Silicon Wives Review: My Personal Experience from Order to Delivery

My Silicon Wives review is based on my real experience ordering a beautiful and extremely popular sex doll, created by the WM brand. So, if you are considering ordering a companion doll, take a look at my Silicon Wives review and see if they are the right vendor for you!

In a Nutshell: My Silicon Wives Review

Overall, I bestow upon Silicon Wives a 4.9 out of 5 stars for their selection, discretion and amazing customer service. However, the only reason it’s not a 5-star review, is the lack of availability of accessories you can purchase independently.

For example, when I need a TPE repair kit for my doll, I will have to order it elsewhere, when I’d rather give Silicon Wives my return business.

In the end, I am over the moon over my sex doll, and my total experience! Moreover, the fact that Silicon Wives took it upon themselves to fulfill the WM freebies, included in a fall sale, was above and beyond, in my opinion!

That’s because, I thought I was getting the as-is, stripped down doll, having no knowledge of the current promotion. So, what I actually got was an upgraded, stunningly beautiful WM doll with tons of extras!

Pros and Cons of Silicon Wives

The Pros

  • Simple, yet attractive website with easy navigation
  • A large selection of top-brand sex dolls in various price ranges
  • Ready-to-ship dolls delivered in 3-7 days
  • Free shipping with top notch tracking
  • Silicon Wives packages their merchandise discreetly
  • My customer service experience was stellar!

The Cons

  • Lack of stand-alone products and accessories needed for doll care
  • Care and repair products and accessories only available as add-ons when ordering

About the Company

While writing this Silicon Wives review, I learned that their name is quite popular and well-known. That’s because they’ve been in the love doll business for a while now.

And with all the fly-by-night pages and sex doll scammers out there, longevity is a huge plus in my book.

From the Silicon Wives ABOUT page:

About Silicon Wives

Where is Silicon Wives Located?

Silicon Wives maintains a virtual office here in the United States. However, I was unable to pin down the exact address for a few reasons.

First, the Better Business Bureau has 2 separate addresses, both listed in Florida. Second, the Silicon Wives website doesn’t list an actual address.

However, at the top of the ABOUT page, it says they are based in New York, NY.

And finally, another business information page lists the location as Georgia. Either way, Silicon Wives operates remotely and doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar shop, into which you can walk.

That’s because most all sex doll vendors operate in the same capacity (with a virtual office), as sex dolls are manufactured in China and Japan. Therefore, not finding an exact address is nothing unusual for a sex doll vendor.

Is Silicon Wives Legit?

One of the most important aspects of my Silicon Wives review is answering the burning question, “Is Silicon Wives legit?” To begin, usually, we answer that question solely based on research and reading the reviews left by customers.

However, this time, I’m able to answer the question through my personal experience. That’s because we at BedBible ordered a doll, which we wanted to review for our website.

And in doing so, we gathered information on the Silicon Wives website, their products, customer service, shipping and more.

So, is Silicon Wives legit? The answer to that is yes, they are 100% legit, and sell only name brand sex dolls from some of the best manufacturers in the world.

In addition, they are certified sellers through The Doll Forum, the largest gathering of companion doll lovers and collectors in the world!

Finally, the WM brand doll I ordered, came complete with an owner’s manual which held a certificate of authenticity inside. Therefore, Silicon Wives is a legit and proven WM reseller.

Silicon Wives Review: Website

Landing Page

The Silicon Wives website is nicely laid out and easy to use. Better yet, the landing page isn’t overly loaded with every possible piece of information available about the site, like most other vendors’ sites.

As a result, you experience a clean, easy-to-navigate site with simple tabs to follow. Plus, you can shop for dolls by brand, size, genre, gender and more, making it easy to find the doll of your dreams.

On top of that, there’s a nifty, little tab on the right-hand side of the screen, titled HELP ME CHOOSE. There, you enter your budget, what you want in a companion doll, and other information.

Then, Silicon Wives helps you find the right dolls for your budget and desires. And that is something unique to Silicon Wives and their services.

Silicon Wives Selection

Silicon Wives selection

Silicon Wives carries a large selection of sex dolls, as well as other related merchandise like:

In the end, I was a bit disappointed that they don’t carry a selection of accessories like repair kits, wigs and clothing. But you can order the vast majority of those things as add-ons when purchasing a sex doll.

Therefore, if you are ordering your love doll from Silicon Wives, be sure and add those extras to your cart. That way, you won’t have to worry about a sudden repair or stain, and being left without the proper kits for a quick fix.

Sex Doll Brands

Exclusive dolls by Silicon Wives

Silicon Wives is an authorized retailer of many top sex doll brands including WM, Irontech, Sino, Zelex and others. But, unlike most other retailers, Silicon Wives has their own exclusive sex dolls and masturbators, which you can’t get anywhere else.

Finally, take a look at the some of the available Silicon Wives brands, as compared to other popular companion doll sellers. But keep in mind, they do carry some exclusive brands like the spectacular Real Lady, or Qita and Magic Moment:

SEX DOLL RETAILERSJoy Love DollsSexy Real Sex DollsSex Doll GenieSilicon WivesReal DollSexy Sex Doll
Website Exclusives X X X
Starpery X X X X
Sino X X X X X
Zelex X X X X
Irontech X X X X X
Sanhui X X
Piper X X X X
Climax X X
AI Tech X
Doll House X X X
Jarliet X
Sex Doll Retailer Brand Comparison Chart

Customizable and Ready-To-Ship Dolls

To begin, Silicon Wives has a great selection of customizable sex dolls, so you can build the companion of your dreams. But if you just can’t wait the full manufacturing time, they offer ready-to-ship dolls direct from their California warehouse, in the USA.

And the best part of the warehouse dolls? The answer to that is; you receive your beauty in 3-7 days, rather than weeks! In addition, you can choose a custom or ready-to-ship doll while they’re on sale too.

As a matter of fact, my doll was on sale and included a WM manufacturer’s special. So, I got all sorts of freebies and extras that I didn’t expect.

It was like Christmas in this house! Only, the grown-up kind.

So, to get a fantastic price on the doll of your dreams, find that SALE tab and give it a click to see what specials are going on at Silicon Wives and their manufacturers.

Now, let’s see how Silicon Wives prices compare to other sex doll vendors:

SEX DOLL RETAILERSJoy Love DollsSexy Real Sex DollsSex Doll GenieSilicon WivesReal DollSexy Sex Doll
WM$1,139-$3,499$1,199-$3,699$990-$2,348$999-$3,199 X$977-$2,629
Starpery$1,509-$2,399 X$1,237-$2,183$1,999-$2,499 X$1,889-$2,900
YL$1,347-$1,999$1,499-$2,800$999-$1,782$1,549-$2,699 X$1,065-$2,500
Sino$2,319-$3,919$1,799-$3,600$1,969-$3,520$2,299-$3,899 X$2,596-$3,599
Zelex$1,489-$3,899$1,999-$3,599$1,023-$2,854$1,999-$2,799 X X
Irontech$1,037-$4,099$894-$4,999$986-$3,481$2,199-$3,199 X$1,716-$3,200
Sanhui X X$1,327-$2,832$2,499-$3,199 X X
6YE$1,699-$3,290$1,899-$2,899$1,075-$2,365$1,899-$2,490 X$1,199-$2,608
HR X X$1,045-$1,800 X X X
Piper$1,579-$3,599$1,299-$4,399$1,661-$2,090 X X$1,232-$3,907
JY$1,599-$2,999$1,149-$3,899$737-$2,310 X X$1,144-$1,679
Climax X X$995-$1,355 X X$1,558-$2,899
SE$1,539-$3,699$1,447-$3,099$1,175-$2,475 X X X
SY X$999-$2,899$797-$2,376 X X$899-$2,600
AI Tech X X$2,332 X X X
Doll House$1,899-$2,658$1,799-$2,800$1,056-$1,309 X X X
AF$1,399-$2,799$1,899-$2,800$652-$1,760 X X X
AS X$1,899-$2,499$665-$1,726 X X X
Jarliet X X$836-$1,357 X X X
Website Exclusive X X$1,849-$2,399
Sex Doll Retailer Brand Price Comparison

Website Extras

Silicon Wives blog

In addition to the incredible selection of customizable and ready-to-ship sex dolls, Silicon Wives website has an extensive blog that covers various topics and care instructions for companion dolls. Plus, for more doll information, and the business side of things, any questions you may have are covered under the FAQ tab.

Finally, I found a page with an incredible video that covers something I haven’t seen on any other sex doll vendor’s site. And this video demonstrates how a sex doll’s skeleton works, how to bend and manipulate the joints and move and pose a doll.

You see, the reason I find this video so important is that when I received my doll, I had zero clue as to how I should properly move the joints, roll the shoulders and hips and move them back. Furthermore, I didn’t have a clue that a companion doll feels the way it does, and that those joints are stiff.

Furthermore, I did receive a nice little owner’s booklet from WM, that showed my doll’s range of motion, as well as dos and don’ts. However, it didn’t come close to schooling me in the reality of handling a sex doll as the video did.

