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Our Sex Doll Genie review will give you all of the information you need to know about the website and their company as a whole.

And there is a lot to learn!

Therefore, you’ll be able to make a smart and informed decision as to where you want to purchase a companion doll.

Sex Doll Genie Review: About

While writing our Sex Doll Genie review, I fell down a rabbit hole that I didn’t want to come out of! To explain further; I was surprised and overwhelmed by the abundance of information given, as well as all of the perks Sex Doll Genie offers their customers.

But first, let’s take a look at what they say about their selves:

“We are a family-owned business started by a wife and husband team. We are based in Miami, FL and the company is registered in Wyoming. We’re real people! Email us and we’ll personally reply to you.

We also have a small but very talented team in the US, Europe, and Asia that helps us with support, admin and website upkeep.”

Finally, even though they don’t mention how long they’ve been in business, they certainly make up for that with the services they offer. So, let’s get into it!

Is Sex Doll Genie Legit?

Sex Doll Genie review; the difference

Above all else, our Sex Doll Genie review must show you whether or not the site is legit. And we did so by looking for those scam-bait, red flags, like too low prices, no contact information, lack of manufacturer certification and reviews.

As a result, we learned that not only is Sex Doll Genie legit, they go above and beyond most sex doll vendors when it comes to customer service, post-sales care and their guarantee. On top of that, their reviews (as you’ll read below) are incredible.

Plus, they feature an entire area of factory photographs of sex dolls sold and being manufactured. That’s because they have employees, stationed in Asia, that oversee the manufacturing process of each and every doll sold on their site.

Finally, Sex Doll Genie is a preferred and verified vendor on The Doll Forum. And that, in itself, speaks volumes about their legitimacy!

So, read on to learn even more about Sex Doll Genie.

Sex Doll Genie Review: Website

Sex Doll Genie review landing page

Next in our Sex Doll Genie review, we are taking a look at their website. And it’s pretty fantastic, in my opinion!

First, the site is clean, laid out well and extremely easy to navigate. For example, you can find everything you need from 3, simple, drop-down menus.

Second, as you scroll down the home page, dolls are laid out, in various genres and are done so in such a neat, aesthetically pleasing way.

Third and finally, the footer isn’t crowded with unnecessary links, repetitive information, or otherwise distracting information.

Website Extras review blog

In addition to having a beautiful and simple website, Sex Doll Genie gives you the extras you need to care for your doll. For instance, they provide an extensive video library that includes everything from discreet shipping boxes to doll brands and repairs.

Plus, Sex Doll Genie maintains a blog that covers everything from sex dolls and the LGBTQ community, to repairs and much more! Because of these things, Sex Doll Genie helps their customers all along their love doll journey, and then some.

Sex Doll Genie Selection

Sex Doll Genie has a mind-blowing selection of sex dolls from the largest number of brands than most vendors accommodate. Additionally, Sex Doll Genie has nice selection of sex robots and AI dolls, as well as plenty of male companion dolls to choose from.

Plus, you can shop by genre, hair color, size, material type, weight, brand and more. In comparison to other top sex doll vendors, Sex Doll Genie reigns supreme!

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:

SEX DOLL RETAILERSJoy Love DollsSexy Real Sex DollsSex Doll GenieSilicon WivesReal DollSexy Sex Doll
Website Exclusives X X X
Starpery X X X X
Sino X X X X X
Zelex X X X X
Irontech X X X X X
Sanhui X X
Piper X X X X
Climax X X
AI Tech X
Doll House X X X
Jarliet X
Sex Doll Retailer Brand Comparison Chart

Accessories from Sex Doll Genie

Among all of the great things in our Sex Doll Genie review, there stands a single downfall. And that’s their lack of standalone accessories.

For example, Sex Doll Genie doesn’t sell repair kits, additional vaginas, hanging kits or storage cases. However, some of these items are available as add-ons, depending on which brand of sex doll you purchase.

Finally, the only accessories that are available from Sex Doll Genie, without purchasing a doll, are additional heads. All of which are separated by brand.

Partial Dolls, Torsos and Masturbators

Sex Doll Genie does offer a selection of partial dolls, torsos and masturbators for your consideration. For example, you can purchase the upper body of a sex doll, which is customizable.

Or, to save some serious cash, you can purchase a top-tier masturbator that consists of a vagina and rear.

Sex Doll Genie Pricing

Now, here’s a part of the Sex Doll Genie review that may blow your mind. That’s because they have 3 pricing tiers.

And I’m sure you’re thinking WTF? Because cheaper is better, right?

In this case, not necessarily!

To further elaborate, Sex Doll Genie offers 3 different pricing tiers, each with their own perks. So basically, as you pay more per tier, you get better perks.

Pricing Tiers

Pricing Comparison

Sex Doll Genie does have competitive pricing, regardless of their unique pricing tiers with added benefits. In addition, they offer price matching, so you can get the same doll at a lower price, from a top competitor (scam sites don’t count).

