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    Are you an experienced user of sexual blindfolds and looking for a new one to take it to the next level, or are you a beginner looking for your first one? Either way, we´ve got your back! Below you will find some of the best sexual blindfolds on the market, all for different purposes. You will get to learn about their best and their worst features, and hopefully, this test will help you to find your perfect match.

    How did we test the 7 best sexual blindfolds?

    Before trying the sexual blindfolds, we first look at and feel it. What does the material feel like, does it seem to be comfortable, is the design sexy, are there any patterns that make it even more enjoyable for the eye?

    When possible‚ we actually test the sexual blindfold. We have in mind how much light it covers and if it stays in place. Some sexual blindfolds have a tendency to come off when moving. How does it feel against the eyes, some have padding and some don’t. Does it feel tight, loose, painful etc.

    But this is not the only things we do, we want to provide you with an honest review that’s not subjectively written. Therefore, we have online reviews in mind too. We read them, compare them on different websites, collect them and summarize them all in one review. The review you are reading right now.

    How did we test the 7 best sexual blindfolds?



    What to Consider When Shopping for a Sexual Blindfold

    • Design & Shape- After looking through this test you will notice that you can find a lot of different designs when it comes to a sexual blindfold. Some have a basic classic blindfolded look, some have a lot of different patterns and some are just full-on sexual beautiness perfect for persuasion. Some are made in a round shape, some square and some have the real gatsby look.
    • Fastening: This is more of a choice of what you think is most convenient and comfortable, some have elastic bands that you just pull over your head and some have buckles that you fast around your head. You can also find some that are fastened with velcro.
    • Material – There are a lot of different materials to choose from, some of them are silk, leather and lace blindfolds.
    • Covering – Some sexual blindfolds make it pitch black, some let in a bit of light and some are even a bit see-through.



    For whom is a sexual blindfold?
    A sexual blindfold is really for everyone, but it needs to be used with consent. It´s good if you and your partner/partners know each other well and therefore, can use a sexual blindfold in a safe way. Talk about using safewords so you´re always on the same page.
    Why use a sexual blindfold?
    The main reason to use a sexual blindfold is to enhance the other senses, when cutting one off you make the other ones stronger. If you combine a sexual blindfold with some sensual feather tickling the sensations will feel more intense. Sexual blindfolds are the perfect way to begin the encounter with the bondage world.
    When to use a sexual blindfold?
    We often relate the use of a blindfold to BDSM, the reason is that this is a great, and easy, way for power play and submission. When a person puts on a sexual blindfold it can feel revealing and scary, the person will need to trust the partner on another level.
    Do you have to use a blindfold in BDSM?
    No, not at all. And also, a sexual blindfold doesn´t automatically mean BDSM. It could also be combined with easy-on vanilla sex. As always when it comes to good sex, it´s about communication. It needs to be mutual, and it doesn´t have to be more than some easy playful teas or maybe, just use it during a sexual massage.
    Which sexual blindfold fits me?
    It depends mostly on what kind of material you´re into. Do you like lace blindfolds or maybe just a simple black blindfold? There are a lot of different ones, some might be perfect for one day and another day you want to have another one. So don´t limit yourself to just one, buy a few.
    How to turn a sexual blindfold to hardcore bondage?
    Bondage is about limiting movement, and removing someones sight hinders a persons way of having controll. So if you want to add some more bondage when using a sexual blindfold a good start is to use ropes. Then you can tie either hands or arms and the power play will be taking next step.

    What is a sexual blindfold?

    A sexual blindfold is used to cut off one of our five senses, There are five basic human senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. When we exclude one of these we enhance the others, which makes a sexual blindfold a fun and interesting way to give some new excitement to your sex life.

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    The 3 Best sexual blindfolds in Test

    1 Test winner

    Foam Padded Aviator Blindfold

    Design: 100
    Ease of Use: 100
    Quality: 95
    Price: 0/5

    Bedbible rating: 0

    User rating:

    This is a sexual blindfold that does not let in a ray of sunlight. In other words, it´s doing its job perfectly, but that’s not everything. Look at it! How sexy isn´t that leather look?

    The leather look makes this categorize as an ideal bondage blindfold. A bdsm blindfold should not only make everything pitch black it should also have the blindfold kink look, and here we got it all.

