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The 9 Best Mouth Fleshlights for Unbelievable Oral

   Ben Barton
Jan 10, 2022

Fleshlight Quickshot STU Mouth & Butt

 Fleshlight Quickshot Mouth & Butt

  • want an extremely compact toy
  • like the idea of building up your stamina
  • want a quality product at an attractive price
  • want an anal and oral fleshlight

Fleshlight Quickshot Mouth & Butt

  • would like a larger toy for full shaft stimulation
  • want something with suction capabilities
  • want a vaginal opening

Incorporating both an anal and a mouth fleshlight into their most compact sleeve ever, fleshlight introduces the Quickshot Stamina Training Unit. The pocket-sized footprint of this beautiful little toy does not detract from its versatility. This is fleshlight’s original open-ended design, with orifices of varying tightness at either end, connected by one inner tunnel of textured bliss. Full insertion and thrusting are possible. The open-ended design also makes clean-up easier than ever and means a partner can also get involved with a firm handful. Remove the dual endcaps, lube up and get frisky with the realistic fleshlight mouth or the tighter anal orifice.

  • Versatile
  • Pocket-sized
  • Open ended design
  • Quality product for a steal

  • No suction
  • Better options for full insertion
  • More basic texture than others
Fleshlight Quickshot Mouth & Butt
Length4.4 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
OpeningsMouth & Butt
TextureStamina training

The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit is our Test Winner as the best mouth fleshlight available right now. As the most compact design Fleshlight offers, this is the perfect travel companion or discreet secret for those who have limited storage space. The double-ended design means the compact design isn’t compromised by a shallow insertable length. It also gives indecisive penises a choice between different tightnesses and aesthetics. The internal texture is specifically designed to deliver the same intense sensations fleshlight is renowned for, while also improving the user’s stamina over time. Pack all this into one of Fleshlight’s most affordable products and it’s a no-brainer. Check out our in-depth review of the Quickshot Vantage for a similar alternative.


Healthy Vibes - Deep Throat Mouth Masturbator

 Healthy Vibes - Deep Throat

  • are a first time buyer looking for something cheap
  • want a realistic oral experience
  • are looking for a fleshlight with teeth and tongue
  • want a toy designed for solo masturbation

Healthy Vibes - Deep Throat

  • prefer higher quality materials
  • have a larger penis
  • don't like the realistic aesthetic

Rarely is such attention to detail applied to such an inexpensive product. A fleshlight with teeth, realistic tongue, lips, and tonsils. The textured inner chamber also perfectly mimics the sensations of deepthroating, while the hole at the other end can be covered to add variable levels of suction. The lifelike tongue can even be extended out of the mouth for intense underside stimulation. For those looking for the ultimate in realistic oral simulation, this is one mouth you can really go to town on. Clean-up is also made easy with the open-ended design. Simply wash with a quality toy cleaner and renewing powder to keep the real feel going indefinitely.

  • Seriously inexpensive
  • Realistic features
  • Extendable tongue
  • Easy clean up

  • A little shallow
  • Not as tight as others
  • Appearance won't appeal to all
Healthy Vibes - Deep Throat
Length6.5 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Diameter3 inches

The attention to detail from such an inexpensive toy is phenomenal. With hyper-realistic lips teeth and tonsils, extendable tongue, and an inner canal built specifically to emulate the sensations of a sensuous deep throat experience. This toy is perfect for beginners looking for a mouth fleshlight as faithful to the real deal as possible. That being said, the look is not for everyone, particularly those who typically prefer a more neutral opening. It is also a little on the shallow end, making it less appealing to larger members. Ultimately though, with a price tag like that, it is difficult to grip too much – if you find the price appealing but this particular toy less so, check out our other best cheap alternatives.


