5 Techniques to Master Hands-Free Ejaculation

I’m sure you and your hands have become pretty friendly over the years, but maybe it’s time to give your trusty steeds a rest! Learning how to achieve hands-free ejaculation is a great way to add a new trick to your masturbatory repertoire!

Not only does hands-free ejaculation feel amazing, it also allows you to get to know your body in a new way and is a great way to spice up your routine!

And there are so many great ways to get your rocks off hands free, from automatic sex toys, right up to mind power. I’ll take you through each one and share my top tips as we go, so you can become a truly masterful masturbator!

Oh and you get bonus points if you shout ‘look ma no hands’ as you cum!

Hands-Free Ejaculation With an Automatic Masturbator

We are starting off with one of the easier options for hands-free ejaculation — automatic masturbators. These high-tech sex toys do all the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy the ride! They comprise of a textured sleeve and a motorised thrusting system that works the sleeve up and down your penis. Some can reach dizzying speeds of 230 strokes per minute — there’s no competing with that, not even for the most agile of hands! You can choose between different sleeve openings — vagina, anus, or neutral and now, you can even sync some with your favorite VR porn! Here are some of the best automatic masturbators to get your hands-free ejaculation journey off to an explosive start!

Kiiroo Keon

The Keon from Kiiroo has to be one of the most advanced masturbators out there! It’s VR compatible, and you can adjust the stroke length and speed, with up to 230 strokes per minute!

The Handy

The Handy is an interactive automatic thrusting machine that can also be used with other sleeves, so you’ll never get bored!

Universal Launch

The Universal Launch can transform any Fleshlight into an automatic thruster, and it has a phone holder to enjoy your favorite ethical porn hands-free!

Hands-Free Ejaculation with a Fleshlight

You don’t have to spend big bucks to have a hands-free orgasm. With a bit of know-how, you can use your favorite manual stroker! If you already have a Fleshlight or masturbation sleeve, there are different ways to transform it into a hands-free experience. You’ll want to secure and position the stroker so you can thrust in and out of it without using your hands. Here are some to get you started!

Liberator Top Dog

The Top Dog from Liberator has a snug hole to hold your Fleshlight while you thrust into it! The shape makes it perfect for simulating doggy-style sex!

Fleshlight Shower Mount

If you prefer the warm, relaxing environment of the shower, with water running all over your body, the Fleshlight shower attachment is the mount for you! Simply attach your favorite Fleshlight and you are ready to thrust away hands-free!

Cushion Mount

If you prefer a DIY option, you only need to cushions, two belts, and your favorite stroker. Use the belts to secure the cushions around your sleeve and voila!

How to Cum Hands-Free with Prostate Milking

The prostate, also known as the male g-spot, is a highly sensitive gland that sits just underneath the bladder. It can feel truly incredible when stimulated either with a finger or toy. On top of that, with a bit of practice, you can even have a prostate only orgasm, known as prostate milking. For many people, a prostate orgasm can feel more intense than a penile orgasm, and it can feel more like a full body orgasm — not bad huh!

Mastering this form of hands-free ejaculation also opens up the possibility of having multiple orgasms. Unlike penile orgasms, which produce a full ejaculation followed by a refactory period where it is not possible to have another orgasm, prostate orgasms only release a small amount of fluid.

You can stimulate the prostate externally, by massaging your perineum with your fingers or a sex toy, but today we will focus on prostate milking using hands free prostate toys. But, first here’s how to prepare for prostate play:

  1. Give yourself a good clean. It’s up to you whether you douche or not, but it’s not necessary.
  2. Get yourself good and relaxed. A warm shower or bath can help you brain and body relax.
  3. Watch some ethical porn, listen to audio erotica, or use your good old imagination to get yourself in the mood.
  4. Start by massaging your perineum and anus with your fingers or a sex toy. Don’t forget the lube!
  5. Apply plenty of lube to your toy and your anus and slowly insert the toy!

Lovense Hush

The Lovense Hush is a super powerful vibrating butt plug. It’s app compatible, meaning it can be controlled from anywhere in the world or even set to play to music for a truly hands-free experience!

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

The Aneros prostate plugs are designed specifically for hands-free stimulation! The Helix Syn Trident is shaped to massage your prostate, powered by slowly rocking your body back and forth.

