Your Guide to Anal Masturbation for Men

Chances are that you’re pretty familiar with cranking one out. You might have even tried out all kinds of different ways to jerk off! But what about anal masturbation?

Masturbating anally is so different from the good old penis, and can unlock some incredible and unique sensations for penis owners!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative connotations and associations with anal play, especially for men. Although they are, by and large, completely untrue, many men are still left apprehensive about butt stuff.

However, the best way to overcome fear is knowledge! That’s why, today, we’ll go over exactly why anal masturbation can feel so good, and what goes on in your body when experimenting with the back door. We’ll also go through techniques you can use, and toys that can help you on your journey to outstanding anal orgasms!

Why Does Anal Masturbation Feel Good for Men?

If you’re apprehensive about trying anal masturbation for the first time, it might be good for you to know all the ways it can feel amazing!

First off, you have a huge amount of nerve endings around the anus. The outer two-thirds of the anal canal are highly sensitive to touch, and share a sensory nerve with the rest of your genital area, called the pudendal nerve.

This nerve supplies sensation to the penis as well as the perineum and anus. It’s responsible for all kinds of sensations around that area, from pain to pleasure. But, if you’re getting down and dirty by yourself (or with a partner), the pudendal nerve will kick into ‘arousal’ mode and interpret the sensations as super sexually satisfying!

Then, you have the prostate. Having something, whether it be a toy or a finger, rub up against the prostate can be incredibly pleasurable. In fact, it can even lead to an orgasm!

Many prostate owners describe a prostate orgasm as much deeper, more widespread, and more intense than an orgasm from penis stimulation. It can also last a lot longer, too!

All About the Prostate

P-Spot location

The prostate gland is part of the reproductive system of penis-owners, located between the penis and the bladder. Only AMAB (assigned male at birth) people have a prostate, including cisgender men and trans women.

In basic terms, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland whose job is to secrete an enzyme that ensures your semen is liquid enough for ejaculation, which is also necessary if it’s to be fertile.

The prostate is also known as the p-spot due to how pleasurable it can be when it’s stimulated. That’s why some people also call it the ‘male g-spot’.

To find it, all you need to do is insert a lube-up finger 1-2 inches into the anus. The prostate will feel like a fleshy bulb on the wall of the rectum, towards the front side of the body.

Will I Ejaculate From Anal Masturbation?

Short answer: kind of.

When you cum from penile stimulation, the prostate releases prostatic fluid, which contains that enzyme we talked about above. This mixes with sperm and seminal fluid to form semen.

We’ve also talked about how the penis and anal areas share a sensory nerve. The pudendal nerve, among its many talents, is also responsible for ejaculation. So, when your prostate is stimulated, prostatic fluid can be released through the penis, but without any sperm.

Stimulating the prostate until this fluid is released is often called prostate milking. Sometimes it is ejaculated just like normal semen would be, or sometimes it just leaks out. Plus, it doesn’t always happen, so don’t worry if your anal masturbation session doesn’t result in it.

Ways to Masturbate Anally


We’ve already gone over how to find your prostate with your finger, but what about how to really please it? You can take a look at the section below on how to prepare to masturbate anally, but now we’ll get straight into the good stuff.

First off, you’re going to need to relax. The thought of putting anything up your butt can make you feel tense, but that will make it much less comfortable. So, take some deep breaths and do your best to relax your sphincter.

Then, lube up a clean finger. Make sure your nails are trimmed and see below to find out which kind of lube is best. Start off by swirling around the outside of the anus, and stroking or massaging the perineum.

Once you’re ready, gently start to insert your finger into your anus, adding more lube if you need it. Go slow and savor the sensations you’re experiencing. You could maybe even tease yourself by gently moving your finger in and out.

As you get comfortable, go further in until you feel your prostate. Try massaging it by using a ‘come hither’ motion with your finger, or swirling it in small circles. You can experiment with the firmness and speed of your stimulation, but be patient with yourself and take time to feel everything.

You could also try combining this with penile stimulation if you want to. This sets you up for some amazing blended orgasms, and can often take the pressure off yourself the first couple of times you try anal masturbation.

Anal Toys

Fingers aren’t the only way to enjoy some solo anal pleasure! Here are some of our favorite anal toys and why you might love them too…

Aneros Helix Syn V

This little prostate massager is a pocket rocket! Made by prostate toy experts Aneros, the Helix Syn V is a small but powerful anal vibrator with an ergonomic design that ensures maximum prostate pleasure. It also has t-shaped arms that gently vibrate your perineum, too, which means you can use it hands-free without worrying about it going too far inside.