THRUST Pro Mini Stella Pocket Pussy and Mouth

 THRUST Pro Mini Stella

  • want a mouth fleshlight and pocket pussy in one
  • want a travel buddy
  • would like something compact and easy to use
  • are on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality

THRUST Pro Mini Stella

  • want something larger
  • would like a toy focused solely on oral simulation
  • aren't a fan of 'realistic' toys

What a gem Stella is – explosive capabilities in the palm of your hand. The mini Stella is one of the most compact mouth fleshlights on the market, making it perfect for travel or discreet storage. As if that wasn’t enough, Stella also features a realistic vaginal opening in addition to her enticing mouth, all packed into a neat functional, and stylish solid-shell case. The dual-opening allows for different levels of tightness and sensations, while still giving its users the ability to fully stroke up and down the shaft. The detachable end cap even features a phone holder to make solo masturbation even easier. You’re going to want that extra hand free once Stella’s extra tight, intensely ribbed sleeve gets a hold of you.

  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Discreet and easy to store
  • Functional hard-case
  • All in one design

  • Shallow
  • Less textured than others
  • Not designed exclusively as a blowjob fleshlight
THRUST Pro Mini Stella
Length3.5 inches
OpeningsMouth & vagina
Diameter0.25 inches

Putting the ‘pocket’ in the pocket pussy mouth, the Mini Stella could not be any more discreet or compact. The simple yet effective hard case serves to protect the mouth fleshlight and pussy from knocks and damage while out and about, then doubles up as a phone holder when in use. Dual vaginal and oral openings allow for some messy variability – choose your preferred lips and give in to your desires. The inner sleeve is textured with ribs and bumps to stimulate the penis as you slide in and out with full, satisfying strokes. Unlike some of the other mouth fleshlights featured in this round-up, the internal sleeve of the mini Stella was designed with optimal pleasure rather than realism in mind.


Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

 Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

  • want one of the most realistic mouth fleshlights out there
  • like the idea of realistic teeth
  • want to take the reigns of your own deepthroating experience
  • are experienced with lesser models and are looking to up your game

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

  • don't like the realistic aesthetic
  • are weirded out by the teeth
  • want a simpler toy
  • want an easy to clean toy

Unbelievably, ‘ultra-realistic’ blowjobs are within your grasp with one of the most lifelike mouth fleshlights ever made. Sink into plump lips, past hard pearly whites, a textured tongue, ribbed palate, dangling tonsils, and into a gradually narrowing throat canal. It doesn’t get more real than this. Even the material is pliable and responsive to temperature, allowing it to be tightened and expanded to the desired tightness while emulating the inviting warmth of a real mouth. Attention to detail abounds in this quality made oral fleshlight. If you are looking for a true deepthroat experience in the palm of your hand, this is it.

  • Insane realism
  • All the features of a real mouth
  • Pliable for varying degrees of tightness
  • Responsive to temperature

  • Difficult to clean
  • Teeth not for everybody
  • No exit hole
  • Could be longer
Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter (internal)1.5 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

There are many devices out there that expertly emulate the sensation of a blowjob, though that often comes at the expense of realistic visuals. Where do you turn when you want a mouth fleshlight that offers both? The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita. If you think that name is a real mouthful just wait until she wraps her lips around you. To call this lifelike blowjob emulator a toy feels disingenuous, this thing is so realistic it’s scary. Everything from the lips, teeth, mouth, palate, tongue, and throat have been designed expressly to mimic the real thing. Let your imagination wander and we challenge you to find the difference. The material is even responsive to temperature, combine with warm water or a fleshlight warmer for frightening realism.


CalExotics Stroke It Mouth and Ass

 CalExotics Stroke It

  • are looking for a super tight mouth fleshlight
  • want the option of both anal and oral stimulation
  • like simple toys
  • want an anatomically correct inner sleeve

CalExotics Stroke It

  • want a toy with a little more pizzazz
  • prefer more realistic looking toys
  • want a high quality product
  • don't like really tight mouth fleshlights

Equipping both a realistic, sensual mouth and super tight anal opening into a stroker which is 7.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, the CalExotics stroker leaves plenty of room for pleasurable self-indulgence. While the anatomically correct, super tight inner sleeve makes for a real feel like no other. Choose either end depending on your mood and slide into this full-length mouth fleshlight. Dual openings make for easy clean-up and a full, satisfying stroke, no matter the size of your penis. The Stroke It is also receptive to changes in heat, meaning it can be warmed in water prior to usage for an even more realistic soft, stretchy, enticing experience.