    It´s a sexual blindfold that you can wear for a longer time thanks to the comfortable padding for the eyes.

    Foam Padded Aviator Blindfold test
    Foam Padded Aviator Blindfold features
    Recommended for:
    You should buy the Foam Padded Aviator Blindfold if you...
    if you want to strengthen other senses by excluding one
    want to play sexy seductress games
    enjoy nice high-quality leather
    like the hot bondage look
    want your submissive to wear a sexy blindfold
    You should NOT buy the Foam Padded Aviator Blindfold if you...
    don´t like the leather look
    want to buy something cheap and simple
    like eye contact during sex
    Foam Padded Aviator Blindfold features
    Length27 inches
    AdjustableYes, 8 
    MaterialsLeather and nickel  
    Adjustable lenght with a lock
    Soft padding for the eyes
    Sexy look
    Easy to clean
    Makes it pitch black
    It takes a few uses before the leather becomes soft
    Pretty expensive
    The design might feel too rough for the beginner

    A sexual blindfold perfect for bdsm, especially for bondage. The leather is sexy and easy to handle, when you´re done, you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

    It will take a few uses before it becomes the most comfortable it can be. The padded eyes are soft and make it enjoyable to wear for a longer time.



    2 Cheapest

    Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold

    Design: 90
    Ease of Use: 100
    Quality: 90
    Price: 0/5

    Bedbible rating: 0

    User rating:

    For its price, this is a superb satin blindfold. You will find it in three different colours, black, red and purple. We love the black blindfold.

    Have in mind that this silk blindfold will not make it pitch black, but it will for sure decrease the light and intense the sensual feeling with your partner.

    It has two elastic bands which means you don´t have to spend time finding the right size for you, it will be a perfect match from the beginning.

    The satin material will feel nice for your eyes and also add a shiny sexy look to your partner’s gaze.

    Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold test
    Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold features
    Recommended for:
    You should buy the Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold if you...
    are new to sensual blindfold-games
    want a sexual blindfold that´s comfortable enough to also sleep with
    enjoy satin blindfolds
    don´t want to mess around with a buckle
    like a descrete look
    You should NOT buy the Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold if you...
    want a sexual blindfold that shuts out all light
    expect more than the price you give
    want a customized size
    Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold features
    AdjustableYes, elastic bands 
    Materials Satin 
    Two elastic bands, one size for all
    Includes a user manual guide
    Different colours
    The price is almost too good
    Very easy to clean
    Small amount of visibility
    It´s not the best material for long weaty plays
    Not the best quality (have in mind the price though)

    A sensual blindfold for sexual play with your partner, perfect for bdsm beginners.

    The silk material is also nice to use just like an extra accessory for soft caressing the skin.

    The two elastic bands make it easy to use, just pull them over your head and it´s there to stay. This also makes it easy to swap during sex with your partner, if you want to take turns for whom to wear it during blindfold sex.

    3 Beginner

    S&M Enchanted Bondage Kit

    Design: 90
    Ease of Use: 80
    Quality: 80
    Price: 0/5

    Bedbible rating: 0

    User rating:

    This is a perfect starter kit for the newbie, silk material, beautiful colour. It´s a sensual blindfold to spice it up with.

    If you want to start exploring bondage, this is a perfect bondage blindfold kit to start with. This is included it the BDSM kit:

    •  Satin Blindfold
    • Feather Tickler
    • Satin Tethers 51.5″

    Bondage is all about limiting the senses, it could be limiting the sight or movement. So this is a kit for everything.

    The beautiful silk blindfold will limit the sight, the satin tethers will limit the movement and the feather tickler will enhance all possible feelings.

    S&M Enchanted Bondage Kit test
    S&M Enchanted Bondage Kit features
    Recommended for:
    You should buy the Enchanted Bondage Kit if you...
    need to get some new bdsm toys
    like sensual touching
    want to spice up your sex life
    like a matching set
    enjoy products in satin material
    You should NOT buy the Enchanted Bondage Kit if you...
    are not in to BDSM
    don´t like satin
    want a sexual blind fold that you can adjust with a buckle
    S&M Enchanted Bondage Kit features
    MaterialsPolyester, PVC, Polyurethane, Rooster Feathers, Elastane 
    Good value for the price
    Matching products
    Everything you need to get started with blindfold sex
    Products for all different types of bondage
    Beautiful colour
    Takes some time to learn how to tie satin tethers
    just one elastic band on the blindfold

    This beautiful starter set with a sensual blindfold is perfect to introduce bondage to your partner.