Lelo Loki Wave

It might look a lot like a rabbit vibrator, but this is actually a specialized prostate massager. The Lelo Loki Wave is an anal prober with a twist. As well as pumping out rumbly vibrations, the shaft moves back and forth in a beckoning motion that gives your prostate a delightful massage. The rabbit-like arm also delivers vibrations to your perineum, and the handle means you can maneuver it around until you find an angle that works for you.

Lovehoney Glass Pro-Stim Massager

Go old school with this manual prostate massager! Sex toys made from hard materials, like this borosilicate glass, can provide amazingly firm stimulation, perfect for prostate massage. Plus, they’re super sturdy, and can take a real beating! This one has a large loop for control and a very bulbous head with a bump designed specifically to reach your prostate with ease.

njoy Pure Wand

The njoy Pure Wand is pretty infamous in the sex toy world. Sometimes called ‘the squirting dildo’, it’s made from solid stainless steel and is known for its incredible g-spot stimulation abilities. However, it’s just as effective for prostate pleasure during anal masturbation! The curved design makes it easy to reach around and move it. You can also choose between the large, smooth balls on each end, depending on your experience level. Just don’t insert it too far, as it doesn’t have a flared base.

Lovehoney Curved 7″ Dildo

If you don’t mind a little more of a realistic shape during your anal activities, then check out this silicone dildo from Lovehoney. It has a slim, smooth shaft and a pronounced head that’s ideal for prostate stimulation. Plus, the curved shaft makes it much easier to hit your prostate that a traditional straight one. This dildo can be held, but also has a strong suction cup for hands-free riding (and is harness-compatible if you also want to try out some strap-on play with a partner).

B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2

If you’re looking for a butt plug that does it all, then look no further than the B-Vibe Rimming Plug. This powerful vibrating butt plug holds a secret in its neck — rows of beads just under the soft silicone that rotate to give the delicious feeling of rimming, aka analingus. That means pleasure for all of your anal areas, not just your prostate. The Rimming Plug comes in three sizes: the Petite, the medium-sized 2, and the XL.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads

And finally, something a little different. Anal beads may seem a bit strange at first, but they can provide some really unique sensations. This silicone set is perfect for beginners, with smooth beads that graduate in size, so you can insert as little or as much as you’re comfortable with. Use them as an alternative to an anal dildo, or insert them, enjoy some penis stimulation, and then remove them at the moment of orgasm for an incredible boost!

How to Prepare for Anal Masturbation


Anal play can make people feel a bit icky, no matter the gender. However, it’s truly not as messy or gross as you might fear!

Poop is not actually stored in the anal canal or rectum, where your anal masturbation is going to take place. It’s instead stored further up in the sigmoid colon until you’re going to the bathroom, when it moves down and out. So, unless you really need to poop (in which case, don’t do anal), you’re not going to accidentally let anything go.

However, there might still be a few remnants hanging around in there. Fortunately, though, they’re easily dealt with with some quick anal cleaning. We recommend having a brief shower beforehand, where you can rinse the external anal area and gently probe inside the lower rectum with a finger to remove any traces of fecal matter.

You might have also heard about anal douching. This involves inserting a douching nozzle up your butt and cleaning the rectum and anus with water, saline or a cleaning solution. It can give you peace of mind, but it also comes with a lot of risks, including increased risk of infections and disrupting your electrolyte balance. Plus, it could actually get water too far up the colon and make things messier!

Instead, if you want to be extra safe, try covering your finger or toy with a condom, or wearing gloves.

Lubing Up

Unlike other genitals, the anus doesn’t lubricate itself. That means you’ll have to add your own, and plenty of it, or you’ll be in for an uncomfortable and likely painful experience.

While you can use any lube, we recommend that you opt for a specialized anal lube. It’s thicker and generally more long-lasting than regular lube, which can be especially handy when your enjoying some anal masturbation by yourself.

There are also different lube formulas with different bases. Your safest bet is a water-based lube like this one from Lovehoney, which is compatible with all sex toy materials and condoms and is very easy to clean up.

Another fairly good option is a silicone-based lube, like this Sliquid Silver lube. It lasts a lot longer than water-based lube and can feel more silky, but has some downsides, too. You shouldn’t use it with silicone sex toys, as it will damage the surface of the material irreparably, and it’s very likely to stain your sheets and/or clothing.

Finally, you should steer well clear of any lube that numbs or ‘desensitizes’ your anal area. The anus and anal canal are delicate, and can easily be injured if you’re not careful. Numbing lube stops you from feeling any pain or discomfort, but that also means you won’t know if you’re doing damage.