  • Anatomically correct texture
  • Super tight holes
  • Good size
  • Can be heated up

  • Generic looking
  • May be too tight
  • Lower quality material
CalExotics Stroke It
Length7.5 inches
OpeningsMouth & anus
Diameter3.5 inches

The CalExotics Stroke It is a basic oral fleshlight with added utility. Both the mouth and the anus are extremely tight and adorn the entryways to a surprisingly detailed inner sleeve, textured to be anatomically correct. This mouth fleshlight has a lot of give, able to stretch to accommodate most penises snuggly. At 7.5 inches it is also one of the larger toys for this price, allowing for full insertion and an unbelievable grip. Though, if realism is the aim of the game there are far more convincing models, aesthetically speaking. For those looking for a super tight pocket pussy mouth or other orifices there’s a lot of competition out there.


Blow Job Master Thrusting Masturbator

 Blow Job Master

  • want a thrusting mouth fleshlight with variable speeds
  • would like to sit back and let the device do all the work
  • like the sound of a removable insert for easy cleaning

Blow Job Master

  • would like a stronger motor
  • are above average size
  • need something quiet
  • like a tighter device

The Blowjob Master is what happens when the humble mouth fleshlight crashes headfirst into the 21st century. Three rows of beads adorn a ribbed inner sleeve. Six thrusting modes give the user all kinds of options. Try rapid and aggressive thrusts for a sticky quickie or give the slow and sensual thrusts a go and see how long you can last. This blowjob fleshlight promises handsfree orgasms for those who like to sit back and let something else do all the work. The stretchable and removable inner sleeve also makes cleanup simpler, just remove and immerse in soapy water. Handsfree orgasms and almost handsfree cleaning, what’s not to love?


  • Handsfree orgasm
  • Variable thrusting speeds
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique blowjob sensation

  • Weak motor
  • Unaccommodating for larger or smaller members
  • Extremely loud
  • Mixed reviews
Blow Job Master
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic
Vibration modesSpeeds and patterns

The concept is sound. An automated blowjob simulator for hands-free explosive orgasms. Unfortunately, naming this toy the blowjob ‘master’ may have been a little premature. For those who have managed to get this device to work, it can provide incredible results. The experiences are just too mixed for us to be able to wholeheartedly endorse it. The motor is too weak for many. The internals do not yield enough to penis size, making this uncomfortable for larger members and ineffective for smaller ones. The volume has also been described as excessive – making it unsuitable for those who don’t live with understanding housemates. The price is attractive for what it is, though if you are in the market for an automated mouth fleshlight or blowjob simulator, there are much better alternatives.


Hot Chocolate Heather by Blush

 Hot Chocolate Heather

  • want a lifelike feel
  • would like a vibrating mouth fleshlight
  • want an open ended sleeve to take any penis
  • have sensitive skin

Hot Chocolate Heather

  • want a mouth fleshlight that lasts
  • are expecting to get a whole lot out of included vibrator
  • don't like realism

With soft and supple lips to die for, the Hot Chocolate Heather is here to blow you away. This mouth fleshlight is delectably tight and chocked full of texture for intense stimulation. A big selling point is the included, insertable bullet vibrator. Turn a deceptively simple-looking pocket pussy mouth into a vibrating menace – for a fraction of the cost of other vibrating pocket pussies. Alternatively, combine with an even more powerful and variable bullet vibrator for even more orgasmic potential. With an open-ended chamber, the Hot Chocolate Heather can snuggly accommodate all penis lengths and as usual, such designs make cleaning easier.


  • Included vibrator
  • Soft, supple lips
  • Tight hold
  • Accommodates all penis lengths

  • Only a one-speed bullet
  • Material doesn't last
  • 5 inches in length a little short
Hot Chocolate Heather
Length5.25 inches
Diameter1.25 inches
Vibration speeds1

What an absolute steal. For a mouth fleshlight with a compatible bullet vibrator included, the price is incredible. We would recommend this toy to any beginner. For some, vibrating stimulation is simply a must, others are less keen. Here is an opportunity to find out which camp you fall into for pocket change – not forgetting the bewitching lips of the Hot Chocolate Heather. For those more experienced, don’t expect too much from the one-speed bullet vibrator here, you know there are more powerful, more versatile options out there. For the uninitiated though, there are few routes more accessible than lovely Heather here.


THRUST Pro Ultra Morgan Mouth Cup

 THRUST Pro Ultra Morgan

  • want fully controllable suction
  • want a multi-texture canal
  • would like a vibrator compatible mouth fleshlight
  • like ergonomic, easy to grip toys

THRUST Pro Ultra Morgan

  • need something pocket-sized
  • want a longer mouth fleshlight
  • can't make a little noise

Morgan is here to leave you breathless. With an open mouth design and teasingly protruding tongue, this is one blowjob fleshlight that is difficult to resist. Perfect for partnered or solo play, a spicy bedroom awaits. Morgan has fully controllable suction thanks to the air hole at the tip. The inner sleeve is textured, ribbed and bumped in a scattered pattern to add variable sensations while masturbating. There is even a holder in the base to insert your own bullet vibrator in for further vibrating fun. Get Morgan’s real-feel material ready for a pounding with a generous slathering of quality lube and you’re good to go.

  • Interestingly textured chamber
  • Convincing real-feel
  • Variable suction
  • Room for a bullet vibrator

  • basic external design
  • Noisy when using vigorously
  • Bulky design
THRUST Pro Ultra Morgan
Insertable length5 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

For those who aren’t familiar, the Thrust range represents a real alternative to Fleshlight’s fist-tight grip on the market. Models such as the Morgan, Ruby and Camila are serious competitors, especially since the fleshlight swallow range was discontinued. The Morgan is deliciously inexpensive whilst maintaining maximum bang for your buck. This is thanks to a quality build, allowing for variable levels of suction and a deeply ribbed and textured chamber. There is even space for your favorite bullet vibrator. The hard casing makes storage safe and easy, even if it is a bit on the bulky side. This model can also be a little noisy when used at speed, so a little ambient music may be required.


THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi Realistic Vagina and Ass

 THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi

  • like the sound of a double-ended masturbator
  • want a quality fleshlight at a reasonable price
  • want a snug fit for your penis
  • want BJ sensations without a mouth opening

THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi

  • want a mouth fleshlight specifically
  • would like a travel-sized toy
  • don't like realism

Like the sound of achieving that intense, blowjob-sucking sensation but with a change of scenery? Gigi is here to make your dreams come true. Super realistic vaginal and anal orifices provide options depending on how tight you want your entry to be. Plus variable levels of suction to make sure you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. All the sensations of a deepthroat bonanza from Gigi’s succulently soft and supple vagina or ass. The Thrust Pro Ultra models all come with an easy-grip case for precision masturbation, regardless of how wet and wild you end up getting. It also doubles up as a solid storage case when not in use.

  • Feels real
  • BJ sensations with a twist
  • Tight fit
  • Dual orifices

  • Bulky
  • Hard to differentiate between textures
  • End caps difficult to put on
THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi
Insertable length6.5 inches
OpeningsVagina and butt
MaterialsSoft plastic

Gigi is for those who want the best of all worlds. Those who wish to combine the intense suction of an expert blowjob, with all the sensations of anal or vaginal sex. An insertable length of 6.5 inches is also a welcome bonus for a fleshlight in this juicy price range – squeeze the full length of your erect penis into Gigi’s amazingly tight holes and try your best to escape as she grips and sucks for dear life. It would have been nice to see more variation within the inner chamber to distinguish the two orifices. We’re nit-picking though – this is a great alternative to the other mouth fleshlights on this list.

