Where to Buy Sex Swings

By Rachel Worthington / July 15, 2022

Looking for where to buy sex swings that won’t leave you worrying about crashing to the ground or tearing down your ceiling?

We know that sex swings aren’t your everyday sex toy. They need to be comfortable, functional, and able to take your full weight! That’s why we’ve done our research, and found the best places to buy sex swings that actually work. These aren’t your everyday online stores — they’re reliable, high-quality, and offer discreet shipping, too!

Our Favorite Sex Swing Stores

There are a LOT of places that stock sex swings these days, from online sex toy stores to brick-and-mortar retailers. But, which ones are trustworthy?

Here are our expert picks of stores that either specialize in sex swings, or stock a good range of quality sex swings, so that you can buy with confidence.


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If you’re looking for sex swing specialists, then you can’t get better than the team at SexSwing.com. They’ve been doing this since 2010, and have a huge range of sex swing brands and types available on their site.

Plus, they have a whole host of guides and videos available to help you choose which sex swing might be best for you and your needs. In fact, they actually own, test and use every sex swing they sell, so they know what they’re talking about!


Lovehoney is one of the world’s biggest online sex retailers, operating in 8 countries and stocking thousands upon thousands of sex toys! This, of course, includes a range of sex swings.

Alongside many top brands, Lovehoney also has several sex swings sold under their own brands, including Bondage Boutique and DOMINIX Deluxe, which are often more affordable options.

The Stockroom

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The Stockroom is a wonderland of kink-positive toys and accessories, with everything from bondage cuffs and whips to stockades and fetish-wear.

Their extensive collection also includes sex swings and slings. Most are geared towards more advanced users, but there are some beginner-friendly swings, too. Many of the swings on the Stockroom are made in-house, and often made-to order, ensuring super high quality and attention to detail.

Hustler Hollywood

hustler hollywood logo

Hustler started out as a porn magazine, but their empire has grown a whole lot since then! In 1998, their first brick-and-mortar sex toy store opened on the Sunset Strip, and now there 39 stores across the US!

Hustler Hollywood also have a huge online sex toy store that continues its agenda of sexual expression and freedom. This includes a growing range of sex swings from popular brands, including Fetish Fantasy and Sportsheets.

Where to Buy a Dual Hook Sex Swing

One of the most traditional types of sex swing is the dual hook design. These connect to your ceiling or sex swing stand in two places, kind of like a swing set on a playground.

Dual hook swings are roomy, comfy and secure, though they may take up more room than some other kinds of swings. Here are some of our expert picks…

Best Overall: The Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

The Screamer Dual Hook sex swing is one of the most popular sex swings ever, and has been the #1 seller on SexSwing.com for six years in a row!

It’s designed from the ground up (or, should that be the ceiling down?) to be comfortable and sturdy. It has a variable-width seat, contoured handles, adjustable and removable straps, and a headrest — all of which make for a customizable and ergonomic experience. The all-metal hardware and two mounting point, which divide your weight evenly, mean that you can swing without worry of anything breaking or falling down.

Best Budget: The Wild Side Sex Swing

Coming in at under $150, the Wild Side sex swing is a perfect way for beginners to try out all the benefits of a sex swing without breaking the bank.

It consists of two straps, padded with high-density foam, large stirrups for your legs and everything you’ll need to mount its dual hooks safely and securely. It even comes in five colors, so you can always match your decor, whether that’s in your living room or your sex room!

Where to Buy a Spinning Sex Swing

Sex swings are all about giving you more freedom to be more fun and experimental! If you want to get really wild and mobile with things, then why not try a spinning sex swing?

These are sex swings that connect to your ceiling or stand, with a special kind of hook that allows the whole swing to spin around. Not all sex swings have this ability, so you should look closely before you commit to one.

Best Overall: The Screamer Twist Sex Swing

This option has all the comfort of the Screamer Dual Hook swing, but with a single hook design that allows it to spin all the way around! Included is two padded straps, leg stirrups, hand grips, and all the attachments needed to mount it. You’ll even get a carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

Best Budget: The Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Sex Swing

Wondering where to buy a more affordable spinning sex swing? We’ve got you — check out this swing from Trinity Vibes. It might not be quite as flashy as others, but it’s comfortable, solidly constructed and offers the same fun freedom as other spinning sex swings!

Where to Buy a BDSM Sex Swing

For the more adventurous sex swing-user, there’s the bondage swing! They come in a variety of styles, but the main gist is that they have a whole host of restraints attached that keep you or your sub chained to the swing.

Explore all kinds of exotic positions, or use your bondage swing as a way to leave the submissive partner bound up until they can’t take it anymore!

The Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

This bondage swing from the popular BDSM toy brand Fetish Fantasy is both fun and affordable! Alongside the standard two straps and leg stirrups, there are also D-rings to attach hand and leg cuffs to. These cuffs are padded and adjustable, and can be worn by either partner. Just take a look at the picture above for inspo on how to use them!

Where to Buy a Sex Sling

For those who see a sex swing and don’t fancy having straps cut into their butt, back or legs, then the solution is a sex sling. These hammock-like swings allow you to sit or lie comfortably, elevated off the ground, ready for the best sex of your life!

The Stockroom Leather Sex Sling

The answer to where to buy quality leather sex swings and slings is very often The Stockroom. This handcrafted leather sling is a fantastic example, with a thick, comfortable seat and stirrups, along with D-rings to attach your choice of restraints. All you need to supply is the chains or ropes to hang it up.

Where to Buy a Door Sex Swing

Door sex swings are just what they sound like: sex swings that you can mount on your door. There no worrying about screws or hooks, you just hook them over your door and shut it, and the swing will stay firmly in place!

Anyone who’s seen those movie scenes where they have sex pressed passionately against the wall, but has wondered how that could ever actually be achieved is sure to love a door swing!

Best Value: The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Swing

Sportsheets are known for making all kinds of BDSM accessories that are both super sexy and great quality, and the Door Jam swing is no exception. It features a padded seat strap, adjustable foot or thigh stirrups and hand grips to help you feel supported against the door. Explore all kinds of standing positions without worry — perfect for couples of different heights!

Best Kit: The Ouch Advanced Bondage Set

Looking to buy not only a sex swing but a whole range of bondage and BDSM toys to experiment with? Well, you can’t get much more comprehensive than this set! It includes: