How Much is a Penis Pump? Cost Comparison, Pricing Charts, and Where to Find Discounts

By Benjamin Jorgensen / July 19, 2022

A penis pump is pretty expensive, at least, if you want one of fairly good quality.

But, you can find some very good offers with discounts on good quality penis pumps that makes the price of a penis pump more affordable.

In the following blog post I will take you through a price chart of the the average penis pumps and qualities you can expect for each cost level.

I will also show you where to find the best penis pumps for sale.

The average price of a penis pump

To give you a visual representation of how much a penis pump is, in this next section I have researched and collected data for a table showing prices and quality correlations.

I have categorised penis pump qualities in four levels:

  1. BAD: Pure crap – a hazard to your health and penis.
  2. NOT TO BAD: You sure you want to go there? Coinflip, might be ok, might not…
  3. GOOD: Good quality penis pump, but not impressive.
  4. SUPERB: Amazing product, does all it says, and feels good.
Quality levelPriceExample
BAD< $20Size Matters Vacuum Penis Pump
NOT TO BAD$20 – $60Colt Big Man Penis Pump
GOOD$60 – $90PumpWorx Max Precision Penis Pump
SUPERB> $90Bathmate HydroMax 7
I have not included any automatic penis pumps to keep it more representable. However, some of the examples are different types of manual models with different mechanisms.

As said, I didn’t include automatic penis pumps in either the examples or as part of the research in general.

The questions therefore is, how much is an automatic penis pumps?

Automatic penis pump prices

So, if you want an electric penis pump you can probably guess, that you have to pay more for it.

But the real question is how much more.

If both the cylinder, the air release (vacuum release) mechanism is similar, and the quality of materials is also comparable, how much more does an automatic mechanism cost?

And maybe, you should also ask the question, is it worth it for me to pay this much more for a penis pump just to get the automatic version?

Here is what I found:

On average an automatic penis pump of comparable quality to a manual penis pump costs +$30-$50 more.

However, there are the odd cases of the very expensive (and superb quality) Bathmate penis pumps. You simply can find that much more expensive penis pumps than theirs. And they are manual (works with water and a unique pumping system).

You can also get vibrating penis pumps, that adds vibrations to the pleasure. Again, those are more expensive, as you are also paying for a vibrator.

Insanely expensive penis pumps recommended by a “Medical news site”

So, I noticed, that a certain medias recommend insanely expensive penis pumps.

They are penis pumps the the range $135 to $650.

The f-ing average price of the pumps they recommend is $290.

What you are paying for, is not the freaking penis pump anymore, it’s a ton of these ridicoulous CD’s, guides, and lubricant. And they are pumping up (pun intended) the prices because of these.

Yes, the quality is good. But, it just ain’t that good that $650 can even remotely be defended as an ok price.

I even saw a penis pump being sold with an accessory called “a body shield”.

I mean, what do they think people do with the pumps, attack their abdomen?

But, you can also go to cheap…

When is a penis pump to cheap?

So, as indicated from the pricing chart before, in my honest opinion going below $20 for a penis pump is way to cheap!

I would REALLY stress that I beleive it could prove to be a hazardous for you if you buy one of these cheap penis pumps. That is, of course, if you can even get it to work and create a vacuum?

So, what should you look for, if you want to go cheap, but still want a good penis pump – at a good price?

Look for discounts and sales (where to find them)

So, there are typically 2 places, that I go to look for some GREAT discounts and penis pump offers.

Here is my top 2 favorite places to look – I’m certain you will manage to find a penis pump that isn’t that expensive, and still lives up to quality standards:

1. TheEnhancedMale

penis pumps for sale on

This is a great shop catering to the man looking for that enhancement.

As the name so elegantly suggests.

As they are a specialized shop for men, this gives them the advantage of negotiation very good prices for a smaller selection of products, compared to all-types-of-sex-stoys sex shops.

You can find the selection of some of their greatest discounted offers right here.

2. Lovehoney

lovehoney discounted penis pumps

As you might have guessed, Lovehoney isn’t a specialized shop.

It is, however, one of the shops that I trust the most.

For one, because they are such a big company, that even owns sex toys brands such as Womanizer, and We-Vibe

And, secondly, because their customor service is supreme.

Third, because they have some crazy discounts on penis pumps, that you can check out right here.

What to look for in a vacuum penis pump

So, let me just stress, that I always look at price as the first indicator of the quality of a vacuum pump.

That being said, some bullshit artists could have put a crappy penis pump online for $999 – so I will stress the word “indicator”.

But other than that, I also consider the following aspects and hold it against the price:

  • Type: Is it manuel (less expensive) or automatic (more expensive)?
    • Manual: Less expensive than automatic. However, 3 different manual mechanism exists:
      1. CHEAP – Balloon pump*. Looks like a small football or balloon, and you squeeze it which then created the vacuum. CHEAP.
      2. MEDIUM PRICE – T-bar pump*. Looks like a upside down T-bar inside a quadrant framt. You stick you fingers on either site of the up-side down horisontal bar of the T and squeeze the “T” down towards the lower part of the frame.
      3. EXPENSIVE – Trigger pump*. Looks lige the trigger on a small gun, but a rather large trigger, that you squeeze with four fingers, while your thumb is wrapped around the handle.
    • Automatic: More expensive than manual. Each mechanism is slightly different, but all rely on battery powered automatic vacuum. Please make sure the is a manual release mechanism, so that you can releive the vacuum if it runs out during use.
  • Body-safe materials: Please make sure you penis pump does not use Latex, but only silicone for the base part where your penis is inserted. The plastic should also be body-safe and preferably ABC plastic.
  • Warranty: Most cheap penis pumps do not come with a warranty, avoid any that doesn’t as that is a clear sign of a cheaply made product that manufactures or resellers know will most likely break, not work, or not be safe.
  • Manual and clear instructions: Most quality penis pumps will come with a good manual and clear instructions on how to use the pump safely. If not, it is a sign that you should probably find a penis pump that costs a bit more.
  • Features: Most expensive penis pumps will come with extra features such as lubricant, extra rings for the base and additional accessories. But try and buy one without, it will often inflate the price of the product without adding anything more to the quality of the pump.
Trigger pump
T-bar pump in square frame
Balloon pump

The cost of a penis pump versus penile implant

So, you probably heard that a penis pump will increase your penis size. And you are wondering if this is a cheaper alternative to buying a penile implant procedure.

Maybe you are also worried – for good reasons – that a penile implant procedure might not be without complications.

You are correct, it can be dangerous to get the procedure done. But, in all fairness, a penis pump won’t give you the same result. Despite being a lot cheaper, a penis pump only temporarily enhanced the size of your penis.

While a penis implant will cost you from $13,000 to $19,000 a good penis pump will only cost you $50 to $150.

The cost of a penis pump versus penis extender

If you want to get a larger penis, a lot of talk of the town is on penis extenders.

But the is a critical difference between a penis extender and a penis pump.

To understand the difference, allow me to briefly explain how both works:

  • Penis pumps works by creating a vacuum, that increases blow flow to your penis. This way you gain both girth and length. And it helps with achieving an erection. Even a harder one, than you normally might be able to get.
  • Penis extenders works by simple latching on to the base and tip of your penis and pulling each way. This way it stretches your penis so that it becomes longer. You don’t actually grow in circumfrence using this method.

Overall penis extenders are typically more expensive than penis pumps.

The pricing difference comes down to the fact, that there simply aren’t that many penis extenders. And additionally, it is a slightly more complicated product.

To the question of how much a penis extender is, the range is around $100-$350 (for a good one).

To the question of how much a penis pump is, the range is around $50-150 (for a good one).