Fleshlight Quickshot STU Mouth & Butt

Next-Level Blowjobs

The humble mouth fleshlight is a staple in many saucy bedrooms, but could it be improved upon? Of course! Let’s talk about the Autoblow – the most advanced automatic masturbator on the market. Artificial intelligence-powered blowjobs are now a reality – what a world!

The Autoblow A.I

The Autoblow A.I - Next-Level Blowjobs
The Autoblow A.I incorporates Artificial Intelligence learning to create an experience so close to the real thing it’s terrifying. This technological marvel is able to autonomously stroke the penis from base to shaft in ten pre-programmed, mind-blowing experiences. Full stroke, intense edge, teasing slow stroke are just some of the automated settings available with the Autoblow. Simply set to your desired program and your part of the deal is over. Sit back and let the mechanical arm stroke the textured and interchangeable sleeve to completion. 3x more powerful than its predecessor and 50% quieter – it doesn’t get better than this. Automatic penis strokers are the natural evolution of the humble mouth fleshlight – it would be foolish to miss out on the next sex toy revolution.

Want Oral Sensations Without the Orifice?

The ‘realistic’ aesthetic dominates the mouth fleshlight market – but it is certainly not for everyone. For some, a realistic appearance takes a back seat to realistic sensations. Here are some of the best blowjob fleshlight options which focus on the best experience possible, rather than trying to imitate visuals.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust - Want Oral Sensations Without the Orifice?
The Fleshlight Ice range is designed to go above and beyond what can typically be offered. Rather than trying to imitate the real deal, the Turbo Fleshlight asks – how could a blowjob be improved? Unburdened by anatomical mimicry, this is one of Fleshlight’s most beloved toys. As the spiritual successor to the now discounted fleshlight swallow and fleshlight mini swallow, the turbo has a unique 3-point insertion design. Tease your tip on the toy’s soft ‘lips’, delve a little deeper and feel the flicking tongue tantalizing your shaft, then dig deep and plunge full length for sensations even more intense than a traditional deep throat.

Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker

Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker - Want Oral Sensations Without the Orifice?
Never judge a sex toy by its cover. Going against the grain of typical mouth fleshlights, the Doc Johnson Good Head Stroker proves it doesn’t have to look like a mouth to feel like a mouth. The ridges and ribs on the inside of this real-feel stroker are designed specifically to emulate the feel of a real deep throat session – while saving jaws the world over. Measuring 2.25 inches in length, it is perfect to be used as a complementary addition to real oral play. Alternatively, satisfy your partner with the mere flick of a wrist – get ahead without having to actually give head.

TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup

TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup - Want Oral Sensations Without the Orifice?
We recently reviewed the Tenga Onacup as one of the best cheap mouth Fleshlight alternatives available. For a very good reason too. The Onacup is a true blowjob experience ready to go straight out of the box. A combination of rough and smooth textures, valves and chambers along with a variable suction hole, all housed within a self-lubricating tunnel of pleasure – this is a deepthroat in the palm of your hands.

What's Different About Mouth Fleshlights?

Fleshlights typically come in three main variations. There are mouth fleshlights, anal fleshlights and vaginal fleshlights. There are also non-anatomical versions for those who aren’t a fan of the ‘realistic’ aesthetic. Each version offers a different experience and it is up to you to decide which is best for you – luckily, there is an option out there for everyone. What does a mouth fleshlight offer that others don’t?


Appearance - What's Different About Mouth Fleshlights?
The most obvious difference between mouth fleshlights and other alternatives is the visual. Many oral fleshlights are designed to visually imitate the mouth. This comes in varying degree of realism. Some include a simple orifice that imitates the look and feel of soft lips. Others take realism to the next level, incorporating tongues, tonsils and even teeth!


