Different Types of Glass Sex Toys

By Cassie Mørch / November 22, 2022

Have you also been mesmerized by the beauty of these lovely sculptures? A glass sex toy is basically a work of art… that you can have sex with. What’s not to like? It gets you off in the most delicious ways and simultaneously doubles as pretty home decor! Are you thinking of getting a glass sex toy to add to your collection? Let me take you through the many different types of glass sex toys out there for some inspiration! We will cover everything from glass pleasure wands to glass butt plugs!

In this post I will guide you through the following points:

Different Types for Different Purposes

Let’s get started on some of different kinds of glass sex toys available – what do they do, how do they feel, and who are they most suited for?

A Variety of Dildos

There are so many possibilities for pleasure in the world of glass dildos! They really do come in all colors, shapes, and sizes!


Straight Dildos

Let’s start with a classic.

This simple, sleek, and straight dildo from Gläs with a slim, lengthy shaft from Gläs gets straight to the point!

Easy insertion and frictionless motions await you with this type of glass sex toy!

Icicles No 59 Candy Cane Dildo

Novelty Dildos

Another type of glass dildo enters a more artistic sphere… as they can be realistically shaped as random objects!

An example of this is the Icicles Candy Cane glass dildo which we have already reweived and rated for you!

Whether it’s a little holiday treat, a realistic chili pepper, or a fantasy tentacle, there’s a world of fun to be had with these more whimsical glass toys!

Lovehoney Realistic Textured Sensual Glass Dildo with Balls 6

Realistic Dildos

Just because you’re playing with glass dildos, you don’t have to live without the realistic shape of a penis!

Although the extra firm sensation may not feel very life-like, you will at least be able to recognize the shape of a penis with this textured glass dildo from Lovehoney!

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Dildo Beaded Dildo

Beaded Dildos

Glass dildos can come in various shapes to stimulate you in different ways! A beaded shaft can provide you with delicious sensations during internal stimulation both vaginally and anally!

Our review of this Lovehoney Sensual Beaded Glass Dildo will take you through these sensations and possibilities.


Spiralled Dildos

Another popular shape is a spiralled shaft.

Other than being visually impressive, like this Blue Faceted Twist Dildo, this type of toy provides waves of unique sensations of gentle twists rather than thrusts. It’s a great toy for varied internal stimulation!

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Double-Ended G-Spot Dildo 4

Pleasure Wands

Glass wands are a versatile sex toy but they all have somewhat magic qualities… Like this Sensual Glass Double-Ended Dildo from Lovehoney, wands often have bulbous tips, strategically curved shapes, or wonderfully textured shafts. That’s why these babies are great for intense g-spot or A-spot stimulation!

Check out our selection of the best glass wands and dildos to make magic happen!

Other Types of Glass Sex Toys to Excite you!


Butt Plugs

The smooth and heavy glass is a perfect material for butt plugs. We have already found the 9 best glass plugs for firm fulfillment here!

Of course there’s the classic butt plug, like this Booty Sparks Gem butt plug from SheVibe.

The classic shape is obviously available in whichever color, shape, or size you desire. Even the most simple plug can look like a piece of art when it’s made of glass!

Crystal Heart Dildo

Anal Beads (Or Beaded Dildos With a Stopper)

There are so many different kinds of glass anal beads out there! Different designs and sizes are good for different purposes. Here’s our selection of the 8 best glass anal beads on the market!

This Crystal Heart glass dildo is super versatile. It can easily go under the same category as anal beads since the wide beaded shaft (and safety stopper) creates a similar sensation when pulled out slowly.

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Booty Buddy Butt Plug

Prostate Massagers

Some glass toys make exceptionally efficient prostate massagers! With a curved and bulbous design made specifically to stimulate your p-spot, these glass tools provide the ultimate prostate massage with its solid surface! This Sensual Glass Booty Buddy Butt Plug from Lovehoney aims to hit just the right spot!

We have hand-picked some of the best glass prostate massagers out there!

Glas 8 Inch Ribbed G-Spot Glass Dildo 7

Double-Ended Toys

You might have noticed by now that glass is quite a versatile and elegant material for sex toys. There are endless possibilities… literally!

Double-ended glass sex toys allow you to double down on the sensations and the pleasure! There are endless combinations out there – butt plug with a ribbed dildo, anal beads with a curved dildo (like this Lovehoney Sensual G-spot Glass Dildo), a beaded dildo with an even bigger realistic dildo. There’s something for everyone here!

Gläs Candy Land Glass Juicer Dildo


Juicers are a type of glass sex toy that can be used either vaginally or anally and spun around to mimic the motion of “juicing” something. This Gläs Candy Land Glass Juicer Dildo has a textured shaft for extra sensation when being spun around.

