Types of Realistic Sex Toys: The Real Deal

By Cassie Mørch / June 21, 2023

In the world of adult toys, there’s so much variety to choose from. Sex toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But for those seeking a more authentic experience, realistic sex toys are the way to go. Different types of realistic sex toys can offer you some seriousl lifelike stimulation. Sometimes they can even mimic both the look, feel, and even the movement of the real thing!

Some types of realistic sex toys can offer a much more intimate and satisfying experience for both solo and partnered fun! In this post, I’ll go over the different types of realistic sex toys available on the market. I’ll tell you all about them and why you might want to consider adding them to your collection.

Table of Contents

  1. Different Kinds of Realism
  2. Realistic Dildos
  3. Realistic Masturbators
  4. Realistic Sex Dolls
  5. Realistic Penis Sleeves
  6. Realistic Strap-Ons
  7. Realistic Oral Sex Toys
  8. Why Use Realistic Sex Toys?

Different Kinds of Realism in Sex Toys

Before we get started, let’s go over the basics of realistic sex toys. So, when we talk about “realistic” sex toys, we’re referring to two main aspects of realism: design and sensation.

Some types of realistic sex toys have a realistic design. They look and feel like “the real deal”. They often have lifelike detailing in the design such as veins, skin texture, anatomical diversity, and even realistic colors. These toys aim to visually and physically mimic the human anatomy for your pleasure. These toys are great for people who want that realistic visual appeal.

On the other hand, other types of realistic sex toys don’t have a realistic design that is mirrored to human anatomy. However, they will then specialize in providing sensations that feel very realistic. For example, clitoral suction toys use special air pressure technology that can create a suction-like sensation on the clitoris. Here, the toy rapidly creates and releases a vacuum within the nozzle. This sensation mimics some of the sensations of oral sex.

So, with these types of realistic sex toys, they provide a realistic experience even though the toy itself doesn’t resemble a human tongue.

Types of Realistic Dildos

Ah yes, one of the staples of realistic sex toys. This is probably the first kind of realistic sex toy that pops up when people think of the most lifelike love-makers out there. So, let’s dive in. There are two types of realistic dildos you need to know about. You can find a fine selection of classic dildos here.

Dildos With a Realistic Design

Realistic dildos often look like this. You’re probably not surprised. This is, after all, the classic dildo aesthetic that we all know and love.

This is a regular dildo with a realistic design. They often have hyper-realistic features and a very detailed design. The look is complete with detailed skin texture, a scrotum, veins, pronounced penis glans, and most of the time a urethra as well!

Squirting dildos even have a fully functioning urethra and a pump to recreate a realistic ejaculation!

Some of dildos with a realistic design come in different versions. Some have a realistic design and texture, but have other features that are less naturalistic, like an unnatural color or size, like with the Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe Dildo. Basically, the aim is to provide some true to life visual aid for your naughty adventures, while also spicing things up a bit!

Some realistic dildos are even molded from the penises of real people, like porn stars and adult performers, like this Manuel Ferrara 8 Inch Silicone Dildo with Balls and this 7.1 inch strong suction cup dildo from utimi.com.

Dual Density Dildos for the Real Feel

Now, let’s go beyond just the visual aid of naturalistic phallic toys. Dual density dildos take realism to the next level.

These dildos have a soft and squishy exterior silicone coating and a firm core, which makes them feel incredibly lifelike.

They’re firm enough to hold their shape during penetration and provide firm internal massage. However, they’re also soft enough externally to feel super comfortable and bendable. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right. The Goldilocks of realistic dildos, if you will.

The squishy yet firm sensation truly mimics the feeling of an actual erect penis. That’s why this dual density design makes these kinds of dildos the most realistic feeling dildos on the market right now. So, if you’re looking for more of a true to life sensation over the aesthetics, these dildos are for you.

Dual density dildos are available in a variety of designs, price points, girths, and lengths, so there’s a dual-density dildo for everyone!

Types of Realistic Masturbators

Now, realistic masturbators come in various sizes and designs. A lot of them help create a detailed, realistic illusion of the real deal. Masturbators are mostly made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), a very stretchy, squishy and soft material that feels very lifelike. So, let’s go over some of the most realistic types of masturbators out there.

Fleshlights and Pocket Pussies

Fleshlights and pocket pussies are smaller male masturbators that look and feel like different kinds of genital orifices, like a vulva, vagina, mouth, or anus.

