What are Vibrating Panties? + Ways to Play

By Rachel Worthington / August 26, 2022

Vibrating panties aren’t just a meme or a cheap toy for risqué prank videos, they can feel amazing, too!

Today, we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of what vibrating panties are (and aren’t), and all the different types that are out there. Plus, we’re giving you some new and exciting ways to play!

What are Vibrating Panties (and What Aren’t They)?

There are a lot of myths and weird ideas about vibrating panties out there in the world. That’s to be expected of any sex toy that goes viral — but, what actually are vibrating panties?

Well, they aren’t exactly just panties that vibrate. When I first heard the phrase, my immediate thought was some kind of panties where all the fabric vibrated — like a weird vibrating diaper! You might not have had that same mental image (I admit, it’s pretty bizarre), but let’s clear up any misconceptions.

Vibrating panties, or panty vibrators, are clit vibrators that sit inside your underwear. They’re usually quite slim and oval-shaped so that can nestle up to your vulva and clitoris and buzz away! Some types of panty vibrators can also be inserted into the vagina, like a love egg.

Oftentimes, they attach to your underwear in some way, so that you can wear them standing up or moving around. Others come with their own special underwear that has a small pocket in the gusset for them to sit inside of.

Here’s an example of a typical panty vibrator, the We-Vibe Moxie:

How Do You Control Them?

Almost all panty vibrators also have some kind of remote controls. Think about it: it would be pretty hard to reach down into your underwear to press a button each time you wanted to adjust a setting!

Some come with a physical remote with buttons to control the vibration patterns and speeds, while others also have the ability to connect to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. Then, you can unlock all kinds of cool functions, including syncing the vibrations to music or your partner’s voice! You can even connect with another phone anywhere in the world through WiFi — the perfect long-distance toy.

How Exactly Do They Stay in Your Panties?

As you can imagine, vibrating panties need some kind of mechanism to stop them falling out of your panties or moving around too much.

Different types of vibrating panties secure in different ways, and some of the most common are…

A Magnet

Many panty vibrators have a magnetic disc that sticks to the underside of the vibrator through your panties. You might have already noticed this on the We-Vibe Moxie above! Just place it on the outside of the gusset of your panties with the vibrator on the inside. Of course, how well it sticks depends on the thickness of the fabric, and might not work as well with g-strings.

Our Pick: Lovense Ferri


Yeah, just like a maxi pad! Some vibrating panties secure to the sides of your panty gusset with posable wings that wrap around the fabric. These work best with gussets that are a similar width to the vibrator — not too wide, not too narrow.

Our Pick: Lock-N-Play Remote Panty Teaser

A Pocket in the Panties

There’s also another type of vibrating panties: those that come with their own panties! These are usually highly adjustable panties with a pocket in the gusset that can accommodate a small vibrator, usually a bullet vibrator or small flat vibrator. They can be super fun, but sometimes it can be a bit of a gamble whether the pocket will be in right place for you.

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Insertable Vibrators

If you prefer some more g-spot rumbles, then you can opt for an insertable wearable vibrator. These are usually egg-shaped vibrators that buzz up against your g-spot, and sometimes also have an arm or tail that sits next to the clitoris, too. Since these don’t have to attach to your panties, you don’t have to worry about them falling out or moving too much.

Our Pick: Lovense Lush 3

Butterfly Vibrators

Finally, we have butterfly vibrators, which are just as cute as the sound! These are most often clitoral vibrators, but instead of attaching to your panties, they have their own straps that go around your thighs and hips. Some also have insertable, dildo-like parts that help them stay anchored in the right place. They can be more secure than other vibrating panties, but might not be the most practical for wearing under clothes.

Our Pick: Lovehoney Venus Butterfly Hands-Free Vibrator

Fun Ways to Use a Panty Vibrator

Vibrating panties are one of the most versatile and creative sex toys out there! Of course, you can enjoy one in bed, but that’s far from the end of it. Here are some of our favorite ways to use a panty vibrator

Around the House

Liven up chores by wearing your panty vibrator while you do the dishes or vacuum! It can be a great way to warm up before foreplay with your partner, or simply just an extra bit of motivation to get that housework done.

Long-Distance Loving

App-controlled vibrators can be a real savior to those in long-distance relationships, or just if you’re stuck at home while your partner is on a trip.

Connect to each other via app and have them control the vibrations for you, whether you’re in bed, running errands or anywhere else! Most sex toy apps also have text or voice chat features to help you close the gap and make the stimulation feel that much more real.

Discreet Public Play

There’s nothing that can turn you on quite like having a sexy secret while in public! Panty vibrators are perfect for wearing while out and about, as they’re quiet and easy to control with a remote or your phone.

Try one on a hot date with your partner (give them the controls for an even spicier time), or go solo and wear one at a club or gig, letting the vibrations sync to the music.

Hands-Free Masturbation

If you’re not so into venturing out into public or giving up control of the vibrations, then a panty vibrator can still be a great companion! Wear your vibrating panties alone and enjoy a masturbation session without having to use your hands.

If you need a bit more pressure or movement, you could try sitting astride a pillow or two and grinding.

Power Play

On the other end of things, vibrating panties make great tools for power play. Give over the controls to a partner and have them be fully in control of your pleasure. They can tease and toy with you as much as they want, and you could even explore edging, where you’re brought just to the brink of orgasm before letting the sensation subside and starting again.

You could also incorporate a blindfold and/or restraints like handcuffs or bed straps to turn up the intensity and allow you to really feel submissive.