The Best Online Tantra Courses for Enhanced Intimacy

Whether you are looking for the best online Tantra course to reconnect with yourself or your partner, you are in the right place!

Tantra and tantric sex can be an amazing journey of self discovery and expansion, but it can be hard to know where to start.

I’ve tried a whole range of online Tantra classes to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Today I’ll be taking through each one, sharing the pros and cons as well as all of the vital info on what you can learn in each course.

Here’s everything I’ll cover in this review of the best online Tantra courses:

Beducated’s Tantra Courses

Beducated has a huge library courses taught my top experts, covering all the full spectrum of health and wellness. Within that, they have an impressive selection on Tantra courses, covering Tantric sex for solo and couples and wellbeing practices.

The best thing is that a subscription gets you access to the whole library of over 180 courses. This includes all of the Tantra courses and all of their other fantastic courses. I would say this is the best Tantra course if you are looking to incorporate Tantric practices into your life.

This is actually one of my favorite online learning platforms to date! The courses are easy to navigate, tasteful, and super informative. I really enjoyed Beducated’s Tantra Classes, particularly the Tantric Date Nights and Tantric Kink courses!

For more information, check out my in-depth Beducated review.

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Here are some of the best online Tantra courses available on Beducated:

For Couples

Beducated Tantra for Couples

The Tantra for Couples course is an amazing place to start your Tantra journey. You get a good understanding of the foundational principles, as well as lots of rituals and practices to explore together!

Tantra for Couples pairs really well with their Tantric Date Nights course.

If you are looking to focus more on emotional connection, I would recommend the Tantra for Relationship Transformation course.

And, if you are looking for something a little kinkier, I can highly recommend the Tantric Kink course!

For solo exploration

Beducated also has a Tantra for One course! It covers the same foundational principles and practices as the couples course, but this time for solo exploration. It covers Tantra for penis owners and vulva owners and can be a great way to connect more deeply with your sexual energy!

They also have two courses covering semen retention and ejaculation control for penis owners and a lovely course on unlocking your feminine seductive energy!

Tantric massage

If you are looking specifically for Tantric massage, Beducated has you covered too!

They’ve got a general Tantric Massage course as well as a Tantric Massage course for Trans bodies.

You can also take courses focussing on the more intimate Yoni and Lingam massage.

For Wellbeing

Sex is only one aspect of Tantra. There are many practices to explore that can have a positive impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing!

Beducated’s 5 Tantric Keys for Wellbeing guides you through mental health boosting practices, including breath work and meditation.

There’s also a course focusing on healing through Tantra, including working through sexual trauma, and learning how to create healthy boundaries.

Still not sure if Beducated is for you? Their 14-day free trial gives you full access!

Tantra Reiki Certification — Master/Teacher Program

Tantric sex, often referred to as Neo Tantra, is just one aspect of the wider life teachings of Tantra. If you are looking to delve into the broader, more spiritual aspects of Tantra, this tantric reiki course is a really great option!

Whether you are looking for personal developement or to become a certified Tantric Reiki practitioner, this course is a great place to start. It covers both the basic principles of Tantra and Reiki and instructs you how to practice this healing modality.

The Tantra Reiki course takes you through all the levels of attunement up to Master level, which means you will be able to practice and teach Tantra Reiki.

Tantric reiki is also a great tool to bring into your relationship and can you and your partner connect more deeply and heal together!

This is the best Tantra course for anyone looking to explore a new healing modality! I loved how easy the course was to follow and how well the instructor explains the concepts! If you want to know more, you can ready my full review of the Tantric Reiki Course.

Other Highly Rated Udemy Tantra Courses

If Tantric Reiki isn’t exactly what you are looking for, Udemy has a lot of other online Tantra courses, focussing on different elements of Tantra. Here are some of the highest rated ones:

Yoni Pleasure Palace: The Golden Yoni Membership

If you are vulva owner, wanting to explore your sensuality and unlock more pleasure, the Yoni Pleasure Palace is the place for you!

These tantric classes help you get in touch with your feminine sexual energy and cultivate a more intimate relationship with your body. You will also learn how to unlock new levels of pleasure through guided activities.

I love that there’s a big focus on feeling at home and comfortable in your body and recognising that you are capable and deserving of so much pleasure!

The course gets you access to twelve modules, each with 10-15 videos that you can follow at your own pace. On top of that, you can also participate in yoni egg initiations and access the Yoni Pleasure Palace scared Facebook group.

Dipsea Audio

While these aren’t tantric classes specifically, this platform does have some fantastic guided meditations and breathwork for helping you tap into your erotic energy! It doesn’t hurt that it’s also packed with really great audio erotica for some spicy inspiration whenever you need it!

In the Dipsea app, you can explore erotic breathwork, guided self-touch, and erotic meditations, and self massage, as well as other sex and wellness guides!

One thing I love about these audio guides is that you aren’t distracted by videos, This means you can let the audio guide you without the visual distraction taking you out of your bodily experience.

Find out more about the whole amazing package on offer at Dipsea in my in-depth Dipsea review!

Plus, you can explore all that Dipsea has to offer with a 7-day free trial!

Listen to taste of Dipsea’s erotic audio for free!

Erotic Breathwork

Choose between a calming or energising guided erotic breathwork session with psychologist and erotic breathwork practitioner Eva Kaczor.

These gentle sessions will teach you how to connect your breath to pleasure and take you through some intimate self-touch practices.

Erotic Meditation

The erotic meditations will help you get in touch with your innate desires and further your erotic self-understanding.

Currently, you can explore pleasure mapping to help find new sources of pleasure, sensual recentering to enhance your mind-body connection, and unlocking pleasure with the power of memory.

What is Tantra?

It’s important to distinguish between Tantra and Neo Tantra (tantric sex). Tantra is an Eastern spiritual philosophy that based in energetic principles and aims to help practitioners expand their consciousness and reach spiritual enlightenment. Tantra involves using mantras, yoga, meditation and other practices and rituals to raise spiritual awakening. Within that, sexual energy is seen as a potent form of energy that can be cultivated and channeled for higher purposes.

Neo Tantra is a Western interpretation of Tantra that focusses mainly on the sexual practices and sensual awakening. It aims to help people unlock the power of their erotic energy.

Whether you decide to study Tantra or Neo Tantra, there are many benefits to gain solo or with a partner!