Pocket pussies will often feature a detailed design of vulvas. Depending on the brand and quality of the masturbator, these designs have different levels of detail and anatomical diversity.

Other than a realistic vaginal opening they also feature a textured interior. This simulates the sensation of the internal texture of a vagina.

Fleshlight has a line of realistic masturbators that are individually molded from popular adult performers called Fleshlight Girls. Check out our in-depth review of the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight!

Here are some other brands that offer similar products. The realistic Feelstars Strokers by Kiiroo or Main Squeeze by Doc Johnson.

Fleshlight also offers a collection of anal Fleshlights, called Fleshjacks, molded from popular gay adult performers. Check out our review of the Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss here!

Ass Masturbators

Just about as classy and sophisticated as they come, right? These babies are a visual and tactile treat for anyone who calls themselves a “butt person”.

Not only can you enjoy some eye candy, you can actually reach out and grab a handful of juicy butt! Designed to be soft, squishy, firm, yet jiggly, these buns feel quite satisfying to grab onto.

Ass masturbators are designed to look and feel like a real anus and potentially a real (almost) full-sized butt. They often feature a realistic anal opening with a uniquely textured interior that simulates the feel of anal sex.

Most larger ass masturbators will also offer you the bliss of two holes in one product! With a realistic vulva design and vaginal orifice as well, you can easily take your pick depending on which mood you’re in.

I’m personally fascinated by these types of ass masturbators. If I had a penis, I know where it would be going, let’s just say that. The butt itself is not only satisfying to grab and feast your eyes on, it provides a practical element of stability, as you can thrust into your masturbator while holding onto the buttock. I bet that would elevate the level of realism in your solo-sessions quite a bit!

Breast Masturbators

Not a butt person? Perhap boobs do more for you. I get it. Breasts are great. Breast masturbators are here to make all your boob-based fantasies come to life!

Breast masturbators replicate the look and feel of real breasts. Typically made from soft, pliable materials like silicone or TPE, they are designed to mimic the texture and bounce of real breasts.

In terms of appearance, realistic breast masturbators can vary greatly. Some models replicate just the breasts themselves. These are great for people solely looking for visual stimulation and for performing solo “titjobs”.

Some breast masturbators include a portion of the torso for a more lifelike look. Check out our in-depth review of the Pipedream Fuck Me Silly 2.

Some also find a sneaky way to include a vaginal and anal orifice to this breast masturbator for a “full package” experience.

On an extra note, masturbators generally have a tendency to have very unrealistic proportions. All this despite being meant to cater to a desire for realism. Masturbators like this are often meant to create the illusion of the real deal! So, keep in mind that the level of realism in this type of realistic sex toy can be… unreliable at times.

Types of Realistic Sex Dolls

What could be more realistic than sex dolls made to cater to the illusion of some lifelike loving during your special alone time? There are so many different types of realistic sex dolls out there (and at many different price points!), so let’s take a look!

Sex Doll Torsos

Sex doll torsos are a type of sex doll that only includes the torso. They feature realistic breasts, a vula and vaginal orifice, and most likely an anus well.

They’re a great option if you want a more realistic experience all-round but don’t have the space or budget for a full-sized sex doll.

We’ve had some members of our tester team try out a few different types of sex doll torsos, so you can get the full review before you invest in your realistic fantasies. Check out the in-depth review of the Tantaly Britney and the Tantaly Rosie!

Torso Dildos

Torso dildos are basically dildos that are attached to a torso. Just the cis-male equivalent of the product above. Complete with an anus and anal cavity as well!

Torso dildos can provide a more realistic experience than any other old dildo because you can hold onto the torso while you use the dildo. It’s great for riding and grinding on. It generally provides a sturdier experience with the bonus of a visually pleasing view.

Check out our full review of the Tantaly Channing here!

Full-Sized Sex Dolls

Here we have it. The ultimate realistic sex toy! Full-sized sex dolls are designed to look and feel like a real person!

The main components of a sex doll usually include a head with detailed facial features, a torso with breasts (for female dolls), and genitalia. Some dolls also include an actual metal skeleton, allowing them to be posed in lots of different positions.

Sex dolls can also come with a variety of customizable options. You can customize the body size and shape, skin tone, hair color and style, and even specific facial features.

Sometimes you will also be able to customize the design of the genitalia, like the length and girth of the penis and the design of the vulva!