We-Vibe Vector

The We-Vibe Vector has two motors that target the prostate internally and externally for double the pleasure! It’s also app compatible and can be used for long distance sex!

Focus on Your Frenulum for Hands-Free Ejaculation

Finding the most sensitive areas of your penis can help you learn how to cum hands-free. If you are used to using your hands to stroke up and down your shaft, you might find that focussing on the most sensitive part of your penis can produce powerful orgasms without using your hands! Many penis owners find that the most sensitive part of their penis is the frenulum, as this has the most dense concentration of nerve endings. This sensitive sweet spot, also known as the banjo string, is found on the underside of the penis, where the tip meets the shaft.

Once you find the right spot, it’s time to figure what type of stimulation feels best. Also, Much like the clitoris, the frenulum can be very sensitive to touch, and often responds very well to vibrations. So much that there’s a whole category of glans vibrators!

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux utilizes their innovative pulse plate technology to stimulate your glans with oscillations rather than vibrations. Simply slip your erect or flaccid penis into the toy and control the stimulations with the wrist watch!

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

vibrating stroker

The Cobra Libre II from Fun Factory is another frenulum focussed sex toy. It has 11 powerful vibration patterns to play with and it’s fully waterproof so you can take it on some aquatic adventures in the tub or shower!

Lovense Gush

The Gush is a fully adjustable vibrator from Lovense also has long-distance capabilities, meaning you can have a partner control it from anywhere in the world — perfect for long distance relationships or a bit of power play! You can also set it to respond to sounds or music — time to find some songs with heavy bass!

Harness the Power of Your Mind for Hands-Free Ejaculation

Yes you masturbatory Jedi, you can have a mind-gasm! The brain is one hell of an erogenous zone, and we are actually capable of cognitive climaxes. If you’ve ever woken up with wet sheets after a particularly sexy dream, you’ve already had a mental orgasm. However, it is also possible to summon up this incredible power at will. It just takes a bit of practice.

This hands-free ejaculation requires a lot of mind power and uses very similar skills to masturbation. It also might feel different the to penile orgasms you are used to, and you might not ejaculate, but it will sure feel good!

How to Have a Mindgasm

  1. Create a serene relaxing environment free from distractions.
  2. Get yourself feeling sexy — have a sensual shower, wear a sexy aftershave, whatever gets you in the mood.
  3. Find a comfortable position. Lying down propped up on some pillows or in a comfortable armchair are good options.
  4. You can play some audio erotica or sounds of sex to help get you in the mood, but I would avoid watching porn as the visual stimulation can distract you from your bodily sensations.
  5. Take some slow deep breaths, breathing down into your diaphragm and visualise that energy travelling down into your genitals.
  6. You might want to stroke other sensitive areas of you body, like your inner thighs or nipples.
  7. Continue your deep breathing and try to pay close attention to the sensation of building arousal.
  8. Begin to squeeze and relax your pelvic floor muscles and visualise that energy building and starting to circulate around your body as you breath. You might also find that rolling your hips helps deepen this sensation of the energy travelling from your genitals upwards and back down to your genitals.
  9. As you feel your climax building, making noises and moving your hips, as you would during a regular orgasm, can really get things going.
  10. If you reach orgasm keep breathing and let the pleasurable sensations travel through your body. If it didn’t happen this time, keep trying! This is a skill that can take a bit of practice, especially if you haven’t meditated before.

Top Tips for Training Your Hands-Free Ejaculation Skills

Much like anything good in life, hands-free ejaculation can take a bit of practice, but at least you’ll have plenty of fun in the process! Here are some things you can do to train your squirting super powers.

  1. Build your connection with your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. Many of us don’t know how to properly engage our pelvic floor muscles. First of all you want to locate the right muscles — you should feel like you are stopping the flow or urination or holding in gas. You shouldn’t be tensing any of the surrounding muscles in the stomach or buttocks. You then want to squeeze your pelvic floor, so it feels as though it is lifting upwards, hold it for up to 10 seconds, and then release it fully.
  2. Cultivate a better mind-body connection. Having a regular meditation or mindfulness practice can improve your ability to connect to the sensations in your body, making it easier to think your way to climax.
  3. Explore other erogenous zones in your body. You might be surprised to find a super sensitive spot that responds to different types of touch, like stroking or scratching.
  4. Practice regularly and fine tune your art!