Therefore, watching the video, before receiving a new doll, will help a newbie tremendously! So, good job, Silicon Wives!

How to Order from Silicon Wives

Another aspect of my Silicon Wives review is telling you how to place an order. But ordinarily, I would do so by typing it all out.

In this case, though, I am able to show you how to order, via screenshots I took while ordering my doll.

First, if you are ordering a ready-to-ship doll, which requires no customizations, you simply choose your favorite doll and click “add to cart”. Then, check out as usual, which I explain in detail, next.

However, if you are choosing a custom doll, you’ll need to choose your options, before adding it to the cart.

Ordering My Silicon Wives Doll

My beautiful doll is named Auburn on the site, but I renamed her Athena when she arrived. She is WM 157 cm B-cup with #162 head, and here is her order page:

Silicon Wives: How to order 1

Isn’t she stunning? Plus, she’s quite petite, only weighs 63 pounds and is my height.

However, don’t let the small size fool you! That’s because companion dolls are dead weight and difficult to move around.

Therefore, keep that in mind, when ordering your doll, and prepare for a little, sexy workout with your TPE or silicone babe.

Next, when I ordered the doll, I clicked “Everything same as product photos.” However, if you want to see the options on the doll, as-is, or want to customize her at all, click the “Customize this doll” option.

Then, the options will propagate down the page.

From there, you can see the as-is options she features (highlighted), and the options you can change, like:

  • Wig
  • Eye color
  • Skin tone
  • Breast type
  • Areola size and color
  • Fixed or removable vagina
  • Standing feet
  • And several other options and add-ons

Finally, be sure the correct option is clicked at the top, and click “Add to cart”.

Checking Your Cart

Next, you will be taken to the first check-out page, which looks like this:

Order 2

As you can see, this page shows you the doll you’ve chosen and which option (as-is or custom) you picked. Next, make sure everything is correct before clicking the “Check Out” bar.

Add Your Personal Information

Then, you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll enter your personal information.

Order 3

Immediately, on this page, pay attention to the little box under the area where you type in your email. As you can see, it reads, “Email me with news and offers” and it’s already clicked.

So, if you do not want news, offers, sales and other emails from Silicon Wives, be sure and uncheck that box! Afterward, fill in your personal information and add any discount codes you may have.

Noticeably, I didn’t fill my information in, just to screen cap the page and black it all out. But you get the jest of how this page works.

Lastly, click “Continue to shipping.”

Shipping Page

And this is what the next page will look like:

Order 4

First, there’s not a great deal to do on this page, considering your shipping is free. And that’s saying a lot considering these shipping boxes are around 5 feet long and weigh over 100 lbs.!

So, basically, here you will double check that your product, email and shipping information are correct, add a discount code (if you forgot on the last step), and click “Continue to payment.”

Paying for Your Sex Doll

ordering 5

To begin, no, this isn’t my payment page, obviously! But I didn’t want to put my information out there for the world to see.

Nor did I want to give you a screen shot of a page that’s all blacked out.

Accordingly, I used a page from the Silicon Wives site, which highlights the Klarna payment option. However, it still works for this demonstration!

Next, you will choose your payment options, which are:

  • Major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex and Diner’s Club
  • Major cryptocurrencies
  • Klarna financing: Break up your payments and order your doll today!

After that, you will be taken to the page where you enter your credit card number, pay by cryptocurrency or enter your information for Klarna financing. Then, you click “Continue” and will get your confirmation page.

Confirmation Page

Ordering 6

Finally, your confirmation page shows all of your order information, shipping address, map and a link to track your order through Shop. Additionally, Silicon Wives will email you, once your order ships, and will include a tracking number for UPS, FedEx or another carrier.

Therefore, you can track your package that way, instead. I chose to use FedEx tracking, as I could receive emails each time the package moved.

And that was extremely convenient, and exciting for me!

Silicon Wives Review: Shipping Time

Another important aspect of my review is to talk about Silicon Wives shipping times. After all, you need to know how long it will take for the doll of your dreams to arrive!

So, here is everything you need to know about Silicon Wives shipping times:

Silicon Wives shipping times

My Shipping Experience

My shipping experience with Silicon Wives was flawless, for the most part. And I say that because I misunderstood my order.

You see, since I ordered the doll with no customizations, I thought it was coming from the warehouse. But I couldn’t have been more wrong!

On the contrary, my doll was still manufactured, for me, and shipped across the world. Nevertheless, this gave me the opportunity to give you a review on Silicon Wives customer service too!

But back to the shipping….

My beautiful Athena was shipped via FedEx, and since I signed up for email alerts, I was given step-by-step notifications from the day she arrived in the United States, until she was delivered to my door step.