Realistic Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are texture extender sleeves that go over your penis to make it feel bigger and to support the erection. Some penis sleeves have internal textures for the wearers pleasure, while the external texture and added girth is supposed to pamper the receiver.

Penis sleeves come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. However, these realistic penis sleeves are complete with natural skin tones, realistic details like veins and a pronouncd glans. Check out our full review of the Vixen Colossus Penis Extender!

Realistic Strap-Ons

Realistic strap-ons are another classic option for people who want to experience realistic penetration but don’t have a penis or struggle with maintaining an erection for longer periods.

The realism in a strap-on usually comes from using a realistic dildo in the harness. You can experience the full look and feel of lifelike details such as veins, a glans, and sometimes even testicles.

The main components of a realistic strap-on are the harness and the dildo. The harness, which is usually adjustable, is worn around the waist and thighs of the wearer. The dildo is attached to the front of the harness and can often be detached for cleaning or to switch out with other dildos.

Different Types of Realistic Oral Sex Toys

Now, we’re moving into the area of realistic sex toys that specialize in providing realistic sensations rather than realistic aesthetics. I’ll be going over some of the best products that can offer you lifelike (or something very close to lifelike) oral pleasure!

Clitoral Suction Stimulators

Clitoral suction stimulators are a type of sex toy that uses air pressure to create a suction-like sensation on the clitoris.

This gentle, pulsating suction is basically meant to mimic the sensation of oral sex. They provide a unique and intense form of stimulation that many clitoris-owners find highly pleasurable.

Clit suckers often have multiple intensity levels and patterns, allowing you to customize your experience to suit your preferences.

Check out our full review of the Lelo Sila. Another great oral sex simulator is the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3, we’ve got a in-depth review of that one too!

Blowjob Machines

Blowjob machines are a type of sex toy designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex.

There’s an automated mechanical component that holds a soft, textured sleeve with a realistic mouth. You simply insert your penis into the sleeve with plenty of lubricant. The motor can then create suction, vibration, or stroking motions.

Some blowjob machines are even designed to heat up for an even more realistic experience. They can be a great way to enjoy hands-free stimulation and can often be used with a partner for fun, interactive play.

We’ve got a full test and review of the Autoblow AI+ here!

Why Use Different Types of Realistic Sex Toys?

All these different types of realistic sex toys can potentially provide you with a level of intimacy and pleasure that other types of sex toys can’t match.

They can help you explore your fantasies, enhance your sexual experiences, and even improve your sexual health and well-being. Whether you’re using them alone or with a partner, realistic sex toys can add a whole new dimension to your sex life and help you discover new forms of pleasure.

Now that we’ve explored the world of realistic sex toys, it’s clear that there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right one for you.

Consider which type of realism you’re looking for – in terms of aesthetics or sensation? Think of your personal anatomy and your particular likes and dislikes when it comes to the variousd functions and features of sex toys.

No matter where your preferences or desires lie, there’s a wide range of options available to you. Regardless of what you choose, one thing is certain: nothing will actually feel exactly like the real deal. Although, realistic sex toys can provide a unique and satisfying sexual experience that’s as close to the real thing as it gets!

The Perfect Type of Realistic Sex Toy

In the world of adult toys, realism can take many forms. I mean, we’ve seen this so far in this post. From the lifelike designs of dildos and masturbators to the authentic sensations provided by blowjob machines and clitoral suction stimulators, there’s a realistic sex toy out there to satisfy every preference and desire.

But finding the best type of realistic sex toy for you isn’t just about deciding between a dildo or a masturbator, or choosing between a penis sleeve or a strap-on. It’s about understanding what you’re looking for in your sexual experiences. Are you seeking a toy that provides a particular sensation, like the feeling of oral sex? Or perhaps you’re drawn to toys that offer a certain visual stimulation, like a dildo that looks like a real penis?

And of course, budget is an important factor to consider. While some realistic sex toys can be quite affordable, others — like sex dolls and torsos — can be quite pricey. I think it’s good to find a balance between the level of realism you desire and what you’re willing to spend.

Remember, the goal of any sex toy is to enhance your sexual pleasure and help you explore new sensations. So whether you’re a seasoned sex toy user or a curious newbie, don’t be afraid to explore the exciting world of realistic sex toys. Maybe you’ll discover a great new way to play!