex doll.

However, you may be thinking that all sex doll sites have FAQs, and you’d be right. But RosemaryDoll takes it a few steps further with a comprehensive help center, which even addresses questions by brand!

The RosemaryDoll Forum

Another RosemaryDoll extra is their forum. Briefly, the forum is a place for RosemaryDoll customers and doll collectors to meet, chat and share tips and ideas.

Best yet, the forum is absolutely free!

RosemaryDoll Video and Image Awards Program

Still another RosemaryDoll extra, and a reason customers remain loyal to this site, is the Video and Image Awards program. To explain, RosemaryDoll customers are invited to enter videos and photos of their new companion, which are judged and awarded prizes!

Video and Awards Program

VIP Club

Last, but not least, RosemaryDoll offers a VIP Club. And I highly recommend everyone sign up when you purchase your first companion doll.

Notably, the VIP Club offers points that you can cash in toward your next RosemaryDoll purchase. Further, for every dollar you spend, you earn 50 points, and those 50 points are cashed in at $1.

Plus you can collect points by making a purchase, earn 1,000 for signing up, be gifted points for your birthday, for leaving a review and more.

RosemaryDoll Selection

RosemaryDoll selection 1
Selection 2

Now, the next important aspect of this RosemaryDoll review, is to talk about their sex doll selection. And boy, do they have a fantastic selection of dolls to choose from; 49 brands, to be exact.

Of course, you’ll find the well-known brand names like WM, Irontech and Zelex. But RosemaryDoll also carries lesser-known, bespoke brands such as Jiusheng brand, AXB dolls, Funwest and Autome, just to name a few.

Finally, you can purchase customizable sex dolls as well as in stock sex dolls, which take a fraction of the time to receive. As a matter of fact, I got my sex doll in only 6 days!

Plus, my sex doll had all of the WM extras that were being offered by the manufacturer! Therefore, if you want your companion doll fast, check out RosemaryDoll in stock dolls.


My RosemaryDoll review is a 5-star for many reasons. Most importantly, I gave them 5-stars because they not only have a ton of amazing brands, and tons of website and customer extras, but they offer their customers and well-rounded selection of accessories!

For example, they off the following:

  • Heads for several sex doll brands
  • Clothing
  • Wigs
  • Cleaning kits
  • Nice repair and care kits
  • A great selection of hangers and storage
  • Torso sex dolls

Best of all, you can find everything under the accessories tab, or expand and click the individual item you are looking for.

Does RosemaryDoll Have Good Prices?

Continuing our RosemaryDoll review, let’s talk about price. After all, in the end, a company can offer all sorts of bells and whistles, but what matters most is price.

Well, RosemaryDoll does not disappoint when it comes to their sex doll prices. For instance, all of their dolls are comparable to most all popular doll vendors.

However, when RosemaryDoll has sales, they do it right. Best yet, their sales page is magnificent, as they display all of the manufacturer sales available to you.

So, although you may have your heart set on that WM cutie, you may find another brand offering all sorts of freebies!

Best Price Guarantee

On top of the great prices and amazing sales, RosemaryDoll also offers a price match guarantee!

From their site:

best price guarantee

How to Order from RosemaryDoll

Moving along, the next chapter in my RosemaryDoll review is talking about ordering. Now, some sites are a bit difficult to order from.

However, RosemaryDoll gives you step-by-step instruction on how to order from their site. Furthermore, since I ordered a doll myself, I am going to show you as well.

Ordering My RosemaryDoll

RosemaryDoll review: Addison doll

First off, this is Addison, the extremely popular WM brand doll I ordered for a BedBible review. She’s a stunning, curvy girl with HH breasts and weighs just over 112 lbs.

However, once I was able to get around to reviewing her, I quickly realized that she weighed far more than 112 lbs. In fact, both my daughter and myself, tried for hours to get her out of the box, to no avail.

Therefore, I reviewed Addison by posing and photographing her within her shipping box! That’s because, I believe the extra weight was added because of the enormous, gel breasts.

And while I can’t find anyone to verify just how much weight that gel filling adds, simply handling Addison’s ample boobs made us realize each breast weighed AT LEAST 10-15 lbs each, maybe more.