Silicon Wives shipping tracking 1
shipping tracking 2
shipping tracking 3
final tracking notice from Silicon Wives

Does Silicon Wives Have Discreet Shipping?

Silicon Wives promises that your shipment will come in a plain, cardboard box with no identifying marks on the outside. And yes, they were 100% truthful.

Silicon Wives review: discreet shipping

As you can see, my doll’s shipping box is as plain as it can be, with no brand markings from the factory, or words identifying it as a doll. And just so you know, this box was built like a brick sh*t house with a custom, foam lining and wooden pieces reinforcing the box.

Silicon Wives discreet shipping 2

Because of this, my doll arrived in perfect condition, with the box showing no dents, creases or tears whatsoever.

And to be honest, I was surprised and impressed at the lengths to which the manufacturers go to ensure your doll arrives in pristine, undamaged condition.

Therefore, if you are thinking of ordering a companion doll from Silicon Wives, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety, discretion and your doll arriving safely.

Silicon Wives Return Policy

Silicon Wives has the usual return policy for adult products. Additionally, it’s important to check your doll, from head to toe, within the first 24 hours of arrival.

That’s because Silicon Wives needs that information urgently, and before the doll is used. That way, they can handle any returns or repairs right away.

Silicon Wives return policy

Customer Support and Contact at Silicon Wives

Next on my Silicon Wives review is the all-important customer support and contact information. And although you likely won’t need it, it’s nice to have these on hand, just in case.

First, you can contact Silicon Wives customer support by clicking the CONTACT tab. Here, you’ll find a contact form you can fill out, as well as the following contact information:

  • Email address:
  • Phone hours: M-F 9am-5pm by calling 1-888-644-7529
  • Live chat is available at the bottom, right side of the screen.

My Silicon Wives Review: Customer Service Experience

As I mentioned earlier, I confused my as-is doll for a “ready-to-ship” doll. Therefore, after my FedEx tracking sat, unchanged, at “label created” for over a week, I grew concerned.

So, I emailed Silicon Wives customer service. And not only did I get a fast response, it was kind, cordial and explained everything in detail!

In conclusion, I’d like to thank Bryan for not calling out my blatant idiocy, and for explaining everything in a way that made me excited for Athena’s arrival. Plus, it gave me a little extra information for my Silicon Wives review.

Silicon Wives customer service 1
email 2

Silicon Wives Reviews

Obviously, my Silicon Wives review should be enough, right? On the contrary, it’s only fair to give you a selection of reviews, so you can read for yourself and see if this is the right vendor for you.

Therefore, I grabbed you some Silicon Wives reviews from a few places. So, the following snips were directly plucked from their reviews and testimonials page:

Silicon Wives review 1
review 2
review 3

To summarize, the Silicon Wives reviews and testimonials statistics are as follows:

  • Based on 342 reviews
  • 5-stars: 77%
  • 4-stars: 15%
  • 3-stars: 5%
  • 2-stars: 2%
  • 1-star: 1%

Judge Me Silicon Wives Reviews

Usually, there are Trustpilot reviews for most sex doll vendors. However, in this case, they only had 2, but Judge Me had hundreds reviews for the company.

And FYI, Judge Me is the review system for the Shopify platform, in case you didn’t know.

So, here are just a couple for you to sample. Further, pay attention to the response from Silicon Wives at the bottom of the second review:

review 4

The Doll Forum

The Doll Forum is the place to go for everything you need to know about sex dolls, including the best manufacturers and vendors. And Silicon Wives has their own page on the forum, proving they are a trustworthy seller.

As an example, here are a couple of Silicon Wives reviews from The Doll Forum users:

review 6
review 7

My Silicon Wives Review Summary

My order from Silicon Wives
My doll 2
My doll 3
My doll 4
My doll 5

Overall, my experience with Silicon Wives was excellent, and beyond what I thought it would be. First and foremost, my doll was on sale, at a competitive price.

Not only that, WM had a manufacturer’s sale going on for the fall. So, unknown to me, there were several, free upgrades included like standing feet, upgraded skeleton, extra head and electronic cleaner.

And Silicon Wives automatically added those items to my order. So, when my doll arrived, that box was loaded down, and I was thrilled.

Plus, Athena was pristine and perfect, with no defects whatsoever. And for more detailed information and nude pics of my doll, I wrote a complete and comprehensive review for you.

On top of that, shipping and tracking were perfection, and Silicon Wives customer service responded quickly and in a friendly manner.

In the end, I highly recommend shopping with Silicon Wives for your first, or next companion doll order. They will certainly take care of you!