They’re one of the most recognizable and most loved sex toys of all time. Yes, I’m talking about massage wand vibrators!

From the very first Hitachi version, magic wands have gained a reputation for being incredibly powerful and effective. But, which is the best, and most worthy of your hard-earned cash?

Today, we’re comparing three of the best and most well-known out there. It’s the ultimate showdown: the Le Wand vs the Doxy Die Cast vs the Hitachi Magic Wand.

We’ll answer all of the following:

Let’s start off by taking a look at how they compare on all the major features…

The Stats At a Glance

Le WandMagic Wand RechargeableDoxy Die Cast
Vibration Speeds1048
Vibration Patterns2042
Max. RPM5350 RPM6300 RPM9000 RPM
Noise Level< 68 dB~ 60 dB< 65 dB
MaterialsSilicone, ABS PlasticSilicone, ABS PlasticSilicone, Aluminum-Titanium Alloy
RechargeableYesYesNo, Corded
Battery Life3 hours3 hoursN/A
Use While ChargingYesYesN/A
Weight1.49 lbs1.3 lbs1.52 lbs
Travel LockYesNoNo
Storage Bag IncludedYesNoNo
All prices from
Le Wand vs Magic Wand vs Doxy — Quotes from testers on how they feel

Which Feels Best?

When we talk about why vibrators feel good, it’s not all about sheer power. A powerful motor is, of course, a hallmark of wand vibrators in general, but that’s only part of the pleasure.

Buzzy vs Rumbly

The buzziness or rumbliness of the vibrations also plays a huge part in what kinds of sensations feel good to us.

  • Buzzy vibrations are high frequency vibrations that you feel on the surface of your skin. They can feel tickly or numbing to some.
  • Rumbly vibrations have a lower frequency and can penetrate deeper into the tissue. Many people prefer these as they can feel more powerful and stimulating.

The Doxy Die Cast is probably rumbliest of the wand vibrators we’re comparing here. It has a double-weighted head that turns up the rumbles immensely. It can also go up to the highest frequency, but that can mean that the highest settings feel slightly more buzzy.

The Le Wand comes in second on the rumbliness scale, and is also a very powerful vibrator.

Vibration Power

When it comes to power, the winner seems to be the Doxy Die Cast. However, there’s not much difference in the contest between the Le Wand vs the Magic Wand.

If you really need incredibly strong vibrations to orgasm, you might prefer the Doxy Die Cast. Otherwise, the power of either wand will suit most people just fine.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Magic Wand automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of use. This is to prevent it from overheating, but it can come as an annoying surprise to some users. The Le Wand and the Doxy Die Cast do not have this problem.

Settings and Options

The Le Wand also has the most vibration options of the three wands. In fact, with 10 speeds and 20 patterns, it has way more than almost any other wand available!

The Doxy Die Cast comes in second in our rankings. Many people tend to prefer steady speeds over patterns, and the Doxy has four speeds vs the Hitachi Magic Wand’s two.

Le Wand vs Hitachi Magic Wand vs Doxy — Quotes from testers on how they look

Which Looks Best?

Of course, aesthetics are always subjective. It’s really up to you which look you prefer, but it’s clear that the Magic Wand definitely looks the most basic.

When you compare the Le Wand vs the Doxy Die Cast on looks, we think they’re both beautiful in their own ways. The Le Wand is sleek, pearlescent and pretty, while the Doxy is shiny and metallic in an industrial-chic kind of way.

The Doxy Die Cast is also the biggest and heaviest of the three. The Le Wand is the lightest by a small margin, and is also the best for portability, since it’s rechargeable and comes with a storage bag.

Lastly, the head sizes of all the wands are very similar. They all provide very broad clitoral stimulation, as opposed to the targeted, precise stimulation of a bullet vibrator.

Which One Should You Buy?

The time has come! In the showdown of the Le Wand vs the Hitachi Magic Wand vs the Doxy Die Cast, which should you spend your cash on?

I have to be honest, there was some heated discussion in the Bedbible office as I was writing this article. When it comes to the Le Wand vs the Doxy Die Cast, there were some strong opinions in favor of both.

No shade to the Original Magic Wand, of course. It’s one of the most popular sex toys of all time, after all. However, it seems to lose in almost every comparison to other, newer massage wands. However, we can’t write it off completely — especially when it’s so beloved by so many!

That’s why each gets its own award…

Best All-Rounder

The Le Wand being held by a tester

Le Wand

This fantastic wand vibrator just edged out the competition (no pun intended) to become our all-round favorite.

With strong, rumbly vibrations and a huge amount of speed and pattern options, it’s one great-feeling (and great-looking) wand.

Plus, it’s rechargeable, fairly light, easy to use, high-quality, and even comes with its own storage bag.

For those who are new to wand vibrators, or just want one that ticks as many boxes as possible, we highly recommend the Le Wand!

Best Powerhouse

The Doxy Die Cast being held by a tester

Doxy Die Cast

For all the power queens out there, you can’t go wrong with the Doxy Die Cast wand massager.

When you compare the Doxy vs the Hitachi on power, it’s really no contest. With its super strong motor and double-weighted head, the vibes and rumbles it produces are really out of this world!

Of course, it’s also more bulky than the Le Wand and the Magic Wand, and definitely more expensive. However, for those committed to powerful vibes, the Doxy Die Cast a real indulgence!

Best Price

The Magic Wand Rechargeable being held by a tester

Magic Wand Rechargeable

We know that price is a very important factor in almost everyone’s sex toy-buying decisions. That’s why it’s good to know that the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable is the cheapest of three wands mentioned today.

While it’s definitely more basic, both in design and function, than the Le Wand or the Doxy Die Cast, it’s still so popular for a reason!

If you’re looking for a cheaper wand vibrator that still packs a punch, and is made of body-safe materials, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is a great option.