So, please keep these customizations in mind, when ordering a companion doll. That’s especially true in regard to a curvy, heavier doll.

Choosing Customizations

The first step in ordering a doll from RosemaryDoll, is to begin adding any customizations you desire. Fortunately, WM was having a fall sale, making this doll far more custom than usual.

For instance, my in-stock doll came with the EVO skeleton, articulated fingers, standing feet and gel breasts. Therefore, as you add any customizations, you can see what’s included, what’s not, and make any changes you like.

RosemaryDoll ordering 1
ordering 2

Adding Extras

Next, you can choose extras like teeth (to make your doll smile) or a detachable penis, which makes the doll Transgender. Then, once you’re satisfied with your choices, click add to cart.


Add to Cart

Next, once you add your doll to the cart, you’ll see a rundown of your order on the right side of the screen. That way, you can make sure your customizations are there, along with the price of each.

Again, we kept her as-is because shipping is much faster on in-stock dolls. Then, click check out.

Added to cart photo

Checking Out

Now, the first page will show you an expanded view of what you just saw. Plus, you’ll see a point total for the VIP program, so make sure you sign up!

Next, double check any customizations you’ve added, enter any discount codes, and click the proceed to checkout button.

RosemaryDoll checkout photo 1

Filling in Your Information

The next step is to fill in your personal information, and choose your method of payment, which I discuss further, below. Then, you’ll fill in your payment information.

Finally, click place order.

check out photo
check out photo 2

Your RosemaryDoll Order Is Complete

Next, you will receive an order confirmation page.

Also, simultaneously you’ll receive an email confirmation that will look like this:

RosemaryDoll Emails

Yes, all emails do come from RosemaryDoll, so you may want to change their name in your approved senders list. That is, if you’re concerned about someone seeing.

Unfortunately, I found no box to subscribe or unsubscribe to email offers during checkout. Considering I’m afraid of missing a notification about my order, I didn’t unsubscribe until after my order arrived.

But why would I want to unsubscribe, you may ask? That’s because this happened:

Spam photo

So, if you don’t want to receive sales and promotional emails, or helpful tips on caring for your doll, be sure and unsubscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the email. Again, I only suggest doing so after your order arrives.

Finally, ordinarily, I would take points away for not having a choice for receiving emails. However, my experience with RosemaryDoll was so positive, the excessive emails didn’t bother me.

And that, says a lot!

Payments Accepted at RosemaryDoll

Next, as promised, let’s talk about the payments RosemaryDoll accepts.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • PayPal and PayPal credit
  • Multi-card payments
  • Layaway

Therefore, if you are really ready to buy the doll of your dreams, RosemaryDoll offers various ways to pay.

RosemaryDoll Review: Discounts

Most importantly, make sure you take advantage of any discounts offered by RosemaryDoll before placing your order. First, be sure and check the top of the landing page for any codes you can use.

And again, make sure you sign up for the VIP Club so you can start earning points right away. Then, see if you qualify for any of the following programs, which can save you even more cash.

The Plus Care Initiative

RosemaryDoll has the Plus Care Initiative which offers special, curated products for anyone who is a teacher, first responder, member of the military or over the age of 65. So, if you are any of the aforementioned people, be sure and fill out the form and grab that discount.

Special Student Discount

Another way to save money when shopping at RosemaryDoll is by taking advantage of the Special Student Discount. So, if you are a college student about to purchase the doll of your dreams, be sure and check out this program for discounts on specially selected dolls.

Referral Program

Finally, start earning money toward your companion doll, while giving your friends $50 toward a doll. You can do so by using the RosemaryDoll referral program.

First, you get a personalized link to share. Then, each time someone you refer makes a purchase; you get $50 toward a love doll.

To top it off, those $50 referral dollars are stackable! So, you can keep saving toward your doll, all the while giving your friends $50 toward theirs.

RosemaryDoll Shipping Times

Next, you probably want to know how long RosemaryDoll shipping times are. Well, shipping times vary depending on whether your doll is from the warehouse or it’s custom.

First here are the shipping times for ready-to-ship dolls and accessories, which are sent from their warehouses:

RosemaryDoll in stock shipping times

Where Are RosemaryDoll Warehouses?