Hear me out, the dildo is inserted (with plenty of lube!) and then the crank is pulled to spin the dildo around to enjoy the sensations of the textured shaft or rounded head!


Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls are a type of glass sex toy that combine arousal with elegance. These are the perfect step up for those looking to take their kegel training to the next level. When worn regularly, Ben Wa balls help strengthen your pelvic floor which might lead to stronger orgasms.

Glass Ben Wa balls like these ones from Icicles can also be worn and enjoyed during non-penetrative sexual activity and, of course, are ideal for internal temperature play!


Glass Vibrators

Yes, you read that correctly. Glass vibrators are totally a thing. We even found some of the best glass vibrators that you maybe didn’t even know existed!

This Icicles No 83 Rechargeable glass vibrator plug is remote controlled and features a suction cup base for hands free thrusting. Combine the sensations of glass with the powerful ripples of vibration!

For more inspiration, chech out these brands that specialize in making really cool (and breathtakingly beautiful) glass sex toys!

  • Crystalino – Hand-blown glass toys in a wide range from kegel balls to dildo floggers! Chrystalino toys are super elegant, durable, affordable and beginner friendly!
  • Icicles – This brand of glass sex toys also feature a diverse line of different types of beautiful Icicle glass products. Some of which are also fun novelty dildos!

What Are Glass Sex Toys Really?

Versatile options with glass sex toys.

It’s pretty self-explanatory but sex glass toys are any kind of sex toy that is made from strong and durable glass with a wonderfully smooth feel and often stunning look. They are designed to curve in delicious ways that target your sweet spots

A Magic Material

So what is it that makes glass sex toys so special? This sturdy and weighty material can do wonders for you and your senses. Although metal sex toys share similar qualities, as you can read in our blog post about glass VS metal toys, I’ll take you through the benefits of glass toys today!

  • Firm. Your glass sex toy will allow for firm and deep internal massage for ultimate g-spot, a-spot, or p-spot (prostate) stimulation!
  • Weighty. Because of their weighty material, these toys may feel much bigger than they actually are! Explore intense sensations of fullness with these beautiful gadgets.
  • Non-porous. These toys feel super smooth and almost friction free! Glass is non-porous so it’s compatible with any kind of lube and so easy to clean! Read more about how to clean sex toys of different materials here.
  • Temperature. Glass is actually quite temperature-absorbant! It adjusts to different temperatures quickly, making it an ideal material to explore temperature play! Put your toy in a glass of warm water or icy cold water for a few minutes before use and play around enjoy the temperature contrast on your body!

Are Glass Sex Toys Safe to Use?

No, they will not easily break inside of you. Most glass sex toys are made of borosilicate glass which is significantly stronger and more durable than regular glass. We’ve already wrote a post about why you can feel absolutely safe while using glass sex toys!

Not only is it safe to these toys, glass is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic! It might actually be a better option for some people!

So yes, generally, these beautiful glass devices are definitely safe to use! Of course, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the basics of how to use a glass sex toy. The basic guidelines are similar to any other sex toy but there are few things to keep in mind regarding the material.

  • Don’t use a glass dildo with a harness or as a strap-on! The firm material should be yielded carefully to avoid any internal (or external) bruising.
  • Don’t boil your toy or put it in the freezer! Although your glass might technically endure this, there’s no guarantee it won’t stress the glass. Also, this is not recommended for temperature play, as these extreme temperatures could harm your skin.

Finding the Perfect Glass Sex Toy For You!

As you can tell, it’s almost overwhelming how many different type of glas sex toys there are available! Finding the right one for you is all about figuring out what you want!

Does the function of your glass sex toy match your desires

Function is Key!

Are you into firm stimulation of your g-spot, complete anal fullness, or into light textured penetration? Depending on your desires and preferences, you should select a glass sex toy that will hit your sweet spot. Ask yourself: which of these types of glass sex toy will make my eyes roll back in my head?

Size matters when it comes to different types of glass sex toys

Size Does Matter Here…

When it comes to your own pleasure, your own body, and solid glass toys, size definitely matters!

As these weighty sculptures can feel bigger than they actually are, be sure to pace yourself! Start small and work your way up.

You get what you pay for for different types of glass sex toys

If The Price is Right!

Most trustworthy web sex shops (we have our favourite sites listed here!) will sell good quality glass sex toys that are very resistant to any stress or breaking.
Make sure whatever brand you’re purchasing from is being transparent about their materials so you can check their legitimacy and fully enjoy your glass toy!

Remember, you always get what you pay for. A cheap glass toy will never meet the same standard as one on the more expensive side!