Texture - What's Different About Mouth Fleshlights?
Although the most obvious difference comes in the form of aesthetics, with different toys modelled after different orifices and some even being moulded on the genitalia of famous pornstars. Equally important is the inner sleeve. These come in a wide range of choices, from intense ridges and nodes, to subtle bumps and textures. Mouth fleshlights typically combine soft and rough textures with deep ridges in order to imitate the feeling of the palate, tongue and throat. Mouth fleshlights also tend to be a little looser than anal fleshlights, to emulate the real difference in these sexual experiences


Suction - What's Different About Mouth Fleshlights?
A huge advantage of mouth fleshlights is that many incorporate, in some form or another, suction capabilities. In order to replicate the real feeling of a blowjob, suction is typically achieved by forming a vacuum within the inner chamber, controllable by varying the amount of air able to escape. This can be a particularly intense sensation and a major draw for those looking to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.

How to use a mouth fleshlight

Any toy is only as good as the one who wields it. How are you going to get the most out of your new mouth fleshlight? The beauty of such simple toys is that they are often incredibly versatile. Here we will explore a few creative ways to get the most out of your manually explosive oral sessions.

Simple and Solo

Simple and Solo

Why mess with perfection? Combine the intimacy and control of a solo masturbation session with the intensity of a deep throat masterclass. Tune in to your favourite POV blowjob porn, wrap the succulent lips of your new toy around your shaft and let your imagination fill in the blanks.

The Perfect Partner

The Perfect Partner

Using a mouth fleshlight doesn’t have to be a selfish endeavour. Spare your partner some work and let them go to town on your junk with your new best friend. Masturbating your partner to climax with a sex toy can be a deeply intimate experience – plus it gives you greater control in the bedroom to tease and please as you see fit. Incorporate a Fleshlight warmer to make your masturbation session even more intense.

The Mounted Monster

The Mounted Monster

Did you know, the fleshlight is such a popular toy that they have even created mounts specifically designed to take pillow humping to the next level? Combine your new mouth fleshlight with the Top Dog or the On A Mission mounts for a throat-banging session like no other. Available in doggy or missionary dependent on your preferences, this is just one more step towards unbelievable realism and satisfaction.

How to clean a mouth fleshlight

A mouth fleshlight should be cleaned as soon as possible after use. Many come with an outer holder and inner sleeve. Remove the sleeve and wash the outer chamber first. Next, wash the insert fully. Start by running warm water through the inner chamber and then rinsing the outside. We recommend using a quality toy cleaner in addition to warm water. Finally, leave all parts of the mouth fleshlight to dry. Leave the insert to air dry. The more textured the sleeve is the longer drying will take. Ensure you do not reassemble the toy until it is fully dry.

It is important to know how to clean your his and hers strap-on


The Fleshlight Swallow range were the Fleshlight toys that incorporated a mouth orifice as opposed to a vaginal or anal opening. Although the official range is no longer available, there are a number of impressive alternatives.

'Real-feel' is the name given to a soft plastic used in the making of mouth fleshlights and similar toys, designed to emulate the feel of real skin on skin action.

Many mouth fleshlights include variable levels of suction in order to more closely approximate the sensations of a real blowjob. This is typically achieved via a suction hole or valve at the top of the toy. The hole can usually be partially or fully obscured by the user's thumb in order to create a vacuum of air within the chamber.

Mouth fleshlights represent but one piece of the pie. Pocket pussies, anal fleshlights, and automatic penis strokes are all available in abundance. It is down to you to decide which variation appeals to you the most.

Anatomically correct fleshlights typically appeal to those looking to emulate the sensations of a blowjob as closely as possible. Non-anatomically correct models can be enticing as they are not limited by realism; allowing them to incorporate more detailed textures and intense stimulation.

What is a mouth fleshlight?

A mouth fleshlight is a sex toy that is either inspired by or emulates the sensations of a blowjob/deepthroat experience. Since the Fleshlight swallow range is discontinued, there is significant demand for similar alternatives. A mouth fleshlight can either incorporate a mouth orifice for visual realism or achieve the same sensations through different modes of stimulation.

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