Before we move along to doll production times, which add to shipping time, you may be wondering where RosemaryDoll warehouses are located. And that answer would be the United States (my doll came from California), Canada, the EU and Australia.

Production Times

Next, shipping times grow greatly when you decide to customize your companion doll. The reason for this is you decide the eye and hair color, skin tone, breast size and any extras you’d like.

Then, the doll is custom made, just for you, by the manufacturer. Because of this, your doll will take longer to get to you.

So, here are the production times from RosemaryDoll manufacturers:

Production times

My RosemaryDoll Shipping Time

My RosemaryDoll shipping time was 6 days from order to delivery. And it was shipped via UPS, so I got step-by-step tracking and knew when the doll would be delivered.

Therefore, I highly recommend signing up for a free UPS account. That way you’ll receive enhanced tracking, like I did.

UPS shipping

Does RosemaryDoll Have Discreet Shipping?

RosemaryDoll review: my shipping box

Next comes another important aspect of my RosemaryDoll review. And that’s answering the all-important question; “Does RosemaryDoll have discreet shipping?”

The answer to that is a resounding yes, they do!

As you can see by the photo, the box is plain, brown cardboard, and there are no distinguishing marks on the outside. As a matter of fact, the sender’s name is “JUSA” with the warehouse address.

Plus, inside the box is reinforcing slabs of wood and custom foam that holds the doll in place perfectly. That way, your doll should arrive in perfect condition without worry he/she will just come rolling out of the box.

RosemaryDoll Review: Returns and Guarantees

Moving along, we have to discuss what happens if your doll happens to arrive damaged or different from the factory photos you approved.

First and foremost, if you experience the latter, here’s what RosemaryDoll says about their money-back guarantee:

Guarantee photo

However, there are exceptions to this guarantee. And those are as follows:

Guarantee exceptions

In the end, be sure and take photos and video of your doll as you unbox it. Then, contact RosemaryDoll right away, and before using your doll in any way.

RosemaryDoll Customer Service

Now, in case there’s an issue with your order, you’ll need to contact customer service right away. And there are many ways to get in touch with RosemaryDoll.

So, here is all of the contact information you’ll need. In fact, you can contact them before you order, if you have any questions whatsoever.

Office Addresses

214 W 140th ST, New York, NY 10030

(86-3701461) Unit 83 3/F Yau Lee Center, NO.45 Hoi Yuen Road Kwun Tong KL, Hong Kong Sar, China


Phone and Text

Call or text RosemaryDoll at the following number:

+1 (323) 287-5873



Reviews at RosemaryDoll

RosemaryDoll reviews are some of the best I have read. Plus, you can find reviews for the company on several platforms.

But first, let’s start with a few of the direct reviews, from the RosemaryDoll site:

RosemaryDoll customer review 1
Site customer review 2
customer review 3

RosemaryDoll Reviews from Trustpilot

Next, the RosemaryDoll reviews on Tristpilot are also some of the best I have read for a sex doll seller. In fact, they are rated “excellent” on this platform.

Trustpilot overall review stats

So, here are a few RosemaryDoll reviews taken from Trustpilot:

RosemaryDoll Trustpilot review 1
trustpilot review 2
Trustpilot review 3

The Doll Forum Reviews

Again, RosemaryDoll is a certified seller on The Doll Forum. What that means is that are trusted by doll collectors all around the world. In addition, RosemaryDoll participates in the forum, answering questions and talking about sales, new features added to various dolls, and much more.

So, here are just a few of the many RosemaryDoll reviews from The Doll Forum:

RosemaryDoll The Doll Forum review 1
The Doll Forum 2
The doll forum 3

RosemaryDoll Review Summary

To summarize, I give RosemaryDoll a 5 out of 5 stars for their site, the extras they offer, their shipping time, and all-around awesomeness. After all, who doesn’t love a company that gives back?

Additionally, my personal experience with the company was absolutely amazing; from ordering to delivery! And although Addison had a few issues, she’s still an incredibly stunning doll!

Plus, the company has a fine reputation with doll lovers everywhere, making them return customers. So, if you are looking for a vendor you can trust, as well as one with the most incredible selection of brands and accessories, I highly recommend doing business with RosemaryDoll.