So, take a look at the following chart to see how Sex Doll Genie prices compare to other sex doll vendors.

SEX DOLL RETAILERSJoy Love DollsSexy Real Sex DollsSex Doll GenieSilicon WivesReal DollSexy Sex Doll
WM$1,139-$3,499$1,199-$3,699$990-$2,348$999-$3,199 X$977-$2,629
Starpery$1,509-$2,399 X$1,237-$2,183$1,999-$2,499 X$1,889-$2,900
YL$1,347-$1,999$1,499-$2,800$999-$1,782$1,549-$2,699 X$1,065-$2,500
Sino$2,319-$3,919$1,799-$3,600$1,969-$3,520$2,299-$3,899 X$2,596-$3,599
Zelex$1,489-$3,899$1,999-$3,599$1,023-$2,854$1,999-$2,799 X X
Irontech$1,037-$4,099$894-$4,999$986-$3,481$2,199-$3,199 X$1,716-$3,200
Sanhui X X$1,327-$2,832$2,499-$3,199 X X
6YE$1,699-$3,290$1,899-$2,899$1,075-$2,365$1,899-$2,490 X$1,199-$2,608
HR X X$1,045-$1,800 X X X
Piper$1,579-$3,599$1,299-$4,399$1,661-$2,090 X X$1,232-$3,907
JY$1,599-$2,999$1,149-$3,899$737-$2,310 X X$1,144-$1,679
Climax X X$995-$1,355 X X$1,558-$2,899
SE$1,539-$3,699$1,447-$3,099$1,175-$2,475 X X X
SY X$999-$2,899$797-$2,376 X X$899-$2,600
AI Tech X X$2,332 X X X
Doll House$1,899-$2,658$1,799-$2,800$1,056-$1,309 X X X
AF$1,399-$2,799$1,899-$2,800$652-$1,760 X X X
AS X$1,899-$2,499$665-$1,726 X X X
Jarliet X X$836-$1,357 X X X
Website Exclusive X X$1,849-$2,399
Sex Doll Retailer Brand Price Comparison

How to Order from Sex Doll Genie

Ordering from Sex Doll Genie is extremely easy. First, select the love doll you wish to purchase, place it in your cart and check out.

However, if you are choosing to customize your sex doll, follow these steps:

  • First, choose your pricing tier from Economic, Popular or White Glove Service.
  • Then, begin the process of customizing the doll of your dreams.
  • Next, add on any extras available, like hangers, cleaning kits or storage.
  • Finally, add your doll to the cart and begin the check-out procedure.

Sex Doll Genie Review: Accepted Payments

Another important aspect of our Sex Doll Genie review is the types of payment methods they accept. First, Sex Doll Genie accepts the following credit cards, through PayPal or directly:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover

All sex dolls paid for by credit card are manufactured and shipped immediately.

Klarna Payments

Also, Sex Doll Genie offers customers Klarna financing. That way, if approved, you can finance your sex doll up to 24 months!

Then, you get your sex doll manufactured and shipped right away, while you make easy and convenient payments.

Sex Doll Genie Lay-Buy

Next, you can choose to purchase your sex doll through the Sex Doll Genie Lay-Buy program. And here is how it works:

“This is our newest layaway plan. What’s the benefit? You can lock in current promo prices or special offers now while it lasts, and pay over a period of time for your doll. You can use this world-wide using any major credit/debit card or even your PayPal account.”

However, keep in mind that dolls do not ship until they are paid in full.

Crypto Currencies

In addition, Sex Doll Genie accepts the following crypto currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Bank Wire and Transfers

Finally, you can pay for your Sex Doll Genie companion doll by using a bank wire or transfer, including Zelle! Now, in order to use this payment option, please do the following:

“Please reply back to your order confirmation email stating that you would like to pay via bank or wire transfer, and we will get back with your shortly with our bank details for you to send your payment.”

Sex Doll Genie Discounts and Codes

Now, before you drop that sex doll in the cart, did you see if Sex Doll Genie offers any specials or discounts? If not, take a peek at the top of the landing page to see if there is a special code listed.

For instance, at the time I wrote this Sex Doll Genie review, they listed a code for $199 off, upgraded skeleton, and free, standing feet.

Next, be sure and look at their sales tab. To do this, click the READY TO SHIP link, and under the expanded menu, click ON SALE.

Finally, if you happen to be a veteran, Sex Doll Genie (quietly) offers $259 off any full-sized sex doll that’s priced $1,200 or above. However, you’ll have to search for that code yourself.

*wink* FAQ *wink*

Where is Sex Doll Genie Warehouse?

warehouse pic

Now, not everyone wants to wait for, or can afford a custom sex doll. And that’s where ready-to-ship dolls come in.

So, does Sex Doll Genie have a warehouse? Yes, they have two.

The first is located in the United States and the second in Europe. That way, you can purchase an in-stock sex doll, receive it faster, and at a discounted price, compared to custom made love dolls.

