How To Make a Fleshlight Tighter

For penis owners craving another level of tightness, it may feel as though this dream will never be fulfilled!

Never fear though, as we’ve put together 4 fool-proof ways of how to make a Fleshlight tighter and how to make the best feeling fleshlights by making it the tightest fleshlight.

If you’re looking for the best way to use one of these devices, check out our dedicated guide on how to use a fleshlight!

How to make Fleshlight tighter

Making your fleshlight tighter doesn’t have to be expensive or a full on DIY project, which is why we’ve gathered four of the easiest and cheapest methods out there to tighten.

1. Tie it tight

What you’ll need:

  • 3 thick rubber bands or hair ties
  • Plastic wrap

This is a simple yet effective tightening method; take the fleshlight sleeve out of the case and roll some plastic wrap around it (this will protect the bands from cutting into the delicate material). Tie 2-3 of the rubber bands along the shaft. Tie at whatever tightness you prefer. Put the sleeve back in the case and say hello to your new, tighter toy!

Warning: don’t make it too tight! This could damage the toy and end up feeling uncomfortable on your end.

2. The hand method

What you’ll need:

  • Your own hand!

Take the fleshlight sleeve out of the casing and grip the shaft tightly as you fuck it- simple!

You can also twist the end of the casing as you use it- this doesn’t necessarily make it tighter, but it does increase suction and intensity.

3. Roll with it

What you’ll need:

  • A cardboard tube (from a toilet roll)
  • A rubber band (optional)

Remove the sleeve from the casing and squeeze it as you pull the cardboard tube over it (the cardboard tube restricts the sleeve); once the cardboard tube is over the sleeve, put it back in the casing. Now your fleshlight will feel tighter!

4. The tight entrance

What you’ll need:

  • An O-ring that fits around the fleshlight groove

Take the sleeve out of the casing and place the silicone O-ring around the groove at the top of the fleshlight; this makes the entrance a whole lot tighter!

The best tight fleshlights (tried and tested!)

If you’re not into the DIY method and are more focused on getting that easy tight feeling, we’ve found the tightest fleshlights on the market today!

We’ve also tested and reviewed the famous fleshlight girls – it was definitely one of our favorites…

Fleshlight Girls Ana Foxx

Well-known and super sexy, Ana Foxx’s fleshlight is beautifully sculpted from silky smooth SuperSkin™ and tight as ever! The canal length is a tantilizing 1/2 inch, while the internal length sits at a plentiful 9 inches.

Fleshjack Boys Colby Keller

The Colby Keller Fleshjack offers a perfect amount of squeeze with it’s 1/2 inch canal diameter; lube it up and get ready for the super real sensation of fucking Colby Keller’s ass!

Fleshlight Butt Stamina Trainer

The silky soft feel of The Stamina Trainer is perfect for all your ass fucking fantasies and stamina training alike!

Fleshlight Go Torque

The Go Torque allows for a super sexy show as well as breathtaking pleasure with it’s transparent case. At 1/2 an inch, the canal squeezes and pleases in all the right places as you thrust!

Is a fleshlight like the real thing?

So, what does a fleshlight feel like? Of course, nothing artificial can be 100% realistic, however Fleshlight comes close to it!

The great thing about these pleasure devices is that they closely resemble the real thing; lots of work goes into making them the best of the best, so we’ve listed a few of the elements that make them great, here:

  • Superskin™– this material is a completely life-like material that works to resemble human skin as closely as possible; a lot of fleshlights have the temperature responsive material, however some don’t (if this is the case, check out our guide on how to warm up a fleshlight!)
  • Realistic appearance– while some are modelled from real people’s genitals and mouths, such as porn stars, some are intricately created to resemble human genitals- either way, tons of work goes into these appearances!
  • Texture- some fleshlights are filled to the brim with texture and variety, while some are simply smooth; some are designed with textures that resemble the vagina, anus, or mouth

How to use a fleshlight

It probably seems obvious when it comes to using it, however there is definitely a way to get the best feeling from it; we’ve included 3 essential pointers below for the best feeling fleshlight experience.

1. Warm it up

Place the sleeve in some warm water for a few minutes- about 5 should be enough- as the Superskin material is temperature retaining, it will hold the heat for a good amount of time. This will give your fleshlight even more of a realistic feeling.

You can also try using a warming lubricant!

2. Lube it up

Everything feels better with lube- it’s a fact! Check out our reviews on the best fleshlight lube to get the most out of your fleshlight.

Alternatively, make sure you apply plenty of water-based lube to your penis and inside of the fleshlight sleeve before use- this will give the ultimate pleasurable experience.

3. Movement

The pleasure you feel all depends on the way you use the fleshlight; the more you experiment with movement and different strokes, the more you’ll know what feels best.

This is a key way of how to make fleshlight tighter as you are in control of how much pressure you apply.

Maybe you’ll start slow and gradually build it up, or maybe you’ll try edging- whatever feels best!

Why use one?

There are many reasons why someone with a penis would use a fleshlight, and all reasons are valid!

  1. Enhance masturbation– a fleshlight is just like having a vagina, anus, or mouth at your disposal 24/7; you can use it as often as you please!
  2. Foreplay– these devices are great for foreplay and edging- you can incorporate a fleshlight into all types of play
  3. Fantasies– propping it up with a wedge or between furniture is great for those with threesome fantasies who don’t actually wan’t to incorporate a third party
  4. Stamina training– some fleshlights are specifically designed for stamina training (STUs), however you can also do this with a regular fleshlight
  5. Recreate intercourse– of course, a fleshlight is designed to recreate the feeling of intercourse and so whatever the reason, whether the fleshlight is stepping in for the real thing for a short time, or here to stay for the long run, they’re more than able to please!


There are a few types of fleshlight designs and features on the market, and it can seem overwhelming when faced with the variety! To make it easier, we’ve outlined the key designs and features below:

DesignWhat is it?
Vaginathe opening of the sleeve is designed to resemble a vulva and clitoris, while the canal of the sleeve features textures and tightnesses that resemble the vagina
Anusthe opening of the sleeve resembles the anus; the canal is usually tighter on anal fleshlights, however textures still vary
Mouththe opening of the sleeve resembles the mouth and lips, while the canal varies on texture and tightness
Extra featureWhat it does
STU (stamina training unit)the canal of an STU closely resembles the real thing which allows you to practice skills and stamina
Vibrationthe canal vibrates around the penis; you can control this with a remote or with the buttons on the toy
Air-pleasure-technologythe canal uses Air-pleasure-technology to gently stimulate the penis; this can also provide a sucking sensation