    You will get BDSM gear to hinder both movement and sight, which will enhance the feeling when someone touches the skin even more. The feather tickler will help to intensify that feeling even more.

    It might be a bit difficult in the beginning, before you figure out how to tie the satin thethers. It´s not that easy for some people to tie a silky ribbon tie.


    Take Your Blindfold Play a Step Further

    You´ve done it beforre? Does the sexual blindfolds above feel a bit boring? Maybe you´re by now you are used to blindfold kink. Sy no more, here it is, the next level of sex mask, the Ball Gag and Blindfold Harness.

    Sensory Tools that Pair Perfectly With a Blindfold

    To just use a sexual blindfold is fun, but why not step up the game with some other sensory tools.

    With sensory tools we mean sex toys that enhances your different senses, which bondage is all about. You can choose yourself on what kind of level you want to be on, the sensory tools can be used for both mild and hardcore BDSM.

    BDSM Safety 101

    For some people BDSM sounds exciting, for some it sounds scary. We all come with different experiences and for everyone´s safety, it´s important to set up some guidelines.

    Maybe you´ve read somewhere SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual), that´s what BDSM is based on.


    BDSM is all about consent, everyone needs to be on the same page, both the dominant and the submissive. Have in mind that these roles can also change, some never do, and some do it every now and then. To be able to have this consent, we need to discuss safewords and aftercare. 


    This is a must, everyone involved in the play needs to agree upon some safewords. You can decide for yourself, a common way of communicating is by using the traffic light system.

    Green for everything is ok.

    Yellow – take it easy (be clear if this means it´s ok to continue, or if it means to go back to what you were doing before).

    Red – Stop whatever you´re doing.

    The safewords are the be accepted emergently!



    BDSM can be very rough and in order to have a healthy relationship outside of your BDSM plays, there is a need for aftercare. Aftercare is about showing kindness and caring, both through physical intimacy and through words.

    How to Make Your Own Sexy Blindfold at Home

    The sexual blindfold is probably one of the easiest sex toys to make at home, especially with not making it unsafe. We do recommend you to buy one specially made for covering the eyes though because then you will get:

    • Support for making it fit the head
    • Good cover for your eyes
    • Easy to wear and to take off
    • More comfortable to wear for a longer time

    You can always choose your colour when doing a DIY sexual blindfold.

    A easy way to make your own sexual blindfold, which might not sound so sexual, is to use socks. Something that is very handy because of most of us wearing socks everyday. Preferbly not used ones though and long socks. Just stretch them out and tie them around the head.


    Headband, this is probably the easiest DIY. Minimum amount of work, just to slide it on and cover your eyes.

    This is also an easy way to make your own blindfold kink. You could always step it up and use different materials, why not make a lace blindfold of your party top?

    We reccommend you to use a thinner material that you usual do, it gets way to hot and uncomfortable otherwise.

    How to clean a sexual blindfold

    It all depends on what kind of material your sexual blindfold is made of. Some kinds can be washed directly in the washing machine, some in the sink and some you be a bit more careful with and use a damp cloth.


    Soft plastic, hard plastic, jelly, rubber, Cyberskin are all porous materials, meaning that small particles and bacteria can penetrate the surface. This makes it impossible to completely clean these types of materials.

    Therefore, it is recommended that you use a condom with these types of toys, especially if you are sharing them. Clean these toys with mild soapy water and dry gently with a towel. These materials are more easily damaged, so be sure to be gentle and make sure your toys are completely dry before storing.


    Silicone, glass, stainless steel and some hard plastics can all be washed using a mild soap (like you would use on your body) and warm water. Just be careful if your toy contains electrical parts.

    Silicone and stainless steel toys without any electrical parts can also be boiled for sterilisation.

    The toys with electrical

    If your toys contain electrical components, be extra careful when cleaning them and always check the instructions provided with the toy. You can use a gentle cloth and soap to wipe or sex toy cleaner or cleaning wipe to down your toy, making sure that no water comes into contact with the electrical parts. is your one and only source on the journey to better sex. We’re 100% reader-supported, so when you buy products through links on our site, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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