Otherwise, custom dolls are made-to-order and ship direct from the manufacturer overseas.

Sex Doll Genie Shipping Time

Sex Doll Genie has different shipping times when it comes to ready-to-ship dolls, and those which are customized. Additionally, shipping to some areas, or from some manufacturers, may change the time frame a bit.

So, here is the Sex Doll Genie shipping times for custom made sex dolls: review shipping times

Next, here are the estimated shipping times for in-stock merchandise: shipping time warehouse

Finally, remember that these are estimates and prone to delays because of holidays, natural disasters and bad weather along the shipping route. Therefore, Sex Doll Genie isn’t responsible for shipping delays once the doll leaves their facilities.

Does Sex Doll Genie Have Discreet Shipping?

One of the most important aspects of ordering a sex doll is discretion. So, in researching the Sex Doll Genie review, I learned that they do ship discreetly.

Not only that, but they have a video actually showing exactly what the shipping box looks like. In addition, Sex Doll Genie declares that the shipping box contains a mannequin, in case your doll must go through customs.

Sex Doll Genie Guarantee and Return Policy

Next on our Sex Doll Genie review is discussing their return policies and guarantees. And I must admit that this company blows others out of the water in these aspects.

In fact, their landing page displays a “100% satisfaction guaranteed” shield. So, what does all that mean?

Well, take a look at just some of the things Sex Doll Genie guarantees:

“We offer a guarantee on every doll or accessory purchased from us. In order to protect our customers and give them the peace of mind, we created the guarantee to ensure you know you are buying from a trusted seller who has your best interest at heart.

In short, we make a commitment to you that if there is a mistake with your order, any defects or any other problems, we will either fix the issue (at no cost to you) or replace the doll for free. No fine prints, no caveats – no BS!

On top of that – oh, this you’ll love – during the ENTIRE lifetime of your doll, you will receive support from us with repairs. That includes short email/video tips on how to make quick fixes at home or a full-blown surgery in one of our repair centers. This primarily applies to the dolls you bought at SDG (proof required).

Please note: this does not cover dolls with skeletal damage, completely broken or unusable dolls.”

Plus, you don’t have to do anything, except buy a sex doll from Sex Doll Genie, to be covered!

Return Policy

As with most other sex doll vendors, Sex Doll Genie does not allow the return of sex dolls after they’ve been used. That’s why they have such an amazing repair policy that covers the life of the doll.

If you’d like to read the entire return policy, you can do so here. But basically, here is the jest of their return policy:

“We have an unconditional returns policy if your product arrived in damaged condition or you received a wrong product. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.

It must also be in the original packaging. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.”

Additionally, they have a partial refund policy. Therefore, if you want the complete information, follow the link above to read the entire policy.

Customer Support and Contact at Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie seems to have exemplary customer service. In fact, I have never witnessed a sex doll vendor offer continuing doll care and repair for the life of the doll.

That being said, you can contact Sex Doll Genie several ways, the first being going to their contact page. From there, you can fill in the form or contact them via any of the following methods:

Contact: +1 (844) 739-9940


Hours Availability: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST

SMS: 844-739-9940

Finally, Sex Doll Genie offers a live chat which you can find on the bottom, right corner of any page of their website.

Sex Doll Genie Reviews

The last aspect of our Sex Doll Genie review covers, well, reviews! And we all know how important reviews from customers can be when making a decision as to where to buy anything.

First of all, Sex Doll Genie lists their customer review page on their INFO AND CONTACT tab. These include written and video reviews.

So, in case you don’t feel like going to their page, here are a few samples of recent customer reviews:

Sex Doll Genie review 1
review 2

Trustpilot Reviews

Another important aspect of the Sex Doll Genie Reviews includes those from a third-party. For instance, Trustpilot rates this company a 3.6 out of 5 stars with a total of 118 customer reviews.

And here is a sample of a few, recent reviews:

Trustpilot 2
SDG Trustpilot 3

The Doll Forum

Finally, The Doll Forum is the one place that only backs the absolute best sex doll vendors. So, it’s no secret that they list Sex Doll Genie as one of those vendors.

On top of that, members of this doll-loving community leave reviews about the vendors from whom they purchase their companion dolls. Therefore, here is a recent sample of reviews from The Doll Forum users.

SDG Doll Forum 1
SDG doll forum review 2

My Sex Doll Genie Review Summary

In the end, Sex Doll Genie is a top notch, sex doll vendor. The reasons for this are many; including their enormous selection, on-site employees that visit the manufacturers, and unsurpassed customer service.

Additionally, I have to admit that Sex Doll Genie’s lifelong doll care and repair guarantee is beyond anything I have seen from other love doll vendors. For that reason, it’s worthwhile to spend a little extra on a doll from this company.

Finally, the fact that they don’t have an accessories sales area is overshadowed by their care and repair services. So, if you are still deciding which sex doll vendor is best, look no further than Sex Doll Genie!

As a matter of fact, when I’m ready to order my male companion doll, this is the first place I will go!